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[VIC] Sony XR65A80J 65" A80J 4K BRAVIA XR OLED $3,099.99 in-Store @ Costco (Docklands)


Pretty sure this is the cheapest this TV has been since being released. Picture taken at Docklands warehouse Vic, unknown if same price in other stores!

Oddly the Costco website price is still sitting at $3199.99 so this must be instore only price.

Specs : https://store.sony.com.au/television-OLED/XR65A80J.html

You can also request a price match from Sony directly (free shipping over $200) if you cannot get to a Costco : https://store.sony.com.au/television-OLED/XR65A80J.html#prod...

Obviously membership required at Costco (or go with a friend who's a member) But no reason you can't get a price match at JB, Good Guys, Harvey Norman etc either…

Also forgot to mention if you have Qantas extension installed (Chrome) you can earn 3 Qantas points per $1 spent on Sony.com.au

For all those who have not already figured it out Shopback & Cashrewards as well to bring price further down :
- Cashrewards currently 2% - https://www.cashrewards.com.au/sony
- Shopback currently 2% - https://www.shopback.com.au/sony

Bonus now expired :
Additionally if purchased from Sony by the 29th/Nov a bonus remote is included (excerpt from Sony link above) : "BLACK FRIDAY. BONUS REMOTE (RMFTX500PB) WITH SELECTED J SERIES TVS. ENDS 11:59PM NOV 29TH. WHILE STOCKS LAST."

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2021

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  • Shopback increased cashback from 2% to 10% on Sony's website, not sure if capped or not. would be amazing if not

    • correct 10% for TV's, and no mention of a cap : https://www.shopback.com.au/sony

      However not sure how that would work with a price match as I assume Shopback requires a click through the site (buy now) whereas price match is probably an off website purchase as a human has to respond and send an offer somehow but I am not familiar with Sony's price match system so I could be wrong!

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        just requested a price match, will find out soon

        • +1

          Good luck… under $3k would be ripper deal for this OLED. Also updated the post to say should be able to get price match at JB, GG, HN etc… to

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            @karakaan: just pull the trigger, Sony price matched Costco $3099, Shopbakc tracked $281.73.

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        Shopback already tracked $293.25 for me, as I already had a price match applied to my cart from last time when it was 3225
        Doesn’t say anything in the fine print about price match, since they manually apply the discount to your cart and no promo code is technically used when you check out
        So fingers crossed!!

        • I wanted to try that but in an earlier thread a few people said it will track but likely declined. But hope it tracks for you and good luck. If it does then we know in the future it will work!

    • Sony might price match Costco’s online price of 3199.99 since the listing doesn’t say membership required.
      I just signed in to my Sony account to find that this TV was sitting in my cart with the price match still applied from last time when it was 3225, and the bonus remote was in the cart too, so I just bit the bullet and ordered it while there’s still 10% cashback; so far, 293.25 has tracked via shopback

      • Yep I missed that, have updated post with membership requirement but you can get around that if a friend is a member so other retailers can't really say you need a membership specifically. In my experience though JB for example are pretty good they usually recognise Costco in-store price labels plus you can see the warehouse in the background in the picture so for others try your luck with the picture when talking to a staff member at JB, GG, HN etc… It will probably work!

    • That'd put it toe to toe with the LG C1.

  • +4

    I was wondering if the A80j price would drop, wonder if JB would match this price? I'd cancel my LG C1 order for just $300 extra for the Sony.

    • They won't usually unless it reflects on Costco's main webpage, maybe if you get a desperate salesperson who needs to make budget they might

    • -1

      Why do you prefer the Sony? They are supposed to be the same panel

      • +3

        Same panel yes but different media processors running the display. Sony also uses android/google tv instead of webOS.

        • +2

          The better sound due the screen transducer. Better shadow rendering.

          • +2

            @Quarn: Media processing is a genuine argument, I'd definitely recommend people get the one they think looks best to their taste. However I hope people don't spend thousands on a quality TV to then use the built in speakers!

      • Kogan tvs use the same panel too. There is more to it than just the panel.

