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Bonus 75" Hisense UHD TV When You Sign up/Port-in to Telstra $79/M 2-Year SIM Plan (in-Store Only) @ The Good Guys


Seems like a generous offer. TV is currently $1495 on sale at TGG (usually $1795). Model is 75A7HAU.

Bonus Hisense 75A7HAU TV & $20 monthly credit

When you sign up to the $99 ($79 after $20 credit) 300GB (includes 100GB bonus data) per month over 24 months mobile plan. Minimum cost $1896 after credit. Offer ends 15/6/2022.


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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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        • +6

          Smooth motion rate is fake framerate. Real frame rate is half that

    • -1

      Hisense TV's have terrible ghosting. Would never buy one to game on.

      • Not sure why you're getting negged.
        Their motion handling is in fact garbage.

  • +2

    Telstra must be short of their EOFY sales targets these deals are pretty insane

    • +5

      Telstra are increasing the cost of bunch of their plans from July, that'll cover a few tvs

      • I saw that article just before, it's crazy to me that they charge double the resellers and need to increase their pricing.

        $58 starting price for 40gb "basic plan", Kogan just had $180 for 500gb 1yr which is $15pm 41gb pm. Not many Australians who aren't covered by Vodafone's network. Even Woolworths Mobile on Telstra network is far cheaper.

        • +1

          Never driven or worked rural then?
          Step outside a postcode not ending in 000, Vodafone reception is flaky.

        • -2

          It costs more to have more towers and better coverage! Also, I’m on a woolies plan now and it is nowhere near as good as telstra plus no 5g obviously. If a cheaper plan works for you, then that is good but telstra asking for more is justified.

        • +2

          With NBN's proposed variation to the SAU that was sent to the ACCC recently, this move from Telstra to hike prices up comes in line with that proposed variation. Can only hope the ACCC reject that proposal or receive enough complaints from the public.

  • +4

    Can't find a single review on this TV

    • Im pretty sure it's new to market.

    • +1

      I think it was release not long ago. That is why not many stores have the stock now.

      • +2

        Found a store with stock. Will go have a look Saturday when I'm free.

    • +2

      Most likely a successor to the 75A7G, doubt too much has changed on the TV in space of a year especially considering that these are budget TV's so any reviews for the G model should give you a rough idea what the TV is like.

      • All thats new is improved OS, V.R.R and tiny improvements to overall picture quality, most good guys retailer will have them out for display unless they are lazy.

        • Hi mate,

          I was just wondering if you know the length of the legs of the tv from one end to the other?

          Wanted to know if it will fit my current tv unit

  • Does this mean we need our own phone? Or new phone included in plan for new customers?

    • Sim only, you need your own phone.

  • +1

    Minimum cost if one were to be a dodgy [email protected]@rd and sign up & cancel would be 24x$79?

    • If you cancel, recontract or move to an ineligible plan then you'll need to pay a Voucher Reimbursement Cancellation Fee pro-rated against the remaining months on your Plan in addition to any Early Termination Charges set out in the above table and accessory payments.

      • -3

        What does it mean?
        How does it work?

        • They will send ‘the bad guys’ knocking on your door and demanding the tv back.

      • 'voucher reimbursement cancellation fee' is basically you pay the TV as well.

        Anyone that has signed up to the plan already can go into 'manage plan' on the My telstra app and check full costing.

  • Nice deal if a TV is needed , great

  • Does anyone know if this also includes delivery of the TV?

    • Yes it does

  • +6

    I just purchased this model TV from JB and had delivered yesterday. Haven't plugged the PS5 up to it yet and only watched an episode of Stranger Things. I also tested briefly some movies from USB. My Hisense P8 now becomes my PC/PS5 TV in man cave.

    The remote is crappier than P8 (you have to press a 'pause/play' button then the 'ok' button to actually pause - so stupid. Luckily the P8 remote works on this too.

    Picture quality seems reasonably good for Netflix and my 1080p/4k content but im no OLED connessiour. On a black scene there is heaps of light bloom from sides but not noticeable once scene starts.

    The processor feels more sluggish than P8. I fast forwarded through a movie from USB and it froze up and crashed.

    For price and size, so far I'm happy enough.

    • +1

      Have you tried watching sport on it?

      • +3

        Not a sports fan and got a baby, so prob won't have time to check and do followup answers in the short term. I'll try to remember to flick to a channel this weekend and report back.

        • Thanks mate - appreciate it!

          • @moltobenny: No sports on when I looked, but flicked through channels to see fast moving scenes. A car scene looked fine, no ghosting.

            I've watched about 3hrs of Stranger Things and honestly think it's fine for a mid range TV.

    • Hey mate,

      Would you mind letting us know the length between the legs of the tv? Just curious to know if I need to buy a new tv stand/unit.

      • 114cm leg width.

        • Much appreciated, thank you.

    • Can you install custom app like Plex? Thanks

      • +1

        Plex looks installed already. Never used it before. Seems like it's got movies to stream

  • Only port in right ?

  • +1

    'The Promoter, in its discretion, reserves the right to substitute the Bonus with an offer to the equal or greater value and/or specification, subject to any written directions from a regulatory authority.'

    Eh? Who's the regulatory authority? Telstra?

    • +4

      Ozbargain is the regulatory authority. What should we tell them they’re required to replace the bonus with?

    • Usually in this context they mean the ACCC on the basis that the deal is a bundle and could be construed as third-line forcing.

