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$200 Credit for Origin Internet & Energy Bundle (New Internet Customers) @ Origin Energy


If you aren't currently an Origin Broadband customer after the two months free deal then you might like to jump on this.
I spotted this deal thanks to the comment on the Anonymous Deal page.
Join Origin for your internet and energy and receive $200 credit over the first six months.
If you weren't already aware Origin Broadband is whitelabelled Aussie Broadband. It's the same tech backend and customer support but at this stage there's no customer portal. Usually Origin prices are slightly higher than Aussie but with the bundle they're actually slightly cheaper, see the table below for Origin nbn prices.

Energy costs vary across the country so make sure it's not significantly more expensive to change retailers.
If you do become a new Origin Energy customer then you can combine this deal with some cashback - $70 for electricity, $42 for gas or $112 for both.

  1. The Internet and energy bundle offer (Offer) is available to new Origin internet residential customers who sign up direct with Origin online at originenergy.com.au/internet/bundle-offer to any nbn™ or Opticomm fibre plan between 9am EST on 23 May 2022 and 11:59pm EST on 6 June 2022 (Offer Period).
  2. If you sign up during the Offer Period, you will receive up to a $200 credit on your Origin electricity, natural gas or bulk hot water account (as applicable). If you have more than one fuel with us the credit will be applied on your electricity account. $100 credit will be applied approximately 3 months after you sign up, soon or after 23 August and another $100 credit will be applied approximately 6 months after you sign up, soon or after 23 November 2022.
  3. The offer is available to existing and new Origin electricity, natural gas and bulk hot water customers.
  4. You must still be an active internet and electricity, natural gas or bulk hot water customer at the time the credits are due to be applied. If you terminate your internet or energy plan before the credits are due to be applied in accordance with clause 2 above, you will not be eligible for any credits. For example, if you terminate your internet plan in October, you will only be eligible for a $100 credit. Credits can only be applied to active accounts.
  5. The Offer is available in conjunction with the $10 monthly internet bundle discount as long as you remain an active Origin energy and internet customer. See full terms for the bundle offer at originenergy.com.au/internet

Emphasis mine.

Example NBN plans:

Plan Speed Discounted Cost
Everyday 25/10 $64/month
Experience 50/20 $74/month
Enthusiast 100/20 $94/month
Enthusiast+ 100/40 $104/month
Super fast 250/25 $124/month
Ultra fast 1000/50 $144/month

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$100 credit for referrer and referee.

Origin Spike: random (117)

Referrer and referee get $10 of Spike Points

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  • +3

    $100 credit will be applied approximately 3 months after you sign up, soon or after 23 August and another $100 credit will be applied approximately 6 months after you sign up

    It's $20 per month more expensive than other providers in the first 6 months (at least on a 50/20 plan) so this is actually a total of $80 credit.

    It's still better than nothing I guess.

    • +2

      I suppose a bit cheaper than AussieBB direct if you aren’t hopping all the time

  • Any exclusion for returning customers?

    • Doesn't appear so

  • +1

    Thanks! I'm in an apartment building with Origin as the network power provider, so that's the only option I have for electricity. Might as well make use of this to gain some of the costs back.

  • Damn no 250mbp

    • It's under Faster nbn

  • +1

    yeah, but its Origin.

  • Do you need to get another modem from them? I'm currently with iiNet, just wondering if the existing modem can be configured to Origin BB or there's a need to get another (additional cost).

    • What tech are you on? There should be no need to get a new modem. I'm on HFC and currently with Origin and of course just use the NTD that's nbn supplied.

  • with Telstra atm ONLY because need a reliable connection
    thinking since using NBN.. think an issue to switch??

    • +3

      Origin/Aussie broadband is very reliable. Haven't had any issues.

  • +13

    Australia's 4th biggest climate polluter.
    Plans to burn coal until 2032.
    Frequently causes local environmental harm.
    Controvesially attempting to open up parts of the NT to fracking operations and aiming to expand oil and gas mining in QLD's fragile Channel Country region.

    One of the worst of the worst energy retailers: 1 star at https://greenelectricityguide.org.au.

    If you have a choice of retailer, choose someone better!

    • +1

      Wow, that bad?

    • 100% agree with this, but when you need a gas retailer, Origin offer Green Gas offsets at no extra cost.

    • +1

      ReAmped all the way

      • +2

        Some energy retailers have gone bust or have stopped accepting new customers altogether. ReAmped website tells me "Unfortunately we are not currently accepting new customers, due to elevated wholesale energy prices." when I typed in my address.

        There is a huge uplift of energy prices across the board coming soon. If you can find a reasonable price with a larger retailer it might be a good move. The small retailers will either have to lift their prices significantly or otherwise keep bleeding cash in the hope of wholesale prices returning to normalcy. Some will not make it.

      • ReAmped are gone… for now, hopefully they will be back.

        • It's an unconscionable business model - they are happy to take on customers while it's profitable without taking on the hedging costs that most other prudent retailers have to shoulder. And when the market prices go haywire, they just dump their customers onto other retailers who would be making a loss when taking on these customers.

  • Can you still get this on top of this targeted deal for energy https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/700809 and can you schedule the internet connection to another later date? I've just got on the Telstra $2 2 months internet

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