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[Refurb] Sony BRAVIA X90L Series (2023) TVs: 55" $1175.20, 65" $1549, 75" $1949 (OOS), 85" $2639 Delivered @ Sony Australia eBay


Some pretty decent discounts on these Sony X90L TVs, though no real ATL's, if you want to roll the dice with the listed conditions. Sony mark the Box Damaged items as "New, Never Used" and falls under the Refurb category.

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    Here we go again .Damaged Box

  • +1

    Highly reccommend this TV. I bought the 85X90L Seconds^ and have been very impressed. Colours are really nice and look accurate, Dolby Vision Dark looks great for night watching. Barely notice any blooming, even with white text on black. On delivery it was missing the antenna jack… took me 5 phone calls to convice Sony it was their problem. They're replacing it tomorrow.

    The inbuilt Android TV OS was too slow for me. My previous set up had a 2017 Nvidia Shield which was much faster. I bought an Apple TV 4K this time and love it.

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      On delivery it was missing the antenna jack

      Sounds more like a feature than a fault. My antenna has not been connected since we had a female prime minister. And even then it was a DVR, not the TV.

      But +1 on Apple TV over the built-in. They save a couple of dollars by putting in an under-powered ARM chip.

      • Agreed. I haven't watched free to air in years. It's purely for future resale sake.

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        They save a couple of dollars by putting in an under-powered ARM chip.

        This is the bit that irks me. Most of the cost is for the screen which should last a decade or two.

        In five years time it would be nice to be able to upgrade the internal computer box, rather than buying an external box (e.g.Vodafone TV) I have for the second TV.

        I would even accept a smart box that clipped onto the rear of the TV connected a USB C cable to provide power and transmit the TV signal.

        • Besides using a different remote, what's the downside of using an external box like the Vodafone TV or Nvidia Shield? They basically seem to be the solution you're describing aside from not clipping to your TV.

          • @Alzori: I see your point.

            The main frustration is if you have a couple of devices connected (e.g. play station and blu-ray player) then it is just a level of annoyance. Adjusting volume may also not work.

      • I've got a Sony X95G around 5yrs old and Android OS seems fairly snappy. Surely the ARM chip in that is worse than this one?

  • On delivery it was missing the antenna jack…

    Do you mean it was missing the antenna cable? Or the actual port on the TV?!

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      Literally missing the port on the TV, as in it had broken off. Annoying part was convincing Sony it arrived like that. Maybe if I took a video of me opening the box and then zoom in on the ports.

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    I tried RFURB20/RFURB22 and getting this error.

    This code can't be applied to your order.

  • +12

    Ozbargainers literally buying damaged goods now

    • +11

      Because we ourselves are damaged goods

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    Had an x90k delivered box damaged and the whole TV had a badly destroyed screen. Took ages to get a refund. Avoid.

    • Because there are muppets spreading misinformation saying it's Sony's way of discounting their TV's without upsetting their retailers. Please do not believe this nonsense, it's simply false. Box damaged means it has been damaged in transit and they're selling it for a discounted price as is and generally, sight unseen. It's basically a lottery more or less. Some people do get lucky and end up with very minimal/no damage. Refurb on the other hand are TV's taken back from the customer, repaired and resold.

  • -1

    What is the legal warranty situation on refurb items sold as brand new?

    • "What warranty is provided on purchases?

      All items available to purchase on the Official Sony eBay Store are covered by a full 12 month Sony manufacturer warranty from Sony. Sony provides invoices on all purchases via an email with a PDF."

      • +1

        12 months is very short for a television and I am aware Sony wrote that.
        I'm curious in regards to ACCC and how refurb items are viewed under consumer law. I have searched without finding a definitive answer.

        • +1

          Condition New: Never Used: An item in excellent, new condition with no wear. The item may be missing the original packaging or protective wrapping, or may be in the original packaging but not sealed. The item includes original accessories. The item may be a factory second (i.e. it has a small flaw that does not affect the operation of the item such as a scratch or dent).

          You'd have a hard time convincing me that based on the way they've chosen to advertise their condition that expecting them to be of equal durability to a brand new TV is unreasonable.

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    I bought a 55" X7000D for $676 from the Sony Seconds store back in early 2018, still going strong 6 years later!

    • +1

      Same here - I bought a 'box damaged' 55" OLED from them around the same time and no issues. Seems like it's hit and miss

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    Been waiting for a long time to get a decent price in the x90l.

    Is boxed damaged literally just that? Do they know the product is as new, just with some damage on box?

