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[Pre Order] Xbox Series X Console $749 ($200 Deposit) C&C @ EB Games


Back in stock for pre-order, Feb 1st delivery. Go go go!

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        • Lol a $750 video card won't really get you crypto at a profit either. Even a $1000 one barely gets you anything now.

          So yeah need to spend probably $2000 now on 3080 to see anything half meaningful, if mining was as profitable as before, we wouldn't see this stock available even at the prices.

          • @JL1: I'm joking sir, you can still mine on entry level GPUs just lower hash power

            profitability always depends on market conditions

    • Pretty much any where I’m not playing with friends that are gaming from a PC. I prefer to play on consoles typically.

    • +4

      Anything other than games that really need a keyboard and mouse (I play a lot of city builders and such which really don't work with a controller).

      At $750 my Series X plays better than my poor old GTX970 and costs less than a new GPU.

      • +1

        Nvidia cards age like milk. The low VRAM of my GTX 780 made it perform worse than the PS4 in Doom 2016, that's despite the card being released in the same year as the PS4 (2013). Some graphics card owners will come to the same realisation in time.

        • I'm no authority but the 2 generation old 1080ti still kicks a lot of current gen cards arses

  • Thanks. Got one.

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    Kinda surprised this is still available, how reliable are they with these preorders?

    • +7

      I have had 1 out of 1 success

      • Here's hoping. These things typically go in a matter of minutes, if even that, so the fact that it's still available has me wondering if they're actually selling stock that they'll get.

        • Purchased a PS5 in the November preorder window that had no ETA on it, and got the console 2 or 3 weeks later. I think they’ll be reliable given they are only opening preorders at select intervals. That time preorders were open for several hours.

      • +1

        Same here - I made it into the pre-order that was ready for pick up on 17th of Dec. No issues at all. And I had the added bonus of paying the balance off with 15% Ultimate Student Gift cards. So final cost was $666.65 :)

    • +1

      Last time I got a ps5 from EB, they told me they supposedly get the most stock and have the most to sell out of all the retailers. There might be drops from other retailers soon too.

    • I don’t recall them overselling stock

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    wow.. still went through. Finally pre-ordered one :)

  • Thanks OP :)

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    Already have a PS5… Pre-ordered this now too. Mrs is going to be stoked 😅

    • +2

      Order now, let her know later 😉

      • Haha yep that's the plan… Now to look at what the latest dealers are for gamepass ultimate 🤔

        • +2

          If you use the VPN method then you can get it for around $46ish per month https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/677585

          And if you don't want to do that, then you can buy Live Gold 12 month card from JB Hi-Fi for $80 and then convert that to game pass for $1 new users/$15.95 expired users.

        • I paid $150 for 3 years of Brazilian XBL and then converted that for a dollar. I reckon GP is closing in on a price hike so I bought the maximum 3 years.

      • Tell her you won it in a raffle. That way you can justify spending money on games too.

        • +4

          Yeah it only cost me $749 worth of raffle tickets.

  • Thanks OP, grabbed one.

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    Probably will be a good time now… Looking forward to Xbox exclusive COD and TES.

  • +1

    thanks got one!!

  • Keeps saying too many attempts!

    • click view cart and make sure there is only one in your cart

      • Yes made sure of that, doesnt even allow to add more. Something weird is happening..

        • Go to incognito tab and try again.

          • @eggaz: Thanks for the tip, it was the website getting chocked for a bit. All good after I waited 10 min (was getting anxious I could miss out) but it worked after that.

  • Wow, they still haven't sold out yet. Wonder if we're finally coming to end of the great console shortage.

    • Negative, xbox never sells out as quick as ps5s. Semiconductor shortage will run into 2023.

  • Ordered one thanks mate!

  • +5

    I honestly can't be happier with the xbox I received as a christmas present. I was a bit hesistant to ask Santa for the Xbox over the PS5 as I had recently sold all my xbox stuff and concentrated on Nintendo / Sony (collector). My main decision for the Xbox was the gamepass, it really is as good as advertised. I absolutely love it. It was a toss up between getting a console for the next generation or upgrade my computer (i5 6600, 1070). With the prices of computer equipment it was the better choice in my books.

    Also I absolutely love being able to play my xbox from anywhere in the house, either on my laptop downstairs in the gym or via my phone in bed. It has to be one of the best purchases I have made in a long time.

    • What games do you play remotely that makes it worthwhile when not on tv out of interest?

      • Whatever I am currently playing on the xbox at the time. At the moment I am playing through Control (gamepass) and Tales of Arise (non gamepass). Games like Ring of Pain, Slay the Spire and Stardew Valley all play well in bed on my phone+controller.

    • How does this work, do you have the xbox controller with you and play remotely, is there any lag?

      • Both playstation and xbox have this feature. I play my ps5 on my imac all the time as it's close to where I work from home

        • I tried remote play on ps4 pro couple of years back, it sucked and it was laggy.

          Havent tried on ps5.

  • Hy, anyone have any idea if you can still swap your xbox one x when you pick up the order

    • Sure can, they posted it on their facebook just before: https://www.facebook.com/EBGamesAus/photos/a.119672524737773...

      • +1

        $250 trade in seems a little low.. I'm sure it was higher than that?

        • I mean, the XSX has been out now for over a year, you would imagine the Xbox One X resale value would have reduced during that time.

