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Bonus $500 JB Gift Card with Telstra $69/Month 12-Month 80GB 5G Plan (Min Cost $828, Port-in Only, in-Store Only) @ JB Hi-Fi


This popular deal is back again for one day only on Boxing Day :)

Excludes current Telstra, Belong and Boost Customers.

As always, enjoy!

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2021

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  • Just switched to Coles Mobile few days ago to join back to Telstra with this deal(it would be 3rd year in a row)

  • haven't done this before so i don't completely understand how this work, what do you guys normally do with the $500 gift card? any top spec phone that I would like to buy from samsung, apple seems to $1500+ anyways.

    • the gift card can be used for anything doesn't need to be phone,
      if need a phone then better to go to the Samsung website and get their current deal S21+

    • +1

      Buy a PS5

    • Sell the gift card on OzB classifieds at @10% off then put that $450 straight onto the plan.

    • These gift cards are stackable so collect enough of them and you can have a new premium phone for free

      • "FREE" is a strong word but I know what you mean.
        How long is the expiry on the gift cards, can I do another 12 month contract next year and then use two $500 cards for a purchase?

        • +2

          JB gift cards have no expiry afaik. So yes, you can accumulate the gift cards until you have enough to buy a phone.

  • Woolworth mobile can port in with this offer ?

    • Yes

  • can i port out for a day and then back?

    • +1

      Good luck with this. It's different from store to store and really depends on different staff members (mood, busy or not, etc…)… so no real point in discussing here

      I got turned away from the Northland JB store around 20 days outside the Telstra network in early December.

      I have been ported out of the network for more than 30 days now, so ultimately one month should be safe.

      • Exactly, one month is the safe option and the fact it's on boxing day (1 day only) will be busy. The staff will definitely look at the 1 month cooling off period.

    • Rep said at least 30 days when I sign up today

      • I do wonder if there is any actual stop in the system for this, I'd assume not? So you could just lie?

  • Sorry for the stupid question but: port in means I can keep my Optus number? Or no?

    • Yes you keep your number. You change networks.

      • Do I need to take anything to the store with me?

        • A couple of forms of ID (Driver's Licence usually does the trick)

  • It’s really $425 in value as this is how much discounted cards would have cost you.

  • +1

    I got it last year but for $59 plan

  • I'm with Boost and want to keep my number. Is there a way to do this? Do I just start a new Telstra plan and then ask Telstra chat to use my existing number?

    • I am not sure. The deal is a headache. Good But but too much clause to it.

  • Does moving from Boost considered as port in?

    • +2

      No you'll need to port out to either optus, Vodafone or their respective MVNO then port back into telstra.

      I don't really need that much data so the 300 Gb that boost offers for 230-250 is good enough where I save more money and can buy whatever I want wherever I want.

      It's only if you need that monthly data, but as others have said, it would have been better with 120-150GB/month than this paltry offering

  • Can anyone please confirm if Telstra one will be able to be added later on. I wanted to get a sim. Didn't get Boost because they dont give the option to get the esim for Samsung watch.

    Someone earlier commented these plans are not modifiable at all so was wondering if Telstra one is not possible to be added later on.

    No occasional international calls is a bummer but if Telstra one is not available I might look at just getting a boost.

    If anyone who is currently on this plan could confirm that will be amazing.

    • Yes
      Was on Telstra JB Hifi last year $69-10 and I could add it on

      • Thanks so much mate. Really appreciate it.

      • will a Telstra one sim only be restricted to work on a apple watch or will it work on another phone or modem device as well?

  • Might give this a try, curious if I can get the Telstra employee discount after I port across with this.

  • Wonder where the $89 / $99 plans are? They had $700/$900 Giftcards for the 12m contract

  • I got thids last year. and I just ported out to Optus today. What are the chances I can make this work tomorrow? :P Wish me luck.

  • +1

    This is a good deal!
    To make use of it, I have a question.
    I have multiple numbers on Boost.
    One of them is expiring. ( Say , number X, which my son uses.)
    Is it possible to swap X and Y (that I use, and expires later- both with Boost), and then port to Telstra, so I retain the number Y and end up with the plan, while my son gets the remaining credit?

    Me—#Y, expiry in 6 months
    Son—#X, expiry now.

    Can it be

    Me—#Y, on Telstra plan
    Son—#X, expiry in 6 months

    Apologies in advance if it is confusing.

    • The number is with Boost, so it's not eligible for this deal unless you port out to Optus or Vodafone and port back in.

  • is Aldi considered as port in? I know they use telstra wholesale

    • Same question

    • It was when I did it last year

    • I was in store and someone said they were currently on Aldi and the store person said no problem.

  • what would be the phone with the best camera for family photos/portraits that I can get at JB using this Deal?

    my wife left her phone on top of the car roof whilst traveling from Sydney to Port Mac. I saw it smashed and run over and over and over on the highway. it shattered to a million pieces.

    anyway need a new phone for family photos and for her to also stop using my phone and potentially looking up my browser history.

    any help appreciated and merry Xmas all!

  • I got this deal last year September and am now on 'month to month'. Will I be able to sign up for this or do I need to do the sign up with a new number and then cancel my old service as other posters have said?

