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20% Bonus Velocity Points on Reward Points Transferred from Participating Partners @ Velocity Frequent Flyer


Partners participating in auto transfer bonus points

Turn on Auto Transfer with the below Participating Partners any time between 1 November 2023 – 31 January 2024 to earn 20% bonus Points on all transfers made during the Promotion Period~

  • ANZ
  • Bank of Melbourne
  • BankSA
  • NAB
  • St.George

Partners participating in manual transfer bonus points

Manually transfer your credit card reward points from the below Participating Partners to Velocity this November, December and January - transfer in all 3 months and earn 20% bonus Points*

  • American Express
  • ANZ
  • Bank of Melbourne
  • BankSA
  • BOQ
  • Card Services
  • Citi
  • CommBank Awards
  • Diners Club
  • HSBC
  • NAB
  • St.George
  • Suncorp
  • Westpac

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    Velocity members will receive 20% bonus Velocity Points when they manually transfer eligible points from Participating Partners to Velocity into Velocity Points at least once each calendar month, for three consecutive months, between 1 November 2023 and 31 January 2024 (“Promotion Period”). Minimum points transfer required, transferred in each transaction.

    That's a major caveat and change from previous bonuses.

    Also mean the bonuses won't be issued until all 3 months are up.

    Bonus Points will be allocated the member's Velocity account by 29 February 2024.

    • looks like it… can stack with this https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/784275?page=6#comment-1449… to get 72000 velocity points instead of 60000 velocity points on auto transfer.

      • The nab points are auto transferred to velocity so you wouldn't meet the 'at least once each calendar month, for three consecutive months' criteria

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          That appears to only be a requirement for manual transfers?

        • +1

          That’s only for manual transfers. My understanding is that every auto transfer would get 20% bonus

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            @SydOzber: I had been holding out until now to convert the 120k rewards bonus but I read in the find print that
            " If you receive the 60,000 First Year Bonus Acquisition Points as part of the NAB Rewards Platinum offer during the Promotion Period you will not be eligible to receive the 20% bonus Velocity Points in conjunction with this offer on these 60,000 First Year Bonus Acquisition Points"

            • @Shedz: @Shedz I am in the same boat, been holding those nab points for a bit waiting for a bonus transfer window…

              Where did you find the above text saying those points wouldn't be eligible? Thanks!

            • @Shedz: where does it show this? I still can't find it

              • +1

                @qwerty40777: So it turns out it doesn't say that directly, what it says is:

                "Individuals who were opted in to weekly Autoredemption for Velocity Points as at 11.59pm AEST on 31 Oct 2023 or who take out a NAB Rewards card with a Velocity offer during the Promotion Period are ineligible for the Auto Transfer Campaign"

                That's from the linked deal T&Cs. So if you are already holding the points and set up a new autotransfer then you'll be fine I think. But if you get the points during the promo, manually transfer them over 3 months (or for one month and use other partner transfers to get the other qualifying months sorted). I've got a heap of CBA points and plan on keeping that card, so have done the NAB points manually for this month's partner transfer to be safe (and will follow the next two months with CBA points).

                Hope that helps.

                • @Zerogravitas: Thanks for the explanation. For some reason my brain was interpreting that comment as 'if 60k points were received as part of the NAB Rewards then those points would not be eligible for the 20% bonus'

                • @Zerogravitas: Good observation on the new cards during promotion not being eligible for the 20% bonus but I was thinking of this approach as a workaround - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/14541358/redir

              • @qwerty40777: Sorry for the late response, I didn't get the notifications.
                I'm not sure where I copy that from, it was from the T&C, but I can't seem to find it now.

                I noticed that NAB has to transfer in lots of 3000? I tried to transfer 4000, it takes me to either 3000 or 6000, so if I transfer 3000, how do I transfer the reminding 1000?

                • +1

                  @Shedz: So if I turn off the auto redemption after I get the points and before the points get processed on Monday morning 9 am(as per the comments on the NAB rewards credit card offer page) and manually transfer 60000 NAB reward points(30k Velocity) in November, 30000 NAB points(15k Velocity) in December and 30000 NAB points(15k Velocity) in January… Hopefully that will make us eligible for the 20% bonus(20% of 60k -> 12000 Velocity points)

                  • @SydOzber: why do you have to do three manual transfer?