  • Think i will sign up and sell tv

    • +1

      Might want to get in early as there will be a glut of these on FB/Gumtree once the OzB lemmings jump on it tomorrow.

      • Yeah i guess but depends how high they are priced i would be happy with $1000

    • +4

      For the avg person buying a new tv off fb market or gumtree is rare. Even if you sell it for half the price buyers will be sus and think it’s a scam!!

    • Thought the same, but flipping a TV, as opposed to a mobile, is more involved. Fortune favours the brave

      • Yup… And 75in can crack pretty easy

        • put a screen protector on it

  • Why do I feel like I urgently need a big TV?

  • +6

    I'd rather stick my nuts in a blender and hit puree than give telstra money. I still remember the pre-nbn vertical monopoly days.

    • +2

      You're reminding me of the misery of dealing with them when my sim card never made it to me, agony to find a real human.

      Their phone system hung up on me about 5 times.

      Once it was up and running, all good

    • +1

      This. I need a TV, but my less than 15/Mo Kogan plan has being the job for many years now. The maths just doesn't work out for me. Being a Telstra customer again got the "No deal" over the line.

      • How much data and which network? I'm thinking of ditching iiNet - moved me to $30 a month and it is stuffed during road trips out of the city.

        • Aldi Mobile is pretty good value, $25/mo for 22GB (unused rolls over) and uses the Telstra network which is generally better out of city.

    • -1

      Ah, the pre NBN vertical monopoly where I could spend less money for cable and receive a faster speed than NBN!

      • Not upload which is very important for wfh. Telstra cable was slacking with their 5Mbps upload.

  • +2

    Why do ppl still use $79/M plans when boost is basically unlimited at 300/yr?

    • How many GB?

      • I duno, how many GB can you use away from home? I hardly use any.

        • Admittedly I probably only need 10gb a month

    • +3

      work pays

    • I just ported away from Boost because they bumped up the data and price.
      Now with catch $89 for 60G for the year now, and now get 4 bars in the house instead of 1.

      I need a new tv. Shame Catch didn't throw in an 85inch with their plan.
      (Are tvs repairable these days? It started showing a barely-noticeable vertical line, then suddenly no display at all. Light comes on, you can hear the click etc, but display is black. A recycle seemed to fix it a couple of times, but no more.)

      I'm wondering whether it's realistic to ditch ISP and hotspot for home internet. No other way I'd be getting a plan like this.

    • +1

      It genuinely baffles me too. My family rarely use 300GB per month on our home NBN which includes usage for working from home and regular TV streaming usage. My 80GB per year mobile plan easily covers any internet usage when I don't have have wifi access. I wonder how many people sign up for these plans but only use a tiny fraction of this much data.

    • Link to this plan?

    • I for one will be looking at one of these deals when I move and will be living by myself. 300GB a month should cover me for both home internet hot spot and of course just using my phone whilst out and about. Admittedly, as mentioned earlier, it is a niche market. But for the same price as monthly broadband and not having to pay for connection and maybe disconnection fees, it's a no-brainer. Though, I would prefer a gift voucher, like the $1000 offered earlier.

  • +1


    Warning: Hisense have started using IPS panels and I'm pretty sure the AU variant is IPS. Might be worth doing a tap test in store.

    • -1

      So a superior panel then?

      • -3

        Inferior to VA panels.

        • +3

          Lol…this guy…

          • +1

            @Munki: It's not a computer monitor, this guy…

              • +1

                @hamwhisperer: I'm embarrassed that you think IPS panels are good for TV's.

      • +3


        You don't want an IPS panel for watching TV or movies - contrast is way worse than VA.

        Very few people are leet gamerz who need super low refresh times.

  • +9

    I came here for a 15mm x 12mm SIM card.. and I go home with 1675 mm × 1042 mm TV….

    • Same analogy to ATM, I put in plastic card and I get a bunch of notes worth hundreds of dollars

  • Do tgg check how long you have ported out of telstra?

  • Free TV, but still not worth it when having to call Telstra for anything. Not worth the grief of dealing with absolute morons on the phone…. and that's WHEN you finally get through.

    I'd rather that time and stress not be spent in such a fashion.

    • +1

      Shouldn’t really have to. Instore port and sign up, direct debit to Telstra every month, only under quite rare situations would you ever need to contact Telstra

  • +1

    I can consider buying tv if any one want to sell.
    How warranty will work incase any issue in warranty period?

    • 3 years

    • The seller will need to provide you with a copy of the receipt.

  • I get a sneaking suspicion this TV will drop below $900 very soon.

    • +9


      Considering that last year's model never did dip below $1k I have a sneaking suspicion that you'll be left holding your duck in your hand if you're waiting on sub-$1k pricing on this one.

      Quack quack mf.

      • +2

        Quack quack mf.

        +1 for savage.

      • +1

        The last bit was unnecessary.

      • Also, recommend this video if you're having trouble with said duck in hand.

      • TV's in general were priced higher last year due to COVID19, hell OzB has pages of people saying GPU's would never come down in price.

  • is delivery of the TV covered or do we have to pay extra for delivery?

    • +3

      Delivery was included when i bought mine tonight

    • The staff didn't know when I went there today, but gave me free delivery anyway.

    • Can confirm free delivery

  • Currently with Boost…if I just port out to an Optus / Vodafone $1 SIM, anyone know if there'll be no issues signing up?

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