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Apple Mac Studio with Apple M1 Max Chip, 32GB RAM & 512GB SSD $2347.79 ($2308.65 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Allphones eBay


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cheapest ever? Seems to be a pretty good deal for this m1 max setup

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  • this or a pc for productivity, photo/video editing?

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      This. Mac for productivity, hands down, any day of the week.

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        I find I lean towards Windows for productivity - Microsoft runs better on Windows for standard office work, and installing software and knowing where it's running is all via simple user interfaces rather than via terminal.

        I've got an M1 Pro and a T14 thinkpad and use the thinkpad for most documentation and coding work and the Mac for music and for Flutter development (as you need to do this on a Mac to push to Apple devices).

        If you are getting a Mac for the first time you need to get your head around how to use Unix and that's a time investment. Installing programs (eg development tools like netbeans, vpn tools, postgres) is sometimes hit and miss until you spend the time to go via terminal and get your head around using a file editor to control things rather than a nice interface.

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          and installing software and knowing where it's running is all via simple user interfaces rather than via terminal.

          You don't install most software on a Mac via the terminal, for anything that requires most users wouldn't need it anyway, and those that do can handle it.

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            @smartazz104: Dev tools you mostly do though - but I think if you're doing that on a Mac, you probably already know how to do that on a Mac/Linux

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              @Droz: Id argue that windows not having homebrew support kills it entirely for dev work. MacOS is the way, plus theres a reason that faang companies arm their devs with thousands of MBPs.

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                @[Deactivated]: Yup, totally agree - sorry, I realise that might have been confusing.

                Strong point of macOS is the tight terminal integration behind that pretty paint job! Best of both worlds, plus some normally tidy hardware (especially the laptops)!

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                @[Deactivated]: I use Windows, Mac and Linux. If you install Git Bash and WSL on Windows it runs pretty well for development. I generally prefer to use Mac or Linux, but Windows has the best Remote Desktop. So, I actually do most of my dev on a Windows VDI these days, but I remote to it from a Mac.

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          You use the Thinkpad for coding work?! Assuming you use WSL to do it, and so not really coding on Windows.

          • @mcncl: I use a Dell desktop with 64GB RAM. I would put linux on it in a heartbeat if there was a decent RDP server. XRDP and VNC are pretty horrible.

            I have a MacBook Air and X1 Carbon running Arch for on the go.

        • “and installing software and knowing where it's running is all via simple user interfaces rather than via terminal”

          What year do you think it is, 1980?

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          If you’re unfamiliar with Unix this comment makes sense. If you’re very comfortable with Unix, it’s a less compelling viewpoint.

          I think Mac’s are excellent dev tools for most web dev and JVM work, but just my opinion.

      • i confirm Mac is best.

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        Eh I disagree. Once you get rid of the bloat on windows, I find it superior. Especially the file explorer. The file explorer on macOS is still awful.

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          The fact that so many decades later, MacOs Finder still cannot merge data between folders is insane.
          Bogles my mind why it can only overwrite stuff in this day and age.

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      If content creation or digital life organisation go the mac

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        digital life organisation


        • Like what you'd do on a C64 :D

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          "Facebook machine"

        • icloud photo albums, notes, etc

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      I say this as someone that games with a windows PC (built), for some reason, Mac's just work way way better when editing photos/videos. I have absolutely no clue what they do, but every PC i have ever built, it just does not come close to a Mac, hence I have both.

      Give you an idea, i currently have a 3080ti, 12900k, 64g ram pc. This underperforms a similar spec mac I have to this deal massively when editing photos.

      I genuinely think the software on Mac's just run better.

    • -3

      This. Not trying to be a fanboy but I seriously don't understand how anyone gets anything done on a Windows machine.

    • You can get a PC with similar performance for a significant discount. Much higher power consumption though. They are also upgradable, unlike this Mac.

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    yeah I wouldn't buy from all phones they don't the best rep

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      Once you have received the item, you only need deal with Apple directly afterwards. Unless it is DOA

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        Even DOA can be handled by Apple

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    I thought it was a split aircon from the picture… Didn't read the title lol

  • 3% cash back too with TopCashback? $2,239?

