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Japan Airlines to Tokyo Return: Brisbane from $934, Sydney from $937 Direct, Melbourne from $935 Direct (Mar-Jul) @ BTF


Japan Airlines is an amazing 5-star Airline, and have direct flights from MEL and SYD, with connections from other cities.

If you prefer ANA, check out their prices as well.

The cherry blossom or sakura is never perfectly predictable, but some early predictions are below:

A friend has a video series on the 10 Best Cherry Blossom Sakura Spots in Japan - Tokyo, Yamanashi! [4K] (CC)

Destination First bloom Full bloom
Kochi March 17 March 25
Kumamoto March 19 March 28
Hiroshima March 26 April 3
Kyoto March 26 April 4
Nagoya March 24 April 1
Kanazawa March 31 April 6
Tokyo March 19 March 26
Matsumoto April 2 April 11
Fuji Five Lakes April 2 April 10
Sendai March 31 April 6
Hirosaki April 20 April 26
Hakodate April 26 May 3

As such, I've compiled dates after Easter in 2024, as that's when things get cheaper again.

I also have an article on the top 5 most popular hotels in Tokyo for under $120.

Sydney to Tokyo

Dates: 1 Mar 24 - 31 Jul 24

Melbourne to Tokyo

Dates: 1 Mar 24 - 31 Jul 24

Brisbane to Tokyo

Dates: 1 Mar 24 - 31 Jul 24

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    • +1

      I know these kinda comments will surface

      • +2

        I doubt those people have even heard of Tritium let alone know anything about it.

    • Lol…

    • +1

      You clearly have seen too much of China's fearmongering campaign

      • -3

        Downvoted by ccp bots.

      • Valid concerns https://pursuit.unimelb.edu.au/articles/opening-the-flood-ga…
        why does China have to do with anything?

        • +2

          I've seen this article before and it's worth noting the author is anti nuclear everything.

          Some context:
          The tritium levels in the water Japan plans to release is far lower than the wastewater that is regularly released by other nuclear reactors. Including China's own nuclear reactors: https://www.aljazeera.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/Interac…
          The half life of tritium is 12 years. Half of this time has already been spent in storage containers so the already low levels of radiation in the water that will be released will have an even shorter life span than China's nuclear reactors in the same region.

          Based on this information I think China's fearmongering campaign is an apt description.

          • +2

            @Dream-cast: what's wrong with his anti nuclear views especially on nuclear pollution? Fukashima is a INES 7 incident same level as Chernobyl, if Russia wants to release the same crap into the Baltic sea guess how the western media will react? Why take the chance of possible contamination of the pacific when there are 4 other plans put forward to safely dispose of the waste water? Evaporation, Containment Burial just to name two options that costs less than the Japanese 20mil PR Champaign.

            there is also carbon-14, iodine-129, cesium-137, strontium-90 and cobalt-60 just to name a few but you got to focus on Tritium. If its so safe like they claimed why aren't they releasing it into their dams or using it for irrigation?

            • +3

              @Creamsoda: What's wrong his views? Impartiality. If Russia wanted to release their wastewater and IAEA released a report that said it was within safety standards then who am I to argue? By the way the IAEA task force that wrote the report on Japan's wastewater is made up of nuclear energy experts from 11 different countries including China. Yes, China's own experts say it's safe. So I'll take my chances with an internationally corroborated report over the views of a single university professor that is anti nuclear energy.


            • @Creamsoda: Do you know that they are diluting it with an insane amount of water to bring it down to a safe level before releasing it? The process take 30+ years to complete. Evaporation or containment burial is not feasible due to the amount of water involve, plus the risk of earth wake. Lastly, it's SALT WATER so irrigation is out of question.

        • -2

          Because they are reacting/crying the loudest while pumping water with higher level of Tritium into the ocean than Fukushima's discharge.



    • +5

      If you were worried about radiation, you wouldn't be flying anywhere anyway..

    • He says while licking CCP boots…

    • -1

      Upvote from me mate. Brilliant comment

  • +2

    Dates are perfect for me, but I'm not really in a position to book them yet…but would recommend for anyone else thinking of going, even if you're going the shoulder season instead of peak sakura blossom season. Also, steer clear of the first week of May (Golden Week).

    • Also take into account the increased prices for the Japan Rail Pass (up to 70% increase).

      Really need to do the math and find out if its really worth the fee.

      • +2

        As far as I'm aware the regional passes didn't get the price increase, so check those out instead of the national JR Pass, which imo, is not worth the money in 99% of use cases now.

        • So you just pay for trips as needed in the cities, take advantage of the pass for intercity travel?

          • +2

            @starspawn: There are a lot of regional rail pass options that are available.
            They got a look over by most people before since the national JR Pass was good value and made sense for like 90% of use cases.