        • Are you thinking of the kogan QLED? If there is a bargain OLED ill pick one up as a PC monitor

    • you can pricematch on Sony website plus 10% cash back make it $2790

      • how do you get the cash back to work? I can't get the 10% off to show

        • price match with Sony online, then use shopback 10%, or Cashrewards 8% (10% with anz)

          • -2

            @ntt: does the shopback show instantly on your cart or do you have claim it later? I can't get the 10% discount to show on my cart and I've clicked through the shopback link.

            • @jackm14: mate, you must read their T&Cs before you asked this kind of question. It's called cashback, not instant cashback/rebate, which commonly known for taking time to give you the %of money back.

  • +1

    Yep, pretty disappointed Sony didn’t have any TVs on sale for Black Friday..hopefully they post something for cyber Monday. 🤞

  • For gamer's out there Sony 2022 TV's will be using a new Mediatek Pentonic2000 SOC for better gaming features out of the box unlike this A80J….also VRR is rumoured to be capped at 60 hz in Dec update and no Dolby Vision game mode….
    Also the A80J at 65" and under has the less appealing matte finish panel instead of the glossy

    • And I was so excited to get the 65" A80J and now I read this 😥. Did read their update on other sets with VRR has been rubbish.

      Matte finish panel? Wouldn't that be better for reflections? Not as sharp looking as gloss?

      Really liked the 77" but can't afford it at that price.

  • op

  • +2

    Can confirm

    Sony price matched Costco $3099, Shopbakc tracked $281.73.

    • Costco online shows $3199, what link you sent Sony to price match to $3099?

      • +1

        no link required, Sony asked which store or website, I just put down Costco Docklands, took them a while though to confirm the price match

    • When you going through the cash back, just complete the item in the cart or do I need to remove it again and added back to register with cashback??

      • +1

        make sure the cashback is activated, and refresh your cart. That's what I did, but cannot confirm if it works every time

  • How does this compare to the QN90A?

  • Costco Casula, has stock, and although website AND stock sign says $3199, at register it did $3099.

    • thanks for sharing

    • Hi, is there any chance you can share that receipt with me bigbaron? Really appreciate it if you can! Would be great if I had that to try possible price matches, thank you.

  • Does anyone know what is the best way to get Sony to price match the $3099? Can I put Costco Docklands and Costco Casula together or just state 1 store better? Multiple price requests with each store?

    I was hoping I could submit the photo from Costco Docklands posted but does not seem like I can submit a photo during the price match on Sony site unless they ask me for one.

    • +3

      Sony website, click 'Request Price Match', put down 'Costco Docklands' or 'Costco Casula' along with other details. No link or photo required, submit and wait, takes approx. 2-3 hrs. if the item is not in your cart, Sony rep will add it for you from their end, if in, they will just update your cart to 3099. Shopback might still have 10% cashback, worth checking

      • Thank you very much, did that and got the price match within a few hours on Sony website.

        It would have been the most simple ordering from Sony but was worried about cashback being declined. I wish someone that did cashback in the past with price match could confirm whether they got the money or not! Saw in a different thread a few people writing that it will get declined.

        • +1

          Mine was tracked successfully

          • @samuelsun2000: A few people said it tracked in a previous Sony price match deal but just want to hear if anyone actually got it paid out in the end! I will try to ask in the previous thread.

            Could have saved me a lot of trouble hunting for gift cards.

          • @samuelsun2000: Please let me know when it approves so I know for the future. Good luck and hope it approves for you!

            • @JL1: Still says pending and available Feb 2022.

              Thanks mate

              • @samuelsun2000: I am quite sure it will approve after getting some clarification from a few posters. You will be good! Wish I went that method.

                • @JL1: Thanks for confirming bud!

                  just wait till Xmas, might be another round of promotion from Sony. Surprised that Sony only did a bare minimum this black Friday

      • @samuelsun2000 was your cart auto-updated to the $3099 price-matched price before proceeding to checkout/process payment? Because I received an auto-generated email from Sony confirming price match request was successful, but my cart still shows $3495 after refreshing - the email said to refresh cart and proceed to checkout..

