Brother Wireless Mono Laser Printer HL-L2305W $99 (RRP $158) + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ C&C/ in-Store) @ Officeworks


Brother Wireless Mono Laser Printer HL-L2305W selling at officeworks for $99

Black friday deal I guess, has not seen this machine at $99 for a while now. Very reliable and good value for money!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2023

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      That is possibly the greatest review I've ever read.

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      Now I understand all those generic product reviews out there that feel like they've been written by a template.

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      I love how on the vergecast they said something like "Is our advice on printers still the same?" - "Yep - just buy the cheapest Brother laser printer"

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    It is hands down the most reliable printer I have ever had. It just keeps chugging along.

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      No more clogged nozzles from inkjets from not being used for a while!

      I fire mine up like once every few months when I need to print something. It's ready to go within a few seconds, no issues with wifi, no issues with printing. 10/10.

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        Inkjet printers are a scam

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      all of this 23XX series are awesome - totally agree, wireless printing from any platform (pc, IOS etc..) is completely reliable and the cost is cheaper than a Perth cappuccino.

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        Agree. I've had the duplex version of this printer for years and it's been super reliable. Using knock off toners from eBay it's been very cheap to operate.


        • worth spending extra on duplex?

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            @fredblogs: I think so. Double sided printing is so easy on a duplex machine and the paper saving is significant. Worth paying a bit more for a DW printer IMO.

        • What is the model number of the duplex version if you don't mind me asking?

          • @Ice009: Mine is a HL-L2350DW

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      I've been using it for 5 years, it's phenomenal.

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    Good printer. Had one since 2018 and works like a charm. Generic toners and drums quite cheap too at around ~$9 per 2000+ pages toner and ~$18 per 12,000+ pages drum.

    • Does this do double sided printing without intervention?

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        Automatic duplexing? I don't believe it can. Never tried it.

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          it’s not the duplex model …so single sided printing on this deal.

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            @garage sale: It’s easy enough to do manual duplexing - in fact, Brother used to build this right into the driver settings with on-screen instructions of what to do. Go into the print properties before submitting the job to see if they still do.

            If you want to have a go yourself you can do this with any printer:

            1. Print all even pages first, in reverse order. I.e. you want to start from the end of the document and go forward.
            2. Take the printed pages and reload them into the paper tray with the correct side up. (Check the symbol embossed into the plastic of the paper lifter to see if the blank side goes up or down and which way the top of the page feeds.)
            3. Print the odd pages next, in normal forward order.

            Try it a few times on some short documents until you work out the correct paper handling, then you’ll soon be duplexing like a Boss!

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        No, you need the model with the D

        D is duplex
        W is wireless

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          Sounds like I want the D then lol

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            @montorola: You want the D

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            @montorola: Or, look for the DW model name suffix. :P

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            @montorola: i have the DW and it’s great .

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              @garage sale: 2400DW is $60 more.
              Differences from what I can see in the specs are the 2400 does the duplex print, is rated at 30 pages per minute, and 1200 x 1200 dots per inch.
              Subject of this post is cheaper, single sided only, 23 pages per minute, and 2400 x 600 dots per inch.
              (Both give 1.44M dots per square inch, and I have no idea which would look better or even if we can realistically tell the difference)

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        Does this do double sided printing without intervention?


    • Have you tried replacing drum?

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        Yes, have replaced it twice. Easy to swap.

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        usually just reset the drum count rather than changing it. But it's easy to change also.

        • how do you reset the drum count?

          Also would the drum would still be old so how does resetting fix anything?

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      Where did you get $9 and $18 toner for this ?
      Office work showing $89 for compatible toners.

      • +14

        Generic toners and drums from ebay. All compatible and works just as good as genuine toners. Usually buy mine in bulk from Aussie toners on Ebay.

      • -1

        its not filled as much as authentic, so it will print less pages. still a great savings still, but just good to know when buying generic.

        • +6

          Generic toners are not cheaper because they have less in them.

          They are cheaper because they are not a genuine spare.

          They might even have more toner fill in them.

          • @spaceflight: lol, duh.
            no, they don't have more toner in them. i just tried 2 different generic brands. the authentic one got me over 1000 pages, while generics got me anywhere between 750-900 pages. also the printing isn't as crisp or bold. just my real world experience.

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              @Hugh G Rection:

              lol, duh

              Except you said

              its not filled as much as authentic, so it will print less pages

              no, they don't have more toner in them.

              For every generic toner in existence?

              What about this one with 5200 pages

              i just tried 2 different generic brands. the authentic one got me over 1000 pages, while generics got me anywhere between 750-900 pages

              That seems within tolerance for different things printed.

              ISO/ IEC 19752 used for black and white yield assumes 5% coverage.

              If you are printing more than that you'll get a lower yield

            • @Hugh G Rection: Yeh i noticed that.
              Genuine gave me nice dark black prints.
              Knock offs were slightly gray

              • @easternculture: hmm.. dunno.. but maybe adjusting print settings could help if this is an issue.

                i'm happy with my diy-bottled-toner-refill prints on my brother..
                but i'm not printing for presentation anyway.

      • i got my last diy bottle of toner from
        has worked out well.. very easy to refill.. and they typically provide instructions.

        i assume they/inkstation/ebay etc also have the generic toner units for those who don't wanna refill.

    • Do any of these cheaper Brother printers have firmware which bricks the generic toners? I was worried about that when I installed mine so I keep it off the network most of the time.

      • Never had a problem with mine. And my toners are years old.

  • Lots of neg review re wifi. A lot of the ow reviews seem to have been copied from the brother website…

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      Beside the finnicky setup, the networked access and printing has been flawless for me. YMMV.

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      Setting up networked printers on Ethernet is always going to be more reliable.

