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20% off Twinkly 400 RGB LED Light String AU Plug - Generation II $177.60 Delivered @ Powermove Distribution Amazon AU


Twinkly 400 RGB LED Light String AU Plug - Generation II
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Not the cheapest but still an OK price

Best was the costco deal for 600 RGB but this is still not bad deal for 400 RGB

past deal

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Why are these better than the $20-40 lights

    • +4

      Brightness, app control and individually addressable. Once you've used these you won't go back…

      • +2

        But I just want lights that look like real lights.

    • any links for $20 range lights, pls share. i have been looking but not found good deal.

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        These for $28 presently are a reasonable substitute. Not individually addressable but have app function. Don't get the Kmart version as it has less features on the app.

        • The 50 led kmart version has individually addressable lights. $39 for 50 leds isn't a bargain but it does include a microphone and remote control.

    • +2

      it's not just changing patterns as in flashing patterns. Each LED is individually addressable so you can display animations.

      They're certainly expensive for Christmas lights, but they're not just your typical flashy flashy lights.

      [Techmoan review] (https://youtu.be/DYVMeyGEWes)

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    First review;

    The ad for the 400 rgb set clearly states the new gen2 lights have a built in microphone for the music syncing capability. However as it turns out, you require a separately purchased Music Sync $50 dongle for this, the lights don’t have a microphone built in at all.

    • Yup - no microphone in the lights; the ad is wrong.

      However as well as the dongle you can use the app on the phone, but its not as sensitive.

      • Also means you need the app open constantly. Screw that.

        • yup. I didn't bother pointing that out - sorry.

  • Well shoot! I got a 250 LED for $164 :( https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/665634?utm_source=searchal...

    Can I return and get this one? :D

  • These are great, i got for $155 a few weeks ago

    • +1

      did u get the 400 RGB or the 200 RGB for $155

      • Oh i lie sorry, i paid $233.91.
        Looks like I should have gone amazon for price beat.

        Oh that was my post linked in OP

  • +2

    Thank you op. Bought one and think of it investment using for over years.

  • Thanks OP. Purchased!

  • It says $222

    • Press use coupon. It'll come down when you go to purchase

  • +1

    Hmmm, not going to make it soon enough for this xmas for me. I'm going to frivolously impulse buy something else rather

  • These things are a massive PITA to get working on your local network. Both Android and iOS apps are cooked, especially if you're joining two sets together.

    • That's exactly what i was thinking watching the review vid above. Looked like a PITA to set up. And how many freakin options do you need???

  • +2

    I never knew I needed these sooo much.

  • Price $287 atm.

  • Missed it! I’d prefer the special edition with the white lights but at this price would be worth going the normal edition

  • Does anyone have a screenshot of the deal as per OP?

  • +2

    I can't get this to work but it seems I can get 250 version now for $125.60.

  • I think it was a good price for Twinkly if you want this particular brand.

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    Back in stock.

    Stack with Amex $20 cashback to make it $157.6

    • +1

      Came to say the same

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