                    • @nightelves: To meet the promotion requirements

                      • +1

                        @SydOzber: Oh yeah makes sense now.
                        1. Opt out of auto-transfer
                        2. Do one-time transfer for November, December and January
                        3. Bonus points activated as per the manual transfer to Velocity across 3 months.

                        Thanks heaps.

          • @SydOzber: Ah, yes. I see now. My mistake

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    Frustrating that they're tying manual transfers to a 3 month window this time around. Must be an attempt to make people hold onto a card for a little bit longer.

    I held onto my Suncorp card until now with the plan to claim the usual 15-20% transfer bonus this month and then close it out and move to the next card.
    I think the best strategy now is to transfer in November with Suncorp and then apply for another participating card and transfer from that card in December 2023 and January 2024 to meet the three transfers in three months requirement and get the 20% that way.

    PS I was trying to figure out how to succinctly post this deal but your post is definitely better than what I would have come up with.

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    No Flybuys transfers… :(

  • How good are velocity points? New to Oz and have only a few Cathay points.

    • +6

      Welcome to Oz

    • +1

      Welcome to Oz

      • +1

        Phone is fine

    • +3

      Velocity are good, fewer international partners than Qantas but seemingly better availability.
      Domestically they have a 3 tier pricing system that occasionally leads to some bargains.

      Realistically most people hustle for both QF and VA

      • -1

        I wouldn't even say this is the case. On ozbargain maybe but your average punter probably doesn't even know there are anything but Qantas points

        • Both programs have circa 11-12 million members (many probably dead tbh). Although I don’t disagree that more QF points are collected.

      • Thanks! Will try to accumulate some points for either or both.

  • Does any bonus offer ever come up for transfer of Flybuys points to Velocity FF Points. Only thing I have ever seen is the bonus 500 points for the set up an auto transfer of Flybuys to VFF for the first time.

    • +1

      There was a bonus offer on Flybuys points transfer back in June

      • Oh, must have missed it somehow. Thanks anyways.
        I have been waiting for one for a while now. sitting close to 300k Flybuys and was just wondering when to pull the pin.

        • +1

          I suggest you wait. They keep dropping some random Flybuys transfer offers

  • With this extra 20% bonus, would it be better to transfer points from Citibank to Singapore airline or Virgin now? Both can get reward tickets across many airlines.

    • Look at the conversion rate. Krisflyer points usually cost more than Velocity points. But it really depends on who you want to fly with and where you want to fly.

    • KrisFlyer points have a shorter expiry from what I’ve read on here. Just be careful of that.

    • +9

      Direct transfer from Citi to Krisflyer is 0.4 KF pt/Citi point. With this bonus you get 0.387 KF pt/Citi point if you go through Velocity so almost the same rate, only 3% difference. So it is a no-brainer to transfer to Velocity now as you won't have to worry about expiry…unless you are going to book something with Singapore right now.

      • +1

        Thanks, but I read somewhere that it is much easier to get reward business tickets on SQ flights if you use KF miles directly.

        • Yes, you read correctly. When you need to book, you just transfer your Velocity points to KF and book directly with SQ…

          • @vladooo: Great. So if I have many points in Citi Prestige card, although the transfer rate to Krisflyer and Velocity programs are different, with this 20% bonus, it would definitely work out better (or more valued) to transfer all of my points to Velocity in these 3 months in 3 lots? Thanks.

            • +1

              @cardiology: No, you still get slightly more points by converting from Citi > Krisflyer directly, but you then have to use those Krisflyer points before they expire (in 3 years).

              If you don't want to stress about an expiry date, this deal lets you convert from Citi > Velocity (which almost never expire) for long term storage, and only convert from Velocity > Krisflyer (when you're actually ready to use them) without losing as many points.

              • @tierrorize: I just tried to make a KF redemption booking for NZ, then anywhere else.in the south pacific. Availability was basically non existant, and the KF search engine is a disgrace (no monthly view, need to search eco, PE, business as seperate searches. Need to search Sing, Star Alliance, other partners as seperate searches. This means 9 seperate searches for a single date! Then when I did find flights (codeshare with AirNZ), they would disappear at the booking screen. Called up call centre and they were vague and basically said 'yep, thats our old search engine', and advised me to use and call AirNZ!
                Plenty of Virgin flights are available. Pricing is about the same once you factor in the 3:1 KF bs 2.5:1 Velocity.