      If you really need to use wifi, try to set them up with a static IP or use DHCP registration in your router to keep them to a fixed IP address. Some user devices don’t deal well with changing/dynamic IPs for printers.

      • +5

        the problem is that heaps of numpties buy printers and they really fail on even the basics so with even good printers the reviews will be skewed by dummies

        they're no frills but they work

        i found these things have like $10-$15 2,500pg carts… just buy $50 worth and you can print for years

    • -2

      All of the cheaper printers run on 2.4Ghz, while most WiFi's are on 5Ghz which is faster etc. Unless you can get your router to run both frequencies - not sure this is possible- my work around was to go into multiple SSID on my modem's admin panel and create a new SSID that supported the 2.4 Hz so the printer could 'find' it. Also set up printer using a cable first then unplug so the printer could connect on the new network. To print, you just click on the printer SSID to switch wireless networks

      • +6

        Very easy to have a router running dual band.

      • +1

        totally not true. i can't think of any router that i've used that ONLY can broadcast 5Ghz networks. really old routers might only be able to broadcast 2.4Ghz, but almost every router will be able to broadcast both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz simultaneously. most devices cant even connect to 5Ghz with stability unless it's within a room of the router.

      • +1

        Unless you can get your router to run both frequencies - not sure this is possible

        Every dual band router I've had supports dual band, that's kind of the point…

    • I had to youtube how to connect the wifi, but once I did, it works great!

  • +3

    Have one of these. Given to me for free.
    Very reliable as network wireless printer once setup

    • +2

      Given to me for free.

      Goes nicely with your free mitre saw?

      • Going to pickup 2 x Free 45L tubs of assorted tools tomorrow

  • +8

    Google Print, AirPrint and WiFi direct compatibility will help you to print using a wireless connection.

    It's great that the printer has a feature that hasn't existed since January 2021

    • +5

      Ugh Google, not again!

    • +3

      Brother printers are so reliable old models can be relevant for decades

      • +2

        But Brother/Officeworks shouldn't be advertising a feature that doesn't exist and can't be used.

  • +1

    Brother make the best basic cheap laser printers there are, simples.

    Bought them for years, they just work

    Buy the high capacity toner and get on with life

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    If you don't use the Printer for 7-8 months.. does the toner dry up ? Just like cartridges in inkjet.

    • +10

      Nope. Fired up and ready to go in under 30 seconds. I have a throw blanket over mine to prevent dust because only use it once every few months.

    • +3

      No, laser printers don't have that problem

    • +1

      Toner is a dry powdery material

      • Liquid toner exists as well, but only in commercial digital printers.

    • Came here for the same question. Keep buying inkjets and then have to buy new ink every time I want to use it. Time to switch :)

  • The 2350DW was $99 earlier this year.

  • Supports AirPrint?

    • +1

      Yup, I have L2365DW with latest firmware and AirPrint works fine with iOS and Macs. L2305W should work exactly the same as they're both from the same series.

  • Is there any 3in1 printer, print scan copy?

    I think scan is no more needed, you can use your phone to scan stuff.

    I need a very basic printer to print return labels and some drawing and colouring pages for toddlers. I was thinking I should get a color one.

    Any cheap options? Or do I simply get this one

    • +2

      No cheap option for 3 in 1.

      Brother MFC-L2880DW - $269 before OfficeWorks price match.

      Brother MFCL2730DW - $209 + shipping. Can't find any OW stocking this to price match.

      • +1

        Do these take generic toners as well? I am seriously considering a printer at home. Just need a reliable option, It would probably see a little use.

        • +1

          People indicated 27xx series need generic toners with a mod chip included (if you use latest firmware). Unclear about 28xx series since it is newer (but since it is newer, it would most likely require a toner with a pre-modded chip.

          Found this eBay listing, but you need to buy 3 for $36.
          3 x TN-2450 W/CHIP Toner for Brother MFC-L2730DW

          I don't have those MFCs so please do your own research.

      • What do I get by paying more? They seem to all have very similar specs?

    • +3

      scanning with phone is no match for a proper scanner

  • +3

    Doesn't have Duplex function, which was a deal-breaker for me

    • +1

      Yeah same here, what a shame! Looks like the same model but with duplexing ability was at $99 on Amazon 4 months ago. The DW model

    • +2

      Try L2400DW which is $159 at OW.

    • +1

      Oh! I wondered why so cheap

    • +2

      See above for manual duplexing instructions. It’s not hard once you get past the initial trial-and-error phase. I used to print 200+ duplexed docs on my HL-2132 back in the day. (Which is still going strong today, according to the person I passed it on to.)

  • Has Brother dropped the price of this beast since the nasty firmware release?

    • What's all this about then?

      • +3

        Apparently latest firmwares block ability for 3'rd party toner.

  • Good printer.

    I don't print much so it's always fully shut down after use. It takes a couple of minutes to start up and find the Wi-Fi, then it just works.

  • The best mono printer I've ever owned.

  • Grabbed one. Been waiting on this price a while. Thanks OP.

  • +1

    I got the L2350dw for 99 a few months back and that is a good printer also.

    • It's better than this one - has duplex.

  • +1

    any recommendations on a mono laser print with scan function ? thanks heaps

  • +4

    Brother HL-L2350DW Mono Laser Printer $99 Delivered @ Amazon AU

    on 20/06/2023 - 08:37

    for $99, 2350 is much better deal

  • Thanks OP. Just got one.

  • +2

    I have the 2015 model, but I am still using it till this day! It has never broken down on me, it's still damn reliable and prints clean pages.

    I never been so impressed with a printer before. I was recommended this by a friend who was at uni and I decided to get one when I started uni and my god it's a good printer.

  • Great printer, just expensive toners.

    Any recommendations for 3rd party options that are good?

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