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      Be careful. My X90K from a similar sale last year arrived dead on arrival. They supposedly check every item before it goes out the door but mine had a motherboard error preventing the unit form even turning on, but zero box damage so it didn't appear to have happened during transit. If you're happy to take the risk I did find the return process relatively straightforward at least.

      • I mean. If I have to return it or whatever then so be it. I trust that I'll be refunded through eBay plus if it's broken tv for whatever reason.

        Willing to take the risk for 30% saving.

        Thanks for your feedback.

  • I don't know about the box damage/refurb as I never have purchased one that is.

    However recently I purchased Sony 75X85L FALD after I got tired of waiting for a good deal on TCL C845. The Sony is spectacular, I'm super happy with it. So X90L must be even better with more dimming zones. Just my 2c.

  • +6

    Although the deals look good, be aware that Sony customer service especially through eBay is absolutely garbage. I got my gf a brand new TV from their eBay store and it had a motherboard issue. My requests for return and/or repair were completely ignored for a month. Any phone calls I made their customer service would tell me they'll forward the request to the eBay team and nothing would come of it. A few times they scheduled a repair and the person wouldn't show up and the cycle would start again. I think I raised a havoc with Sony HQ, name and shame on social media thats when the faulty motherboard was finally repaired. IIRC eBay was also of no help. My gf spent more than a month without her brand new TV.

    This is pre eBay Plus days so may be the service has improved a bit but I wouldn't risk purchasing a seconds TV from Sony.

    • Yeah. Well I have eBay plus, I don't really see why they wouldn't refund me for a broken product. They have with everything else I've needed too. Don't mind waiting a month.

      • There are no refunds for the hours you will spend sorting out a return or repair + the frustrations you will experience.

  • +2

    I bought X85K 55inch Box Damaged from last 22% promotion. It was like new, not box damaged at all. Recommended

    • +1

      Well, I've just bought the x90l box damaged, so here's to hoping I'll get that same experience.

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    Sharing my experience on a damaged box deal I jumped on from Sony late last year for the X90L 65 inch.

    Box arrived in amazing condition. Barely a dent on it. Unfortunately the box was in better condition than the TV..front of TV was properly smashed.

    Contacted Sony for a refund who said they don't cover damaged screens 🙄 had to get ebay involved. Took over a month for a refund.

    Good luck!

    • +4

      Geez. That's rough. Glad you got the refund.

    • Yeah i would say these are mostly store returns and the reasons would vary from box damage to smash screens.

  • Have the X90K and absolutely love it, think this is the latest version and gets even brighter, or at least until the newer 2024 models are released around May

    Had a reasonably straightforward experience with Sony support last month - TV had a very minor grey spot (most wouldn't notice but I'm picky) so I logged a support ticket with them online. A week later they sent out a tech (SSS) who replaced the panel in my living room

    • Did you buy from the eBay store or some other retailer/Sony Online.

      • Bing Lee. But warranty was directly to Sony

  • +2

    Also available in the 65" are:
    Sony XR65X90J X90J (Box Damaged^) $1399
    Sony XR65X90K X90K (Seconds^) $1169

    I FOMO'd and rolled the dice for the Box Damaged 65" X90L $1599 (and another $40 off due to Gift Card), which to be fair is almost ATL ($1496 from Sony, or $1496 + $50 Delivery from TGG).

    • Yeah just got the x90l 55 box damaged. Hopefully it all works out. Learning experience I guess.

  • +5

    Box damaged is great, refurbished is not!

    • Some people on here would let you think that refurb = box damaged.
      Sony is finally making the distinction easy for them to comprehend.

      • +1

        'Finally', it's been like this for years.

        • yes but they're like not ever in the same deal, at least not on OzB. So someone always bangs on about how seconds is just box damaged.

  • +2

    aren't you just rolling the dice on these?

    i heard plenty of accounts where it's usually fine and the tv unit itself is as good as new.

    but in the event, the tv is completely f*ked, whats your recourse?

    • +1

      They give your money back. Or possibly replace with similar if they have it.

      Mine arrived and the box damage looked like a forklift fork had gone through the back of the box … and unfortunately had also gone through the back of the tv.

      • Wtf that's a straight write off yet they don't have the decency to reduce stock by one?

    • +1

      It takes time but you can get the money back. I had to raise an eBay dispute.

  • +1

    I got a factory second off them back in 2022 and the top of the screen was pushed back in past the bezel of the frame. They took ages to respond and come with a remedy, so ended up using a suction cup to pull it back into the frame so I had a functional TV. Despite looking perfect after, I was not happy to risk it dying prematurely after warranty and eventually got a refund from them. Definitely factor this in before taking the gamble as they have zero quality control.

