[Pre Order] Lotus Eletre from $189,990 + On-Road Cost ($5,000 Deposit Required) @ Lotus Australia


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Production will start in the third quarter of 2024 (previously scheduled for 2025) with first local deliveries from as soon as late 2024.

How much does the 2024 Lotus Eletre cost?
Eletre – $189,990 (-$49,010)
Eletre S – $229,990 (-$39,010)
Eletre R – $279,990 (-$35,010)
* Prices exclude on-road costs

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  • +93

    Thanks OP! Now I can get a Nissan Leaf and a Lotus Eletre with the saving I will make.

    • +2

      Woah, the comments in there go full Godwin’s Law and then just keep going for pages.

      • +4

        I'm afraid you're mistaken on what Godwin's law postulates.

        • +4

          Umm, ok.

          • +1

            @akerr: It appears I've been proven wrong here

            • @eddyah: Good of you to admit that… unlike some historical figures.

    • I just hope it doesn’t sell out just like the French deal. (E-2008)

  • +6

    Nah, it's still over my budget 🙃

    • +117

      The savings are still over my budget :(

      • The deposit is more than I want to part with atm! :(

  • +6

    It's a very nice car.. but would rather ice over this

    • +9

      Yeah but with this you can make your own in car entertainment.

      • +1

        At speeds of 0-100 in 2.9 seconds that's all the entertainment I would need. Still would rather the sound of a nice engine making those times

        • +23

          Nothing more beautiful than the sound of a twin turbo v8 engine

          • +1
          • +1

            @easternculture: Agreed, but nothing more beautiful than the sound of a 6.0L V12 biturbo engine.

            • +23

              @SteveD: It's nice to know there are still a few of us around. The expectation of this community seems to be that we all need to embrace electric. Can't even make a comment about liking an ice car over electric without getting negged.

              • +4

                @maverickjohn: Maybe it was the rotary engine fans?

                • @coxjon: Affectionally known in the Western Suburbs as Rotisserie chook cookers

              • +4


                Can't even make a comment about liking an ice car over electric without getting negged.

                Thought it's the other way around?

                I'm realistic. Can't ever afford a biturbo. But an ev with a decent sound system… Yeah, that's the closest I'll ever be to the sound of a 6.3 #cries

              • +4

                @maverickjohn: Touché but I would rather a big, high revving NA engine with an old fashioned manual transmission and not many driving aids. They may be slower but there’s a difference between an okay car you can brag about, and a car that lights up your face when you describe it

              • +6

                @maverickjohn: The mistake people make is thinking that you have to be either ICE or EV.

                I have both, a Model Y that my wife drives to work and does kid-ferrying duties and a mid-engined, ICE sports car for my toy. Both serve a purpose and excel at what I use them for.

                Nothing will replace my love of petrol-engined, loud, driver-focused sports cars, but I would rather the Model Y as the family car than most of the ICE-equivalents in its price bracket.

                I don't feel the need to defend either choice, and don't see myself as either an EV-fanatic or a die-hard ICE fan.

                • @WhatWouldBiggieDo: This is the sort of answer and mind set I would expect from everyone. It shouldn't be a this vs that. But the comment when I had mentioned a preference easily got down voted, (despite voting up this deal as I also felt like this was actually decent. I've been a lotus fan since the exige.)
                  But you mention that you like a combustion based car and the instant neg votes come on. I never even dismissed electric lol.

              • +2

                @maverickjohn: Lol
                Theres no expectation to embrace electric

                Toyota camrys 5eva

                Although the mg4 xpower makes me hard

              • +1

                @maverickjohn: @maverickjohn: Totally agreed. Everyone who is negging are either EV fanboys or having a buyer’s remorse.

              • +4

                @maverickjohn: How many EV fans go into a deal posted about a petrol car and comment "Hmm, I think I would rather an EV actually"….? 😅
                I'd wager, almost none.

                I'm sure plenty are thinking it, but what's the point in posting it?
                It only serves to start some kind of beef that turns the comment section to crap.

                Based on your other comments, I reckon that wasn't your intention, but it doesn't take much for the pitchforks to come out here… 😂

                Literally every EV deal post turns toxic within minutes.

                • +2

                  @Deviner: You are probably right although that wasn't my intent as I legitimately think this car is pretty cool. I'm also just not ready to invest into EV. As mentioned in another comment if ev infrastructure for faster charging and battery technology replacement improve. I would more than likely get one. But the second point is the drive experience isn't quite the same for me.
                  But I see your point and I'll try to be more considerate with comments next time

              • -1


                still a few of us

                some people have immunity to grooming

              • @maverickjohn: Every single time an EV gets posted on ozbargain people start complaining about it and saying ICE is better. It is weird behaviour, if you don't like EVs just skip the post. The market will decide. I have never seen people post similarly on ICE deals.

                • +1

                  @Trippelsewe: I never did that though. So I'm not sure why you are targeting me with that comment.
                  I said it's a really nice car but would rather ICE over this. I never once dismissed ev cars in this thread.

