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YouTube Premium via Argentina: ARS $119/Month (Single ~A$1.65/Month, Family ~A$2.48/Month, VPN Required only for Registration)


Resharing again after 6 months for those unaware of this workaround to score YouTube Premium at a fraction of the normal price (with full credit to HiDave for the original find). Personally been on this plan for over 18 months and works flawlessly with 28 Degrees MasterCard (no fees). Please stay safe, and enjoy :)

Very straightforward process:

  1. Use a VPN to connect to an Argentinian server (required only for registration).
  2. Open an incognito browser window.
  3. Sign up via the main link in this post (or here).
  4. If an Argentinian address is requested, use this link and Google the postcode.
  5. Pay with a card that has no foreign exchange fees.
  6. Enjoy the full benefits of YouTube Premium.

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        • Found the issue, just have to delete Australia payment profile (no more profile in record) and use VPN to accept the invitation and no need to do the change procedure to switch it to an Argentina account which I don't want to do that with my main google account.

          I used a spare account to sign up and invite myself with the main google account, the spare account still have the Argentina payment profile.

          With this method it shouldn't affect your main account with the Argentina payment method.

  • Hi if I register this I have 2 iPads on YouTube kids and 2 phones using YouTube will this recommend us all Argentinian shows and videos or can we use as normal ?

    • recommend us all Argentinian shows and videos or can we use as normal ?

      It won't for those accept invitation persons, the main one after you start to watch and browse it will remember.

      • Thank you

  • This is the 3rd time I've tried, this time with an ING Visa card and added the payment details/card with an Argentinian address before using the VPN. Once I VPN in put in all the payment details with the saved address and hit Pay I get the infinite loading screen and nothing happens. I am at my wit's end as I have never had this much trouble trying to make payment using VPN.

    Begging for advice as to what the hell is going on!

    **As a side note it doesn't seem like it's a bank issue as I can see a small .05 debit from my account with YOUTUBE as the description. I can also see that under Subscriptions & services that there is a Youtube Premium subscription active but when clicking on Manage it goes to the Youtube Trial page.

    • What I did

      1. Use a spare gmail account to sign up family plan, make sure no payment profile, if any delete them all first.
      2. No need to enter C.C. information before VPN.
      3. Use Tunnel Bear VPN in, sign up monthly family plan with 1 month trial.
      4. Enter C.C. details and Argentina address and paid.
      5. To invite member, the member also need to remove all payment profile first.
      6. VPN in and use the invitation email to accept invite.
      • I did this again and used Firefox instead, seemed to finally work! Now I'm having issues inviting my main account into the family plan. I followed your steps on another comment about removing all Payment methods to be blank and leaving the legal address/country as Australia but I keep getting the "You are in a different country" error message. I have no other addresses saved except the Primary/legal one.

        • When you go to Payments & subscriptions, Manage payment methods, is there anything in there?

          When I go in there, I have no payment method and ask me to "Add a payment method".

          Also to accept invitation you have to VPN in.

          • +2

            @superforever: Finally resolved it! Had to delete the entire Payment profile for it to work. Added it back on after I accepted.

      • " To invite member, the member also need to remove all payment profile first"

        What use is this?

        I have my primary Google / Youtube account and my wifes as well.
        We both pay for things constantly via Google pay.

        I thought the whole point of using a seperate family plan was that plan can be set to different region, our plans stay "normal" and can be Aussie / less risk of account closure?

        • +1

          You can add them back later but in order to accept the invitation you have to remove them first and accept it with VPN.

          Otherwise it will give something like wrong region error.

  • RIP Vanced

    Ended up signing up for this. For some reason Surfshark does not work.

    Tunnelbear + HSBC works well.

    • Vanced will keep working for years. Just because it doesn't get updated doesn't mean Google is suddenly going to drop support for that couple version old YouTube client. My old "smart tv" with no app store or updates from 10yrs ago can still access YouTube, as can my old Android Honeycomb tablet which runs an old as hell version of YouTube.

  • Anyone use the same system with family and Argentina/India for google one storage? Is it much cheaper?

    • yes much much cheaper. I pay 52c/month for 100GB I think

      • what country is it in @ 52¢/month?

      • Can you explain how to do this? I'm already paying for Google one on a monthly plan. Thank you

        • The process is the same as paying for this deal (the Youtube premium) except you’re doing it for Google storage

  • +2

    Successfully signed up to family plan using steps below:
    1. Create new Gmail account
    2. Invite family members with new account as manager. Ensure they are all accepted
    3. Turn on Tunnel Bear VPN to Argentina and sign up for premium family plan using new Gmail account.
    4. Use Argentinan address from link in main post, ING for payment.

    • Does this negate the members having to remove their payment details since they are already part of the family before signing up to premium?

      • I think so - I didn't have to touch any payment profiles

        • Thanks. I'll try it out now.

          Edit: Can confirm it worked without having to remove payment details on one of the members.

          Easiest method for sure! Cheers.

    • I did that but only the family manager has premium. No other members

  • This works great! Amazing deal!

  • I’m being suddenly asked to be provide proof that I am at the same address as the account manager, otherwise I won’t be able to get the premium access. Anyone had the same thing happen? I’ve been on this family plan for a year now, and it’s still active.

  • Has anyone ever gotten banned when using another countries prices?

  • Now that I've got YouTube Premium via Argentina nice and cheap, does anyone know if you can do something similar to get Disney Plus at a better rate?

  • Not sure how you guys did it but when creating google argentina account, i was told to verify using mobile phone number. I'm stucked because I don't have an Argentina mobile, how do you guys get around this?

    • I tried a different approach, I created all accounts needed and added them as a family, then subscribe the manager account to Argentina youtube premium family plan.

      However, when it comes to payment page, the card address has to be in Argentina (with no option to change). Is there anyway around this or is this trick is no longer workable?

      Is this prevention method newly implemented by google?

      • +2

        please ignore my comments above. My mistake was thinking the argentina address has to be your credit card address. I just entered the fake address and all accounts are working for now. Hopefully no issue at end of the first free month and when payment is being taken.

  • Just checked Google TV app on my Google Chromecast TV, all the price show ARS now, just wondering I don't use it anyway.

    That is not the account I used to signup, it is the invited account.

  • Im checking this now and both the indian and argentinian youtube pages want $12 to $14 for a family membership, even via vpn, even if i change the youtube location to those countries, looks like they may have caught on… :-(

    • I use tunnel bear still see this "2-month free trial • Then ARS 119.00/month"

      • Yeah i run VPN, it just shows an expensive price on the front page for some reason for me

        I just went through the sign up process and the price reverted down to the cheaper setup so ive signed up and its working fine

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