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20% off The Good Guys Gift Cards at Australia Post


20% off on The Good Guys gift cards when purchased at Australia Post from 30 April to 13 May.

PS: Although the deal technically starts on the 30th, some Australia Post outlets seem to be honouring the deal now.

PPS: Looks like the link has been photoshopped out of the Australia Post official catalogue. And the link has been removed from Lasoo. I've updated the link to the catalogue. It is on the bottom of page 5 of the catalogue.

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  • Damn! I should not buy my Fridge 2 wks ago!!!

  • Is there an expiry for Good Guys' Gift Card?

    • -1 vote


    • valid for 12 months.

      • Read the Terms and Conditions, ONLY 1 GIFT CARD per TRANSACTION.


        Paying For Your Order

        You may pay for your order using the following payment methods: Visa; MasterCard; PayPal; The Good Guys Gift Card; or The Good Guys Store Credit.

        You may use a combination of payment types to pay for your order, but you are limited to using 1 credit card and/or 1 The Good Guys issued tender type (Mag-striped Gift Card, Bar-coded Gift Card, or Store Credit).

        • That is online purchases. Site has provision for payment using only 1 gift card number per purchase.

        • Where does it say online only? also if it was refering to online how could you use a mag-striped gift card for internet purchases?

        • Where does it say online only?

          In those T&C it is referring to 'site' not store - just read those T&C.
          as in…
          "Website Terms Of Use"
          Welcome to The Good Guys ® Web site."
          "Paying For Your Order"…
          "Payment processing services offered via the Site are outsourced to third party providers."

          The T&C must be read in context - it is T&C for WEBSITE only use.
          Like many, the website is not designed to take more than 1 GC or CC number.

          how could you use a mag-striped gift card for internet purchases

          by entering the Gift Card number - printed on the card!!

          As http://www.ozbargain.com.au/user/27079 reported, they have paid for purchases instore with multiple cards. Case closed.

          Don't know why are you trying to misrepresent this?

  • Can you use them after you negotiated a special deal?

  • I assume you can use them for an iPad …. 20% off is a great discount!

      Model Number: GT-P7510FKDXSA

      $468 @ Good guys is this a good deal?

    • I picked up my 64g 4g black iPad from TGG Townsville this week, they dropped it down to $850, $9 cheaper than big W. Used my 20% gift cards. Walked out with my $680 ipad, very happy. Great staff, they know how to get customers coming back.

  • Can you use them on catalogue specials?

  • Does anyone know when they are likely to have iPads back in stock?

  • Hmm this is awesome.

    Wonder when the cards expire and what conditions there are?…

  • Could I buy enough of these to make the purchase of a new LG TV 20% off?

  • The max value for a gift card is $500.

    Can you use more than 1 gift card in a purchase?

    • Generally in most stores you can, ive done it at myer before with success

    • Can you use more than 1 gift card in a purchase?

      Given that it's the same as cash to them, I think you'd have a good case with fair trading if they refused it.

  • Wow…

    awesome deal

    Thanks OP

  • News for 30th of April 2012:
    Good Guys go into receivership, newly appointed administrators void all gift cards to wreck any chance they had of saving the company

  • That's pretty good!

  • will they price match bigW ipad?

    16gb wifi - $498, 20% = $399.20!

    • +12 votes

      Great deal.. was actually looking into the new ipad as well. Confirmed from TGG that they do pricematch, if they have it in stock :).

      I now only hope that the dick smith staff hasn't gone to work for the Australia Post :) gift cards department!!.

    • You could also try dick smiths and target

  • This is a good deal, don't need to buy anything but if I did I'd be all over this.

    Don't think they are going to want to wheel and deal quite as much once they find out you are paying with the 20% off giftcards though. Wouldn't be surpised if Apple stuff gets "banned" from buying with giftcards.

  • +14 votes

    It won't make a difference to the guy in store.. The gift card you're purchasing is a regular $500 giftcard. You're just paying $400 for it at the post office.

    • Do they even sell $500 gift cards at the PO?

      • cant you just load it up with however much you want?

        or do they sell the prevalued ones? then you could just buy multiple $100 gift cards?

        • That's what I was thinking… But whenever I look they usually only have a bunch of them on the gift card rack thing (5 or so).

      • No but they sell 25 $20 giftcards

      • Do they even sell $500 gift cards at the PO?

        Unless you actually KNOW what you're going to use it for, it would be far safer to buy lower denomination cards anyway, so you don't get dudded on any amount that is left over after your purchase.

    • Can you buy the giftcard at PO using credit card?

  • Can I still do tax return if I going overseas ?
    That will be 30% off ?

    • +2 votes

      I assume you mean Tourist Refund Scheme, yes, youl would be able to do it.

    • yes. GST will be refund to the goods you purchase not the giftcard itself.

    • it'll be 20% off and then ~10% off.

      • +11 votes

        Actually it won't.
        If you bought a $1000 item, giftcards cost you $800.
        But receipt will say $1000 so you will get back $100.
        So total cost of $1000 item is $700 or 30% off.

        • touche

        • +13 votes

          You don't get 10% back, you get the GST back (which was 10% of the exGST price). So for a $1000 item you get $90.91 back (+/- rounding errors). So the total cost is $709.09.

        • Basis for GST calculation is 1/11 of the invoice price, therefore, the total savings after TRS would be 20% +9.09% = 29.09%

        • I don't think you can claim from TRS.
          The receipt will say that you purchase with gift-card (not cash, eftpos or c/c).
          How are you going to get refund back?

        • Receipt would list purchase price, then payment method as Gift Card. So should be no problem. GST is calculated in receipt levied on Purchase Price of goods, not gift card.

          "The GST refund is calculated by dividing the total amount of the purchase by 11. …
          You may purchase several lower-priced items from the one store, either at the one time or over several occasions within the 30-day period, provided the total purchase amounts to $300 (GST inclusive) or more." http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page4646.asp

          (eg Even though I regularly use free or discount Woolies gift cards - the GST on the full purchase is still listed on receipt. If I bought a $300 camera or other goods at BigW/DS with free cards, I would be entitled to a $27.27 TRS GST refund if taking it out of the country within 30days.)

  • Looking at getting a new washing machine but their current catalogue ends on the 30th and I bet their prices go up.
    Unless there is that grey area where I can take advantage of both on the 30th.

    • Not sure if it works … Pop in the store at 4:45pm and order the washing machine by putting a small deposit, go back the next day and pay the balance by gift cards.

    • As it turns out the GG's machine is already about 10% dearer than others and then I'll have to add delivery and get the old one removed. appliancesonline include all of that in the price so much easier to go thru them.

    • Catalogue deal/s end on the 30th, and the Auspost sale starts on the 30th. So you should have the whole day to find out if it is in stock, then go to Auspost, buy the giftcards and then get back and buy the washing machine.

      I am looking at the Samsung 7.5kg for $495 -> $400 with discount, and then $50 store credit as well! (actually $55 if you count the $5 you will have left on your gift cards).

      Gets pretty good reviews on their site, havent had a chance to look elsewhere yet.

  • +2 votes

    The Good Guys Gift cards only valid for 12 months — Quite lame !

    • +18 votes

      Last xmas I had $60 worth of JB gift cards that were expiring (they also last 12 months).

      I went to my local JB and bought … $60 worth of JB gift cards.

      That extended it for another year.

      Not sure if every store will do it. The lady at the counter wasn't sure if it would work, so she tried it and it did. woo!