            Here is a list of what is available with current and new pricing listed:

            What is covered by the pass will depend on which one you choose.
            City travel in inexpensive and generally you use a mix of JR/Metro lines anyway, so I never found much value of the JR Pass was calculated off of city transit.

        • +1

          The regional passes are also increasing in price, but not by nearly as much. Seems like JR West pass increases are relatively small, while JR East ones have increased by quite a bit more. Even then though, unless you're planning to travel multiple regions over a longer period (aka the 14 or 21 day pass), a regional pass still makes a lot more sense than the full fledged JR Pass after the price hike.

          • @Ventak: True, it seems it depends on region if and by how much it has gone up.
            I see a few have gone up by ~30%(Tohoku area pass), but most are minimal or no price increase.

            Bit more work to figure out, but most of them could still be worth it.
            Whereas, I feel it will be really hard to justify the JR Pass now.
            I feel the 7 day is a complete write off due to how much travel you'd have to do to meet the cost would be too much, and to a point I feel the same with 14 day one.
            21 day one maybe, but you still have to use the Shinkansen a lot to hit 100,000 yen worth of travel in 3 weeks.

            • +1

              @Sythe: Oh definitely I agree 7 day makes no sense at all now - unless you're doing Shinkansen day trips every single day, but then that seems very exhausting to do. 14 day can maybe fit in a regular itinerary but the itinerary needs to be really tailored to fit it in. The 21 day pass can still work out though.

              • @Ventak: Exactly, if you are only making 3-4 major rail trips you would just pay them and pay for your travel in the city/towns

      • *maths

      • But if you purchase the rail pass prior to the price increase (1st October IIRC), you're good right?
        It's only if you purchase after the price rise you're screwed?

        • +2

          You still need the rail pass within 3 months, so if purchased in September you'd have until end of year to redeem it.

          It's not like a buy and then use whenever you want in the next few years.

          • @DingoBilly: Ahhh shizzle! I thought the redeem time would be longer.
            I'm looking at March/April as the timeline for Japan, so unfortunately I'd be out of luck for the rail pass prior to price hikes

    • What is shoulder season?

      • Travel either side of a peak season i.e. Cherry Blossom, Christmas ect

  • Paying double this going later this week at the most sweltering time lol

  • Time to enjoy some fresh seafood!

  • -1

    QF metal to SIN ex BNE.

    • +1

      depends on the date. Sometimes it's via SYD/MEL then JL to TYO.

  • The B Shimbashi is a solid recommendation.

    On the commuter line from both airports to really Ozbargain.com.au your connection.

    Shimbashi also rules on weekdays at knock off, as it's salaryman central. Not a tourist in sight as you smash sake in cheap stand bars. Good times.

  • -1

    Good deal too bad the Aussie dollar is like toilet paper nowadays and so travelling overseas will cost a lot in currency exchange

    • +11

      It's strong against the yen and other Asian currency, it's just rubbish against USD and euro.

      • +2

        And rubbish against the Singapore dollar.

      • And rubbish against the Chinese yuan and Korean won. JPY is probably just an exception as it's very special.

    • +9

      Yen is rubbish right now

    • +1

      Yen is one of the currencies AUD is very much trashing. Look at where it is at the moment compared to a couple of years ago.

      • +2

        Any currency is smashing yen… so I’m surprised our dollar is ok value against yen …. For now

    • +1

      The Yen is awful at the moment, which makes it great for Aussies. Going back for the second time this year next month!

      • Is anyone thinking of exchanging yen now or do you think it's okay to wait? Heading there next March, but who knows how the yen will be by then..

        • Good question. When do you think you'll be changing?

          • @jecec: I'm not sure, but thinking I need to exchange at least something before the end of the year. What about you?

  • +10

    Just got back from there. Already want to go back again lol

    • +5

      Japan is a place that makes me feel that way

  • Any tips on finding the best one-way flight deals @beatthatflight ?

  • +2

    A big NO to me to fly 8.5 hours to SIN then 7 hour to Tokyo with a 9 hour waiting transition…

    • Yeah that's a deal breaker

    • +2

      Do you know that other countries with nuclear power plants are dumping water with higher level of Tritium into the ocean than Fukushima's discharge?

      • Do you think that's why Japan also can pump Nuclear-polluted Water? I don't think so.

  • I wish the site includes the plane info

  • -2

    okay lets go to drink fresh water

  • Am I crazy for wanting to go now, in September? Looks like some unbearable heat/humidity, but I like that I can go with very little itinerary and just figure things out over there. 👀

    • I've been several times in August/September. If you can handle the humidity (bigger issue than the heat itself for me) you'll be fine. I had 9 days in September in Tokyo last year and loved it with only one rest day needed.

