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Ozito PXC 18V (2 x 4Ah) Brushless Steel Deck Lawn Mower Kit $398 + Delivery ($0 in-Store) @ Bunnings


Self-Propelled Ozito PXC 18V Brushless Steel Deck Lawn Mower Kit @ $398 Bunnings

Model number PXSPSDMS-0182
Input: 2 x 4Ah 18V batteries
Cutting Diameter: 470mm
Cutting Heights: 30 - 65mm, 6 position
No Load Speed: 3,300/min
Grass Catcher: 75 litres
Noise Rating: 95dB
Weight (Tool Only): 31.3kg

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    • +1

      That's not very wide right? How many square metres?

      I've got the basic ozito 2x18v mower and it does a perfectly fine job. I mean it's only about 30m2 haha so it's not a lot of work

    • bought this one today and happy with it. Needed a bit of push in the begining (havent trimmed for couple of months). struggled to move on uneven spaces. Did a good job at the end.

  • Any difference to this one other than being self-propelled, 10kg heavier and ability to put 4x batteries.

    Thinking whether to return mine (just bought in Dec) and get this one ?

    • Yep, I’m in the same boat here. Do I swap for this or keep the old. Major decision factor would be cutting power and lowest cutting height comparison.

      • How would you return it if you have already used it? I thought Bunnings only let you return unopened items?

        • It doesnt cut well enough is a good enough reason for Bunnings. I buy tools from Bunnings just for the ease of returns in case you are not satisfied after trying any tools. I have used it for just a month though, so would within a fair return time

          • +8

            @regenade: If you've already used it, then no you wouldn't be able to return it. Even more so if you plan to switch to this newer Ozito (assuming you intend to use the "it doesn't cut well enough" reason).

            Obviously customer satisfaction is one thing but when a customer comes in complaining about an Ozito that doesn't cut well enough, we won't be getting them to replace it with an Ozito that is almost identical in terms of power… At the very least we'd expect them to be upgrading to something that does "cut well enough".

            Obviously YMMV since it really just depends on the person on the day, but just be aware that it's one thing to return a lightbulb you used but was the wrong colour, and another to return a used mower that you want to swap solely because a new version of it came out.

      • I bought the non self propelled version for $399 last week, very low stock.

        Got told by Ozito last week this is not in stock anymore and then it came up online yesterday.

        Turing to convince myself to keep the existing but the extra features is making me want to exchange.

        Only downside is I have a sloping block with lots of steps so carrying it around all the time with an addition 10kg could be a PITA.

        Lots of unevenness and rock as well which makes me lean towards the higher cut and push option.

        Does the self propel function effect the power output? The cutting strength?


        • You would have to think it might do. It will certainly impact run time. I have the non self propel i bought a few months ago, really like it, weight is perfect for being super easy to use (i have a little slope) and light enough to carry up a few stairs as i need to do as well. Unless you REALLY need self propel i dont think the trade off is worth it. But in saying that you probably wouldn't regret it either.

        • You can use a ramp and let the mower run up.

    • Is your lawn on a slope? Yes = consider it. No = keep your mower as 10kg is a lot to be pushing around even with an assistance motor.

    • How would you return it if you have already used it? I thought Bunnings only let you return unopened items?

    • return after you've used it?

    • +1

      Based on the manuals:
      no load speed - yours is 2,900/min vs 3,300/min
      cutting height - yours start at 25mm vs 30mm
      your mower doesn't have the mulching plug.

      • So this one does have the mulching plug now ? Its a no brainer then even with the additional 10kg weight

        • Yes, I love the mulching feature.

  • Do you guys know if this is seasonal as well?


    • Yep - rarely available and sells out quick at the price.

      I've got both items and they do a job. Neither have a heap of grunt, but are light, very easy to use and store and quite for small residential jobs. If you end up getting it, spend $10 on this mod to ensure you don't have to keep replacing the plastic tabs of the line trimmer. www.randseq.org/2021/06/update-line-adapter-for-ozito-blade....

      • Damm thanks mate

  • Too heavy for my wife

    • +8

      You win some you lose some. My wife is too heavy for me, and I'm sure my lawn mower would appreciate more attention from her too.

      To say nothing of how handy that 3 year Bunnings return warranty would be…

      • Did you get your wife from Bunnings? returning her under warranty?

