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Qantas Return Flights to Singapore: from Perth $505, Adelaide $622, Brisbane $624, Melbourne $647, Sydney $656 @ flightfinderau


Destination: Singapore
Airline: Qantas
Valid Departure Dates: October to November 2022 & February to March 2023 dates
Deal Expiry: Till Sold Out

Perth to Singapore Flights from $505 Return.

01/Nov - 08/Nov $505
05/Nov - 13/Nov $505
12/Nov - 20/Nov $505
19/Nov - 27/Nov $505
04/Feb - 12/Feb $505
11/Feb - 19/Feb $505
03/Feb - 12/Feb $505
17/Feb - 26/Feb $505
24/Feb - 05/Mar $505
28/Oct - 07/Nov $505

Adelaide to Singapore Flights from $622 Return.

08/Mar - 15/Mar $622
28/Feb - 07/Mar $622
01/Mar - 07/Mar $622
02/Nov - 07/Nov $622
21/Oct - 07/Nov $622
24/Feb - 07/Mar $622
15/Mar - 22/Mar $622
06/Oct - 06/Nov $622
01/Mar - 08/Mar $628
25/Oct - 08/Nov $628

Brisbane to Singapore Flights from $624 Return.

19/Oct - 24/Oct $624
26/Oct - 07/Nov $624
02/Nov - 07/Nov $624
12/Oct - 23/Oct $624
08/Oct - 23/Oct $624
08/Mar - 15/Mar $629
15/Mar - 22/Mar $629
01/Mar - 08/Mar $639
19/Oct - 26/Oct $639
22/Mar - 29/Mar $639

Melbourne to Singapore Flights from $647 Return.

28/Feb - 07/Mar $647
01/Mar - 07/Mar $647
24/Feb - 07/Mar $647
08/Mar - 15/Mar $682
15/Mar - 22/Mar $682
22/Mar - 28/Mar $682
02/Nov - 07/Nov $682
19/Oct - 24/Oct $682
12/Oct - 23/Oct $682
21/Oct - 07/Nov $682

Sydney to Singapore Flights from $656 Return.

19/Oct - 26/Oct $656
07/Mar - 15/Mar $656
19/Oct - 24/Oct $656
26/Oct - 07/Nov $656
22/Feb - 01/Mar $656
01/Mar - 08/Mar $656
08/Mar - 15/Mar $656
15/Mar - 22/Mar $656
02/Nov - 07/Nov $656
18/Oct - 24/Oct $656


  • Checked-in bags, meals and entertainment are included
  • please take into account any vaccine/covid test/insurance requirements when traveling

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  • +16

    Welp I paid $1.3k for Sydney return on the end of July….
    Someone revoke my OzBargain membership

    • +12

      June & July most flights cost three times as much. You can keep your badge.

    • +7

      Hi disableduser255446

    • +3

      I paid $580 for scoot , worse

      • Why? Scoot is great budget airline

        • A budget airline still. If you could choose Scoot over Qantas just to save around $80, I'd say no every time and rather pay extra to fly with Qantas. If the savings are higher, the more I'd be convinced.

    • +1

      It's ok, you can keep yours.
      I paid $1.2k for PER-SIN… ONE WAY!

    • +1

      Like Sharp said - most flights at the moment are heinously overpriced. We are now in what traditionally was regarded as high season, so prices would always be higher anyways across 'european summer'. Goodness knows what will be the case now with no commissions being paid by airlines.

      Yet deals are to be had - yet lots of forward planning is required. One person's 4K economy return to EU last Xmas is anothers 4K business return to EU in Feb and also going away/before/around preferences can make big difference.

      Unless someone is desperate to travel, or has the cash to do so, hang back a bit till the crazy mellows imo.

      DW we too wanted to go somewhere, any effing where, yet passports expired held us back. Mini blessings yet same time like most mega cabin fever

  • +18

    just in time for TI

  • +1

    Singapore Zoo & Legoland, here we come!

    • Legoland is in Malaysia, not Singapore…..

      • Many people go to Legoland when they're in Singapore. It's not that bad a trip, since there's not that much to do in Singapore anyway.

        • +2

          We did the opposite last time, stayed in JB & popped across the border to the Zoo. We can stay in a upmarket hotel for the price of a mediocre hotel in Singapore.

      • Just across the causeway. Cheaper hotels in JB, and the zoo is close to the border.

