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Essential Workers: 5% Cash Back on Groceries, Public Transport, Bill Payments - up to $250 Per Year @ Hiver Bank



Hiver Bank is a division of Teachers Mutual Bank
essential workers in education, health & emergency services plus students & graduates of an Australian university who want to support the essential worker community.
Fee-free banking


Hiver members will earn 5% cash back for every dollar spent (less refunds and excluding cash advances, cash withdrawals, other cash-related transactions, interest charges, fees, credit or debit adjustments) on the following categories: Grocery purchases (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as 'grocery stores and supermarkets' MCC 5411; 'Freezer and Locker Meat Provisioners' - MCC 5422; 'Candy, Nut and Confectionery Stores' - MCC 5441; 'Dairy Products Stores' - MCC 5451; 'Bakeries' - MCC 5462; 'Miscellaneous Food Stores - Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets' - MCC 5499), Public transport (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as 'commuter transport and ferries' - MCC 4111; 'passenger railways' - MCC 4112; 'bus lines' - MCC 4131), Bills (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as 'Telecommunication Services' - MCC 4814; 'Utilities' - MCC 4900), Uniforms (classified by Visa's 'Merchant Category Code' as 'Uniforms, Commercial Clothing' - MCC 5137; 'Commercial Footwear' - MCC 5139) up to a maximum of $250 per calendar year. Cash back will be deposited into the member’s Everyday account in the first five days of a new month. This offer may be withdrawn or changed without notice.

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  • +6

    Goodbye HSBC 2% cash back and hello Hiver!'

    (Although it does seem my cafe/coffee purchases will continue to be via HSBC.)

    • +4

      250 per year max which = 5k per year spending.

      • Yes, sure, T&Cs apply.

      • +2

        $96 a week on groceries. Should be achievable.

      • +1

        I will rack up that $5k spend in no time.

    • +1

      Lol max of $250 back per year. My partner and I each get $600 from HSBC

      • Not at 5% you don't.

      • $30k+ p.a. (excluding >$100 transactions), EACH! Well play mate :)

        • And > 600 tap and pay purchases < $100 per year between them, probably closer to double that.

      • +1

        If you both combine it with this, you'd still get $500 each + $250 each from this without spending any extra $$. If some of your purchases that are eligible for this offer are not tap and pay or are > $100 it may be even more.

        • Yup will probably combine it to get $850 each per year. Will just use this hiver card for some of the groceries at coles

      • +1

        How can you check the total amount of hsbc cashback you get easily?? Cheers

        • In the app, go to Everyday Extras.

          • @timhn: Thanks tim had to update the app..

            And now have found it


  • +11

    Not bad, wonder how long they'll keep it for.

    I'd assume their expectation is people will hit the max and continue to use their services. I think Ozbargainers would stop when they hit the $5k and switch back to HSBC etc until it refreshes each year… If they continue to offer it.

    • +2

      They are trying to pull an ING stunt, that didn’t last .. just slowly reduced till it became zero.

      • You don't know that.

        • +2

          ME bank and ING both tried a variation of similar cash backs, and now they give nothing.

          I don’t expect this to last. But, enjoy it while it’s offered.

          • +1

            @HardQuiz: HSBC is still offering the 2% cashback as well as the $100 bonus for new accounts.

        • I do know there is no magic free money tree.
          If the 5% remains long term there will be a method introduced to claw it back (annual fee, etc)

      • +5

        The ING 5% CB on Paywave lasted quite a while.

        • +1

          Amazing while it lasted, just use and abuse

  • This is for everybody ?

      • +1

        How do you show proof that you are eligible..

      • Interesting, fee free and 5% discount? who is paying?

        Also "Do you currently have an account with Firefighters Mutual Bank, Health Professionals Bank, Teachers Mutual Bank or UniBank? At the moment you will be unable to join Hiver because you're already a member or customer of TMBL." - I assume this is a direct competition to TMBL

        • part of the same family of banking I think. My husband still has an account with TMB that he doesn't use. I opened one of these in my name instead as atm he can't qualify.

      • +5

        "4. Graduates of an Australian University"

        This could include quite a lot of professionals out there is different non-essential roles. Interesting.

        • +1

          Very true. What is their definition of graduate? Technically anyone who finished university is a graduate

        • Half the Australian population has graduated from some sort of university course as of 2021. There was an explosion in people taking up short Uni courses during 2020. Basically, half the country is now 'essential'.

          The barrier to entry is now so low that they might as well change their constitution and allow everybody in. I'm sure a cleaner at a pub would think they're an essential worker too. Imagine not cleaning the place after a Saturday night and see how long it stays in business. But that worker would be ineligible.

  • Does this work when purchasing wish gift cards from the woolies website? Thanks

    • +9

      The (discounted) Woolworths Group gift card portal should have an MCC of 5411 (Grocery Stores, Supermarkets) and therefore should be eligible for this offer.

      The only question is whether Hiver classifies purchases of gift cards as “other cash-related transactions”. Honestly, I doubt it, but that’s why I do not want to given you a firm answer.

