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[eBay Plus] Eligible Sellers Pay 0% Variable Fees on 5 Sales in June @ eBay


Just noticed this in my seller dashboard today. Though I have not received any notification email from eBay regarding this offer yet, it does say in the terms that it is a targeted offer.

To my knowledge this is the first eBay promo this year on final value fees..

Copy pasta from eBay:

Who is eligible for this Promotion?

  • “Eligible Sellers” means sellers registered on eBay.com.au who:
    • have Australia or New Zealand as their registered address on eBay; and
    • have an active eBay Plus subscription; and
    • have received an invitation to participate in this promotion and accepted these Terms and Conditions by either clicking “Accept offer” on the Terms and Conditions page or clicking “Get offer” under the “promotional offers” section of your My eBay account; and
    • received confirmation from eBay that “you’ve accepted the offer”.
  • Once you have accepted the offer, the promotion will be automatically assigned to your account and will be visible within My eBay.
  • The invitation to participate in this promotion is not transferable or exchangeable.

What is the Promotion?

  • The Promotion entitles Eligible Sellers to 0% variable fees, which is a component of Final Value Fees (as defined on eBay.com.au), on 5 sales during the Promotion Period on Eligible Listings.
  • “Eligible Listings” means item listings that are:
    • newly listed on eBay.com.au during the Promotion Period (i.e. they cannot be relisted items through ‘Good ‘til Cancelled (GTC) or auto-renewal);
    • in multi-quantity or single quantity fixed price or auction format only; and
    • not listed in one of the Excluded Categories (as defined below).
  • The variable fees will be discounted directly from the eBay seller fees applicable to the Eligible Listings when they are sold.
  • This promotion only applies to the variable fees on Eligible Listings that are sold during the Promotion Period.
  • eBay reserves the right to cancel or change the offer at any time.

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  • thanks iv got it too!

  • +3

    Whats a variable fee?

    From memory there were two fees in the past, final value fee and an insertion fee

    • +2

      I believe the variable fee is the final value fee component. The fixed fee is $0.30

      • +2

        So if you list something and it sells, you pay $0.30 in selling fees. If it doesn't sell you don't pay a cent?

        • Yea you have to accept the promotion offer. Don't let it auto relist if you don't sell it within the 30 days

    • All ebay sales have a fixed fee of $0.30 + a variable fee which is currently 13.4% of the total sale price.

    • Looks to be the final value fee excluding the $0.30 fixed fee

      Variable fee – most categories
      Calculated per item, based on the total amount of the sale (including postage and handling)

      13.4% of the sale amount up to $4,000
      2.5% of the sale amount over $4,000

      • So basically with this offer all we paying in total for selling an item is 30 cents?

        • +1

          Yeah, up to 5 items at 30c each

    • +1

      so eBay charges about 12% for the sold price of the item as a fee. If you sell something over $1000 then the fee would easily go over $100.
      If you have stuffs to sell, this is right time

  • +2

    Yay I have it too! Been waiting forever since the previous offer like this they had.

  • Hot diggity damn it's back. Except I don't have it. Just damn :(

    • Is your ebay account the standard or ebay plus? I think this promotion might only be for ebay plus members

      • Just standard. That may be why!

        • Hope you're targeted for this!


          Or maybe try month by month and see if the promotion is available to you

          • @Ziggy28: Yeh sorry, I was editing my comment, I signed up for eBay Plus this morning with that deal haha. Still nothing popped sadly in regards to the selling deal. But hopeful!

            • +2

              @MBix: Ahhhhhh…. See if the promotion is available to you in the next few days, or maybe you have to contact ebay to force their hand. The customer service agents used to be able to give you 5 such promos before.

              • +2

                @Ziggy28: Just refreshed and it's literally popped up in my Promotions since my first comment minutes ago haha

                • @MBix: Awesome!!

                • @MBix: Hi mate, where did you go to see your Promotions?

                  • @macmine: You'll find your selling promos under My eBay › Selling/Sold. (Just found it myself — not the easiest thing to find.)

                    The page title is My eBay Selling Overview.

            • @MBix: Thanks MBix,! I just signed up for a month and now i see the promotion of 0% in the Sell page. But do I have to accept the promotion, and if so how do I do that?

  • Haven't sold on ebay for ages. Is this essentially the same as no final value fee?

    • +1

      Pretty much, you will still have to pay the $0.30 fixed fee for any item that sells though.

      • Thanks

  • What’s the eBay definition of variable fees tho?

    • +2

      13.4% of the sale.

      • Thanks, I thought that counts as final value fees

        I’ve listed an item 7 days ago through auction and a buyer has placed a bid today. Does this count towards the offer?

