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Buy an Amazon Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) for $35 Delivered (RRP $119) When You Join Prime (New Trial or Paid Member) @ Amazon AU


Terms and Conditions:

Get an Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) for $35 (RRP $119) when you join Amazon Prime
This offer (the “Offer”) entitles an eligible “New to Prime Customer” (defined below), to purchase 1 (one) Echo Show 5 2nd Gen (Charcoal, Deep Sea Blue or Glacier White) on Amazon.com.au (the “Qualifying Item”) for $35.00 when they first sign up for an Amazon Prime Australia membership (monthly or annual) between 08 February 2022 10:00 AM AEDT and 28 March 2022 10:00 AM AEDT (“Offer Period”). See redemption instructions below.

A “New to Prime Customer” for the purposes of this Offer, means a customer who does not currently have an active Amazon Prime Australia membership (trial or paid membership). This includes former Amazon Prime free trial members who cancelled their free trial before the Offer Period.

Existing Amazon Prime members who cancel their membership during the Offer Period and re-join Amazon Prime will not be eligible.

This Offer excludes Echo Show 5 1st Gen.

This Offer must be redeemed by 1 April 2022 11:59 PM AEDT.

This Offer is valid only for the Qualifying Item identified in these terms and conditions.

This Offer only applies to items sold and shipped by Amazon AU on Amazon.com.au. This Offer does not apply to products sold by third party sellers on Amazon.com.au (including Amazon US or Amazon UK and even if fulfilled by Amazon AU).

To redeem the Offer, a New to Prime Customer must sign up to a trial or paid membership of Amazon Prime Australia. You will then receive an email confirmation that a credit has been automatically applied to your account within 12 hours.

Following receipt of this email, add the Qualifying Item to your cart, and at checkout, the price of the Qualifying Item will be automatically reduced to $35.00.

Offer limited to a maximum of 1 (one) Qualifying Item listed in these terms and conditions, per New to Prime Customer. If Amazon considers a customer to be operating multiple accounts, those accounts will, for the purposes of this offer, be treated as one New to Prime Customer.

This Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, or on orders placed before the Offer Period.

This Offer does not apply to orders placed with 1-Click.

Shipping will be applied to each item in accordance with Amazon's standard delivery rates and policies.

If you cancel or return any items purchased pursuant to the Offer, you will only be refunded the price paid for those items.

Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the Offer at any time.

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  • +1

    Amazing deal but not for existing members :(

    • +5

      Hint: make a new one :)

      • Tried with a new account. I think they have placed check for prime trial sign up with same credit/debit card.

        • That same debit/credit card i am not sure. It didn't show up free trial for me either, so i jumped on chat and rep confirmed that i never had free trial before, got told just sign up to Prime then he will do a refund. Within 2 mins i got an email saying "A credit has been applied to your account, entitling you to purchase an Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) For $35 (RRP $119)".

          • @WIND: Is it a credit of $84 to bring the price down to $35 or another workaround to change item price to $35?

            • +1

              @Applause: It's a credit.
              "Thank you for signing up to Amazon Prime. A credit has been applied to your account, entitling you to purchase an Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) For $35 (RRP $119)".

              To redeem the offer, add one (1) Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) to your cart. At checkout, the price of the item will be automatically reduced to $35.

        • someone on here said delete credit card from current account then make a new one with same credit card. Worked for me with echo dot for $10 deal.

        • if it is on the same computer / laptop, you will have to delete all cookies from the prime site.

        • If you have ZIP you can generate a card and use that. by the time it tries to charge after free trial the card is well expired. i did this trick to get 4 amazon echos for 10 a piece

  • So wont the total cost be a months Prime (6.99) plus the 35$ for the echo show 5 ?

    • you can cancel prime right after

      • Will you get the full refund ?

        • +1

          if you do the trial you don't pay at any point

    • Trial for first month is free

      • For members who have taken a trial in the past, and aren't a member yet, will incur a total of 6.99 plus 35$

        • +1

          Really? I thought you have to pay full price.

          • @Ebaygiftcards: That is full price. Prime is $6.99 per month or $69 per year.

  • +15

    But then you’ll end up with an amazon echo

    • Yep. Happy with Google Assistant. Just bought the Telstra deal Nest Hub for $49

  • So if I already have a PRIME account, any traps to avoid being id'd as a second account? I can come up with name and address. What about payment methods?

    • +1

      Use a different credit card.

  • Echo 15 is the one to get.

    • +4

      Will keep that in mind when it comes out and have a spare $399 to waste!

  • Just opened a new account and bought this deal. But Amazon is showing another one for $29.99. What's the difference between the two?

    • You're probably looking at the stand.

