Hiver - Where Can You Get Cashback?

I don't know if this will take off, but I just thought we could pool our efforts to find out what merchants come under the cashback categories for Hiver. I'll try to add them to the post when people confirm.

Feel free to comment below with either confirmed or questions. It would be great if you update if no one answers and you find out.

See deal here if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Finding Merchant code: Once the transaction has settled, click on the transaction and the category will be listed.

You can download your transaction history to help work out if you got all of your expected cashback. Brisdaz has requested Hiver add the Merchant Code to the file to make this easier, if you would like this added you may wish to request this also.

Merchants that work

Hiver have advised BPAY doesn't work for cashback.

Updated T&Cs advise cashback now only applies to Visa purchases (i.e. not eftpos/savings) via mobile payments (e.g. Apple/Google pay), online payments or PayWave. Some merchants, including some Coles stores, route tap and pay through eftpos, but paying through Google/Apple Pay goes through Visa (as long as you don't set it up as eftpos when you add the card to your digital wallet).

Appears to work even when paying through PayPal (does not work for Payin4) with the Hiver card.

Grocery stores, supermarkets
- Woolworths/Aldi/Coles
- Woolworths Gift Card site don't forget to click through from wherever you get a discount e.g. Student Edge
- Foodworks
- NQR (confirmed in SA, should be nationwide)
- Harris Farm Markets
- Some Asian grocers, you might need to check your local
- QLD Fresco (Sunnybank)
- QLD T-Bones Fresh Food Market in Aspley
- WA Melissa’s (filipino) Supermarket in Huntingdale
- WA Spudshed
- WA Farmer Jacks
- WA Karrinyup Fresh Market
- WA NP Import & Export (Asian supermarket) - Northbridge
- WA NP Carousel Supermarket at Cannington
- WA Chan Bro in Willetton
- WA Kongs Oriental Supermarket (East Victoria Park)
- WA MCQ @ Morley
- WA Les Family Fresh Forrestfield
- VIC Asian grocer outside JB Hifi at The Glen
- VIC Big Daddy's in Manor Lakes
- VIC Henry's Mercato
- VIC Marketplace Fresh
- VIC Hu Hui Supermarket (Hawthorn East)
- VIC Big Watermelon/Bushy Park
- VIC San Andres of Watergardens (Taylors Lakes)
- SA Foodland
- SA Homes Supermarket (Adelaide Chinatown)
- SA Times Supermarket (Adelaide Chinatown)
- NSW Tong Li Supermarket (Rhodes/Burwood Plaza)
- NSW Marketplace HENLEE Supermarket (Burwood Plaza)
- NSW Zetciti Asian Supermarket (Rhodes central)
- NSW Jusco Supermarket (Carlingford)
- NSW Orange Supermarket (Wentworth Point)
- NSW OK Supermarket (Eastwood)
Freezer and Locker Meat Provisioners
- VIC Fish Pier at Ringwood/Westfield Doncaster
- QLD Andrews Meats @ Indooroopilly (including their Grill eating area)
- QLD P&L Fresh Meats in Oxley
- NSW HeyMeat (Rhodes Central LG opp Woolies)
- WA Hanuri Korean Butcher & Grocery (East Victoria Park)
- Bakers Delight
- Breadtop
Miscellaneous Food Stores - Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets
- 7-Eleven (city store that doesn't sell fuel, includes purchase of gift cards)
- The Source Bulk Foods
- QLD Pennisi Cuisine in Woolloongabba
- QLD Blunder Rd Country Markets Fruit Shop in Oxley
- QLD Market Organics (several stores in SE QLD)
- QLD Orion Fruit Market, Springfield
- VIC Casaccio egg farm in Werribee
- VIC TANG – The Asian Food Emporium
- NSW Banksia Bakehouse in Sydney
- NSW Happigo Supermarket in Eastwood
- NSW Shortstop Coffee and Donuts
- WA Family fresh market in Belmont forum
- WA Vic Park Fresh Fruit & Veg (East Victoria Park)
Telecommunication Services
- Recharging Launtel account
- Crazytel (worked for one person, didn't for another)
- Tangerine Internet
- Mate (NBN, VoIP and mobile service)
- Telstra (Visa DD/click to pay), Note: One person reported their NBN payment went through with an ineligible MCC, may vary based on service and/or method of payment (2/3 successful - Debit card payment may work, but not PayPal?).
- Circles Life
- Freedom Internet
- Woolworths Mobile
- Aldimobile (online)
- Boost Mobile (Online recharge via web)
- Belong (via PayPal)
- Reamped Energy (online debit card payment)
- Globird energy (direct debit from card)
- Red Energy (direct debit from card)
- Tango Energy (online payment with card)
- Alinta Energy
- AGL Electricty + Gas (Inc PayPal)
- Origin Energy
- Energy Australia
- Lumo Energy
- Amaysim
- Discover Energy
- Electricity in a Box
- Dodo Electricty
- NECTR (electricity & gas)
- Energy Locals
- QEnergy(electricity) (phone/post bill pay)
- Telstra Plus rewards store (paying part points part card)
- NSW Sydney Water (online debit card payment/PayPal)
- VIC Greater Western Water (via portal online debit card payment)
- VIC Central highland waters
- WA Watercorp (direct debit)
- WA Synergy
- WA Kleenheat gas (monthly smart saver DD)
- SA SA Water
Commuter transport and ferries
- VIC Myki top up (confirmed digital via Google Pay, and physical via machine at station and webpage)
- QLD Translink
- NSW Opal card (contactless tap/auto top-up from online registered card)
- SA Adelaide Metro Card (online top up/self serve machine)
Not specified