        • +1

          Too heavy to lug back to bunnings :rofl:

  • This is normal price. Not really a bargain as such

  • I was told don't bother with battery mower, especially if you have buffalo grass. Is that right?

    • I'd like to know this too. I've read other comments and they contradict. Some say it works well for buffalo, others say it doesn't. Would anyone be kind enough to explain whether THIS particular model can deal with buffalo comfortably, or if it'll just be a pain vs my old Victa.

    • +1

      i have been able to cut tall buffalo (1.5 months uncut) at the highest setting on the older steel deck model (https://ozito.com.au/products/pxc-2-x-18v-brushless-steel-de...). It would stall in some places and was tiring to push but it was possible.

    • +1

      A battery mower works fine with a buffalo lawn.

      It's more that the battery will run out of juice if your lawn is >400m2 and it is a bit inconvenient to go get your other set of batteries and switch them over halfway through mowing.

    • +2

      I have buffalo and mow every couple of weeks with no issues. I have the old 36v ozito steel deck. It's actually quite pleasant to use. Battery lasts on my 250sqm

    • +1

      18V is definitely not enough for buffalo lawns.

      Minimum you'd want is 36V. Brushless motors also significantly help improve both the power as well as runtime of the mower too.

      This particular mower will handle buffalo fine (it runs 2 18V sources in series, hence doubling the voltage), provided you don't let it grow to unreasonable lengths.

      Keep in mind the runtime of the battery as well, as it's annoying to have to stop in the middle of the lawn and recharge. Obviously can easily be rectified by getting a spare battery, or if you have a small lawn in the first place.

    • +1

      It's not really about the type of grass. It's more about how often you cut and how much grass you are trying to cut. If you mow weekly you'll be fine. If you let your grass get long, then yes the mower will struggle.

      If you do let your grass get too long, you will have to cut multiple times and slowly bring down the height of the grass. (eg. cut once at 50mm, cut second time at 30mm).

      In any case, there's a general rule of thumb being that you shouldn't cut more than a 3rd of the leaf. Cutting more than that will 'stress' the lawn and it won't look as good. You most likely be cutting into the dead layer of grass (thatch)

      • While I agree with most of your sentiment, I should note that it really is all about the type of grass.

        Those cheap electric mowers and 18v machines you see are all designed to cut the thinner varieties of grass (ie. not buffalo).

  • +1

    Need to make a plug in hybrid mower

  • +1

    Looking at my manual for the Ozito 5 in 1 brushless steel deck mower from a few years back, it's exactly the same except for self-propelled feature.

    cutting diameter same at 470mm
    cutting heights same at 30-65mm, 6 positions
    no load speed same at 3,300/min
    grass catcher same at 75 litres
    both include cleaning scraper, side ejector adapter and mulching plug.

    weight is the other difference, mine is 27kg, new one is 31.3kg (tool only)

    • Looks like they took that model and added a new feature then. I was wondering if that's what they did. Cheers

  • I bought the plastic one back in December and used it once. What are my chances of returning that one and buying this instead?

  • wonder how long the run time is on the dual battery

  • I just bought the brushless single battery ozito lawn mower for $139 (normally $199) because it was missing a battery. Looks like a toy, but suits my needs. Light as a feather, and our block has a number of terraces to lift it onto, so weight plays a huge factor in my circumstances.

    • Bought the same for father-in-law who has a small lawn. Absolutely agree it looks like a toy but it does the job.

  • $279 https://www.bunnings.com.au/ozito-pxc-2-x-18v-cordless-lawn-...

    brushless really worht the difference?

    • +2

      Yes. By all accounts, it is considerably better built and more powerful. I have had no issues with my brushless

    • Absolutely. That one is much smaller as well.

  • +7

    Bought this 3 months ago and couldn’t be more happier. The steel frame is amazing vs the plastic ones and the power of this vs plastic ones and brushless tech is amazing. Do not think twice on a cheaper plastic one get this.

    • +1

      hey man, can i ask whether you've actually compared and t ried the plastic ones? i bought the plastic brushless 1x battery slot one and it cuts out with the slightest length of grass. just want to know in your experience whether this one is markedly different :) cheers

      • I had the regular plastic one, used it a couple of times and it would cut out constantly. Was able to return it and paid the $150 upgrade to get the Ryobi 36v mower - has not cut out once.

