Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max (Natural Titanium) 256GB $2149 Shipped + Surcharge @ digiDirect (from $2041.25 Price Beat @ Officeworks)


Hi everyone,

Been looking for a price drop from a Store that officeworks would price beat, so I could use my Ultimate gift cards from the giftcards deal.
Finally found it and got it for $2041.25 + 15% discounted gift cards + 5x FB Points from OnePass ($52ish) bringing it down to $1685.

also can we please skip the "Uh HoW PeOpLe PaY So MuCh FoR aN iPhOnE"
Also, only available in Natural Titanium so you have to order and collect in 2 days ish.

0.95% surcharge on card & PayPal payments.

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    You should have bought it with the gift cards. I think I paid around $1800 for my daughters phone

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      I think I paid around $1800 for my daughters phone

      Why didn't she pay for her phone?

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        Because 17 years old kids don't have that kind of dough.

          • @KangaDrew: Maybe she does?

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            @KangaDrew: Yeah i know right. At that age i bought my first PC from my own money for around $1,100 back in the early 90's. Saved up years for it through a pamphlet delivery job. It would be about $2,400 today due to inflation. Back then i got very little from my parents.

            Kids get it way too easy these days with their parents paying for every thing. Even expensive stuff like iPhones.

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              Kids get it way too easy these days with their parents paying for every thing.

              Yep, next they start complaining that they can't afford the multi million dollar properties in the inner city suburbs for their first home.

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              @hollykryten: Yeah I hear ya. I bought and paid for my Mazda 323 for $3k cash when I was 18. Saved up over time from working. Gen Z and Alpha all want a silver spoon in their mouth and a cushy private office before the hit puberty.

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                @KangaDrew: Sorry but it's no longer silver. It's platinum… :)

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                  @Dok: Nah fam in this case it's titanium lol

            • @hollykryten: Would you like a trophy?

          • @KangaDrew: She did until not long ago but it was just too much school and work.

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          Because 17 years old kids don't have that kind of dough.

          Then maybe they should buy a cheaper phone…

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            @jv: Maybe they should, but as long as my kid appreates and values it I have no problem with paying for it.

            • @dosada:

              as my kid appreates and values it I

              They won't if they don't work for it…

              I only ever pay half of my kids phones, they rest they need to work and save up for…

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                @jv: Good for you. I’m sure there’s someone that thinks you’re ridiculous for even paying half. Let others live their lives if they want to buy their kid a phone, why do you feel the need to high horse it?

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                  someone that thinks you’re ridiculous for even paying half.

                  You missed the point.

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            @jv: That's right. People don't need to pay some thing like $1800 for a smart phone. I got myself a TCL 20 Pro phone on clearance for $399 earlier on in the year. It works great for what i need.

            Besides eventually after many years they'll shut down the 5G network some day in the future. And the expensive phone will be a paper weight. Just the same as what happened with 3G phones.

        • 2k phone for a 17year old .. vomit

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        who asked you?

        • dosada, why?

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      Finally found it and got it for $2041.25 + 15% discounted gift cards + 5x FB Points from OnePass ($52ish) bringing it down to $1685.

      Uhhhh, my maths puts $1685 as considerably cheaper than $1800

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        I don't know how much other people have paid. I know how much i paid for it.

        • Yet you're posting in a thread telling the OP they should've paid $1800 instead of $1685.

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      People are wayy too invested in what you are buying YOUR daughter lol

      • At least they’re not invested in their daughter?

  • Do they price beat on their online store?

    • Following

      • No not via live chat

        • How about - Over phone For online shopping?

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      Didn’t buy the 15%off gift cards and now it’s expired… I’m so disappointed 😔

  • laughing in S23 sounds after random earbud trade-in, chat voucher, etc, etc

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      laughing in don’t need to giveaway everything to sell a phone that copies everything the previous years iPhone did

      • at least they didn't give away a kidney

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      Good for you but you realize the trade off though right? Samsung has lots of sales so you can get their flagships significantly cheaper than Apple. So to you, Samsung has the better value. However this also causes the resell value of their phones to drop very quick. On the other hard, Apple rarely has sales and even when they do, they still cost significantly more. Bue because of that, Apple devices are able to retain their value really well for a long time. Thus, Apple is better value from that perspective. You're more than welcome to have your own preferences and opinions as to which is better value, but objectively they're both valid. I personally have no horse in the race as I prefer Google phones over both Samsung and Apple.

