ANZ Frequent Flyer Black Credit Card 100,000 Qantas Points & $250 Back with $5,000 Spend in First 3 Months, $425 Annual Fee



$425 annual fee
$250 back to the card (5k spend, first 3 months)
100,000 Qantas Points (5k spend, first 3 months) + 30,000 Qantas Points if hold card for over 12 months
Min credit limit 15k
2 x Qantas lounge passes per year
1 point per dollar up to 7.5k and 0.5 above that per statement period
You are not eligible for this offer if you currently hold or have held an ANZ Frequent Flyer credit card in the last 12 months.

Mod note: 30,000 Qantas Points in the second year removed from title — either quote $425 fee for 100,000 or quote $850 fee for 100,000 + 30,000 points.

Referral Links

Referral: random (100)

$30 each for referrer & referee with ANZ Plus Digital Banking after referee makes 3 card purchases.

Include your mobile number when sending a PM, so the referrer can SMS you the referral invitation.

The Referrer must enter the friend's mobile number in the ANZ Mobile App (when prompted) with their consent. The referee must successfully join ANZ Plus with the same mobile number, accept the invitation within the app, add a savings goal and then make 3 purchases of any amount using their physical or digital ANZ Plus Visa Debit card that is classified as card purchases. Both parties receive $30 within 48 hours. Campaign ends Dec 11 2023.

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  • +7

    An increase of $150 cashback, decrease of 10,000QP but addition of 30,000QP if held over 12 months

    • +9

      Was 110k with same min spend and same cashback in January this year, but definitely better than their last deals.

      Take what you can get in this economic climate..

      • I just got back 110000 qff points and $255 this month

  • Much better value compared to their previous deal. Nice

  • +3

    wow … $425 Annual Fee

    • +1

      Nobody tell him about the Centurion….

      • Amex invite only 'elite' club? Doh!

        • +1

          $5,000 to get the card and $6,500 p.a.

          • +1

            @SolitaryMan: Most likely can order fake from Aliexpress… to get that rich feeling :)

            • @localhost: Sounds good until your date tells you to pay the bill with your Black Amex! Can’t even claim you’re reached your limit given it doesn’t have one they’ll tell you about!

          • @SolitaryMan: Does everything a platinum charge right or is there more to it

            • +1

              @cerealsmok3r: Slightly higher points earn, better status upgrades with hotels and one airline, plus Qantas Club membership. Supposedly better concierge.

              The usual line is that you need to travel a lot to get value from it, but of course if you travel a lot you may already have higher status levels anyway 🤷‍♂️

              • @SolitaryMan: I hold the US Centurion and the AU Centurion. You also get Emirates Gold Status on the AU Cent but on the US you get Delta Diamond Medallion.

              • @SolitaryMan: oooh thanks for the headsup! I was kinda right but the travelling makes a lot of sense

          • @SolitaryMan: WTF!!! 😲

  • +1

    I didn’t get approved for this, even tho I earn way over 120k, have a 40% LVR on my mortgage.
    I guess they didn’t like that I had applied and been approved for the NAB version and a Kogan balance transfer in the last 3 months…

    • +19

      Their whole applications department seems to have gone down the creek. I used to get approved very quickly, now you apply and it's "more info", call call call, etc. Gave up with them.

    • +9

      FWIW, the LVR is largely irrelevant. If you take home ~$3500 a fortnight after tax and the majority of that is chewed up by your living expenses and repayments, you’re going to get knocked back.

      As a second point, I’ve churned many cards, ANZ are always the hardest to deal with and I’d assume have quite strict lending criteria.

    • +1

      I was not approved as well, Even though on 100k salary, at the same time with an investment property( out of pocket $700/M and unfortunately with ANZ), I am sharing house with friends so $1100 per month rent. I also have a NAB version in the last 3 months too, they called me and asked for some extra info then told me system would not let me go ahead , I was like ??? my mate has a owner occupied home loan but still got Citi, nab approved. ANZ is just ridiculous.

    • +5

      You’ll struggle getting approved for two black level cards at a time on that income - especially within 3 months. Next time close the other black card before applying.

      • What income could you feasibly apply for 2x black level cards at?

        I've a habit of making my life difficult and closing one before opening another, when I think this is potentially unnecessary.

        • +4

          It's a double edged sword. You can close current credit cards to help your chance with the new application, but there is no guarantee you'll get it. You can get rejected and then you have no credit cards and be a lowly pleb using your own money, the horror!

        • +1

          You want a credit card that you can use in between churning. I use kogan credit card to get kogan points. There's no cooldown that resets eligibility for new customers so you don't need to close it off. No monthly or annual fee.


          You also get kogan first for the life of the card.

          • +1

            @CodeXD: yeah thats what ive been doing, got the $500 bonus sign up years ago and kept it ever since as my backup, comes in handy for free shipping on kogan sometimes.

      • +1

        I have a 20k limit with Citibank and still got approved for ANZ black and Westpac Black.

        • +1

          Is that all concurrent? And are you on a crazy high income to enable this?

          • @Innately Incognito: Only with the 2, Citibank and the other

            January - August: Citibank & ANZ Black
            September - Current: Citibank & Westpac

          • @Innately Incognito: Reduce your limits to a minimum.