    • I thought TopCashback wasn't as reliable?

  • Great computer, but you can never go wrong with a display attached to it since you can take it on the go. AKA MacBook Pro.
    In my opinion, that would be a worthy investment. Unless you really need that studio bending power.

    • How much more would this cost in 14 or 16 inch MacBook form?

  • I want the MacBook version of this, but maybe I should just get this?

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      I’m in the same boat haha - should have jumped on that mwave deal 5 months ago

      This is tempting but also a beefed up M2 from
      The education store is quite a bit cheaper and not sure the performance difference is too massive

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        That was an insane deal. I got the 1TB deal before the 4TB one popped up a few weeks later. Slightly annoyed that I missed the 4TB, but happy with the one I got.

        Waiting for a similar deal on a Studio to update the MacPro.

  • New one apparently coming early next year. So might be cheaper than if you can wait

  • I am thinking about one of these having a macbook pro always docked isn't good for the battery lol Might be good to go back to a desktop mac again its been ages since I have my last desktop mac was a trash can mac pro. So its been a while.

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      That's okay, if after 4 years your battery doesn't hold up, just undo the 4 screws on the baseplate and all the easily replaceable components like SSD, RAM, keyboard and battery are all only 30 seconds away!

      Oh wait sorry I'm thinking of every other manufacturer sorry

      • In 4 years you can still get it replaced by apple for a price, they still support replacing 2015 macbook pro batteries…

        • for a price

          And what a price it is

    • Cheaper to just replace the battery eventually, even with paying Apple's crazy service prices.

    • +1

      They are good with not charging the battery if its always plugged in, mine stays at 80% all the time and its been years, still at 100% capacity…

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    Apple knows very well how to rip off its fans.

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      Woah, getting lazy

  • Is anyone using this model with Logic Pro X or other DAWs….what's your experience? It's time to retire my teenage 2010 iMac i7. I was considering a MacBook Pro as I can use it on the run, however the M3 chip doesn't seem to add any real benefits for music projects and considering I'd need to upgrade the ram to at least 16GB, it's not giving the best bang for buck.
    I was considering Mac mini M2 Pro however for a few extra dollars this seems a no brainer

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    Is it worth the little bit extra to get the current M2 Max?

    It's $2,591 at AOC store and can probably get 10% Apple GC

    Looks like it's quite a performance jump from M1 Max to M2 Max, for LRc anyway- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1C4HPVO-gM

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      Agree, did the exact thing 2 months ago, AOC pricing stacked with discounted GC it was a no brainer! Was cheaper than a Apple refurbished M1 studio

      • so did you just load the gc into your account balance and check out online?

        • I always load them onto my Apple ID before purchasing hardware :)

    • Isn't the price in AOC $2,850.10 for M2 Max Studio?

      • +1

        ah yes, $2,850.10, I think I was looking at the price after 10% gift cards which would be $2565.09

        in the AOC store, in the cart, it lists the items ex. GST which is where I got $2591 from.

        • Sorry but what does AOC stand for?

        • How do you get the 10% discounted gift card?

          • +1

            @Crim: You just have to wait for offers from ColesWorth and others, At the moment Im just waiting for another discounted gift card deal as I would like 2 next gen iPad mini's then work out if Apple EDU, AOC or My Corp discount is cheaper. If you wanted to get discounted GC quicker you can checkout the Ozbargain Classifieds where 10% off is the going rate.

      • It sure is but stack discounted gift cards makes a better deal as it brings it to $2565.09 as your getting the M2 silicone (with decent jump in performance, along with Gen 2 Hardware (we all know what Apple Gen 1 hardware can be like!)

  • Is this Mac SSD upgradable?

    • Not after purchase you need to customise at POS

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    Gave it some thought overnight and went for a MINISFORUM Venus UM790 Pro. Less than half the price, double the RAM and storage and around the same performance. Plus I can put in a second SSD and dual boot Linux.

  • I'd keep in mind that the M3 Max is a significant jump over the M1/M2 Max…. and the M3 mac studio wont be far off surely.

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