        • I checked eBay sold listings and it usually goes for around $300-330ish.

          Can definitely make a bit more compared to EB trade in, but for once this deal might be a bit worth it to avoid the hassle.

  • Finally bit the bullet and got one. Knowing my luck you're all welcome for them announcing an updated console for cheaper soon lol

    • Given these things sell like crazy and the supply constraints I'd say you're safe for a while yet.

  • Will they kick me out for having previous orders .

    • No you'll be fine, but if you're worried use a different payment method.

  • +2

    The cod box, chief box, banjo box, shelter box, doom box, war box, proto box, crash box, rage box, gear box, horizon box, Tony's box, raven box, pray box, elder box, watchful box, blow box, singular box, guitar box.

    A box for everyone.

  • `^ last weeks 17% off EB Games gift cards will come in handy :)

    • +1

      What deal was that? Didn't see that at all! Can't find in search either?

  • +3

    If anyone wants to sell their Xbox One X or S, best to do it through FB Marketplace. I was sceptical at first, but on listing, within an hour I had 2 enquiries. Sold the next day. Had a total of 6 interests in a day. not bad. I thought of trading to EB for $250 but glad I held my ground.

    Don't sell on ebay or Gumtree. I've had decent experience with FB. That's my opinion. Anyway. Good luck to anyone who is willing to go this path, and hope you get your new console.

    • +2

      Just out of curiosity, which did you sell and how much for?

      • I sold my One X with Fallout 4, Halo MCC and Halo 5 on FB for $400 a week ago

  • +2

    Wow, still up 2 hours later. Are we getting closer to the point where you could walk into a store an buy one?

    • It's a pre order so the bots cant touch it……lasts a lot longer as you will be placed on a wait list.

      • True, but EB have put up pre orders (for both consoles) a few times before and they have still sold out much quicker than today.

        • I think more people now have a PS5 or X Box. The online stuff dissapears in an instand as Bots take them all for scalpers, making it look like there are more people trying to get one. All the pre orders fullfilled by EB and JB Hi Fi the past few months has lately provided to the people who want a console. Also support payments stopped back around September so theres a lot less cash around.

          • +1


            support payments stopped back around September so theres a lot less cash around

            Bless this government for providing cash-strapped Aussie battlers with the funds to purchase next-gen consoles.

  • +5

    Ordered one, I've been using Gamepass ultimate (just got a 3yr using Brazilian VPN) and my son has been super envious so we're trading in the old PS4s when the Xbox arrives in store to make up the difference.
    Sony will always have their first party stuff but Xbox is killing it with game pass right now.

  • Refundable deposit if I change my mind (have a Series S already, not sure I need this)?

    • Yes, refundable, for the extra power and graphical performance I think it's worth picking up.

      • Yeah bugger it. Ordered one, should get $300 for the Series S on FB.

        • I have both, but never opened the Series S, from all comparison videos I watched the X was worth the extra, having the disc drive is also a bonus for any back catalogue you have.

          • @eggaz: Out of interest, why did you get both (and haven't even opened the S?), Was it just for a 2nd tv that you didn't end up using or something?

            • +1

              @brad1601: I have both too and use them the way you mentioned. X is on the main TV with S on spare TV.

              With gamepass though, I've not really needed to touch the X's disc drive.

              • @Porker: How much better is the X?
                I'm perfectly happy with the s, it's a very capable little machine

                • @TEER3X: If you are looking to game in 4K then the X is miles better. The S is best for 1080p gaming.

                • @TEER3X: X is graphically better. But I'm limited not by the consoles, but by the TV. Not about to buy a new TV to match the X.

                  95% of my gaming is on the S at 1440p.

  • Thanks OP! Was waiting for Amazon to have them in stock again

  • i was told online only c& c ,tried to order instore and wouldnt let them if that helps anyone here.

  • Bit the bullet and got One. With my luck watch it get it discounted or a new version announced.

    Surprised to see it still up for so long too.

  • Can't seem to use Paypal as payment method?

    • yeah I couldnt either, it was greyed out then completely disappeared once I selected address etc. Went with Card in the end

  • ordered, gonna flock off my halo version

  • Can't believe I finally managed to snag one. Posted nearly 4 hours ago now, how is this thing still in stock?
    Or are they over selling pre orders now

    • Probably because the Christmas rush is over.

  • Was lucky enough to get one at launch and having been away from games mostly during the Xbox One gen, I’ve been loving it so far. Still feels new, super silent and haven’t had any issues really.

  • +2

    I want one of these simply because I can't get one.

  • EB accepted my pre-order. I am amazed / nervous they have stock to fulfil the orders received. Normally these pre-orders go very quickly.

  • +1

    Something has to be wrong. 4300 clicks and not sold out yet?

    • +1

      That's what I'm thinking. Unless they have like 5,000 units?

    • expect to see lots orders get delayed or cancelled.

    • They have increased the amount of users allowed for opening up an EB savings account

  • +4

    If anyone doesn't want to wait, I'll offer you mine, scalped only a little for $4500. Don't lowball me as I know what I got

    • +2

      I have 2 and am willing to part with one that I "only opened to check the contents", low kms and 1 female owner.


      I'll even deliver it in an AMG C63 so you feel like you know someone successful.

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