                I ended up needing to pay the 1200 point penalty (per 10 000 pts) to extend my expiry by another 6 months.

                Must say KF was awesome in Canada. Flights to NYC were $700+. I called up KF call centre and got an AirCanada flight the next day for just 12 000 points.

  • +1

    Hopefully NAB doesn't convert the Citibank card during these 3 months.

  • I'm confused, I have 600k points with St George I've been sitting on waiting for the transfer bonus. I want to close the credit cards as soon as I transfer.

    If I manually transfer all 600k in one go will I get the 20% bonus?

    • 600k! Is this from earning points as you spend?

      You need to transfer atleast one each month for three consecutive months. So I think you'd need to tsansfsr 200k during November, then December and January to get the bonus.

    • +1

      Transfer from St George in November and transfer from another bank in December and January and you might be ok.

      • -1

        I assumed it had to be 3x from the same card

        • It could be.

        • +7

          From the FAQ:

          Can I Manually Transfer from different participating partners during the promotion period?

          Yes, if you manually transfer from one of the Participating Partners in November, you can choose to transfer from this partner again, or from different Participating Partners in December and January.

    • I'm in the same boat, nearly 600k citibank points to transfer with the AF due this month.
      Best option for getting a new card for the December and January transfer appears to be this one:

      According to this page: https://www.anzrewards.com/transfer/checkout/baba3e28-c2b5-4…
      only needs a minimum of 2000 ANZ Rewards points per transfer. (Beware BOQ 30,000 min and Suncorp 25,000 min).

  • I've used anz and nab. Anyone reccomend any other cards? Also, this is my first year looking at bonus cards. Do new cards usually come out near the end of the year? Seems to be slim pickings lately

  • I’ve got 50,000 Amex points, with the conversation rate being 2:1 but 20% bonus. Would it be worth transferring to velocity or another airline?
    Never done this before and not sure how valuable Amex points are.

    • In the same boat but with 320k Amex points. keen for some advice. ideally closing this amex card down in April.

  • Great deal, but ANZ auto-redemption seems broken right now - "Unexpected error - try again" ! Need to try again later, hope they fix it.

  • just made a transfer of 62K Amex to Velocity 5 mins ago, but only received 31K Velocity points, and shows 31 Oct transaction, very weird!

    • +4

      Whats weird - AMEX converts 2:1 to velocity?

      • I think he means the bonus points weren't in that initial transfer.

        • +3

          no… he's pissed cause it recorded as an oct transaction…. not november!

  • +1

    I have already set up auto transfer few months ago. Does this automatic add 20% or should I cancel and create auto transfer again?

    • Worth doing it again. I recall seeing an ANZ T&C in one of their pages that auto-transfers created prior to 31 Oct 2023 would not be eligible for 20% bonus.

  • Stupid question.. can my wife xfer her cc points to my velocity and if so would that still be included in the 20% bonus scheme?

    • +1

      No.. names should match

      • thanks.. I'll xfer to her account then do a family xfer

  • +3

    Does it applies to Virgin Money Credit card aswell, can find details?

  • oh….I transfered points from Westpac to Velocity two days ago…..
    I tried to make book flight for ADL-DPS Sep 2024. But, it has only TWO economy reward seats. We need three. Too small number of reward seats. Do I need to wait for more reward seats?

    • +4

      Whats this got to do with bonus points?

  • Is there a minimum number of points you need to transfer each month to get the bonus?

    They can all be different amounts each month?

    • +2

      Velocity/Virgin don't appear to state any minimum for manual transfers - this is basically set by the credit card you are transferring from. for example, Citibank require you have 2000 citi points to transfer to Velocity, so as long as the bank/CC allows you to transfer any minimal value, you will be eligible for the 20% bonus as long as you make a transfer in Nov, Dec and Jan.

      If any bank/CC doesn't have a minimum, in theory you could send a handful of points on three seperate occasions.

  • Means you have to holding the cards for more than 3 months and can only redeem the flight after 3 months. Not for someone wants to use in this calendar year

  • And there was the offer i was waiting for!👍

  • +1

    If you are in the Auto transfer list, can you just turn it on, then off again? Or needs to be still on in Feb?

    2nd question. Is Citi classified as NAB yet?