  • +9

    PSA: always book direct with the airline. Great prices but they're third party sellers.

    • +3

      yep, my dad learnt this the hard way with flight centre in 2020… still awaiting a refund yet flightcenter keeps saying its been refunded, accc hasn't done anything

      • That's rough. I use to always book third party but also got stung because of covid but not as bad. Made it overseas but the return leg was cancelled. Only got about 35% off the total flight cost back but they coughed it up 10 weeks after the initial cancellation.

        No flight cost breakdown in the third-party confirmation email so didn't really have anything to potentially argue.

      • The ACCC won't do anything, they'll have to go to their states consumer affairs.

        Many people are in the same boat. They blame the airlines. I was just chatting with mates in the same boat the other day. Apparently the airlines are happy to have flight credits, so they booked a different holiday instead.

        • Consumer affairs is hopeless when it comes to disputes with businesses.
          It is my personal experience - your can be different, but I tried them a few times and they never even tried to help me.

          • @Foma2: But the ACCC won't even pretend to help, they just send you to consumer affairs. I admit I haven't really had to use them properly, Ive5 just asked advice and told the company I've spoken to CA and they said…… That's been enough.

    • +1

      I had a look at one route with the same dates on the qantas website and the prices are more expensive.
      So does that mean we basically should ignore these deals because they are always through third party? (genuine question - because i dont have any experience with those sites and i would feel uncomfortable as a result! Ive always booked directly in the past and i guess, paid more as a result. never had a bad experience thank goodness) . the deals posted here seem to always be for purchase via third party sites.

      • +2

        i wouldn't necessarily ignore these deals, i would take it as an indication that there's a sale on for these flights at these particular times and compare with what can be booked directly with the airline (although at a slightly more expensive price)

        • Cheers!

      • +1

        I've had both good and bad experiences from third-party sellers - ranging from no issues at all to being double booked and not advising me until I was at the airport and the airline basically telling me I have to pay for tickets again for a later timed flight.

        YMMV, but if you want the most peace of mind and better T&C's then always better to buy direct from the airline. Use Google Flights as a good indicator to seeing when's best to buy flights.

        • I used online travel agents plenty of times pre-COVID with no issues, but I personally wouldn't risk them again until the world goes back to completely normal.

          Even then, my salary is higher these days and I value less stress booking direct over the outright cheapest price.

      • Just consider it a risk vs reward thing. With many of these third party sellers you're going to be in for a nightmare (and massive fees) if you need to change or cancel. Even when the airline cancels you might have a pretty hard time.

    • +5

      PSA: use Qantas Price Promise to match it. It's cumbersome, but you get the cheaper price and direct booking. We did it a few years ago on a flight to Singapore.


  • +1


    Sales like this will never have flights that coincide with school holidays <== true or false ?

    Asking because for once .. it is now something i need to consider for flight bookings :(

    • true. prices are generally more expensive during school holidays.
      the dates listed above are for during school term.

    • +5

      Put it this way if you owned an airline company would you have sales when you know you'll have higher demand than during the school term?

      • +2

        Yes but only for OzB members… 😁

    • +2

      Never. Nobody has sales times in December/Jan. The price only goes up.

      • +2

        It's cheap to fly on Christmas day haha

        • Mum: Why are you flying back on Christmas Day?
          Me: Ozbargain told me I'd save $30.

        • +1

          New years eve too can be up to half the price, especially if you're in the air for the changeover!

  • +3

    All the flights out of Sydney has a layover for a few hours in Melbourne. Meh

    • +4

      Blame Sydney airport's ridiculous costs to airlines compared to Melbourne, especially for international.

      • Oh so that's why they do it so often. They charge higher fees for international vs domestic flights?

        • Most airports charge different fees for international facilities and domestic facilities. Also you are paying for Sydney’s lovely airport tax per passenger which is approx $383748892873 per person. Also airlines might want to factor in the slot price, landing fee cost and the other factors because at Sydney, you are paying a premium to land in Sydney.

        • Yeah. That's why Sydney airport sold for 23 billion dollars a few months ago.

    • Mine was direct.

  • +6

    Paid $274 , Scoot return Gold Coast to Sing in Aug. 7 hours is just enough to finish a 1/2 bottle of duty free Baily’s haha

    I never book third party not worth the hassle if there are changes!!!!!

