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Google Pixel 7a 5G 8GB RAM/128GB Storage $547, Apple iPhone 15 128GB $1287 + Delivery ($0 to Metro/ C&C/ in-Store) @ Officeworks


From the upcoming catalogue.

Cracking prices. Of course the iPhone 15 is slightly cheaper at Telstra still, but the Pixel is a great price.


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    If Officeworks are discounting the 7a, I’d imagine other retailers would follow (aka Google Store and can stack with the StudentBeans discount)

    • Hopefully

      • JB has advertised it in their upcoming catalogue as $549

        Edit: it’s currently live on JB and OW hasn’t updated their pricing yet. Be quick and take advantage of their 5% off price beat policy ;)

  • Nice price. If trade in offer provided it would be great

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    Cheaper at Jb commercial

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    I’m looking for a iPhone 15. How do you see the upcoming catalogue?

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      Also interested to see if plus will go on sale too. I have 15% off TCN cards and an overseas trip coming up.

      Edit: seems it's still cheaper at Telstra

      • Can confirm it will be on sale, but still slightly cheaper at Telstra. You should try and price match Telstra at OW.

        • Yes will give it a go.

        • Do Telstra sell the iPhone 15 outright? I can only see payment plans and plan signups

        • @HamBoi69 Will the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max models also go on sale?

          • @nineteentales: Yes, but again still slightly cheaper at Telstra.

            • @HamBoi69: OW price beats so it's much cheaper there then 😂

            • @HamBoi69: I'm hoping to pay with giftcards I bought with a 10% discount for this sale so it might come to a better deal @ OW for me 😬

              Ideally I'd pricebeat the Telstra deal @ OW, but I have already tried at several stores and have not had any luck so far :( Heard you have to be extremely lucky with the staff you come across.

              • @nineteentales: I used costco website to price beat with OW and it was easy. I am not even a costco member!

                • @Endof2018: Costco is relatively easy to pricebeat, but the current Telstra deal is difficult because it is hard to prove that you can purchase the phone outright in-store. I also took photos of the price tag in store, but it doesn't explicitly say you can purchase it outright in fine print, so you would have to get OW to call a Telstra store to verify the price with a Telstra staff member.

      • how much is ip15 128GB at telstra? Is telstra store price same in every state?

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    Pixel 7a is $499 at JB. Cracking prices my crack

    • Hahahaha

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      Pixel 7a is $749 at JB, not $499

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        JB Commercial only

      • +3

        Yeah, some context would be nice.

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      $749 at JB for 7a phttps://www.jbhifi.com.au/products/google-pixel-7a-5g-128gb-charcoal

      • JB commercial

        • Nah, because I took the poster's mention of "at JB" literally. I don't have time to mess with making a JB Commercial account.

          • +1

            @Fobsessive: If you can dodge a WRENCH, you can dodge a BALL

            If you have time to be on OZBARGAIN, you have time to mess with making a JB COMMERCIAL account

            • @patso: All my time went to stacking Galaxy S24 deals on Samsung's website lol

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      Had too much crack?

  • How to access upcoming catalogue?

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      Sauces. Mayonaise is best.

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    195 grams

    • +1

      Too heavy for 6.1"
      Coukd get the S24+ for around that same weight (6.7", 197g)

  • -1

    the 7a has the worst battery life of any modern android phone by some margin, you've been warned.

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      It took the battery "ai" to learn usage habits, plus day 1 bug caused massive drain instead of full ramping max frequency for opening small apps.

      I do top up while at work during "heavy" usage days otherwise I'll have to use battery saver or be flat

      Have been daily driving the 7a since release, is good. phone. Wish they'd release a smaller version of pixel tho, miss my 3a/5.

    • Had mine for a few weeks, so far easily getting 6+ hour sot. Maybe an old update issue?

      Anyhow great phone, if you can get it through the jbhifi commercial pricing even better! No complaints except maybe OtterBox not making the defender case for the 7a.

    • +5

      The stats do agree with you. 76h endurance? That's even worse than the 79h from the Exynos-powered Galaxy S10, nearly as bad as the 71h from the S20 which many complained about. For comparison, my S23+ got 111h which is great. This is why I've never recommended Pixels since the switch to Tensor.