    • +1

      Great question, does anyone know this?

  • need westpac to pay me my 70k velocity

  • I just worked out yesterday that if you make a purchase on Myer when you checkout log into your Velocity account and you can redeem points for $$ off your purchase. The only drawback is you must pay by credit card to finish the transaction.

  • If my wife gets the velocity points in her account, will that be transferred to me if i have created a family pool?

  • +1

    What if I do the auto redemption with ANZ then close the card afterwards. Will I still get the bonus?

  • So i can transfer from a different bank each month

  • Great offer - It's shame the bonus points are not received immediately similar to previous offers

    • +1

      For some, in previous offers it also took 2-3 months of chasing them up to get the bonus points from Citibank transfers.

  • +2

    damn, I transferred the points from citi and in velocity statement, it says the transfer is Oct 31, it is so dodge, anyone has the issue?

    • +1

      Same in my statement too.

      • +1

        gosh, the indian guy on the phone cannt understand me at all, keep telling me what the offer is

    • +1

      Same issue for 40k Velocity. Transfered 1/11 showed up 31/10. LoL. Need to call them to note this down.

    • I manually transferred from Suncorp to Velocity after this deal was posted and it's showing as 31 October as well.

    • for those who has the same issue: save you some time calling them by sending email to [email protected] wih your proof, this is what I got after 1 hour talking on the phone

      • I haven't emailed them yet, will do it this week. Anyone get a response though?

        • their response says we confirm you have xxxx points in your account, i was like wtf? even chatgpt will give a better answer, replied explain again and no more luck

          • @hytvszz: Oh dear. I transferred 400k points. Well either way I will be badgering them until I get them.

          • +1

            @hytvszz: I'm a (profanity) platinum so I'll see if I get a different response from their platinum support email address.

      • @uder @hytvszz @RGV @DanielTr

        I sent them an email and received the below replies:

        Thank you for reaching out to us about our Transfer Campaign promotion and we're sorry for the inconvenience this may had caused.

        Please know I've consulted your concern with our relevant team, and the reason why it was reflected on your account as 31st of October for Points transfer is because our Bank partner is located on United States base.

        There will be a time difference for the date, it will reflect on your account and as much as I'd like to manually update them for you. It was system generated and we don't have access to change them.

        Nothing to worry, our promotion period started on 31st of October until 03rd of February 2024. The reflected date on your account still eligible for our promotion. Please make sure to transfer atleast once a month in a row from (November, December, and January) to earn 20% bonus Points.

        If eligible, bonus Points will be allocated on the Velocity account by 29th of February 2024.

        I went on to enquire if my transaction dated 31 October 2023 would count as the November transaction and received this response:

        Thank you for getting back to us.

        Please know as per our relevant team, since promotion period starts on 31st of October, your Points Transfer will still be considered as transaction for month of November. To be eligible for the 20% bonus Points, please transfer at least once a month in a row in the upcoming month.

        TL;DR: Some transactions are backdated to 31 October because American timezones. Transactions dated 31 October will count as your November transaction.

        • thanks @daanish, good to hear that, though I did not see anywhere saying it is from Oct31 instead of Nov1, i have received a similar response(finally not auto response) saying it should work, otherwise I can contact them in Feb after the campain finish.

          • @hytvszz: Yeah I didn't see anything about 31 October in any terms and conditions but I'll take it.

    • God so annoying this happened to me too. And I'm sure it will cause issues.

  • +1

    Citi have auto transfer, I can't see it listed does anyone know if they're a part of this?

  • +2

    Setup auto-redemption on ANZ yesterday, and points transferred across. 80k points, only received 40k (transfer listed as 02/11 in the Velocity app). Does anyone know if the bonus points are meant to come through immediately?

    • +1

      Same here. The T&Cs aren't immediately clear, but it does say this:

      Bonus Velocity Points are calculated on the accumulated total number of base Velocity Points transferred to the Velocity account in accordance with the offer and which arrive in the member's account in the Promotion Period. Bonus Points will be allocated the member's Velocity account by 29 February 2024.

      So it could technically not arrive until then?

    • +1

      Same here with St George. Points transferred, but no bonus points. It took me about 3 months to get bonus points from the previous promotion, so I'd say be patient.

  • Ughh I don't want to keep my Citi card open for 3 months

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