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Seagate EXOS X18 18TB ST18000NM000J SATA 3.5" Enterprise HDD OEM US$242 (~A$355.65) Delivered @ Eastdigital HK eBay


A very good deal. Also 14TB for A$268.24. As per the previous deals warranty is 3 years via them. Check previous deals for comments and check eBay Feedback. Shipping is usually via FedEx and quick, though a few people from the previous deal posted are still awaiting delivery so postage option varies it seems. For confirmation on delivery method if you need them quick please contact seller.

Also they have the following at excellent pricing for brand new OEM drives-

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    I was offered US$189 for these if you email them and pay via paypal friends/family

    • For the 18TB, and recently?

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        Yep, just before christmas.

        • Wow. Super nice deal. Did they send them to you via Fedex out of curiosity or you're still awaiting them or you didn't proceed with the deal?

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            @Spizz: I ended up going for some 16tb HC550s from them instead. Still waiting for them via Fedex, have had to delay it to the new year but they are already in Sydney

    • By email do you mean message them on eBay? I can’t find any email address for them.

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        They probs won't reply on eBay as that's how you violate eBay ToS and get your store shut down.

        • Exactly what I was thinking. Not sure where this guy got an email address for them

      • I think you can find it from some of the older GBs.

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          I’ll have a squiz, spizz

    • Sooo.. What's their email address? :)

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        in 2022 they sent me a paypal invoice via [email protected]

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          Coming spam from at least 5 dudes

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            @BanannaMan: I found [email protected] on a post from earlier in December. I got a reply pretty quickly from them with a quote of $189ea for the 18TB.

            PayPal account they provided was [email protected], not [email protected].

            Let me know how you go with hitting up that email address. It’s possible they’ve just got two PayPal accounts going but just want to make sure.

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              @j0hnny: Waiting with bated breath for response

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                @ShinK0: $189 (~$276 AUD) for an 18TB nice.

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              @j0hnny: Anyone else in Vic that wants to bundle their sale with me lol? I can deliver to the west and cbd. I'm in Essendon area so not too far from North aswell.

              Might look better as a joint deal

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                @BanannaMan: I'm still awaiting a response from them on my single drive price request but could be keen to join in if can get a better price in a bundle, may even grab 2.

              • +2

                @BanannaMan: I'm also waiting for a response but would be interested as well.

                • +2

                  @ShinK0: Awesome there's 5 of us now, I'll update my email to them

                  • +1

                    @BanannaMan: Just got a response, not quite as good a price as others, US$192

                    They point you to their own shopify website, I assume you got the same? US$192 is still a great deal.

                    • +2

                      @WeiKaiLe: Just noticed this too, wondered what was taking so long on an email reply and they've been busy all morning setting up a shopify website it seems.

                    • @WeiKaiLe: Yeah good the same, from Yankee

                      • +1

                        @BanannaMan: Just placed my order for 2* 18TB. At that price it was to hard to pass up.

                        • @Spizz: Yeah great price, I'm checking if they have 12tb too but 18tb deal is smashing

                        • @Spizz: @Spizz Did you order through their shopify store? I keep getting they cannot ship to my address - do they need to calc shipping separately or something? I have used the contact us form anyway but wanted to know if you had similar issues?

                          • +2

                            @perf: Certainly did order, but had no issues ordering with my shipping address. Ordered via PayPal and did the PayPal pay in 4 as well which also provides buyer protection so win win.

                            • +1

                              @Spizz: Worked for me too. Got the 16tb for $200.
                              Shipping was free too… I wonder if that was an error?

                              • +1

                                @Pzkfw5: Shipping is free so no error.

                            • +1

                              @Spizz: @spizz cheers - turns out the issue was trying to buy 4 at once. Did 2 seperate orders with 2 drives each and all good.

                              • +1

                                @perf: Fantastic. I think the bar has been set well and truly with this pricing.

              • @BanannaMan: @BanannaMan I'm also in essendon… i could be talked into two drives, if you haven't purchased them yet?

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    Are X18's just as loud and 'clicky' as X16's?
    Very good price for the 18TB @ $19.75/TB.

    The two 16TB's I have received from these guys were superbly packaged and passed all tests with no bad blocks.

