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Tidal via Argentina: ARS $10/$20/Month for 1st 3 months (HiFi ~A$0.13/Month, HiFi Plus ~A$0.27/Month, VPN only for Registration)


Credit to these post and comments.

Individual Plans

Family Plans

Prices in the title are promo prices valid for the first 3 months for new customers. If you choose to continue after the first 3 months, HiFi plan is ARS 99/month or ~AUD 1.33/month. HiFi Plus plan is ARS 145 or ~AUD 2/month assuming you pay with cards with no foreign exchange fees.

Family plan (Argentina) is about AUD 2 for HiFi and AUD 3 for HiFi Plus per month after the first 3-month promo period.

I paid for HiFi Plus with my 28 Degrees card and got charged AUD 0.27 for the 1st month. There was no Paypal option.

Very straightforward process:

Use a VPN to connect to an Argentinian server (required only for registration).
Open an incognito browser window.
Sign up via the main link in this post
Pay with a card that has no foreign exchange fees.
Enjoy the full benefits of Tidal HiFi or HiFi Plus.

Credit to xiaoli:


Tidal HiFi:
HiFi Quality Sound
Up to 1411 kbps

HiFi Plus:
Innovative Audio Formats
Up to 9216 kbps
Master Quality audio, Dolby Atmos, Sony 360 Reality Audio, and HiFi

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  • -1

    Man, I gotta ask where you guys get this 28 degrees card from, I hear it a lot but it doesn't seem obtainable. Is it the only no foreign exchange fee card in Australia?

    • +1

      Best card for travel, there are more offerings now sure but 28 degrees card has consistently been valuable even more with cashback offers

    • No, there's a few. Many credit cards have annual fees but there are exceptions like the 28 degrees or Bankwest Zero. Or debit cards like ING (with monthly hoops to jump through) or Macquarie (no hoops) - and I'm pretty sure there's others too.

      • Bankwest Zero charge 2.95% (unless you have Platinum).

        • There you go, I've only ever had the platinum version. No annual fee on any so you might as well go for that.

      • 10 years ago the offerings were slim on international fee free cards is what I was getting at

      • +1

        Suncorp Everyday Options also has no International FX fee

    • Macquarie Bank has no FX fees if you're just looking to save on fees domestically (standard debit card, not a credit card which I prefer myself). 28 Degrees will likely suit you better for travelling.

      • Additional benefit of this account is no cash withdrawal fee at e.g. 7eleven and non bank ATMs

    • +2

      Can try Wise(Formerly Transferwise) Debit Card

    • +2

      Coles Rewards Card has no fee either from what I can tell.

    • Best card is definitely Coles Platinum Mastercard. You earn flybuys points on everything you spend locally or overseas and no international FX fee.

    • +2

      www.google.com > search 28 degrees credit card > answer

      wow how hard was that

      • Personal profile updated…

    • +2


      Citibank has a debit card with no int fees

  • Can something like this be done with Spotify?
    or is there a hack for Spotify?

    • +4

      This might be of interest to you…

      • The comments suggest that it either doesn't work or is very difficult to hack?

        • I can't personally vouch for it as I don't use it for Spotify. I only use the VPN method with Macquarie Bank debits for YT Premium. I just remembered seeing the post the other day.

        • Ive had Spotify working this way since 2017. The only hassle was to set it up initially. May be harder now due to additional checks being performed.

        • It doesn’t work anymore. You require a PHP credit card to make it work on your php Spotify account through a php PayPal account made.

      • Same, should have staked $5000 from the start instead of upgrading. Better buy in price and the $70 fee for card upgrade/re-issue is pretty steep. Won't bother until I lose it or something. Does Spotify Premium offer lossless yet? Have never used Spotify, and got NF Turkey so not really getting the most out of those benefits but have linked the card for NF payments at least. Not worried about Tidal for $3/ month (family Hif-Fi), cheap as !

  • Any recommendations for a quick free VPN to use for this purpose? Currently don't have a VPN and free ones seem to not have Argentina as an option. Prefer not to get spammed, or, register actual CC information.

    • +7

      Tunnel Bear

  • +6

    Family plan (Argentina) comes currently to $1.50 for HiFi and $3 for HiFi Plus.

  • +1

    You have been blocked.
    Why this blocking? Something about the behaviour of the browser has caught our attention.

    There are various possible explanations for this:
    you are browsing and clicking at a speed much faster than expected of a human being
    something is preventing Javascript from working on your computer
    there is a robot on the same network as you
    Having problems accessing the site? Contact support

    • +1

      Does that on both my PIA and Bitdefender VPNs.

    • By chance are you using Brave?

      I got the same error but turned off "shields up" and the error went away.

    • Same here. Turned off blockers etc but no go with Edge, Chrome or IE.

      • Finally got there. Had to install PIA on my android phone and also use the PIO incognito browser. Language was in Spanish but easy enough to work out. Family access for $3 pm is not a bad deal!

  • Is there any reason you'd need > 128 kbps? Opus sounds great at only 64 kbps

    • +6

      Some people prefer higher quality sound, especially if you have the higher quality gear to hear it.