      • Just the stand? Doesn't it come with one ?
        How does the original one stand?

        • Without the stand it still stands but the stand raises it higher and allows mobility but I don't understand why it exists since Show 5 is small and probably best suited for your night stand.

        • It doesn't come with a stand because it doesn't need one. The stand is an optional extra, I think it just let's you tilt the thing up and/or down a little bit.

  • +1

    Question to existing owners of this, if you're not really using the Amazon suite of services, what would this be useful for?

    • +3

      Alarm clock, music, watching movies and YouTube, reminders, communication (within the house and zoom), home automation, picture viewer. I also have it to show me the front door camera if someone presses my cheap aldi video doorbell.

      • Is the doorbell still available?

        • If asking about the Aldi one, don't think so. They were the cocoon ones before that went on clearance from aldi. Am sure you can find similar ones around $50 from Alibaba. The video stream is not alexa compatible but I use it to trigger another camera I have that can show video in the echo show.

          • @Kyx: Soooo Kyx - which camera do you have that SHOWS on the echo please? And how easy / difficult to set up? Can you easily access it without "trigger"? TIA I have the Gen 1 Show 5

    • +1

      For me the best part is home automation, like lights and aircon and using Audible - It’s native with Amazon products so it syncs all your devices and stuff.

  • Thanks op.

  • -2

    Hate to be a party pooper but the Echo Show 5 v2 was only just on sale for $59. They have price jacked.

    • +5

      How is $59 to $35 a price jack?
      They do promotion all the time, reverting to non promotion price is not price jacking.

      • +3

        Yeah its a better deal,not a jacking

      • -6

        They have reverted to full rrp $ 119 so the saving is only $24 not the $84 you think you are saving

        • +4

          It was on sale for $59. That sale has ended so it has reverted to the non-sale price of $119.

          A sale ending is not price jacking.

  • +3

    Thanks but I just don't want another cheap device in my kitchen. I wish at least it has the motion tracking feature.
    The camera is only 2MP. Not worth.

    • For kitchen, echo 8 is better with features you mentioned but it's not at that price. I have both 5 and 8. Different use cases. Both great for me.

  • Bought one to connect to my Ring doorbell. Hope it will be an easy setup

  • +1

    Existing Amazon Prime members who cancel their membership during the Offer Period and re-join Amazon Prime will not be eligible.

    My annual membership finishes next week, so I'm just missing out unfortunately. Might cancel anyway, stop myself jumping on too many random impulse bargains.

  • -1

    Not quite sure why you'd pay the $119 RRP when there are sellers on eBay pricing them at $89 with free delivery…

    • Or wait for annual sale which is usually $59. Got my echo 8 for $89 last time.

  • Anyone able to confirm they get the 1st month free trial? Created a new account, yet have to pay first month.

    • I didnt get charger, cancelled straight after purchasing the echo show5.

      • Ok will try that.
        How long did it take for you to get the email/credit.

        Worth mentioning that if you buy prime eligible items for $39 (this + $4) then you get $10 to spend on next $39+ prime order.

        • That's if you download the app right?

          • @Chichiwu: Nope, no mention of the app. Go to Prime> Explore all of your benefits, and the offer should be there.

            Note: you have to click on the "claim" button!!!

  • +1

    Awesome bedside clock during the day. So many bugs however with auto-dimming not working, fading screens, background issues. I have had it replaced 3 times. So just remember this when buying.

    • Wow I would have thought that Amazon would roll out updates for this

      • +1

        Very very rarely and they never seem to fix the bugs. My Echo Spot has similar bugs.

    • If just for clock, do you think Google home mini is enough? Or echo show 5 is better? Ta

      • +1

        Lenovo smart clock has been excellent for the kids

  • I have 1st Gen, is it worth it to "upgrade"?

    • Na you lose the headphone jack, cameras a bit better though

  • Get 8% cash back from order through cashrewards?

  • +1

    Hmm time to replace the Google Next Hub then, its the only google device - rest are 3 echo dots from the Alexa named promo.

    Wanted to use google hub because it can search directly from youtube (for music, kitchen recipes etc) as opposed to Alexa that 1) provides a free limited music service and 2) cannot search youtube.

    Can anyone comment on video search functionality on the echo show?

    • Whilst the video search functionality using voice works, and it plays YouTube video using the website version as there’s no native app. It also doesn’t automatically play the video in full screen, you’ll need to expand it manually.

    • Following. I use mostly Google with Nest wifi and smoke alarms, does that work with this Amazon Show 5?

  • +1

    Thanks a lot OP.
    Was also able to add in FREE NEW Coca-Cola No Sugar 250mL when purchased with participating products to this order.