        Was a bit worried the 4ah battery wouldn't last for the whole mow but able to do the small backyard and the front corner block lawn without issue.

      • What grass and battery have you got? I bought the plastic brushless 1x18v mower and thought it would be terrible, but it actually manages OK on my lawn.

        • im unsure of the grass type in my front yard. it's technically council's but they never mow it. it's thinner than sir walter though and not an unreasonable height. 4ah

    • Second this, I've had this one for a few years now and it's been fantastic. I've owned the plastic non-brushless Ozito model in the past too, and the difference with this one is night and day.

  • I have the Ozito PXC 2 X 18V Cordless Lawn Mower Kit.. and I'm taking it back today. It can't handle my lawn at all, I went through 4 batteries yesterday to get half of it done. It's only about 120sqm but is 'thick' in some spots.

    • +1

      Musn't be the steel deck one as that handles my 300+sqm of buffalo fine. Sounds like you got the lower all plastic smaller ones.

    • sounds like the grass is a bit long haha!

  • I don't know if it means much, but the model number in your description is different to the model number on the website, specs are the same though

    • +1

      I used the model number from the mower's instruction manual. The one on the website is the model number of that specific kit with 2 x 4Ah batteries and chargers. Same mower, different numbers :) Just so people could tell that it's different from the other mowers sold recently if they need the model number.

  • Interesting that on the box this model only claims to be capable of 350m2 from 2x4.0Ah batteries, the previous model claimed 500m2 from 2x4.0Ah.

    The extra features seem nice, but I wouldn't be tempted unless they did turn out to be capable of cutting the same area.

    • Good pick up but they should be the same as long as the self propel function isn't being used.

  • +1

    Can the self propel function be disabled? I feel that this would draw extra power, particularly when the weight of the mower has increased by 50% (compared to the previous steel deck version).
    Might need 50% more power aka 3 batteries, compared to the prior model, to mow the same area?
    Seems as though 4 batteries will be a necessity if self propel is always on too.

    • yes, i believe the self propel can be disabled (in that you don't push the lever down to start it in the first place). the wording of the manual, as well as one of only two reviews on bunnings (notably both glowing) so far indicates as much.

    • There are 2 levers, 1 would be to keep the mower itself on (like the standard steel deck i have has) and the other would be for self propel. Whether it still uses power when not actively engaged however or how much is unknown.

      • Thanks, I think I'll keep my 20kg steel deck. I suspect the battery runtime on the newer model will be diminished due to the increased weight at least

      • +1

        I have this model. Yes the self-propel can be disengaged. You are right about the second lever. but the self-propel work only if the mower is on. doesn't work by itself.

  • I own one of the ones from previous seasons as well, but I think the one pictured appears to be a new model. It's a slightly different charging setup (two individual charges instead of the one charging deck that came with my model) and an entirely different battery and motor block compared to mine.

    Mine is great though, so hopefully this new model has the same quality

  • Is it 4WD?…..asking for a friend.

    • It's just real wheel drive.. Variable speed.

  • Mine has the left front wheel higher than the right front wheel, regardless of cut height setting.

    Also it felt much heavier than the plastic one on Sir Walter buffalo grass and easier to get stuck on uneven lawn

  • +3

    If anyone in Brisbane wants the non-propelled one that's 11KG lighter they have heaps of stock at Acacia Ridge Bunnings. Same price as this.

    From this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/660697

    Picked one up last week and it's great. Since I am on a flat block I don't need the self-propelled one, it's not worth the extra weight.

    • for everyone's info the weight as listed on ozito's site is 19kg. a nice reduction indeed. also the charger is a two-in one- design rather than two separate ones. enticing.

      • 31.3km (tool only)

        • oops that's not mikeyb's unit (the non self-drive), since bunnings took the product page down. but i found it on ozito's site, thanks. it's 19.7kg. you also gave me a distance ;)

      • +1


        The non self propelled weighs 19.75kg vs 31.3

        It has a lower and higher cut setting and 9 options vs 6 cut options.

        It covers 500m2 vs 350m2.

        465mm diameter vs 470mm diameter cut.

        50L vs 75L bag.

        2 battery storage vs 4 battery storage (only runs at peak 36volts so they are back up batteries)

        No mulching plug like the one listed above.

        I find the mulching plug is a great feature!

        Both were released around similar time in 2021, updates of older steel deck models.