      I prefer to use FLAC or WAV wherever I can.

    • +15

      It's hurting my ears just to read that quality

      • ^this!! 😬

    • +4

      128? I’m getting kazza flashbacks :)

    • Yuk.. good to try and use 192-320 kbps MP3 at least.
      As mentioned, better quality source files are the way to go on half decent gear.. just like watching SD on a 4k telly. But some people will never know the difference if you aren't into it. Basically there is more dynamic range, detail, clarity, instrument separation and less of that crystallised sound.

      @mdm1979 Napster files used to mostly be 128kbps lol

    • +3

      This is one of many reads that debunks that idea that hi-res will improve your listening experience.


      However, if you have invested in something like the new Sony AT9s then the 360 Reality Audio tracks (there aren't many of them yet) will bring you a very different experience apparently.

      • Bagging hi kbps but likes gimmicks like surround Audio.. hmm.

        As long as the source files are cd quality or more then it should be fine . 44.1khz still sounds great on decent equipment. Remember not many services even offered lossless for quite a while. I've listened to 96kHz and 192kHz and they sound great, probably hard to tell between the two but did like the extra bump in quality (tested out the Qobuz trial).

        Have listened to a few 360 tracks on the Tidal Android app & Sony XM4s, can't say I was blown away or could hear a dramatic improvement in anything. Ldac Bluetooth quality is pretty neat as a side note.

        • +1

          I didn't say I liked "gimmicks" like 360. I said it will bring a different experience.

          • @C0mbat: yeah all good will have to listen to it again sometime.
            just reminds me of surround headphones and other filters/effects. Newer technology though

        • LMAO. You know it's physically impossible to tell the difference between 44.1khz and anything sampled higher, unless perhaps if you're a dog. Even for human children 44.1khz perfectly captures everything the human ear can hear.

          • @Phoebus: Pretty sure the limit your thinking of is 20kHz.

            • @illz: Whatever Kent
              Want to kill the dogs next door what dog whistle you reckon champ

              • @G-rig: Think you replied to the wrong guy homie 🤣

                • +1

                  @illz: Ok
                  General reply ha
                  Too many ludes

            • @illz: Yes. But you need to sample at double the frequency to perfectly reproduce the source frequency.

              • @Phoebus: Isn't that only for when you mix/remaster a file.

                Pretty sure for listening there is no difference.

  • Wow I hope this is still valid and not vpn identifiable cause my Tidal free trial is still for another 3 months

  • Not sure if it subject to digital tax, as Netflix does

  • Tempted to get this for the Tesla but I already have Apple Music, Amazon and YouTube premium.

    • For same reason, I tried a few times to pay through my 28 degree cards and it says credit card info error …..

  • Any free VPN that can be used? Ch3era

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got family plan…

  • +1

    Thank you OP

  • Any advantage over YouTube premium?

    • +5

      As I recall, google play music was 320kbps aac. youtube premium is up to 256kbps aac depending on the source material, bad source material will still be bad source material.

      Tidal HiFi is 1411kbps and Tidal Lossless is 9216kbps.

      End of the day though it will depend on your particular use case as good audio quality requires everything to fall in line. There's no point in paying for Tidal Lossless if you're using $10 earbuds. Likewise, there's no point in $500 headphones if you're only listening to youtube music. This is just one part of the equation as well, it also depends on the interface between your device and the headphones. If its Bluetooth you'll want a headset and phone/device that support LHDC or LDAC codecs (even then these two codecs max out at around 900kbps), or if its an analogue connection then it depends on the DAC and amp being used.

      • Google Play music was great and gapless playback even worked. I've got YouTube premium but have never really got into yt music. The sound quality is really average and noticeable in comparison to tidal (on my various equipment at least).. still like some of the radio stations

    • +1

      For most people, no.

      Unless you've got the equipment you're probably not going to notice the difference. And even with the equipment most people wouldn't notice it either.

      If you're an actual audiophile, yes. But if you were, you probably wouldn't be asking this question in the first place.

      • True, and most people not into sound/music quality may not care anyway, but would still like a 4k/8k telly over 720p/1080p

  • 30 day free trial or 60 days for $3 (regular price, no vpn or anything)
    sounds pretty good just to try it out, might give it a go

  • I used VPN Unlimited (paid), got Family Plan for 3-months at A$0.13, followed by ARS 145/m (AU$2/m).

    It's another AU$1/m for Family + HiFi, I do have my own FLAC library, but for streaming I am fine with 128kbs, would prefer 300kbps+ but I don't think my cheap Amazon earphones are worth it.

  • +1

    do family members need to be connected to vpn when signing up?

  • I tried both Bankwest Plat Zero and Citibank debit, no go. Oh well, stick to my Apple music for now…

    • My Up bank card worked.

      • +1

        For some reason I got declined using my up bank.

  • Is Tidal any good yet? It always had the worst suggested mixes. It's view of electronic music was so broad that you'd be getting happy hard core simply because you were previously listening to some chilled beats. Spotify isn't perfect by any means as it plays a lot of songs you've played before but at least the new ones are in the same genre.