      • +3

        Cheers, guess ill just take the plunge and see if it does or not

      • +5

        Ooh sounds like an idea. 4% off Woolies Gift Cards using RAC, then another 5% off on top using this Hiver offer.

        • Can you explain that for the dummies. Do you get the 5% cash back on the RAC woolies gift card purchase?

          • +1

            @Vote for Pedro:

            Do you get the 5% cash back on the RAC woolies gift card purchase?

            Yes, that’s the idea.

          • @Vote for Pedro: If you're a RAC member, you get 4% when you buy Woolies gift cards through them. Make that payment on the Hiver account and hopefully it will go thru as a shopping transaction like mentioned above, and hey presto 5% on top of the 4%

      • They grab the data from the payment processor. If it comes under that code, how do they know its for gift cards or actual groceries?

        Its like if you bought some groceries along with a gift card in your shop, at the checkout, I'm sure your payment will all recognize as under that category and they will not know you had a gift card in your shop.

        • +4

          If you purchase a gift card at a supermarket or department store, the MCC of the transaction should not change, as the MCC should only generally describe the business carried out by the merchant.

          The only potential caveat is that the Woolworths Group gift card portal reports its name to any financial institutions as WOOLWORTHS GIFT CARDS BELLA VISTA, so if Hiver looked at the name, it can reasonably presume you purchased a gift card. I doubt Hiver actually cares about the fact you bought a gift card, particularly since they do not actually specify purchases of gift cards as an exclusion.

          I know I pointed out the “other cash-related transactions” clause before as a potential stumbling block, but I wouldn’t consider gift cards to be “cash-related”, because it’s extremely hard nowadays to obtain cash from a Woolworths Group gift card at Woolworths, BIG W, BWS, Dan Murphy’s, EG or ALH Group. However, I am not Hiver…

          I think the bigger issue (and what I probably should have also highlighted in my comment above) is that Woolworths Group may have changed the MCC from 5411 to something else in the few months after the comments I linked to were posted on OzBargain.

          • +1

            @WookieMonster: I will do a test. When it stops working I will stop doing it.

            Did you guys know about the trick of transferring with Beemit from ING debit card, it will show up as a eftpos transfer hence ING will give you a $0.50 bonus? So I transferred every day from ING using Beemit to get the $0.50, I restricted myself to one per day so I'm under the radar, but it appears other people has abused it, they closed this loophole on 1st April. T_T

            • +3

              @techlead: I don’t think you were as committed to the 50c withdrawal bonus as some other people.

              I went to a 24 hour bank branch to deposit some cash after-hours in early February, and I noticed there were a pile of EFTPOS withdrawal receipts from Woolworths shoved part-way into one of the receipt bins next to the ATM I was using. I had a look at the receipts, and they were all $200 withdrawals that took place in the space of a few minutes earlier that night, and they all used the same ING debit card. Maybe that person (or those people) were the real reason ING ended that offer!

              • +1

                @WookieMonster: Wow, that's insane! No wonder they stopped it. They could have at least put a limit like once a day. Maybe its not worth it for them to offer it anymore.

                My time is valuable, I was willing to invest 5 seconds each day for $0.50.

            • @techlead: You could do 3 withdrawals in a row at each shop. Once I did 4 in a row and they locked my account. Had to call them and promise not to abuse it again.

      • The only question is whether Hiver classifies purchases of gift cards as “other cash-related transactions”

        Wouldn't Hiver see the exact same MCC value that Revolut did, i.e. they would be none the wiser?

        Only the merchant (Woolworths Group gift card portal) would be able to see that you are purchasing gift cards.

        Unless of course, they have a blacklist of merchant IDs.

        • Yeah, Hiver should be like any other bank and only be able to judge transactions based on the MCC, so if you spent money at a casino or something like that, they would look at the MCC and probably class that as “other cash-related transactions”.

          To be fair, the merchant name that Hiver would see from the Woolworths Group gift card portal is WOOLWORTHS GIFT CARD BELLA VISTA, so if Hiver looked at the merchant name, they could presume that you purchased a gift card (but that’s if they cared to look at it, because I’d be surprised if they considered gift cards to be equivalent to cash).

          Anyway, my comment is rather academic, because someone confirmed that you can get 5% cashback from the Woolworths Group gift card portal.

  • +2

    Disappointed; not all essential sectors included.

    • +2

      Are you a graduate of an Australian university? If so, you can apply too.

  • +1

    Unlikely to work with BPay bills payments?

    • Use your Hiver Visa debit card to get 5% cash back⁶ on everyday essential purchases like groceries, public transport, and bill payments.

      A BPay payment doesn't use the Visa debit card.

  • Shame I'm an essential worker but not in those select sectors.

    Oh well, $250 back in a year isn't worth switching banks for anyway.

    • +4

      Don’t really need to change banks at all. I have multiple offsets on my mortgage that I use one for a bills account and all I’ll do is transfer that to this Hiver account instead and just have them taken from there instead.

