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ALDI -Xfinity 20V Brushless Drill with 2Ah Battery & Charger $79.99 + More Skins (e.g. Mower, Grinder, Blower, Stick Vac)


A number of 20V tools for sale See uploaded page for full description

2 X 20V Mower Kit - inc 2 x 4.0ah batteries and charger $229
Cordless 2 in 1 Pole Pruner and Hedger skin $99.99
20V Cordless Blower Skin $49.99
20V Mini Grinder Skin $49.99
20V Stick Vac Skin $39.99
20V Air Pump Skin $39.99


20V 2.0ah Battery and Charger kit $39.99
20V Fast Charger $19.99
20V 4.0ah Battery $49.99

Now will Bunnings match this with their brand?

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    • This. Anything electrical or lil costly, I get the receipt pic straight away. Tag them in ‘Receipts’ album and get them synced to cloud folder as well.

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  • Why can’t i find this catalogue on the aldi site?

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      Website only shows next week's special buys.

  • Whats skin only mean?

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      It means tool only, no battery included.

    • Edited. Double post.

  • silly question - where we can buy a cheap Aldi Xfinity battery to Ozito Power Xchange tool adapter please?

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    Maybe Bunnings might put the holy grail on sale.. the ozito cylindrical mower!

    Stripes for days people!

    • Why would they do that? Nothing equivalent to match here…
      It's a great mower, though too light for decent striping…

      • Put some bricks in the catcher

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    I spent about $2k on Ego tools including mower, hedge trimmer, saw, blower etc. that came with two 2.5h batteries on promo.
    Best spending, no regret as I’m happy to do gardening now. Before when I used wired electric mower and blower I hated seeing grasses grow quick in summer.

    • Agree battery stuff now is adequate, very happy with most of my Ozito gear.

      • ozito and ego is chalk and cheese….

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          Their prices certainly are. But as with most things these days those who care to be a little discerning and pay more attention to individual products than blind brand decision making, most especially if bang for buck is of interest, reap the rewards. For example you can pay $600 for the Ego jet blower, or 1/3 the price for the Ozito one that is arguably just as good (or not far off) in most use cases. I say this from personal experience borrowing someones Ego (it is awesome) then stumbling on the intermittently available Ozito version that i now own… probably the best value bit of kit i have ever bought. The $ i saved allowed me to buy the Ozito PXC 2 x 18V brushless steel deck mower which is also fantastic.

          • @Xizor: +1 Agreed. i've got an ozito blower and hedger and pretty happy with both, looking to get something to replace my old electric corded flymo mower. Am leaning towards the aldi ferrex mower - i've only got 30 ~ m2 out the back and nature strip at the front.

            • @chriskq: With only 30m2 you can't go wrong.

            • @chriskq: With such a small lawn I would get the Ozito brushless 18v mower. It looks like a toy after you assemble it but it does the job.

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        People quite often bring up Ego when the battery mower or blower deals come up; these cheap Aldi and Ozito products perform well for the price so shouldn't really be compared with an Ego product which is three or more times the cost.

        Ego make good products but it seems indoctrination to the Ego cult comes as a package deal with the product purchase :-)

        Ego and Tesla may have more in common than just the battery based product range :-)

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      Good for you, but I think that you are preaching to the wrong crowd. The cheapest Ego lawn mower is over $700 whereas this Aldi one is $80

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    For those wondering about batteries, this might help:

  • Does anyone know usually how long before Bunnings price match?

  • Bunnings bring it on!

  • Shame there isn't a whipper snipper in this set.

    Anyone know of any good electric whipper snipper deals?

  • anyone know if the mower handle/arms can be foldable down (so i can store under deck like current mower)?

  • Will you be able to buy compatible batteries couple of years down the line?

    • of course

      • Where and who sells them? I thought Aldi items were one time buy stuff and they are gone from the shelves?

        • yes, you need to buy them from aldi when they go on sale from time to time. autobarn sells a 4ah battery that is compatible if you really needed to get one

  • What's the quality of Aldi's batteries?

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      samsung 21700 cells, good for home use

      • I thought Samsung where the best. Are there better ones?

  • Was just in Aldi Norwood (SA) store yesterday and saw these movers marked down to $129 left over from last sale. Were at least 4 in stock. When you consider aldi charge $50 each for 4amp batteries and there's 2 included its a bargain

  • Is the batteries competitable with worx battery?

    • Not but there might be some adaptors around.

  • Just wondering why you think Bunnings would price match? Isn't it an ALDI product line?

    • Because they usually do. They don't have to but they try to prevent people from getting into Aldi ecosystem.

      • The lawn mower is so cheap, I'll just buy it if Bunnings doesn't do anything.

  • No Bunnings match yet?

    • Also hoping!!

  • Went to Eastwood shop at 8:30am this morning trying to get the 2 in 1 Pole Pruner and Hedger combo, plus charger and a 4AH battery.

    Was told by the manager upfront that everything for SpecialBuys starting today were delayed!

    • I was able to get the mower this morning at 8:00 but the charger/battery/pruner combo were not delivered yet.

      • Any info on the model number and weight of the mower by any chance? Trying to find out how heavy it would be to carry up stairs in my yard.

      • Please let us know if the mower is any good

    • I've been told the same thing at my local ALDI, apparently they couldn't get it in stock on time.

    • The grinder, mower, stick vac, drill, 2Ah batt were available at my branches but no 4Ah, blower, pruner, or air pump.

      Picked up one of the mini grinders. Quite impressed, comparable to my Bosch Blue 12V Mini grinder.

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