        • So which is the better deal?

          • @essent1al: question of my life right now! i note also the propelled model has about a 14% faster non-load speed. i'm a complete mower noob so i wonder whether this translates to better performance over thicker / unruly grass?

          • +1

            @essent1al: If not concerned about weight and happy to put in back up batteries if area is over 350m2, I’d say the heavier one doe to the mulching feature.

            The Powerpass customers can also get the heavier on $20 cheaper than the push version.

            • @El Pablo: Is the warranty affected though, considering Powerpass assumes trade use, rather than domestic use?

              • +1

                @noz: I don't think so.
                Bought the small ozito leaf blower a few years back for the missus. It died and they replaced it no problems. The best bit was I got a partial refund, as the price had dropped.

                Maybe they look at it and see if has had trade use or home use.

            • @El Pablo: I noticed that too and was gonna comment.
              Very few Ozito are powerpass discounted.

        • Are the blades steel or plastic? Mulching is great I reckon, or my bin gets too full

          • +1

            @EchoNoob: Steel blades. I got this yesterday and I'm just using mulch.. not using catcher.. mulched grass is barely visible. But at some stage will have to use the catcher.

  • Pretty good deal actually. Folds up like an ego and is self propelled. Even looks pretty good!

    30mm minimum cut height sounds high?

    • +2

      Yep it is slightly high and that is why people have made a printable blade adaptor to add additional thickness (to lower the cutting height) for 3d printers:


      • This is what I came here for. It’s just 10mm too high!

      • This looks like its made for the previous version, any idea if it will fit the one in OP's deal?

        Do you have a link to the forum that you found that link on?

        • +1

          I ended up buying the adapter from the dude in Brisbane- 2 for me and 2 for my brother. He posted fast and reliably -twice. He won’t answer if you ask for pickup though!

          Works well, though could still space the blade out a bit more if I really wanted a LOW cut.

          $10 postage, $20 item. I got two because I figured I’d be safer with a spare of an aftermarket part. Here is the link if it helps.


          The big thing I’m chasing now is replacement blades!

    • Am I reading the instructions right? To fold it you have to almost remove the knobs from the bottom? Seems cumbersome af.

  • Anyone spot a video of it in action? I can find all sorts of other Ozito mowers, but none of this 4 battery model.

    • +2

      There is one on YouTube I bought one today and made a video. I really like the mower, 5 year warranty, steel deck, great value at $398.

  • +1

    Bought this (or rather the non propelled version) and returned it for an Ego.
    Couldn't cut my TiffTuff (Couch) Grass low enough. Managed to get it down to level 5 on the Ozito mower. Disappointing.
    I'm sure it would be fine for non couch grass though.

  • It seems this product is available only available for delivery. By any chance is this available for pick up in store?

    • I couldn't do click and collect, so I went in and bought one in store yesterday.

  • Hmm wonder if the self propelled would make it easier to use than the other 19kg version

    • It is easier with self propelled.. but i would suggest using additional 2 4ah battery since self propel also uses battery power :)
      You can use a total of 4 batteries at the same time in the mower. I use 4*4ah.. I get 36V 16ah.. Get 5.2ah * 4 and it becomes a power house.. 36V 20.8ah..
      OP correct me if I'm wrong here..
      I got 2 $48 4ah batteries additionally..
      I have a big lawn 400msq approx..

      • Using four 18V 4Ah batteries is equivalent to one 36V 8Ah battery (not 16Ah). Four 18V 5.2Ah batteries would be equivalent to one 36V 10.4Ah battery.

        • I assumed the calculations as
          4ah x 4 = 16ah (the longer run time/ capacity / juice for the mower)
          and the circuit limits the voltage to 36V instead of 72V (power for the mower)
          Thanks for the info..

  • +1

    Would love to get rid of my 2x18 non brushless model and get this instead but it's working fine and I've had it for 6 months so can't return it. To be fair I don't have any issues with it, cuts my buffalo grass fine even if I let it grow a bit, occasionally cuts out but only in really thick parts. Main thing I want is the larger size so i
    I need to do fewer passes

    Really wanted the steel deck one but they weren't in stock and need a mower asap at the time.

  • I have the standard version of this mower it is fantastic I highly recommend you buy this mower, it is a great deal at this price with two 4ah batteries. The four battery slots are great as your first set run down it automatically switches to the next set.

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