            • @serpserpserp: Yeah. I have an $8k CBA but I don't know if say a $150k income can sustain going after the ANZ without closing it first. Made more difficult as part of my income is bonus-related (albeit nearly 100% consistent historically).

              • @Innately Incognito: Just tell em you are closing the CBA card once this one opens

                • @serpserpserp: Is there any way to actually do that though? Cos afaik it's mostly automated and outside of a balance transfer I don't know how/why they would possibly know or agree that you're closing it.

                  • @Innately Incognito: I thought there were boxes to write stuff in your expenses list. Otherwise don't put it in and tell em you are closing it off they find out about it

                    • @serpserpserp: They know all about you, I forgot to declare my lattitude card, and they inquired about it when they called to verify some details of my application.
                      I only submitted it yesterday.

    • +1

      you are probably considered a "deadbeat" in their system i.e. someone who pays credit card on time and never incurs interest. They dont make any money from you.

      • It's funny because that's exactly the client amex specially targets.

        Spend money and pays off debt

        Because the majority of income on credit cards is the merchant fee on every dollar the seller processes

    • +1

      Never ever waste your time applying for an ANZ card. Ever.

  • +1

    Is it hard to get approval for these cards once you have a home loan??

    • +1

      It will make no difference compared to someone who pays the same amount of rent as you do in mortgage repayments.

  • -3

    Sorry just to be clear, If I spend 5k in 3 months and cancel, do I skip the $425 annual fee

    • No. You may get a pro-rata refund but its been a while since I heard someone getting one

      • -4

        Should be able too , I’ve just finishing 3 months on the current promo and I’m going to ask next month when I cancel the card but essentially I heard you get the whole annual fee back (if successful) not a pro rata

        • +2

          Unlikely, NAB were the last bunch to do pro rata and complete refund of annual fees are literally unheard of.

        • I was successful getting full refund 18 months ago, but about 3 months back they wouldn't even do pro rata refund. Tried multiple agents and they all held firm no refunds at all

          • @cook99: Yes they came out about a year ago and announced Pro rata refunds is no more.

      • I got a pro rata refund from ANZ in April 2023

        • +1

          I ask for pro rata refund last month and they gave me back whole fee

          • @ashyboy: I'm hearing more recently they aren't doing refunds of any sort anymore. Pointing to section 16.C in their terms of use. Pretty much saying that because you've received points, they aren't obligated to refund you.

            • @Arick: Only chance is to ask nicely when you call and hope for the best. Nothing gained nothing lost

    • +3

      Annual fees are mostly charged on the card itself the first month.

  • +1

    Any minimum income requirement?

    • -1

      From what i've heard, it is $75000

      • I'm surprised they haven't increased this minimum income requirement inline with inflation

        The 75k income has been standard for more than a decade

        • +2

          They don't need to, they still assess each one based on actual income and expenses. It's basically a meaningless number. You could be multiples of their minimum and have expenses so high they deny you

          • @killingtime: What if your income is lower than 75k but your expenses are low too?

        • The $75k is standard for cards with $15k limits, ie black/signature cards. Just as platinum cards, once the most prestigious, have now been rendered the base cards, the colour inflation happens to the higher end cards, too. Hence they don't need to adjust.

          • +1

            @JohnHowardsEyebrows: Whats the card that is above black/signature? I'd like to improve my Socioeconomic status

            • @Homr: The one on this deal.

              • @JohnHowardsEyebrows: This is only black/signature. I mean is there any other cards that is above this?

                Like the Citi Prestige that requires 150k income salary

                • @Homr: Sorry, too early in morning. Yeah, only really Citi seems to have the really schmicko cards (aside from Amex), with Prestige, or Qantas Titanium. Still, the latter is a $200k minimum income.

                  • @JohnHowardsEyebrows: is the Qantas Titanium the next best after the American Express Centurion Black Card?

                    • @Homr: Not an expert, but I suspect so. The earn rate is high, the bonus offsets the high fee, and the First Lounge passes give it something no other easily available cards have.

                      Of course, the Amex Platinum Charge is also pretty loaded with extras.

  • -1

    How much is 100K FF worth? are we talking return to Europe or return to Sydney?

      • +26

        Classic rewards seats are always the best value, not points plus pay mate.

        • +1

          Oh wait to make sure I have this right, classic reward seats are still points plus pay? This is what I booked which is yes classic rewards but you still have to pay something

          • -3

            @prankster: Not sure why you're getting downvoted. You're doing it right. Paying airport taxes with points is terrible value, so classic rewards + paying taxes in $$ is the way to go.

            Family of 4 with 252k points + $1000 would be 63k points return + $250 taxes each. Sounds about right, and about normal classic rewards economy value.

            • +11

              @mahdoo: Classic rewards and paying the taxes is right. But saying use "points plus pay" could mislead people to spending points on normal terrible conversation rate.

              'Classic' was the key word missing hence all the negs

          • @prankster: That's not what Qantas means when they say points plus pay. The 'pay' part is a surcharge here, and the redemption is called classic rewards. Just a confusion with the nomenclature, nothing to be puzzled about.