        • I would not think so, i would say you need to accept the promotional offer, then end your item and relist it as a new item for it to be included in the promotion.

          • @lordezekiel: The offer was auto accepted as I can see it on my eBay dashboard and I didn’t accept anything lol

            • +1

              @bargainsgrabber: Be careful with that, my offer was in the dashboard too but still needed to press activate on mine

              • +1

                @MBix: Yeah, cheers! I saw it on my eBay app and thought it has been activated. Just logged into eBay website and had to manually click accept

      • 13.4% also includes postage. So if item is $100 and postage is $10 the %13.4% is from the $110

  • thanks OP gonna sell my home on here for 0% fee

    • +1

      Items listed in the following categories are excluded from the Promotion (“Excluded Categories”): Websites & Businesses for Sale (11759), Aircraft (63676), Boats (26429), Caravans, Motorhomes (32633), Cars (29690), Motorcycles (32073), Trucks, Commercial Vehicles (6049), Real Estate (10542), Services (316), Flights (3253), Tickets (1305), Travel (3252), Gift Cards (172009).

  • +5

    Used to sell so much when the fees were lower, just stick to marketplace nower days

    • +17

      Marketplace is a disgusting cesspit of lowballers, tire kickers, time wasters and no-shows… at least from my experience on the gold coast.
      Completely gave up trying to sell on there and gumtree earlier this year, and i havent missed them one bit.
      Sure ebay takes a fee, but i sell stuff on there that i would never manage to sell locally, and usually for much more than i was asking for on marketplace, even after fees.

      • Agreed. I use marketplace when I don't have time pressure to sell an item or item for sale with pickup only and anything else on eBay.

      • +2

        I tried marketplace for the first time earlier this year and found this to be 100% accurate. Yes eBay is expensive but it's worth it not to have to deal with the lowest scum of society. I'm exclusively sticking to eBay even despite the fees.

        • Any tips to avoid the scenario where scammers claim to never have received the item, even if tracking shows it was delivered? Other OzBargainers have shared their horror-stories…

          • +2

            @team teri: I always pay for insurance on anything I ship on top of signature on delivery, whether passing that charge onto the buyer or not is another thing. Not sure what will happen the day that comes someone claims they haven't received the item with couriers claiming they got a "signature" (or whatever their version of signature is these days) but I think the added cost of insurance should have everyone covered…I hope

          • @team teri: Yes, don't sell scammer targeted items.

          • +3

            @team teri: You're fine if tracking shows delivered. Had someone try to pull that on me earlier this year (I could tell he was lying as I could see he purchased a very similar item from a different seller right after he bought mine). I just told him to open a case, and after he did I entered the tracking info. A couple of days later he "found" the item lol.

            • @MiscOzB: I make them pay for signature on delivery, and I pay for postage through eBay so the tracking number is auto entered. I don’t care having to pay a fvf on the auspost either because my local post offices are c**nts

      • +1

        That's the story of my life on the Gold Coast.

        • username checks out

  • Got this. Thanks OP!

    It's been so long since eBay had a selling promo I forgot where to find them.

    Now to actually sell something…..wish me luck.

  • +1

    It seems like 'variable fees' is pretty much the bulk of the fee. There's an insertion fee, a fixed fee of $0.30 per order, and then the variable fee of 13.4% of the selling price, so this is pretty good. One of these a month starts to make eBay Plus look a whole lot more worthwhile.

  • Does to apply to existing listings or new ones? irrc my old listing didnt get the promo

    • New listings only.

    • End the listing, then press sell similar and it is treated as a new item.

  • I just listed heaps of items this morning. Would ending them now and relist do the trick?

    • Was going to ask the same thing! Assume if I have something listed from last month I can end it and do a new listing with the same product starting tomorrow?

    • +2

      I think best to do delete the listings and make new ones, not just "relist".

    • +2

      End listing, then press "sell similar", not relist.

  • how to activate, i just got it on my seller dashboard but no link to click to accept

    • Ad blocker perhaps?

    • +1

      I found it halfway down the page on the right in my seller hub.

      • You've accepted the offer "Pay 0% Variable Fees on 5 sales in June, thanks to eBay Plus"

        got it now thanks
        its not a button to click but a blue link says activate

  • +2

    OMG I have been waiting for this for over a year! Thank you!!!!!!!

  • Got it too, on both my accounts.

    • are they ebay plus accounts?

      • +1

        Yes, they are. Upgraded the second one when they offered a $20 voucher on top of the $40 cashback from Shopback (which finally tracked today after opening a ticket).

