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[eBay Plus] Dell 32 USB-C Gaming Monitor - G3223D NVIDIA G-SYNC QHD 165 Hz $423.20 Delivered @ Dell eBay


Looks like a historical low for this monitor. Stack with 10% cashback and discounted gift cards for further savings.

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    Great monitor. Bought one in July.
    Latest firmware allows you to turn off the LED lights on the back of the monitor if anyone wants to know.

    • Hey do you know if the USB inputs work when you use USB C to connect to the monitor?

      • Hey do you know if the USB inputs work when you use USB C to connect to the monitor?

        Well that is the point of a USB port isn't it? Why would you have a USB C monitor that disabled the USB ports when you plug them in?

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          Maybe but I’m pretty sure usb c can’t handle QHD at 165 hz and do power and usb at the same time. Would need to check the manual.

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          My AW monitor has USB data ports and then also USB power ports which will pass through power even when the PC is off.

        • I was thinking about using it as a KVM for my laptop and desktop. It looks like to get USB functionality you'd need to move around the USB C cable

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        As in … plug like a USB flash drive into the monitor, and you can access it on your computer which is connected via USB C? .. then yes, this works. I did it just now.

        • +1

          Ah excellent. I've been burned by monitors where they only do display or only do USB connectivity. Thanks for checking!

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      How do i update the firmware? usb stick with files from dell?

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        You just download the update from Dell website and run them. As long as you are connected to the monitor via USB C, it will update the firmware.

        • I just received this monitor but I can't update the firmware as I've connected it to my work laptop and the .exe file has been blocked by the adminstrator…

          Any work arounds?

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            @zzzman: I am not sure there is any work around for that. Pretty sure you need to use the usb-c connection to update. I don't think you can put the update on a usb stick to update the monitor.

    • +1

      Thanks for the heads up - I was able to update my G3223Q and now I can turn off the LEDs!

    • Does this monitor support HDR?

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        It does although I don't believe it's great with HDR content.

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    This, if we have lost all hope for an AW3821?

    • oh jaysus, has that been discounted to a competitive price? that's a very expensive monitor!

      • You could say it has…

      • +1

        Nah a bunch of people got it for a price error so it's the new meme monitor

        • aha jelly

  • Is this able to turn 90 degrees?

    • +2

      Not on the included stand. Bought an arm to mount mine vertically

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    The PLUSEBTE isn’t currently listed on ShopBack
    Proceed with buyer caution

    • new to shopback - how does this work? the code isn't approved by them as a cash back code? how do they validate the purchase? cashback does it differently so i'm tryign to work it out

      • Hey mate, the store rep GYB has confirmed it in my comment linked below

    • Is it definitely confirmed that the cashback won't be honoured?

      • +2

        GYB has confirmed it here

        • +3

          SWEET! So I'll potentially get back 20% in cashback (10% cashback on eBay $30 cap and 10% cashback using Westpac credit card $20 cap).

          This brings it down to around $373.

          • @zzzman: Just to confirm that my ShopBack $30+$20 have been tracked!

            • +1

              @kehuau: Same!!!

              Brings this down to $373.20.

              What an absolute bargain!

        • +2

          thanks. Hopefully I can get $30+$20.

        • How long does it take for shopback to report it was tracked? I get the clicked, but after a few mins it hasn't reported the tracked purchase.

      • I also confirm that have just received email from shopback that my cashback has been tracked.

  • Hows this compared to the s2722qc (27 inch 4k USB-C monitor) other than the resolution?


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      They would be for very different use cases. The S2722QC you mentioned only has a 60hz screen, wouldn't be as good for gaming as this one. If you're gaming get this one, if you're only using it for a workstation / watching videos / editing photos get the one you mentioned.

      • +5

        Perhaps just a perception thing from me, but unless you are gaming then get higher resolution. 32" 2k monitors are ok, but that's a fair bit of space to only display 2k content. For a 32" or above monitor I would always go for 4k unless you are gaming.

        • +1

          i find 32" is still too small for 4K but too big for 2K… so running 4k res means you still have to use a bit of display scaling…

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    very tempted but I just don't need another monitor…

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    Does this include a power pass through?

    • I just watched this sounds like it can do 15w charging.

    • +1

      It does. 15w only but charges my Lenovo T14 and my Macbook Pro 13. It's definitely slow to charge but the battery percentage on both devices keep going up even while in use

    • 15w wasn't enough for a family member's Surface Pro 9, so will pair it with this dock.

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    i prefer the 4k one

  • +1

    Is this the best value 32" IPS on the market iwth 144hz +?

    Gigabyte M32Q (IPS) is about $550 with kvm, and alternate is MSI MAG321QR for similar price?