    • +3

      The biggest risk with Sept is typhoons. July/Aug are hot and humid - survivable but not that pleasant as a tourist when you are up and walking all day. Sept hits peak typhoon season, which may cause no issues or may cause a few days disruption or could flood and knock out train lines. However the humidity and weather isnt really that bad from mid to late Sept. That said, October is by far a better option if you can manage it.

      Nonetheless, if you are happy to wing your itinerary and change up at the last minute if there is a typhoon or a possible one, then go for it. You can usually find a hotel room in a business hotel (APA Hotel, Super Hotel, Dormy Inn, Toyoko Inn etc) even if booking at the last minute

    • +1

      Very crazy but it's not as crowded, it's offpeak.
      If you can handle the heat (their summer makes ours look like a joke) you'll be fine.
      Just be careful of the typhoons as it's fairly common for them to happen in September.

  • I'm thinking to fly into Tokyo and fly out of a different airport so that I can essentially travel in a "line" to prevent having to come back in a circle. What cities do people recommend for a young couple travelling early May? And how long all up? 2 weeks? 3 weeks?

    • +2

      You can easily spend 3 weeks there. And definitely recommend the straight line approach if you can.

      Definitely would recommend the Kyoto-Nara-Osaka circle and that will be a week if not two weeks on its own. Then spread out from there depending on what you enjoy. All the way out west if you want to go to Hiroshima and see the atomic bomb museum, you can go south for more natural sights like Beppu, takachiho Gorge and similar.

    • +3

      Probably the main one would be Osaka (Kansai International Airport - KIX). If it's your first time, I think 2 weeks works out pretty well, while 3 gives you more flexibility to see further out.

      Fly into Tokyo, explore there first (5-7 days?), get a one way Shinkansen ticket to Kyoto (or Osaka), and then get either a 5 day Kansai-Hiroshima Area Pass or a 7 day JR West All Area Pass, which includes Shinkansen access for all available areas in the respective passes - either of those passes lets you easily get to Himeji Castle and Miyajima Island in Hiroshima. Then fly out from Osaka (it will involve a stopover though).

      • +1

        Thanks for the tips guys!

  • +8

    Wow… There are a lot of uneducated and weirdly nationalistic people on Ozbargain based on the above.

    Japan is a beautiful country, if you don't want to go because you're watching too much sensationalist low quality news then that is sad.

  • Thanks OP. Trip booked. I can't wait to get to the ocean and drink the delicious sea water. I do this every time I visit.

    • Normal or radioactive sea water?

  • OMG! JAL has deals for Brisbane !! Must check it out ! :D

    • If you dont mind transitting 9 hours in Singapore

      • The return leg is the main worry ! 20 odd hours in Singapore ! Add hotel and transport costs the ticket is no longer cheap.

        • Just shop in Jewel for 20 hours and crash in the airport cinema…

          You can get to central Singapore for SGD30 by taxi or around SGD3 by train, so transport isnt that expensive. Hotels arent that cheap though. Still, a 20 hour stop over thats plenty of time to do a quick visit, eat lots of good food etc. Even the 9 hours you can escape the airport (depending on the timing), grab a few meals.

          • @dtc: They should make you the Singapore Travel Promotion Ambassador :)

          • @dtc: i thought transit can only stay inside of the airport?

            • @nonoannie: I am horrified to hear this ! What are you going to do with 20 hours inside an airport no matter how nice it is, it definitely is a NO for me !

            • +1

              @nonoannie: No, you can definitely exit the airport when transitting through Singapore. You can even get a free tour if your layover is more than 5.5 hours.

            • +1

              @nonoannie: Transit does mean you arent leaving the airport, but other than ensuring you have a valid visa and time there is nothing stopping you leaving any airport and turning a 'transit' into a 'stopover'. Its just terminology - if you stay in the airport its a transit (or layover); if you leave its a stopover. But its up to you (and your visa status), not up to the airline or your ticket.

              Somewhere like Singapore is great for a stopover, because its a free online visa for Australians (you apply for it a day or two before you arrive), the airport is pretty efficient at getting you out/through immigration and back in again, and its close to the city proper so 20-30 minutes and you are downtown with no worries about traffic gridlock or anything like that (particularly if you train it).

        • Whats worrrying about it?

  • +2

    Any good deal on Business Class?

    • Whats wrong with economy?

      • I didn't want my seat to be rattled by rear seat passenger).

  • I clicked melb 1 mar - 17 mar and changed filter to japan airlines but prices are 1.2k?

    • Welll….. what do u thin should be done here?

      • I think… certain dates should be crossed off because they're clearly not on sale anymore?

    • I just see Philippine Airlines for ~1800 ?? and Ana for 2600?

  • The prices seem to have jumped overnight by about $300. It was $1085 return yesterday and now $1385 today

  • I'm seeing prices over $1300 on the links in the description, has the price increased?

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