- Seene
Merchants that don't work

Not exhaustive, things you would expect to work that don't, or if you pay through PayPal for a merchant that otherwise works etc.

Wholesale Clubs
- Costco
Computer/Network Services
- Superloop
- MyRepublic
- Aussie Broadband
- Origin Broadband
- iinet internet bill
- Coles Mobile (recharge via app)
- Belong Mobile
Service Station
- 7 Eleven (petrol station selling fuel)
- Woolworths co-branded servos
Computer Software Stores
- Catch Connect mobile (auto recharge)
- SimCorner (retailer of travel SIM cards)
Telecommunication Equipment and Telephone Sales
- Vodafone 5G Home Internet bill
- Optus (DD for mobile/tablet plans)
- Telstra Home Internet NBN (PayPal? May work for Debit card, results have varied)
- Spintel
Advertising Services
- Hellofresh
Ecommerce or Mobile Transaction
- Woolworths using 'Everyday Pay'
Government Services (Not Elsewhere Classified)
- Momentum Gas
- NT Jacana Energy
- VIC South East Water via Visa on webpage
- VIC Yarra Valley Water
- QLD Urban Utilities
- NSW Hunter Water
Electronics Stores
- Future Broadband
Computer Programming
- Exetel
Miscellaneous speciality retail
- (for buying gift cards, e.g. IGA)
- Dinnerly / Marley Spoon
Discount Stores
- The Reject Shop
- Bodero
Miscellaneous Specialty Retail
- PayPal Payin4 payments
Not specified
- Leaptel
- Southern Phone

Cashback Categories

Reminder of categories, thanks Negative Globalism, I've stolen your idea.

  • Grocery purchases (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as
    • 'grocery stores and supermarkets' MCC 5411;
    • 'Freezer and Locker Meat Provisioners' - MCC 5422;
    • 'Candy, Nut and Confectionery Stores' - MCC 5441;
    • 'Dairy Products Stores' - MCC 5451;
    • 'Bakeries' - MCC 5462;
    • 'Miscellaneous Food Stores - Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets' - MCC 5499),
  • Public transport (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as
    • 'commuter transport and ferries' - MCC 4111;
    • 'passenger railways' - MCC 4112;
    • 'bus lines' - MCC 4131),
  • Bills (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as
    • 'Telecommunication Services' - MCC 4814;
    • 'Utilities' - MCC 4900),
  • Uniforms (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as
    • 'Uniforms, Commercial Clothing' - MCC 5137;
    • 'Commercial Footwear' - MCC 5139)

Related Stores

Hiver Bank
Hiver Bank


  • Doesn't work ReAmped energy (electricity provider) for direct deposit from bank account as they don't accept the BSB of 812 812. Confirmed with ReAmped, with no time frame for when it would be added.