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        you realize the trade off … resell value of their phones to drop very quick

        I do realise that re price drop, so let's do a simple example to make sure you realise that too.
        I'll use round numbers here for simplicity.
        Let's say I buy a Samsung on special for 700. Let's say I buy an Apple for 1500.
        Let's say I want to upgrade after 2 years, and Samsung retains only 40% of it's value, and Apple a whopping 70%!

        Loss on Samsung = 700 * 0.6 = 420
        Loss on Apple = 1500 * 0.3 = 450

        You can, of course, argue that the numbers aren't exactly right, but I'm hoping by now you realise that your logic re resell value drop doesn't hold water (and let's not talk about all other issues that can and do happen, such as dropping the phone and needing to replace screen, etc.)

        • You've just given the perfect reasoning why you should just buy a used Samsung. win win!

  • Which iphone is the best bang for your buck now?? Wanting to get a small form iphone but it looks like either iphone 13 mini or Iphone SE 2022…both of which almost 2 years old

    • Which iphone is the best bang for your buck now??


    • Yeah I know it's hard, I'm still hold my iPhone 12mini 50% of the time.

  • Is there anyway to still get the gift cards for this, or is that over.. =[

  • Can someone please tell me about 15% discount gift card.

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    How did we end up calling 2k price for a phone a bargain?

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      When Phones got to the point where they literally do everything for you now

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        You mean Phones can work so you can sit at home and it does all the work ?

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          nononono, she means phones can send messages and take photos these days

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          No but your phone can potentially invest in more money and stocks for you. That’s a trade worth paying up. Technology has advanced and evolved so much to the point where A.I. controls merely everything. Everything sounds and looks more intuitive.

        • With enough shortcuts and automations set up, you could theoretically just sit there and let it run most of your life

    • If you could use the gift card I think that's OK.

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      If you can't understand then clearly it's not for you. This is a pro version of a flagship series of phones and is not intended for the average consumer who can't grasp the need for it.

      I personally do a lot on my phone so I need something of this calibre. I have over 300 apps. I also value screen real estate. So my only options are

      • iPhone 15 - 14 - 13 Pro Max
      • Galaxy S23 - 22 - 21 Ultra
      • Pixel 8 - 7 - 6 Pro

      And I'm happy to pay $1k+ if necessary but as everyone else, I love bargains so it usually doesn't cost as much thanks to OzBargain. I currently have a Pixel 6 Pro and am happy with it and prefer Google phones over Apple and Samsung phones because of vanilla Android. I don't plan to upgrade soon, will probably wait for the Pixel 9 or 10 Pro.

      There is the no problem with the existence of $2000 phones. And there's nothing wrong with you getting by with a $300 phone. And there's nothing wrong with $2000 phones going on sales and being a bargain. OzBargain does not exclusively cater to low end products, high end products on sale can be bargains too.

      • There is the no problem with the existence of $2000 phones

        Apparently there is to many. They refuse to better themselves financially and see the existence of such phones and see themselves as so entitled that Apple should change its pricing policy to take into account their slender means.

  • So basically this is only a deal if you have the gift cards to stack right?

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    It shows OOS at all nearby stores to my location, how can I get this? Does online works with PBG?

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    That is says "AWAITING STOCK" suggests OW might not be so keen to price match?

    • They not even checked mine…

      • what if your local store does not have stock, will they let you order?

  • Is the deal buy-ish ?

    • bear-ish

  • -5

    Don’t buy 256 lol

    • I am upgrading from a 64gb one that I have been fine for last 4 years… whats wrong with 256?