    • +1

      YES.. this is also an LG high end super fast gaming panel that for some reason Dell has improved and works better then LG's own monitor using the same panel.

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    Isnt 32 a little too big for QHD?

    Im looking to upgrade from my 1080p 24 inch, but still unsure if its just to better to go for 27 inch as it has better pixel density. Should be good for gaming as well

    4k is too ex for me

    • I don't think so at all. scaling is pretty good too

    • +2

      I've been using a 32" 1440p monitor for ~3 years now and I think it looks great.

    • +6

      Same pixel density as a 1080p monitor at 24 inches.

      • +3

        So adequate but not great?

  • Nice deal, thanks!

  • Is anyone aware of how this monitor performs with the PS5?

    Looking out for a deal for a friend and I want to ensure it can atleast do 1440p at 120hz. The dell website (https://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/en-au/000187148/dell-gami…) says no - but it also appears out of date as they say the Playstation does not support QHD res.

    • I'm in the same boat as you as I want to get a monitor for a PS5. The PS5 does support 1440p now. As for performance I'm not too sure this does have a 165 Hz display so I'd think the monitor will support it for the PS5.

    • Tested on a PS5, performs really well using 1440p

  • Thanks got it for $423 with Ebay plus PLUSEBTE

  • +1

    Thanks OP

    Bought this at $423.20.

    Is it confirmed that the coupon code will be accepted by the 10% cashback plus another 10% using Westpac card on Shopback?

  • Question how long are the delivery times for the Sydney area? Is it fast?

    • 2 weeks from experience. During Christmas period? Probably a little longer.

  • +1

    Can this daisy chain to another monitor?

    Eg. Laptop connected to this monitor using usb c and then this monitor to another monitor using the DP.

    Also the usb c can charge the laptop too?

    • +1

      Only monitors with DisplayPort Out or Display Port MST can support daisy chaining (typically the Dell UltraSharp range support daisy chaining).

  • +1

    One drawback is no ULMB/backlight strobiong to reduce blur. The monitor is fake 10 bit (8 bit + FRC).

    A good price though for a large screen.

    • +1

      8 bit + FRC is still better just 8bit…. ive seen some monitors on the market advertised as 8bit but they are 6 bit + FRC

  • Im assuming this is G-sync compatible and doesn't have the hardware

    • Correct, most newer monitors are heavily moving to Adaptive Sync anyway.
      Its getting pretty hard to find monitors with G-Sync, Everything is rather Adaptive Sync now which imo is better..

  • Would this be the 32 inch equivalent of the 27 inch DGF?

  • +2

    I got two of these in the last deal that came up for $420… they are awesome monitors with zero IPS glow … super quick response time with zero ghosting even when using overdrive settings… love them both.

  • Does dell do a gaming version of the s2722qc?

    Eg similar inputs, res, screen type and quality but with at least 144hz capability?

    I tried looking on their website but found the filters overwhelming and not very intuative.

  • Got one, thanks OP!

  • Crispy price for this crispy monitor.

  • Was looking for a monitor, thanks for posting, bought one.

    Thinking about getting another for dual display.

    • I'm running two of them now.. you need a big desk :)

  • +1

    I've been looking at the LG 27GP83B and 27GP850B, I know this one is bigger (I can just move back on desk), but can anyone comment on how the Dell compare to these LG? I see a lot of very favourable reviews for the LGs, with some friends really recommending them, but can't find too much on this Dell.
    the LGs are both $200+ more with this sale going on, but if they are way better at particular things I don't mind spending extra.

    • Depends which size you want. The stand is way better on the Dell.

      • Thanks, could go both. I am assuming other than erganomics they are both similar in terms of image quality otherwise?

        • +1

          Yeah the pixel density will be notably higher on the 27 just because the resolution is the same in both. That's more of a preference thing, and also how far you sit from the screen. They're both similar/recommended otherwise.

  • +1

    thanks op - been in the market for a high spec 32inch + monitor and this one sealed the deal, cheers

  • argh. decisions decisions. get 2 of these 32 inch monitors now…. or wait till boxing day and hope for better deal on 2 32inch or a bigger monitor by itself…. too many deals at the moment. can't keep up

    • +2

      Buy now, think later

      • +5

        Or buy now, buy later, think never.

  • Thanks OP. I was waiting for such deal from Dell, as want to replace two 24inch monitors with one big one and this model looks good for this. Bought one.

  • done nice one OP, my Xmas present sorted,

  • Panel type? Cant see it.

    • +1

      IPS with 99% RGB.
      8bit colour though.

      • +1

        its a 10bit colour (8bit + FRC) LG high end IPS Panel

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