  • How does it work if you're with boost? Also is international calling included like Boost?

  • I am on this plan (took it last boxing day). My contract finished today. Am i able to get this plan back.

    • No. Because you're not porting in.

  • Does anyone know if these have shared data for numbers on the same account?

    • nope, never does on these plans

  • Anyone else holding out for a Z Fold deal with JB Hifi? Thanks

  • The website mentions a $300 gift card for the $69 plan.

    Can anyone help me find the link to the $500 gift card promo mentioned?


  • Has the coverage improved SE Melbourne over the past 6 months?

  • +3

    On the Telstra page, the same plan goes for $50 a month.

    • Would you be able to link this? Can’t seem to find on Telstra website

        • Thanks. How did you manage to search for the 12months plans? Every time I click on the sim only plans, it shows monthly plans for me

          • @DisabledUser305842: Hi, it is just a month to month plan but you get $15 off every month for up to 12 months.
            However, there isn't a $500 voucher for this

        • Interesting. How do you find out about this deal?

          • @hawkeye93: This is more like $30 a month with the $500 gift card though?

            • +1

              @wayl: Just asking because I can only see the Upfront plan on Telstra page, not the plan from the link.

    • Crap.. that just halved the $500 gift card value… can we ask telstra to match it?? And the $50 plan isnt locked in for 12 months n has free international calls

    • Yeah but with no $500 gift card

  • For those who are looking for the port in credit - I spoken to Telstra online chat and the person was adamant that the Welcome port in credit was not something Telstra ever offered. He went on to say that they get a lot of queries about it and that it was usually something JB offered in the past and I need to ask JB Hifi if they would offer it this time around.

    • How many reps did you spoke to? From comments in the or previous threads it looks like a big of a hit and miss depending on the rep you talk to.

      • +1

        Just the one so far. But yes, I suspected it will take multiple tries. But with my luck, I will probably continue to strike out

    • In store now, they can't offer it at this store anyway. He showed me the screen and the check box is bright red. He said try on chat and should be OK if you find the right operator

  • +1

    Just tried doing this over the phone and no luck - let me know if anyone finds away.

    • To be fair. They do have to verify your ID and they dont have a system set up.

      • 100% i was just trying my luck - hopefully it saves some others some time. For reference i tried calling two stores directly

  • Sorted @ JB Elizabeth St. FYI, they do ask if you've been ported out for at least 30 days.

    • They didn't ask last year haha, ported out for 3 hours and they just did it.

  • Done x 2.

    Thanks for your 'sometime' service Optus.
    "The number you are calling is longer in service." Great when you're trying to run a business!!!

  • +3

    For existing Telstra customers, in previous years I've had no issues taking up this offer by:
    * signing up a new plan
    * going to the Telstra store and request they swap phone numbers on both new and existing plan
    * Keep new plan with existing number
    * Cancelling old plan with new number

    Hope this makes sense - and still works!

    • Does this only work in Telstra store?

      I tried over online chat, they said Jb plans can’t have number changed

      • I've done it both ways in previous years. The concierge at the Telstra store yesterday said it wasn't a problem, but I didn't actually do it.

      • I would strongly advise against trying to do this on online chat. I did this yesterday, and the rep said he could do it, and cancelled my old plan but then there was an error moving the number to the new plan. So my main number was disconnected for almost a day and I thought that it was lost. It was such a pain to try and followup. I eventually went in store and luckily they managed to fix it for me. I would say to go in-store if you want to do this to help avoid any issues.

        • Which store? I went to one today, and granted they were busy, but the guy immediately said this isn’t a store level thing and couldn’t help :(

  • How long have others wait for that old plan to disconnect and the Telstra number to become active?

    • +1

      We signed up just before 9am, activated just after 11.

    • I ported from Kogan Mobile and for me it took around 5 minutes until it disconnected and Telstra became active.

  • Needed to wait until port in before they can hand over the gift card. Jb rep. said it could take awhile cause of boxing day.

    Anyone successfully activated their telstra sim? How long did it take you? And did you get a paper gift card or an actual gift card?


    • Did they say you had to wait around? Or just go back in to the store once the port had completed

      • He advised just to come back when the current sim doesnt show its connected to a network. He even say it could be tomorrow

        • Cool thanks, yeah I figured that would be the case, I didn't wanna be standing around in a packed store all day 😂

      • +1

        Rep from JB Bankstown said that number porting will most likely not happen until Tuesday/Wednesday. Everything is setup, you just need to head back into the store once your service is activated to get the gc.

        • Just got told the same thing

        • Went and ported from optarse to telstra today for this deal. Porting took around 45 mins at 11am

        • Update - porting was complete as of 12pm today… time to head back to the jb for my gc

    • Mine took about 3.5 hours.

      • Thx. Did u get a paper or plastic card gift card?

        • Plastic.

    • About 2 hours.
      I'll head back in shortly I ran the gift cards.

    • 5hrs so far and still waiting. Porting from Vodafone.

  • Still waiting form my Optus to port, 3 hours later. I wonder if it will be tomorrow. The gift card isn’t given till then.

    Edit: completed just over 3 hours, Sunday/boxing day

    • -1

      Did u get a paper or plastic gift card?

      • Plastic

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