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Dune 4WD Welded Soft Coolers Bags (Various) $29 + $7.99 Delivery ($0 C&C/ $99 Order) @ Anaconda


All Dune 4WD Welded Coolers Now $29.00 at Anaconda (Click and Collect).

I have one of these and they go ok (30 Can Version).

Use WELCOME10 for $10 of orders of $50 or more for new users.

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  • +7

    Hard to believe they ever made a sale at $150+ rrp.

  • Damn good price, agree the rrp is a never the price anyone has paid haha.

    I bought the 24 can backpack for $49 'club price' recently and love it. 24 is a stretch once you put some ice and ice bricks in but does stay cold for a long time.

  • +3

    Nice one, thanks OP - needed a new larger cooler. Got the 30 and 24 to use the code and will gift the one I don't like!

  • +1

    Thanks OP, bought 2 of the 24 can variety.

    • +1

      $29 + $8 seems like the price for an equivalent unit from one of the Chinese Websites. Hard to get excited about this "deal" when put in that context.

      • But you can't C&C from the Chinese websites.

      • but for pickup its good with warranty

  • +14

    not sure why, but bought one. thanks

    • +5

      This is the way.

  • Hmm, I wonder if the one with the hard liner and zipper lid could also double as a nice insulated sous vide cooking container.

    • +2


      • I'm curious as to why not? Anyway I've ordered one, going to give it a go.

        • +1

          I have the tan model with the hard liner and presuming you're not doing high temps, I think it would work. I'm not sure I would choose it as a permanent solution, but as an improvised one, it could work. The plastic liner isn't overly thick, but I don't think it would warp/deform.

  • Thanks OP, needed one got two…

  • +3

    I got the backpack when it was $49 a little while ago. Didn't even get to use it when my wife picked it up to look at it and moved one of the zippers and it ripped the little string thing off. Swapped it for a new one instore and have used it about 15 times successfully. Really great at keeping ice solid and drinks / food cold. Definitely needs ice though, not just frozen ice insert / blocks - a combination of this works best (see yeti review videos on youtube if curious).

    I grabbed the square 24 can bag this time as the backpack has a slightly small opening and when packing containers of food, it's not easy to load / unload.
    Definitely works fantastic for drinks though - we spent 5 successive days on a beach over Christmas from 9am to 6pm daily and it was great. Cold beer all day :-)

    Stock is already limited or OOS for click and collect on some - delivery still available it seems

  • +8

    My Arrakis.. my Dune

    • Good someone made a Dune joke, I dont need to now.

      • Stupid Sexy Flanders, the spice must flow!

        • Hahah, my original online nickname was Ned Flanders which got abbreviated down to Ned. Then people actually thought that was my real name and hence changed it to Nedski.

  • +6

    got 2 but need 0

  • Sweet now I need something to put it over

  • Thanks, got the backpack

  • Thinking of getting one to leave in the car, would it be effective to keep things not as hot in the summer (i.e. slightly cooler than without)?

    • +2

      Certainly, I always have one in my car for the same reason.

  • Good deal

  • Im going to have to travel 20 mins more than I intended too but worth it đź‘Ś

  • +5

    Same price on their eBay store.

    Mine shows an extra 5% off through Plus, but extra $2 for delivery.
    Might be handy for those with gift cards to burn.

    • +1

      Thanks, got the hard liner one, $34 delivered. Will be good for beach trips

    • 24 can not showing…not anymore at least

  • Good deal but very limited availability in WA

  • great deal thanks OP.

    now the hard decision is which one to get?

    was thinking of the hard liner one, but then the backpack one looks okay too

  • Great deal! Got two with the welcome10 discount code for $55.99 shipped! Saved $271.98.

    • +2

      Yes… Definitely saved $272 on those two…

      • Cancelled my order on the 24 can anyway.

  • +1

    Went in to buy the thing, ended up adding a Birkenstock to qualify for free shipping.

    Went with the tote, has a higher capacity and seems more fave reviews.

    Thanks Ozbargain.

  • +1

    A family member purchased the backpack version a few months ago for $90 and they love it.

    They weren’t too happy when I showed them I got 2 for $48(pickup)!

  • Error 404 lol

  • I'm going on a spice expedition that lasts for 8 days. Which bag for 8 days water?

  • Backpack no stock left

  • Genuine question, why would you prefer this compared to the normal esky where you can safe your back/shoulder just by wheel them around? Plus esky normally has a bigger capacity too. Thanks

    • +1

      These are easier to carry places you couldn't roll an Esky. I have both. It just depends how far I'm going and what I'm doing.

    • By rolling do you mean an Esky like a Yeti Tundra? You'd obviously go Yeti over this any day of the week.. yeti roadie would be even better

      • wow, Yeti Tundra is the next level of esky! a grand for an esky? tsk tsk tsk…obviously I need to get a better job to have one
        The one I'm referring to is this type of wheeled cooler esky

    • It’s lighter than an esky of equivalent capacity. You also don’t need to worry about orientation as it zips and you can lay it down.

      Personally I plan to use these for kayak camping. Easy to strap it down and not too heavy.

  • +1

    Welp, must be OOS. Order cancelled

  • 24 can is sold out, bought the 30 can. Thanks OP.

  • My order cancelled for the 24 can cancelled

  • I ordered when they were in stock. Just got an email cancelling my order…

  • Ordered 24 + 30. The 30 Has arrived, no sign of the 24, however I haven't received the same cancellation email my mate and the people above did.

    • Did they send you a dispatch email for the 30?

  • Just had my order cancelled.

    Obviously more popular than they were expecting!

  • Got mine delivered today that was a good deal

  • I ordered two of the 30 can bags and order was cancelled. I probably ordered too late.

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