    • +2

      I also bought a factory seconds unit approx 9 months ago.
      Thought all was fine until I recently purchased a chromecast for stremio, lo and behold the HDMI port (eARC one of course) was destroyed

      Messaged them on eBay and got a few responses but radio silence now which I somewhat understand, if you buy one of these make sure you do a thorough thorough inspection!

      • +1

        The inbuilt processor with Google TV should handle stremio better tham a chromecast I'd imagine. I'll understand if you were hooking up a nvidia shield pro or something.

  • +2

    Take a video of yourself opening the box and then inspecting the tv. If you buy, then buy box damaged. Don't touch refurb.

  • +1

    Cracker deal especially the X90L 75” that has not seen too much in way of discounts below $3K so good post to have it so low.

  • +1

    Sounds like a nightmare experience all around.

  • +2

    Thanks OP and eBay, finally nabbed an X90L 75” (box damaged) for $2199

  • Just how we have bene trained to respond… discount = action

    • then loosing money buying unnecessary things

  • Invoice now issued from Sony Store. No mention of box damaged state.

  • +5

    Just got my TV (Damage Box Edition) unboxed it and guess what… a 50 cent sized smashed at bottom of screen! Yay😑😡

    • That was super quick delivery… mine's due to arrive tomorrow in Melbs… fingers crossed!

      • Did you get yours? Was it fine?

        • Not yet! It's still in the DHL warehouse…

        • Arrived today. TV is great, no issues so far.

          • @kooljp: Awesome. DHL tracking keeps marking mine as resent, in depot and something else. So no idea when mine will arrive.

            • +1

              @furBug: To follow up on this for other people, mine arrived yesterday, the bottom right corner of the box had torn cardboard and the styrofoam was dented about 1cm across the boxes full depth. TV is perfectly fine though.

    • Even people buying new still get these issues occasionally, there are not many people complaining about dramas with box damaged only with refurbished/seconds (steer clear)

    • +1

      Curious as to how Sony handles it given the stories above - please let us know!

      • You have to take photos of TV and box (all angles) for the Sony team to review, rebox the TV and wait for courier pick up. Only when it arrives at Sony after another review… you'll get a refund. Sounds simple, but it's a nightmare when you're at work and need to sort this BS out. I learned my lesson… NEVER BUY ANYTHING @ SONY EBAY AGAIN!

    • how's the return process looking?

      • You have to take photos of TV and box (all angles) for the Sony team to review, rebox the TV and wait for courier pick up. Only when it arrives at Sony after another review… you'll get a refund. Sounds simple, but it's a nightmare when you're at work and need to sort this BS out. I learned my lesson… NEVER BUY ANYTHING @ SONY EBAY AGAIN!

  • +2

    The 75" is currently $2295 + Delivery at The Good Guys. Just got one with delivery on Friday (WA).

    • Back to $2995 today

  • This was such a good deal now in hindsight: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/820000

  • +1

    Hey everyone, just wanted to say I got the 55 X90L box dates off eBay delivery today. Unboxed it (box looked fine) tv was pristine.

    All setup now and it's perfect. Also gotta say it's an absolutely fantastic image.

    Watched a chunk of Skyfall whilst going through all the settings to adjust to my preferences and man it's impressive. Over the moon with this tv for $1299.

    I'm replacing a LG cs55 OLED I got on another ozbargain deal. I Cracked it whilst moving recently.

    I'm so impressed with the Sony. Picture is just crystal clear.

    Anyway my point is I took the "risk" some of you say is a stupid purchase and I couldn't be happier.

    Don't hesitate guys. It's a beautiful tv for the price.

    • +1

      Good outcome. Similar to mine, I got the 85L and it's been spectacular, so I can imagine 90L would be even better. Like you I have the lg c9 oled and these Sony 85l simply blows it. The OLED is no comparison whatsoever.

      • There really is this clarity and crispness to the image that makes it so nice to watch. Has a real 3d dimension to it.

        Glad you enjoy the 85l.

  • +1

    My "box damaged" (box was not damaged) 65" X90L arrived safely today. Recorded the entire unboxing (after reading a number of horror stories), but TV was pristine and working perfectly.

    I think the dice-roll was worth it for the amount of money I saved. The RRP does seem to bounce around between $2800 and $2300 a bit though. Still a solid saving regardless.

  • +1

    Saw someone asking for advice on TV's in a Facebook group and found this.

    Sony XR65X90J (Box Damaged) - $1400 shipped

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