        • Yes, it was 3099 in my cart after the price match. You might want to call Sony. There should be a 13 number provided in their email. Whilst on the phone, make sure Shopback is activated, and refresh after Sony updated your cart to check if Shopback is still on

          • @samuelsun2000: It took awhile to update after receiving the email but i got the $3099 price in the end :) Thank you! Yup, just received shopback tracked successfully too!

  • 1 other thing, is any approved price match on Sony website at that price in the cart indefinitely? I am hoping to price match at JB but finding it very difficult to find TCN vouchers. Worried the Sony price match will expire and revert back then JB will not price match for me.

    But was hoping that I have a few more days to find discount gift cards.

    • Plenty of discount tcn cards are around.

      • I wish you could tell me where in Sydney! I've been to like 20 Coles or more last few days and don't even have half the gift cards I need for the TV.

        Every store is just staff telling me many people come in looking for them. And most stores I had to look before every gift card as people were hiding them.

        • +1

          I don’t know about Sydney much but I found plenty around in me. From what I know of Sydney metro you can try in Bexley, Rosemeadow(and its surroundings).

          • @backupper1: Thanks for the info! Haha now perhaps many ozbargainers already at Bexley and Rosemeadow. I've only had luck at super small Coles but 1 I went back to too late next day and it was all gone.

  • +1

    Thanks OP! I was able to pick one up via a price match from https://store.sony.com.au for $3099 with a free extra remote and then a Cashback of $281.73
    This will be my first OLED TV very excited!

    • @pridey was your cart auto-updated to the $3099 price-matched price before proceeding to checkout/process payment? Because I received an auto-generated email from Sony confirming price match request was successful, but my cart still shows $3495 after refreshing - the email said to refresh cart and proceed to checkout..

    • Giddy Up :)

    • I got the price match too, I wish the price dropped to 3099 earlier instead of the earlier 3199 Costco online deal that sold out early. Would have prevented me running around looking for gift cards and being upset. People notified me that shopback will track and approve.

  • Hi @cclf94 I didn't add the tv to the cart before requesting the price match. I just submitted the price match request and then waited for the email from Sony confiming that they had given me the match:

    Great news, your request has been approved and your Sony cart has already been updated. Please log in to your registered Sony account or refresh your shopping cart so that you can proceed with the purchase of the XR-65A80J AZ1.

    I then logged back into my account and the TV had been added to my cart along with the bonus remote for $3099

    • It took awhile to update after receiving the email but i got the $3099 price in the end :) Thank you!

      • Gigity!

  • For anyone that might find it useful. I think the cheapest price, without the extra remote, is to get Sony website to price match Costco $3099. Then price match at JB Hifi.

    I got a price match at JB Hifi as sales said he will price match Sony for me. I was pretty sure shipping was included when I first asked but when I went back with the lower $3099 after first asking about $3199 he said he will have to add shipping. Shipping supposedly always on order and they drop price of TV on order to adjust for it but he would not go lower on TV saying it was quite low already.

    So at $3099 plus $59 shipping, if you can get the full amount of 15% off TCN gift cards it would make it the cheapest. I could not even get 1/3 of what I needed. But otherwise avoid the headache of gift card hunting and buy on Sony website after price match with shopback! Highly recommend this method to save time!

    • Sorry just realized Sony upsized cashback of 10% is gone and back to 2%. Hope everyone that wanted to get it through shopback did so before the upsized casback ended.

  • Hi everyone, I want to ask, also left a post on the TCN gift card thread.

    If I have made a payment with TCN gift cards, JB gift card and my credit card, how would a refund work if I possibly try to cancel an order that I just purchased and does not ship until mid December from JB Hifi. Thinking about my TV order with JB Hifi.

    Not sure if a refund would even be possible for me. Tried to call JB but first guy no idea, gave me another number but order team closed at 6pm. Appreciate it if anyone can share their knowledge! Thanks!

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