            • @Meconium: ok apologies all i was using the wrong terminology and missed saying "classic" (wasn't expecting all these downvotes lol but all good)

        • -5

          Or sell the points for cash. 100k points for $175 is good value.

          • @RTX9090Ti: That would value the points at a fraction of the classifieds on OZB.

            Around 1c per point is the usual going rate.

            • +2

              @northshore: What I meant was not selling 100k points for $175.

              What I meant was 100k points for $175 annual fee is good value.

            • @northshore: I think he means pay $175 (425 fee - 250 cashback) to the bank in return for 100k Qantas points.

              Edit: yeah I must've been hovering this thread for 14 mins as per above comment …

      • -1

        @prankster Oh dear this is not the way.

      • -2

        You are doing it wrong!

    • +1

      If you can ever find a Classic flights reward seat - you could almost get a Europe return for 1 (but still have to pay taxes/fuels surcharges). So think 'reduced/subsidised' ticket vs free ticket.… (measure flight mileage here)

      • I'm new to this. Could you please elaborate? Melbourne to Paris is 10,421 mi. How do I calculate how many points I need to get there?

        • +1

          Looking at the Qantas FF points table, that distance falls into Zone 10, which is 55,200 points economy one-way.
          Also bear in mind the routing (Zone 10 is very broad and covers over 5.5k miles so might be a bad example), but if you use GCMap to plot a direct route, bear in mind that with Qantas points you're limited to Oneworld with specific airlines and routes and sparse availability - that could greatly impact the distance. (eg) Perth-London has a direct flight, but you may never get a classic flights reward seat. Instead you might have to go via Singapore or somewhere else and that would mean the distance changes, hence zone/points change.

  • +1

    Applied for this in the past three months. Incredibly slow and no communication after approval, the card arrived one day ~ 5 weeks later. The up side was, I met the spent in the first week (booked international flights) and a week or so later, the bonus points landed in my account (must have got lucky with when I did the spend vs when they do the monthly point distributions). Annual fee and cashback all landed on the same day. I've also found that BPaying to the card to pay off spend as I go arrives much more quickly than I've had with any other bank. So, all in all a mixed experience!

    • +2

      Amex sometimes arrives same day for BPay, plus you can PayID for an instant payment.

  • +12

    Man i miss the $0 black QFF cards with 120,000 points, those were the days.
    Still won't complain, pretty sure this'll be my 11th card with ANZ, only one rejection in 5 years, cleared up by complaining to the foreign call centre, basically called them out for scrutinising my earnings when i'd provided everything they wanted.

    Also, 30,000 points for $425 is not worth it, close the card as soon as the points reach your account.

    • Yeah, always churned those no fee card with points every year since 2015.

  • I got approved for the business card -…
    Do you foresee any issues if I apply for this one ?

    • I'm currently holding both. I doubt there's any connection between then.

      • Ok did you get bonuses from both when you signed up ?

        • Haven't even met the spend threshold for this biz one yet; I applied same week as you.

          I'm confident that they are entirely separate.

  • +1

    Always had a fee free cc just wondering what value would I get if I would have an approx $4k monthly cc spend? Would the points really be worth over the $425? Or do you guys just get the free points and cash back and move on to new deals? Thanks

    • +4

      Your average person is going to get a lot more from the sign-up than the points for spend.

      At $4k/mth or $50k/yr through the card you would be looking at minimum $300 of points if used for gift cards, or closer to $600 at a point value of 1.2c/point.

      Considering the sign-up bonus is 100k points it's double the above and could be attained in a couple months of your spend before moving onto the next. Not to mention the next card will likely have the same benefits. Added benefit to churning quicker is that most cards require a 1y since closure - so the faster you close the faster you can be back onto it.

      Should also mention, 2x lounge passes and travel insurance are decent too.

      • +1

        ah k thanks. Sounds like its a churning game to make the most of it which I dont really have the motivation to do.
        Thanks for the info!

        • +3

          Horses for courses. But, in general, there's very little reason to not churn any of the services you have (energy, phone, internet, credit card, job*) as the best value is reserved for "new customers". These days loyalty is punished, rather than rewarded.

      • Silly question, but how does travel insurance work if say I bought flight to an OS trip with this card, then cancelled it as you suggested when the points arrive before the trip has concluded.

        • +1

          You'll need to read the complementary insurance policy carefully, I would keep the card active if you want to rely on the insurance to save hassles.

          They seem to define "card account" as "A current and valid ANZ Credit Card facility provided by ANZ to which purchases made by cardholders on an ANZ Credit Card are charged."

          Does the card need to stay active after the triggering purchases? The terms seem silent on this, so they may deny the claim, in that case a real hassle to argue it out.

    • +1

      Make sure you look at the criteria for eligible spend. For example bpay from ANZ online portal will not count towards the $5k spend.

      I have been using zip pay billpay for this which does count towards eligible spend.

      • -1

        So pay bill with zip then pay off with credit card, is it worth the 2.50$ zip fee which is more than any regular credit card surcharge from sniip .maybe?

      • Does paypal meets the criteria? I am paying most of purchases via paypal

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