    • Got my 16TB from them also but a while ago (WD HC550). Need to get some more when I upgrade my Synology 4 bay to an 8 bay.

    • +1

      X18 reported quieter

    • You'll hear them when the drive starting doing random seeks, sequential reads/writes are pretty quiet… I hear it every month or so when ZFS does its scrub.

      • In comparison to the X16? Or you mean exos in general?
        Mine never spin down and chatter away all day, 4K transfer can get really clunky sounding.

        • +3

          Exos in general, acoustics in the spec sheet is the same across X16/18/20. If the data is not sequential and the drive heads have to move around alot, you'll hear it. Mine got so loud one day it actually woke me up, checked to see what was going on and turns out I was being attacked by a crypto locker encrypting my drives. Was able to intervene after losing a few TBs fortunately, so don't always think of the noise it makes as a bad thing..

          • @BargainKen: What a lucky save!
            Absolutely, I quite like knowing what they're up to. But as I need more, the collective noise is going to get rather distracting.
            Will have to look into soundproofed external docks/cases. Cheers for your info.

  • +7

    I run the 18tb versions of these for my iso collection the noise is barely noticeable under full load, people complaining about noise probably need better cases for their home nas solutions imo.

    • +1

      recommend one?

    • +1

      Yup I have 6 Exos 18TB in a fractal Design R4, and I can hear the clicking as the drive spins up … but beyond that I don't hear it. But R4 does have sound dampening material to make it quieter.

      But yes better case may be required for those who have an issue with them.

    • who has their NAS in the loungeroom? the whole idea is noisy, hot PC and storage go to another room with good ventilation and then you run network cabling to the media decoder connected to the tv / surround system.

      • Mine is in my lounge room with 5 drives in it. Never hear it ever. I did build it in an Antec case that came with soundproofing material on the front and both sides though.

        I know a person who has a 3-disc NAS on their bedside table. Now that's crazy.

  • -3

    Copying what I typed a while back:
    A problem with seagate "oem" drives afaik is a lot of them are older and have dates that are pre 2022 and those ones are probably mining drives with the smart data cleared, it’s a big issue in Chinese forums.
    If you get a 2021 or earlier drive it’s almost certainly a mining drive with its smart data wiped. Which doesn’t mean it won’t work fine but might as well buy a used drive at that point and save a few extra dollars

    Price of 16tb "oem" exos drives with their smart data cleared in China: ~A$200, price of an oem exos drive from an authorised distributor ~A$330, these numbers are without gst and shipping prices to Australia.

    • I think people from the previous deal were receiving Dec 2022 drives for the 16TB ones.

      • +2

        to quote the last deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/815601?page=1#comment
        “Careful people. Fairly sure these are used miner drives. The Date of Manufacture of mine is August 2021 (I purchased one a week ago).“

        • +2

          From the same thread (12TB drives)- Received my two ST1200NM001G's today. Look brand new with no visible damage. Seagate verify comes back valid (no OEM warranty of course). Date of Manufacture = 25/12/2022 for both of them.

          Again no proof these are anything other than brand new. And with hundreds upon hundreds sent to people in Australia recently (let alone the numerous ones from older GBs) people would of had their pitch forks out if that was the case.

      • -1

        Got the 16tb version and it's 2021

        • +1

          Really? After what you posted in the previous EastDigital deal I’m amazed you purchased from them or any other seller…..


          • @Spizz: Yeah thought ill give them a go, but yeah my drive is built 2021, drive does look new with no signs of wear but still suss, I'll see howlong it lasts.

    • +4

      There is so little proof of this that it's absurd, and yet it keeps being quoted as the truth.

      Do you know how hard it is to clear SMART data?

      Additionally, even if it was a "mining" drive (which… Chia is "farming", not "mining", technically) it wouldn't matter that much besides the issue of being lied to about the drive's origins.

      I have about 52x of these drives (the 16TB EXOS X16/X18) and haven't had any issues, most of which were bought from this seller. They run perfectly.

      • I’m curious. If you don’t mind sharing, what are you using 832TB of storage for?

        • +1

          I actually have about 1.1PB. Kind of just left over from my Chia farming plans.