      • Unless you want to shoot a crap ton of ProRes footage 256gb is way more than enough don't listen to this guy 😂
        I've only used like 55gb of mine and that's with a couple of huge games downloaded

    • +1

      don't be an idiot lol

    • Care to elaborate?

    • Why not lol

    • It’s fine with offload unused apps enabled, iCloud Photos enabled with a high end iCloud plan and also never using the phone to its full potential.

    • Who stores shit on their phone nowadays….?

  • Thanks, will lodge a price protection claim on my launch day unit from Apple. Only 50 bucks but oh well!

    • I may be wrong but I believe that ship sailed weeks ago. 14 days after purchase IIRC.

      • I get one year with my CC.

        • Ooh very nice!!

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    My budget for a phone is $400-$500. I am in this thread solely for the repartee.

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      My budget for a phone is $400-$500.

      Cool, I'm not sure if you're looking for a phone or just staying your general budget but in case you are -

      The $399 - Google Pixel 6a seems to be best option for you.

      If you prefer iPhones, the 11 was <$500 recently. The Galaxy A54 has deals around $450. Which means the A34 is probably cheaoer. The Motorola E13 for $98 or Nokia C31 for $128 for extreme budget phone. The Moto G62 was voted best phone under 300. The Pixel 6a was voted best under <$500.

      I personally have the Pixel 6 Pro, which is currently $669 on Reebelo (yes, brand new).

      I am in this thread solely for the repartee.

      Cool, I left a couple somewhat big comments on this deals against people who can't grasp this deal if you'd like to read them.

      • Thanks for the update. I'm still a happy owner of the Pixel 5 - an excellent small phone - and I think I have a fairly long wait before the Pixel 8 gets down to sub $500. But I'm a long-time Apple shareholder, so I'm happy when others are content to drop $2K on a phone.

  • +3

    As an Apple shareholder, I wish they would make an iPhone Ultra and charge at least $10k for it. I’m sick of the sea of iPhones around — they’re just so affordable!

    • It is called an Apple Vision Pro

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    I think Tomo officeworks price algorithm either make stock unavailable or update the price to match this.

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    Got the s23 ultra for $1330 or so with 1yr warranty and a ~$200 voucher which I used to get Samsung Buds2 Pro for like $30. Such a good deal reflecting on it.

    • +7

      Cool story though and what does this have to do with the OP??

  • -1

    sooooo has anyone actually managed to price beat with OW or is this just theorizing?

    • +2

      I did, hence the post. OW will price match digidirect at any moment.


      • So , what GC deal did you refer to?

      • ah congratulations 🙂 which store? thanks for the post

      • HI there, i have never done price match before. Did you do it online or you must go to store and show them this?Thanks

      • JB-Hifi doesnt price match at this price even after i showed him this receipt. They say they dont match other company's policy

  • Would Apple Store Price Match as well? As I have the 15% off card from Apple

    • +1

      How can you get 15% off apple gift card lol

      • There was a deal in March this year

  • Still looking for a deal on the 15 Pro Max 1 TB, nowhere has it cheaper than $2897

    • +1

      $3K for a phone. Crikey.

    • I can’t comprehend why you’d need a 1TB phone.

      • maybe a vlogger on social media

      • Because my 512 GB is full and I like to keep a bunch of old photos and videos on device

        • Hope you back them up elsewhere too.

        • You would be better off with the monthly subscription iCloud $15/month (or Turkey $7.5/month) which gives you 2TB. I wasn't keen to subscribe to have ongoing fees and I always wanted the largest storage size and keep everything (but still back up frequently) on the phone just like you.

          A 512GB is plenty for apps and photos/videos with iCloud. From 512GB to 1TB is an additional $350 which is equivalent to 2 years of iCloud subscription. Just use 'optimized' and reduced photos/videos on the phone which you can still access seamlessly (don't think of blurry images waiting to be downloaded to view). And your photos/videos are always backed up on the cloud! Trust me, in 2 years time, iPhone 15 will drop more than $350 for a second hand. Even if you are looking for trade in with Apple, each tier storage they would give you $50-80 extra, instead of $350.

  • it is show as $2,149.00 noq

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