    • What's the licensing rules in Airports, I haven't seen signs but don't really wanna test being indiscreet. Understand being plastered while going through customs isn't a good look but have the flight to sober up

  • +3

    Alternatively book with points and $600 in fees!

    • 100% this.

      Exactly what I found when looking up return flights from Perth to Singapore. Scoot was like 260 bucks yet Qantas was charging 500 odd and using points in economy

      • +2

        Malaysian Airlines business class Adelaide Kuala Lumpur was 60000 points one way with about $60 in taxes

        So 120000 points return, that's Qantas frequent flyer points and about just over $100 and taxes

        Unfortunately I couldn't find much to Singapore, but there was plenty availability with Malaysian airways through Qantas.

    • +1

      Economy redemptions have always been poor value. Business or first class is what you want and Qantas sucks for that at the moment.

      Snagged QFF biz classic reward back in Feb for the wife from BKK-SYD but there is basically nothing available now from Aust to SIN or BKK. Even looking to go SYD-PER there is next to nothing.

      I did manage to score SQ biz reward seats SYD-BNE-SIN-BKK in October with Velocity points though. Was about 80,000pts and $160 each.

      So I've decided to look for Velocity credit card churns instead. QFF next to useless at the moment and the leprechaun will probably devalue the points before I can even find worthwhile biz class redemptions.

      • Business or first class is what you want

        Here's a better question: why waste money on either of these? Pay hundreds of dollars just for a few hours of comfort. And you get a free 50 cents worth of drink and a warm towel.

        I think it's better to redeem gift cards and Woolies etc. is as good as cash.

        Then when you want to fly, buy a cheap seat in economy.

        Just because it's better points "value" (compared to RRP) to get business/first over economy, it doesn't mean that is even worth pursuing.

        • +5

          Because flying in business/first is enjoyable and 100 times better experience than being stuck in economy for a long flight.

          I look forward to the flights just as much (and sometimes more) as the holiday destination these days.

          Also last time I checked champagne wasn't 50c a glass??

          • +1

            @Dave77: Interesting perspective. Each to their own.

            look forward to the flights just as much (and sometimes more) as the holiday destination

            Wow, that is so odd. If it is so enjoyable for you, you can replicate it yourself. Put a nice chair inside your bathroom and just stay in there for 10 hours. You can even have a lay-flat bed if you put a yoga mat on the floor and some blankets. Then you can pour yourself a couple of glasses of champagne, make yourself a warm welcome towel using hot water from the sink, put on some fresh socks and pretend they're airplane socks, with $20 of ingredients you can have a microwave meal to simulate an airplane and serve it on a real plate with metal cutlery from your kitchen etc etc.

            100 times better experience

            Very interesting, once again. Both classes get to the destination at the same time, both have to be confined to a small area on the aircraft during travel, and first is much worse for the environment.

            And even if it was 100 times worse, it is literally only hours that you would need to stay in an uncomfortable position as flights last less than a day. So on a per-hour basis, the cost of slightly more comfort is huge.

            • @watwatwat: You could even hire a maid for a day, for your bathroom first class!

              Unless you're physically uncomfortable in economy, I agree that first and business is a waste of money/points. Much better off with all kinds of alternative luxury experiences which are much more cost effective.

              Even if you don't care about the money, it's also unnecessarily scaling up your environmental impact for little benefit.

              • @nigel deborah:

                You could even hire a maid for a day, for your bathroom first class!

                I love your thinking. Go on airtasker and you could certainly find one for extremely cheap to stay for a couple of hours to pour your champagne and help set up your bed on the bathroom floor, and prepare the warm towel.

                unnecessarily scaling up your environmental impact for little benefit.

                Yeah. Some of those first class suites are large. Could transport several people for the same emissions/fuel as one.

            • +2

              @watwatwat: Nah it's not odd at all.

              If I'm going off your (bad) example than why do people actually need to go on a holiday at all?? I could just spend 2 weeks watching some travel YouTube Videos, ordering exotic takeaway and walking down the streets of Europe on Google Earth.

              I spent my 20's flying Air Asia/Jetstar/Ryan Air and the like….all I wanted to do was get off the plane.

              I've spent my 30's enjoying the luxury and experience of business/first class flights for very little expense and never once regretted it.

          • @Dave77: And here’s me just wanting a better Qantas status…

  • +6

    Just finished 2 weeks in Singapore. There's plenty to see and do for a "small country that only needs 3 days".