    • +1

      Their ebay listing is clearly using old pictures, the 20-pack box says 04/04/2022, why don't you quote that? Obviously because it doesn't fit your narrative. Classic fraud behaviour.

      Also there's a difference between X18 and X16 which could very well be discontinued and only have old stock left.

  • Suitable for NAS?

    • +1


      • -5

        On a scale of 1-10, how definitely?

        • +1

          I would suggest doing diligence and reading reviews on said drives and checking the data hoarder reddit forum.

  • yeah, i doubt this has an Australia warranty on it and its from HK good luck with getting warranty on that.

    • +7

      For an extra $250 you can have local warranty if thats important.

    • +4

      So ?

      The price more than reflects that.

      You can buy 30% more drives to maintain your own warranty pool, and you're still way ahead of the AU price.

      • +1

        That's generally the plan. If it does go bust buy another, and I think you might break even at that point or just still be in front.

  • +1

    I am pretty certain these are not new.

    • +1

      A few years ago i bought the 12TB Exos HDD from this same seller on ebay and it came brand new sealed in factory anti static bag. Smart info showed it as never used before. However it was stock from Hong Kong so there's no warranty. These are new. It would also be an older model of the Exos 18TB. The Exos 12TB which i got at the time was the older model version of it basically from an old batch.

    • +1

      These aren't for the consumer market so any you would get would technically be second hand anyway.

      Unless you're saying that eastdigital, the supplier for many of the previous group buys on ozb, are wiping SMART statistics on old drives. Which would be a surprise to me, as someone would eventually notice the tell-tale signs of used drive regardless.

    • What makes you say that. AliExpress and eBay is full of brand new X18's drives, all with 0 relocated sectors, 0 powered on hours, and 1 power on count. Just check the AliExpress feedback with pic proof. Warranty card is in the post. SMART data can't be fudged and everyone is honest!

      IDK, Chia was a pretty big thing in Asia, especially China, and now the market is awash with new drives (mostly Seagate, rarely WD). They probably are brand new old stock, or immaculate condition used stock with SMART wiped. Probably cases of both happening.

      I prefer shucking BNIB WD Essentials 18TB Drives for ~$458 AUD as that works for me, preferring WD and happy to self-warranty. If you only need one drive, what's $100 bucks (or $200 if you don't want to shuck), if you need half a dozen or more, I suspect your build is already pretty costly and $600 is (profanity) all on a big ship.

      I hear good things from https://serverpartdeals.com/ but never used them.

      I would really like to hear more where these drives are from. Could they be a large OEM or Hyperscaler that's offloading old stock it no longer has a use for? You would think if these drives were 'used' consumers would start noticing that they were glitching and failing after half a year or so.

      • -5

        They aren’t offloading normal drives, more than likely these are Chia drives that weren’t used for that long, heaps of cases in China, it’s pretty much common knowledge in Chinese forums that cheap new “oem” drives are chia drives with wiped data, you can get actually new oem drives from official distributors but the price is higher, those usually have 2023 DOM because actual oems churn through high volumes and don’t keep old drives

    • -2

      You certainty is probably accurate, most likely mining drives.

  • +2

    Geez how many isos do you blokes have? I have 8.5tb and it's a lot.

    • +10

      if you have enough storage space, you're not doing it right

    • +1

      2.4 Petabytes and still growing 8-)

      • shut the front door! That's massive.

      • +1

        Oh no, a challenger appears! :)

        (I have room for about 3.3PB bay-wise!)

        • 6 x netapp 4246 , 6 x dell md3460 n bunch others

          • @Wayne7497: Nice. I've got a bunch of JBODs too, not sure what I'm doing expansion-wise yet.

            • @Zorlin: The Dell md3460 or netapp de6600 same are good holds 60 drives

              • @Wayne7497: What is the noise like on each of those? I've got the farm in a shed out the back of a friend's house.

      • Now that’s a Data hoarder. High five. Just under half a petabyte for me, so you are way ahead of me, but lots of my drives are old desperately need replacing.

        • I kept most of my drives in a fairly jank case that I modified with fans that were too slow (hoping to make it quiet)… they um, I worry about them. Temps of 50-55C on the regular.

          One day they'll probably drop like flies :(

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