      5% (excluding whatever the debit card surcharge is, only 0.38% for Synergy bill) off my electricity, water and internet bills for the year is worth an extra few clicks to transfer to that account a day or so before the bill is due.

      • Very true. Dumb question but I'm guessing that opening a zillion bank accounts doesn't affect your credit score does it? I have my normal bank, a credit card, and Revolut, and now wanting to do this, Hiver.

        • +1

          Because it's a debit card .. it won't affect your credit score…

          I've got a few various different bank accounts just sitting there with minimal amounts from when I was doing mystery shopping.

          Basically, you can open an account with every bank if you really wanted to … but then if you try opening a new account to apply for any bonuses or anything .. they may reject you because you currently have an active account ;)

          • @CereaL: Thank you :), Ah don't think I have hit that wall yet but good to know it's possible haha

  • I’m not a essential worker so can’t apply

    • +3

      Could you qualify under:

      1. Immediate family of Hiver members
      • +11

        The ozbargain family :)

  • Fantastic.
    Better than the 2% HSBC offer. Which is restricted to amounts <$100 and only on tap & go purhcaes.
    Even better than my current Crypto.com cashback of 3%.
    So I guess I’ll be spending my 1st $5000 a year with this card and then use my crypto visa.

    Sweet deal.

    • +1

      Just letting you know crypto.com cashback will now be halved (and worse) from 1 June

      • Was going to throw in some CRO to get the Ruby card, but now that the cashback is halved it's a dead point for me. Only did it so I could get the metal card, which I've now gotten from Revolut

        • +1

          Yes. I was glad to progress to the Jade card.
          Much better perks and the 12% internet in the staked amounts will keep me in there atm.

      • +1

        Yes. Aware thanks.
        It was never in cement that it would last.

        I’ll still be enjoying the other perks of the card tbh.
        And getting 12% back on the stakes CRO coins still works out better than a lot of other investments atm.

      • Also not that this is now likely to be reversed.
        I believe Jade card with be 4% soon

  • -1

    Some of those essentials bills, when paid by card costs 1-2%. so nett 3% back sometimes.

    • So I can pay any bills?

    • So you’re saying you pay in cash…

  • Where does it say essential worker definition

  • +1

    I selected that I graduated from an Australian university. They didn't verify this and I've signed up.

  • Also supposedly no atm fees worldwide, does that include the small ATM's outside clubs etc?

    • +3

      usually no atm fees mean no fees charge by them (hiver) but we still need to pay atm fees charge by the atm operator.

  • +1

    Do you get the cash back if you are a uni student or is the cashback only for essential workers?

    • It says 'Hiver members' and I'm a 'Hiver member'. I assume for everyone.

    • There are other cashback cards btw for students, not 5% but will give on a wide variety of categories. A few companies issue thru student unions/society partnerships

  • +14

    My driver's licence has my two of my names as first name (was converted from overseas licence), and I cannot put a space in their sign up form the sign up keeps failing! There's no support or anything I can do on the app! Annoying.

    • Same here!

    • -4

      Inherent racism for anyone whose name is not John Smith.
      Rubbish app design.

    • +2

      Same issue here! Took over 30mins to get connected to their online chat. Reported the issue, hopefully they will get it fixed soon.

      Signing up through the app is the only option. Their Web Online Banking cannot do it.

    • +2

      same here too, cannot join :(

    • +2

      I asked through chat about this on Monday and they said someone will contact me via email (I said I prefer email). Still nothing. Might have to ask again. Pretty crappy customer service, but they're a small bank so it's expected.

    • +1

      They still haven’t fixed it yet.

      Spoke to customer service, their reply

      “I see, unfortunately at this time it’s a gap in the technology that we’re actively looking into to resolve asap.”

      • oh bugger I try again and same error, app to the bin :(

        • +1

          Leave app review on your relevant store.

    • I had to try multiple combinations to get through. I have 4 words in my first name and 1 word in last name.

      Any combination(entering few words in first/middle name) with passport as an ID didn’t work for me.

      I got lucky by entering 2 words in my first name(with no space) and 2 words in my middle name(with no spaces) and using my driving license as the ID document.

      It’s so annoying

      • So did it work after all?

        • Yes it did

          • @spk: Lucky you! I tried like 20 times with both ID and Passport with various format combinations. No Space. Putting other First name word in Middle Name. All didn't work.

            • @Bargain Fighter: Is there any other way to verify ID besides the app? Perhaps contacting customer support and doing it through them?

              • @fedex11: I finally signed up successfully now.

                I tried with Passport. Put the 2nd word of my First name in the "Middle name" field.

                In the next step, "are you known by any other name" question, I put my full name there. It then got through.

                There is a new Android version released on 15/6. Not sure if updating to this helps. (I signed up successfully before updating to v1.1.2 though)

                With the new update, you can now access the card details for immediate purchase without needing to wait for the physical card.

  • +1

    Does it have PayID transfer in and out?

  • is everyone forced to buy $10 share when joining? how do we get the $10 back when closing the account?

    • +1

      Strangely, they give it to you when you sign-up.

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