    • Can anyone compare if to HK? Felt like there was nothing left to do after a week there.

      • +2

        I thought the same after my first trip to HK but realised there’s way more to do after going back a few times.
        Personally I think Singapore needs less time than HK. Orchard Road, the zoo and aquarium, Marina Bay Sands, Chinatown, Sentosa, Botanic Gardens… I’m sure I’m missing a few things but all of that can be done in a week - leisurely. Could cram it into a shorter visit if you wanted to be CheapBrah.

    • Agree! Spent 6 days and that was plenty

    • The 3 days is just for the food side of things.

    • I did 5 days and felt that was too much.

    • -1

      Why do you put "small country" in brackets? You can drive from one side to the other in an hour.

      So what exactly did you do for 2 weeks? I think you just ate at a different hawker stand each day and then watched Netflix.

  • +1

    Why book when it's likely to be cancelled. Airlines suck atm.

    • +5

      Depends on the airline. Personally I'd rather give my patronage to SQ, atleast they didn't desert us during COVID and flew the flights they sold.

      Flew with SQ in November last year despite very low numbers of passengers they didn't cancel any flights. Flew again in December and again wasn't as busy as you would have expected, especially given the relatively cheap airfares. Had a problem with my travel docs for the December trip and they went out of their way at the airport to help me out and rebook my second leg onwards from Singapore with no fees.

  • +1

    I wish these jokers would bother refunding cancelled tickets 12 months+ ago, rather than trying to sell more new tickets.

    • +1

      If they sell more, they will have money to refund old tickets!

  • +1

    Hmm is Japan going to open soon?

    • I'm hearing November

      • Im hearing 2023

        • +1

          All i heard is from the Airline that I work for, they are hoping by The end of October or Start of November, But the sooner the better, But who knows…..They keep changing it

    • Really what happens with the new government in Japan. Due to the very high average age of people, a promise in the election was that the borders would remain shut for an extended period to the time.

      My person opinion is to not book anything until the borders open. I learnt the hard way into booking flights on January 1st 2022 to NZ, under the impression that the borders would open on Jan 1st.

  • +1

    In September last I booked my wife and I to travel in March of this year from Brisbane to Denver via San Francisco with Qantas. This was after Qantas announced a return to international flying. In the next four months we were given six revisions to this itinerary as Qantas repeatedly cancelled flights and we eventually flew out in March from the Gold Coast via Sydney and LA to Denver on a ticket written in January. As a result of fare changes Qantas owed us a refund of $180 for duplicated seat bookings and $280 for the tickets. After a dozen phone calls and days on the phone Qantas refunded the $180 in late March and advised in writing (email) they would also be refunding the $280. Three months later that refund had not appeared and again I spent days on the phone with Qantas chasing it down. Finally at June end the money was refunded. Question: How does Qantas get away with treating other people's money with such abandon??

    • +1

      Theyre the national airline or some shit.

      Terrible service under Joyce and it'll only get worse from here.

      Anybody but QF have my money for international.

    • Because you and others keep giving them more money, so that is like saying their service is adequate, even if they treat you and others like dirt

  • -3

    Stay home people. Stop the spread.

    • An important message from the Victorian Government about Coronavirus….

      Currently in the UK though, unfortunately I might be fined $48478382747939282 and will have to do a mandatory 7 years of hotel quarantine under your legislation.

  • +1

    Questions is Qantas better than Singapore airlines? Singapore airlines is about the same price return from Sydney? Just wondering why it’s upvoted so much.

    • +1

      SG is a far superior airline. Scoot is better than Jetstar as well.

      • Scoot is better than Jetstar as well.

        Pffft no. Scoot won't even give you any free drinking water on board.

    • +1

      SQ is far superior, people just like QF for some reason

      • They both have terrible phone customer service.

        • +1

          Oh they're both terrible in that regard, but SQ have a much better and more consistent soft product and a better hard product in Business/First.

      • That reason is probably Australians suckered into QFF over the years

    • IMHO SQ Business is on par with Qantas First. You'd probably get better service in SQ Economy even.

  • Looks like the first and second option for Melbourne is no longer available, can someone validate if the price has gone up?

    27/Oct - 01/Nov(flights.flightfinderau.com) $662
    27/Oct - 02/Nov(flights.flightfinderau.com) $662

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