    • +1

      I’ve used it a lot, their mixes get more tailored the more you use it. I find it better then Spotify, but my music interest is wide

    • Search function seems to require being very specific, as in you need to know the correct song & band name, sound on non-HiFi appears to be lower quality than YouTube Music.

      • Set to master (or hi-fi on cellular), well don't think it uses up much bandwidth to be honest compared to videos and stuff, and you can always downloaded for offline listening.

        You'd have to analyse or find out the bitrate for both, no reason why you would dull down the settings when the idea is high quality streaming

  • Nice OP

    How to add people on family plan? Is it like spotify where address of account creator needs to be provided?

  • My Marantz SR7011 gets discovered in the Spotify app but Tidal app doesn't show Marantz as a network player, what am I missing?

    I could play HiFi on my DAC. Not on network player.

    The offer is irresistible, I would like to sign up.

  • So from the feedback it seems that not all cards are accepted (regardless int fee or not).

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

    VPN: Tunnel Bear
    Card: Westpac debit (charged $0.27 for trial)

    I got the family hifi plus which stated 225 or 255 per month after trial on signup. But when I login to my account settings, its saying it will charge me 145 ARS (individual) on my next signup - bonus!

  • There used to be a windows app called ATHAME that works wonders with Tidal. Useful for devices without internet or the Tidal app

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

  • Apologies in advance if this is a silly question (just me being ultra cautious) but when I attempt to sign up for Hifi Plus Family the cost is shown as $225/month rather than ARS 225/month. Would I be right in assuming that the cost IS actually ARS 225 despite appearances to the contrary?

    • +1

      Prices in Argentina are displayed using the dollar symbol, payment is in pesos.

    • I had similar thoughts when I saw my plan with $ rather than ars as shown in ops snips. Can confirm its ARS.

  • Thanks for the info op, will finally sign up and stay after relying on the promotional plans.

    The only good thing from tidal is the audio quality, although to be honest i still can’t tell between the mqa and cd quality from them, they do sound better than other lower quality streaming.

    I wonder if there are similar priced plans from the competitors such as qobuz, those may be the one i would prefer to stay for long term given the same price. if not i am happy to live with tidals poor search and recommendation functions.

    By the way i use bluos, i found the interface via bluos to use tidal is better than the tidal app itself.

  • Thanks OP, it worked with my Crypto.com card :-)

  • +1

    For what it's worth, based on this link and this guy's testing of uploading his own tracks to Tidal there are many issues with MQA:


    • Spotify also bringing lossless audio later this year.

      "Before you pay for high-fidelity streaming music, try to pass this lossless audio test | TNW" https://thenextweb.com/news/before-you-pay-for-spotify-hifi-...

    • +1

      This again..

      fwiw on my non-MQA DAC it still sounds fine and registers at 24bit-48kHz
      I'm not sure if there's a way to get 96kHz/24bit to stream on non-MQA DACs?
      Non-MQA albums stream at 16bit-44kHz (cd quality, which is still fine for those haters).

      • So just to confirm the hifi+ subscription (24bit quality) registers on a non mqa dac?
        Have a Topping E30(non mqa) on the way and trying to decide if it's worth getting the higher tier subscription for greater quality compared to the standard 16bit.

        Have a decent amp and set of good planars.

        • +1

          Hey mate just testing a few albums.
          On my non-mqa DAC (RME ADI-2 FS) Master albums seem to be it seems to be either:

          Otherwise would be cd quality

          Was considering replacing the iFi Zen DAC with something like the topping (D10 balanced/E30/D30Pro) but will keep it for the MQA support and get a balanced 4.4mm -XLR cable. The Zen Dac is great value for money and find for my pc setup. Got a THX AAA 789 coming, can always upgrade the rest later on :). Using Volumio 3 over wifi -> RPi4 (USB), tells you the quality. The sound is great, better than chromecast audio and gapless playback. The Tidal Connect application/support is great, play from Volumio or Tidal. It's quite a good setup now, can play my own flac collection as well which integrates with the library in Volumio (ssd plugged into the RPi4).

          You could start the trial with ifi plus or upgrade later perhaps.

          • +1

            @G-rig: Thanks buddy, appreciated!

            From what I've read regarding 16bit 44.1kHz vs 24bit 44.1kHz. 24bit offers lower noise floor.
            Doesn't seem to be much audible improvement.

            • +1

              @illz: Yeah too easy, not that phased either way but I'll take 24bit /48 if it pops up :)

        • You will get max 24/48 unless you have some form of MQA decoding in your chain.

          • @vaper: I'm getting a maximum of 96.0 & 88.2 PCM on my non MQA Dac with the Hifi Plus sub.

            Topping E30 running in Exclusive Mode so it's directly outputting to the Dac.

            I can't tell any difference between 44.1 & 96.0 (Switching between Hifi & Master)

            • +1

              @illz: It's all a bit odd
              Qobuz can get 96 and 192kHz on some albums. 96 sounds great and as good as you'd need, but the album recording & mastering makes a bigger difference in general.

              On my mqa DAC it's usually 88kHz

  • Can you change audio quality in the app? It seems lossless would rip through your phone data.

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