    This gets you two free cans of Coca-Cola No sugar and delivered with the echo dot.

    • Damn I saw it then I forgot about it. Oh well.

    • How do you get the echo dot free?

      • I think they meant the Echo Show

        • And the cans are free, not the device

      • My apologies, I meant Echo Show. And yes the Cans were free.

        • I add the Echo Show and the Coca Cola No Sugar, it is not free though, $2.25 each. How do you manage to get them free please ?

          • @yht: The total cost if you see is still $35, The price of the echo Show will be reduced by $2.25 so it will cost $32.75 and the cans for $2.25

            • +1

              @suku1809: Apparently, only charcoal colour that eligible for the free coke !

    • As always, I should read comments first.

      Still have 2 days of iso and am running low on cola, would have been genuinely welcomed lol.

  • How are the speakers on this for a bedroom/kitchen? Not tied in to the Amazon ecosystem but thinking it might be cheapish for a kitchen recipe tablet and for Youtube Music?

  • Actually for kitchen recipe use, how does the Amazon Echo Show 5 compare to the Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen which can be had for $49 currently? Are the tech specs comparable? https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/681912

    • Gen2 Nest is Out of Stock at Telstra unfortunately.

    • screen is smaller on the echo 5 (5") vs 7" on the google.

      Echo 8 is more on that level

  • The optus customer seems to have it free for 6mth?
    I subscribed it via Optus SubHub and it was 12mth free on Optus.

  • Am after Echo 8 as seems better for kitchen but this deal seems much worth to go? Any idea how much can Echo 8 price down when it's on sale?

    • $89 when it was on sale at JB Hifi. Was $99 at amazon.

  • No Zigbee, no deal

  • I had a chat with the rep as I was an ex-user and she actually suggested that I create a new account. Resubscribing will not work lol. Strangely just checked my email Thank you for signing up to Amazon Prime. A credit has been applied to your account, entitling you to purchase an Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen) For $35 (RRP $119)

  • Remember, you can always remove your Credit card from existing Primary (or expired) account to use on a new (temp) account if needed. Once purchased, remove the card from it and stick it back onto your Primary account (should you choose).

    • Didn't work for me. The CC I used on new account is not registered on main account, but I may have used it years ago on main account. I was charged monthly fee, not free trial on new account.

      • Not sure why as I have used the same card on many accounts. If I am not mistaken but doesn't it tell you in advance whether you get the free trial prior to charging i.e. that you already had a Trial ?

        • Oh it did tell me I was gonna be charged.
          I click on free trial then had to log on then it reverted to $6.99/month.
          But then I got $10 off next order for spending $39 ($35 echo + $4 prime item) so doesn't really bother me.

  • Thanks, got one

  • Annoyed this didn't show up for me at all while scrolling the deals (quite often deals here and there don't show, and I hear about them from other people, but oh well)

    Happy to have stumbled into it on my own

    Even happier that when Googling the deal so I can show it to the Amazon rep on chat when it wouldn't drop in price, I found it here and confirmed I should just keep going through with the transaction.

    Got it ordered and should be delivered by tomorrow. Now to just cancel Prime, almost forgot. Cheers OP.

    • What's this department you're referring to?

      My annual Prime sub ran out a couple of weeks back and I resubbed for this and the credit came through pretty much instantly.

      Are you sure it's not something on your end like payment being declined, flagged by their system for multiple accounts/policy breaches or something like that?

        • Well then most likely the same card/Amazon account being used for another free trial might be the issue. Their system has probably flagged that even though the free trial went through fine when it shouldn't have. Hence no automated credit.

          You haven't been charged a cent anyways. Cancel Prime, create another account, add a different card and join Prime. Shouldn't take more than a few minutes. Problem solved.

        • +1

          Seems like you're still trying to prove a point, to me of all people, weird. Again, would have been quicker with new account.
          FYI you do realise you're arguing with a company so large that losing one customer won't matter. On top of that, the person you're actually arguing with is on a salary behind that chat screen that genuinely doesn't give a **** about you and your $35 echo.

          Edit: I didn't neg you if you're wondering

  • Thanks OP
    good offer, bought one

  • +1

    got mine, today. not 60-120hz smooth, but good enough. display is really nice, camera not that bad. sound seems better than echo dot (?)

    cant seem to get photos to load

    • Haven't got mine yet, but seems you can only load photos from Amazon or Facebook. Which one did you try?

      • +1

        Tried through the Amazon Alexa app on android. going to try with Amazon Photos

      • Keeping getting this error: https://i.imgur.com/y4CrU6j.jpg

        Amazon Photos app doesnt show any indication that it can be linked to smart devices, will check with Amazon chat

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