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      Not sure why you got down-voted when it literally has a shorter batter life and weighs more than its predecessor.

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        Yeah I'm not sure, all the previous posts mention this also, it's got a shocking rating for battery life in ALL reviews???

      • +1

        Ozb bandwagons hard lol. Even the pixel 7 is very overrated considering that year had the s23 with snapdragon. It's more even now that the s24 and pixel 8 both have the garbage exynos though…

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      I have the 5, 6a and 7a.

      I'd get the 6a if choosing between 6a and 7a.

      The battery life on the 7a is so bad. It'll drop to 30% within a few days. It's making me question whether I continue to get Pixel (XL, 3XL, 5, 6a, 7a…).

      • +1

        I've got a 5 with battery life that I'm happy with and have read that it's been the best performer of the pixels. I couldn't care less about camera quality (better zoom would be lovely but meh).

        Your comment has convinced me - I'll wait for the next version or buy another Samsung if I get antsy. 👍

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    i was going to grab this when it was $529 at jb, but didn't as someone offered me a 4 month old pixel 8 pro for $500

    • That's a great deal for $500 mate

      • +6

        Not sure how it helps us though unless there are more for sale.

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    the A version of the pixel aren't bad don't let that fool you these are very beefy android phones.

    I am a android stock purest since the Nexus days, Pixel will always be the best android phone because its has stock android.

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    Letting you know that Pixel phone camera (unique buying proposition) is not good anymore. The camera cannot took burst photo due to limitation of processing power, I have to return it due to its unability of capturing family moments. The best Pixel ever produced is pixel 3


    • Pixel cameras consistently win blind photo comparison competitions - the 7A in this deal came #1 in MKBHD's comparison, which is probably the most comprehensive one done to date.

      Can't imagine too many people care about burst photos on a phone.

  • +1

    FYI regarding the Pixel 7a (possibly 7 Pro, 7 & 6a too), there's an issue with the default Camera app's raw DNG files. Despite being listed as 'compatible' with the latest versions of Adobe Camera Raw (16.2) and Lightroom, the images are stuck on the 'Google Pixel' colour profile, making them dull, flat, poorly coloured, with almost no way to colour correct. The DNG images are correct on the phone, but not on a computer.

    The only fix I've found online (via Adobe forums) is to downgrade the app to version or below. I've uninstalled all updates, now running 8.8.225. All five Adobe colour profiles are available and the DNG images can be edited correctly.

    Added bonus for downgrading means the DNG files are saved in a dedicated Raw folder, making management and backup much simpler.

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    Any deals for iPhone 15 Pro Max?

    • Officeworks catalogue has pro max 256g for $1987 starting Thursday.

      • That’s great to know! Thanks I will price match with Apple.

      • Where do you get the Officeworks catalogue? Can you share the link?

        • Letterbox. It starts tomorrow so it should turn up online somewhere then.

  • would Harvey Norman match the price of the iPhone 15 with office work?

    • Yes, I have done it in the past

      • +1

        But why would you want to give money to Gerry?

        • Exactly. No cash for him.

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    FYI I walked into JB HiFi and asked them to match the $500 commercial price for the Pixel 7A that was posted on OB days ago and they did it, no questions asked.

    • Lucky you!
      Tried 2 stores and they would not do it, i was going to get it at $549 but now you make me wanna try 3rd store haha

      • Guess I'll count my blessings then. Try the angle of "I have JB hifi commercial but it's not coming up. A friend can see it when he logs in but I didn't want to buy it through him but I will if I have to." They'd rather you spend your money in their store than online and if you do actually have a commercial account (or at least convince them you do) then you should be entitled to that price. I didn't have to try to convince them very hard. Just said I'm only buying it if I get it for $500 and if you can't do it for me someone else will haha.

        • yea well they were all very nice about it, one of the guys offered me his PDA to log into/create an commercial account, he definitely wanted me to spend in store however I do not have an acc haha
          maybe I should find someone who actually has an acc then go in store

  • These prices haven't updated. No deal yet

    • Cause it starts tomorrow.

  • Thank you for sharing the deal. Do you mind checking how much would iPhone 15 plus 128 and 256 gb be?

    • On JB perks, iPhone 15 Pro 128Gb is $1637 and 512Gb is $1849, but I'm not sure if that answers your question.

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