    • +4

      I don’t imagine it would work whether they unblock the BSB or not… BSB transfers are not Visa and therefore would not have the correct Visa MCC.

      • +1

        duh - why didn't I think of that! They have an option for Credit Card payment (with maybe a 1% surcharge), I can try that since even with surcharge would be 4% ahead

        I've just proceed a CC payment and will report back once it clears

  • +10

    Hiver list their categories as one giant hard-to-read block. I've separated them out into bullet and sub bullet points to make it easier to read.

    • Grocery purchases (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as
      • 'grocery stores and supermarkets' MCC 5411;
      • 'Freezer and Locker Meat Provisioners' - MCC 5422;
      • 'Candy, Nut and Confectionery Stores' - MCC 5441;
      • 'Dairy Products Stores' - MCC 5451;
      • 'Bakeries' - MCC 5462;
      • 'Miscellaneous Food Stores - Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets' - MCC 5499),
    • Public transport (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as
      • 'commuter transport and ferries' - MCC 4111;
      • 'passenger railways' - MCC 4112;
      • 'bus lines' - MCC 4131),
    • Bills (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as
      • 'Telecommunication Services' - MCC 4814;
      • 'Utilities' - MCC 4900),
    • Uniforms (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as
      • 'Uniforms, Commercial Clothing' - MCC 5137;
      • 'Commercial Footwear' - MCC 5139)
  • do you think it will work for City of Melbourne Council rate ?

    As it does not falls under bills MCC…

    If I pay a small amount in AUSPOST , will I be able to see what MCC it is under ?

    • I think it's unlikely to work, utility and telecommunication bills seem to be the only ones that get cashback. You can try a small amount and when it settles you should be able to see the category, it can take a few days.

    • Paid (BCC) Rates at Council office, Brisbane on Friday
      Merchant Code: Government Services (Not Elsewhere Classified)
      0% Was worth a try.

      Card did not tap to pay or work by inserting. Worked only by swiping.

      • +1

        Interesting. It doesn't actually say in the terms and conditions that you need to pay with Visa, it specifies the Visa merchant code, but they seem to be listing that for eftpos transactions anyway. I wonder if it works if you put it through as eftpos for things like Aldi (so you don't need to pay the surcharge) or Coles (so if people tap the physical card and they put it through as eftpos). I'll try to test both by the end of the month and see what happens when the cashback comes in.

        • Tapped the physical card at Coles and it went through as Visa. Tried to swipe, but it went through as a tap when I got near it, so I gave up and have not tried an eftpos transaction yet.

        • It does work

  • Some more to add
    Sydney Water - online credit card payment - Utilities
    Reamped Energy - online credit card payment - Utilities

  • +1

    Myki via Visa on webpage - MCC = Commuter Transport, Ferries
    South East Water via Visa on webpage - NO - MCC = Government Services (Not Elsewhere Classified)

    • +1

      South East Water via Visa on webpage - NO - MCC = Government Services (Not Elsewhere Classified)

      Thank you. You saved me from the hassle, fellow SEW customer.
      I will stick with 1% from ING. :-(

  • +2

    I did 2 x $1 payments for Sydney Water. As with 'bdl' above the online VISA payment came up as Utilities and so did the payment via PayPal.

    Screenshot of Sydney Water Paypal transaction:

  • Aldi and a couple of Asian grocers near me came up as Groceries Supermarket.

    Globird energy credit card direct debit came up as Utilities.

  • Paid Wish giftcard online, came up with Grocery Stores, Supermarkets ( MCC : 3885)

    • Eep. Does that mean that the code has to match the stated 5411 that they say in Hiver conditions, or because it's under Grocery category it's ok?

      • +1

        I missed this before. They don't list the MCC code, only description. Visa always says Acquirer is 3885, it doesn't matter what it's for, so it's not to do with the MCC.

        • In my web browser it shows the MCC 5411, annoyingly in my app it does not.

          • @yoquierotaco: Noticed this annoyingly too. Sent a message asking why merch category isn't listed in app only on browser..

  • +1

    Myki at self service machine at station platform using Visa contactless - Commuter Transport, Ferries

  • Wait so direct debt via BSB Account number does not work¿¿¿

    • Not for BSB/Account direct debit, since MCC is assigned by/through Visa. I forgot about that (above) when I attempted to set up a Direct Debit above (not sure why I was negged).