        They are now subscribed 1/2 a year apart, that should be long enough to always get some promo that makes it free to either renew or sign up again…

        • nice.. but what's the advantage of having 2x ebay accounts? Is it to double up on any good deals?

          • +1

            @DisabledUser413960: That's the hope, yes, though hasn't happened so far. It's really just to always have one for the odd promo, and not just have cancelled and no deal to re-sign up the day the promo happens (as happened to me last year). Also, this time I paid $49 and with voucher and cash-back got rewarded with $60, that alone would have been worth it…

          • +1

            @DisabledUser413960: I have 5. Only a few dollars on each, have made my money back already so I don't mind

  • +1


  • Just signed up to plus and the deal appeared straight away

  • Yes, they finally listened. Now my ebayplus is worth something

  • Does your counter work. I put in 2 listings and it still says 0/5 Used. Already activated

    • +2

      The variable fees will be discounted directly from the eBay seller fees applicable to the Eligible Listings when they are sold.

      Reading this it should be similar to promos in the past, it ticks when an item sells. Otherwise it would only apply the promo to the first 5 items you list.

      • +2

        can confirm this is true from prev. promos

        • +1

          good to know. I was thinking the same thing. i put 3 items up on ebay as new listings and the promo still said 5/5. I'm guessing once i sell it would subtract the numbers

  • Just reactivated ebay plus from the other deal and was able to see this offer on my selling overview page

  • Thanks OP, I’d stopped looking!

  • +1

    Finally, Been waiting for months I thought eBay stopped offering them.

  • +1

    Why is there no competitor like Taobao that doesn't charge a seller fee in the west yet?

    • Start your own website and see how easy it is to set up, get millions of people to visit and become as successful as eBay.

      • People flock to whatever is the cheapest so I'm just surprised no one has made a competitor without seller fees yet.

        • Seller fees allow the website to exist.

  • Is this offer only for people who have subscribed to eBay Plus?

    • Yes - that's clear from the deal title.

    • I am eligible for 25% off variable fees in June because I have an eBay store

  • Legend OP! Perfect timing. Signed up for eBay plus and got the offer straightaway when I scrolled down.

  • Thanks activated. First time I’ve seen seller hub

  • +4

    Can't wait for this to not work and have to spend 73 hours with live chat to resolve like the good old days

    • Wasn’t that just with the gumtree offer?

      • Gumtree was the worst for it, but a few of eBay's own promotions have failed on me too.

        I've always got it back, including once they accidentally refunded me about $150 twice for the same sale, I kept that and put it down to mental anguish and suffering dealing with them.
        If I count the hours spent on chat fixing their issues I was far below minimum wage 😔

  • +1

    Perfect timing OP, thanks.

    Must agree with cook99 spent a large portion of my life on chat recovering incorrect charges, being promised it would be rectified, waiting literally months for the refund, being assured by ebay the money would come, and then finally pursuing through fair trading to get my final value fees back.

    I’ll roll the dice again though.

  • Can I sign up after someone has purchased one of my items, but before I've shipped, to get the monthly 50% off postage costs (assuming they're still running that offer)?

    • Fee is calculated at time of sale, not shipping.
      You'd have to cancel the sale and relist if you wanted to go for the offer, which is likely to piss off the buyer.

  • The promotion runs from 00:00 (AEST) on 6 June 2022 to 23:59 (AEST) on 30 June 2022 (“Promotion Period”).

    You will need to sell by 30th June

    • +2

      I've had them count before for items that were listed in this time but ended after the promotion ended, have also had them count for items that were relisted after buyers fall through and then finally have also had chat reps refund the fee I was charged for one that was listed during and sold after the promotion period (confirmed with them when I listed it for sale it would be counted and was asked to message back if it wasn't)

      However as always with eBay YMMV, and what one chat rep says can and will change from what another says.

    • not true. You just have to list the item for sale by the 30th of June. The promotion will hold until the listing ends (so if you did 30 day fixed, it'll end by the end of July). Relisting or autorelist after the promotion deadline will not be eligible.

  • Good offer for the bitcoin miners wanting to offload their used video cards without paying a hefty selling fee.

    • Their cards are worth less than half, so their hefty fee's will fall by as much.

  • Thanks for posting this I didn't realize I could accept a similar promotion in my eBay dashboard. My offer is 25% off variable fees in June so it doesn't just apply to 5 sales.

  • Just listed a couple of items and the promotion still says 5 remaining.
    Not sure if it applies when sold or there's some issue. Is it the same for anyone else?

    • +1

      It applies after a sale is made

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