      If you set up a Direct Debit using the Visa details on your Hiver card, that is OK.

  • +1

    I’m curious has anyone actually confirmed Coles, because yes the transaction clearly states “Grocery Stores, Supermarkets” but I know my Coles re-route their Visa transactions through EFTPOS… so, I dunno, I’m still wanting that confirmed lol.

    • If you use Google/Apple Pay it should work.

      • with Apple Pay the Hiver card has a Payment Option Visa or eftpos SAV so I assume you should tick Visa

        • Sounds like it. There's no such option in Google Pay that I've seen, but using Google Pay for HSBC goes through as Visa for cashback.

          • @Miss B: Least cost routing does not work on digital wallets. Users get to choose which network is used if that is an option on their card and with their digital wallet platform.

  • If I pay my Strata bill via DEFT will it classify as Utilities?

    • +1

      as mentioned about do a small transaction first to see how they are classified in the Hiver app once the payment is settled.

      I wish I had done this with a recent Optus bill. The Merchant code came back "Telecommunication Equipment and Telephone Sales" which is 4812 so I don't think it will receive the cash back

      • Thanks, i did $1 transaction and it came up as Real Estate Management so no cashback

  • +1

    Qld Translink works (commuter transport/ferries) :)

    • For topping up a go card, or tapping directly on the reader (eg the Gold Coast Light Rail last time I checked)?

      • +1

        I have tried and confirm that topping up via auto top-up and manual top up both on the GoCard/Translink website work. I don't know know about the machine top up/station top ups though or using the card on GC light rail.

  • Costco is listed as 'Wholesale Clubs'

  • +1

    Sydney opal card works

    • +1

      For topping up an Opal card, or tapping directly on a reader?

      And might be worth mentioning whether you used the Opal app, website, or a top up machine at a stop :)

      • Applicable to top up machine at a stop~

      • Auto topup works as mentioned in OP.

  • +1

    Woolworths/Aldi/Coles(use Google/Apple Pay etc for Coles to ensure it goes through as Visa)

    My Hiver card is stuck in Apple Pay pending verification for the last 3 days.

    I wish these guys implemented SMS based verification as their phone number support is simply useless.

    • +1

      Did you send them an in app message? They should get it done within a few hours.

      It actually did work when I added it to my watch, I got the option of sms or email. Then they seem to have broken it again.

      Edit: I don't know if it works, but you may be able to swipe and select credit (not 100% sure if this gets past them changing it to eftpos, I might add it to my list of tests). Can't do it with HSBC as it's tap only.

      • Did you send them an in app message?

        As soon as I realised how useless that support number was, I sent them a message via IB.

        I also sent a second message to switch off overdrawing my account in case of insufficient funds.

        I will try live chat if I don't hear back.

        • I also sent a second message to switch off overdrawing my account in case of insufficient funds.

          I asked this. I was told to insert the card and use EFTPOS. How'd you go?

          • @sween64:

            I was told to insert the card and use EFTPOS.

            Very bizarre (almost BS) answer.

            This was the reply I received:

            Hi YYY,
            Thanks for your message.
            I do not see any overdraft facility on your S1 account. Technically, if you do not have sufficient funds on the account, the transaction should be rejected.
            Yours sincerely,

        • I had issues with this too. I complained to their live chat and they sorted it somehow from their end.

      • with HSBC as it's tap only.

        I learnt the hard way to use Apple Pay as you can't really tell which merchant is using transaction routing to EFTPOS to save some bucks on their side.
        Coles is the main culprit it seems.

  • +1

    Well seems that Superloop doesn't work for 'Telecommunication Services' as it comes through as MCC 3885 'Computer/Network Services'.

    Now just need to wait and see if my power and water come through or else I'll just get rid of the card.

  • Fresco (Sunnybank) in Qld (big Asian supermarket) is Grocery stores/supermarkets :)

  • +2

    I contacted Hiver bank regarding the cashback and they confirmed that Eftpos (selecting Savings not just Credit) is supported too for cashback, as long as the transaction fits into one of the eligible merchant categories.

    So this will be helpful Aldi so you don't have to pay the CC surcharge and you still get the cashback.

    By the way, in Apply Pay, you can select for the transaction to go through SAV instead of the Visa network.

    • So i could just tap straight away at aldi and avoid the surcharge?


      • I think they're talking about sticking your card in the machine. That's EFTPOS.

        Tapping and paying will always incur a 0.5% fee at ALDI.

        If what they're saying is true, then you can avoid that fee and still get 5% cashback.

        Remember not to confuse this with HSBC's 2% cashback. That requires tap and pay through the VISA system (some places like Coles have started to use least cost routing for tap and pay, so it's routed through EFTPOS instead of Visa).

        • I think they're talking about sticking your card in the machine. That's EFTPOS.

          When you configure your Hiver card in Apple Pay, you can choose either VISA or EFTPOS. So, tapping can still result in an EFTPOS transaction at ALDI.

        • I’ve always used EFTPOS SAV with Apple Pay at Aldi and I never paid the surcharge.

  • MyRepublic also comes up as ‘ Computer/Network Services'.

  • Red Energy direct debit from card showing as Utilities.

    • Did you use credit card or BSB number?

      • Debit card

    • if "pay online" via red energy email, will it be eligible? saw other's ok with origin online pay.

  • Catch Connect mobile auto recharge is classified as merchant code 'Computer Software Stores'.

  • South East Water via Visa on webpage, MCC = Government Services (Not Elsewhere Classified)

    I paid $140 then saw this T.T

    it is very strange that water bill does not fall on utilities

    • it is very strange that water bill does not fall on utilities

      We seem to be unlucky being stuck with SEW's weird MCC.

      SEW is still an eligible service provider for ING's 1% utilities cashback.

      • I'm with SEW too and surprised they don't fall under utilities! :(

        Thanks for the reminder with ING, completely forgot that so will pay next bill via ING.

  • Made a payment for AGL Gas and another for AGL Electricity - will report back when no longer pending

  • Made a manual payment to Alinta Energy Electricity on their website - will update when I can determine the MCC.

  • +3

    Alinta Energy came through under utilities .

  • Paid for a Woolworths gift card and it showed as Belle Vista etc like mentioned in this thread - - - - is still Pending though, and the merchant type isn't showing yet because I paid it as Visa Debit online.

  • Fuel up on 711 petrol station :

    MCC: service stations

    I am guessing no cashback

    • -1

      To be fair, if you look at the list of eligible purchases in the OP, none of them are even remotely close to fuel fill-ups, so you should not have attempted it in the first place.

      Also, given that the cashback limit is $250 per year ($5k eligible spend), you won't end up being able to put all your purchases on this card anyway. Energy bills and groceries alone would eat up a big chunk of that $250 cashback/$5k spend per year for most people.

      • +5

        To be fair

        I am just testing all the possibilities ,if you read carefully you will see below

        Miscellaneous Food Stores - Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets
        - 7-Eleven (city store, haven't tried a service station)

        • +1

          Exactly, thanks for trying and reporting your results with 7-Eleven

    • At two different 711 petrol stations I've seen MCC: Groceries: Convenience Store. This was using an ANZ card and not the Hiver card.

      • hmm can you please try it on hiver card and report back ? This could be a great find if certain 711 petrol store using different MCC

        Then again no one would know which store is using which MCC

        • +1

          Until we try and then list them

          • @sween64: Doesn't work at 7 Eleven service station, merchant code: Service Station

  • Transport NSW Opal card - auto top-up from online registered card
    showing as Commuter Transport, Ferries

  • Tried to pay my Vodafone 5G Home Internet bill - “Telecommunication Equipment and Telephone Sales”…

  • +1

    Crazytel = Telecommunication Services

    • I've got "Computer Network Services" !!!

      • I checked and the cashback was paid so not sure why you have a different MCC.

      • I have also got "Computer Network Services" after doing a test $5 transaction. Has anyone contacted Crazytel to ask what MCC they're on? I'm on a personal PAYG voip plan.

  • Greater Western Water payment via portal online credit card payment = Utilities

  • Origin Energy- Utilities

    • do you just go on the website and pay with the Hiver card?

      • Yes, you pay using your hiver debit card online

        • ok so it works even if you don't need to tap like it says in the T&Cs

  • I just tried bpay with an electricity bill. Hope it works!

    • +1

      bpay won't work

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