                  • @maverickjohn: Maybe you were being sincere, but literally every EV post on ozbargain gets flooded by people concern trolling.

                • @Trippelsewe: I think its fear based some out there are worried in the future ice cars will be taxed heavier to force uptake of ev.

            • -1

              @SteveD: Plenty of videos on YouTube, I assume that’s the only place you’re hearing one…

              • @smartazz104: Sorry to hear that you have to hear on Youtube. If you would like to hear one in real I have one sitting in my garage.

            • @SteveD: Depends on the tune though

            • +6


              Agreed, but nothing more beautiful than the sound of a 6.0L V12 biturbo engine.

              Love the sound of my engine.

              Hate the multiple oil leaks, coolant leaks, leaking water pump, gradually sleepy gearbox, and another round of oil leaks followed by another leaking water pump.

              • @eug: Turbo charged 2GR, there, problem fixed.

                • +1


                  Turbo charged 2GR, there, problem fixed.

                  It'll leak too. That's just the nature of so many highly-stressed mechanical parts swimming in hot liquid requiring seals that get compresssed over time in a very hot environment.

                  • @eug: Oh well. Just walk then.

            • +2

              @SteveD: Stop this or Ill have to buy an older CL600

              • +2

                @Franc-T: I have still kept my 2002 CL600, it deifnately sounds better than my newer variants.

            • +1

              @SteveD: The clients I've spoken to recently this year, it's the wife that still wants a V8 like a GT for themselves, but the husbands have gone all electric and bought Tesla's and solar batteries for the house 😆

              • +1

                @Sammyboy: Come to greenacre. The new trend for the wifes is driving over powered Ute's, and its so bad they drive 70 in 40kph school zones

              • -1

                @Sammyboy: Probably these husbands need to get back being henpecked 😉😉😉

          • +2

            @easternculture: People here keep saying stuff like this but drive a 4 cylinder appliance.

          • +14

            @easternculture: The sorts of drivers who love loud engines are honestly how I tell if people are likely (profanity) and likely to be bad/dangerous drivers.

            I'm sure there are responsible ones out there but most of the time both statements apply.

            • +3

              @DingoBilly: You remind me of Ford ranger and Hilux drivers that think they are playing real life GTA

            • -4

              @DingoBilly: No they don't, boomer

              • +6

                @BlahBlahBlaah: When you use "woke" and "boomer" in sentences, it automatically gives people an impression of you that isn't flattering. At all.
                It's a base level of name calling that tells people a lot more about you than you realise.

          • +2

            @easternculture: All I heard was twins 😊

          • +1

            @easternculture: Haha, yes, but I prefer the sound of a supercharged v8. My avatar is the engine in my car, lol.

            But I would like own an EV one day.

          • +1

            @easternculture: Nothing more beautiful than noise pollution

            • @Pacify: Piano? Well, it is noise pollution for the tone deaf.

          • @easternculture: But i prefer the sound of electric engine.

            Anyway this is still China-made, just saying.

            • +1

              @z28: I call that "awkward Silence"

              But i prefer the sound of electric engine.

          • @easternculture: Nothing more beautiful than the Sound of Silence (& you only hear the connection to the road) with superior value for money BYD Han >40% cheaper. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9Dg-g7t2l4
            UBS engineers/research found superior engineering & 30% better value compared to European cars (15% better than Tesla).

          • @easternculture: Maybe for the hogan driving it but not everyone else in the street. Theirs a hogan across the road with one of those and it drives everyone bananas with his ridiculous take offs at all hours of the day. It’s bogan , it’s not cool. And my M3 performance smashes it.

          • @easternculture: I play this on full blast at the lights in my Telsa 3: 9 hours of v8 idling.

        • You can 2 or 3 model 3 perfomances for this price

        • Model 3 Performance gets there in 3.1 seconds for less than half the price. I know the Lotus is a Luxury car better compared to the Model S generally, but if 0 - 100 is what you want you can go way cheaper

          • +1

            @MrMcHairyHead: Lol my comment was more in jest of what m9 was saying, realistically we can't even drive those speeds here. But damn it's fun when you do.
            Don't get me wrong I'm not against ev vehicles.. not a fan of the new model 3 with the indicator change etc as the decision isn't very human like. But asides from that it's a very capable vehicle. In all honesty I just love cars.

          • +1

            @MrMcHairyHead: Would one rather be seen with an upside down bathtub or katana?

        • +1

          At speeds of 0-100 in 2.9 seconds that's all the entertainment I would need.

          Remember to set the speed limit to under 50kmh when in suburbia … Could be an expensive entertainment. Unfortunately.

        • The MG4 XPower does it in about 3.8 quoted and that only costs $60k drive away with 7 year warranty from memory. If fast acceleration is all the entertainment you need as you say, do you want to spend an extra $130k for 0.9 of a second?

      • +1

        I think you are being a bit extreme here buddy.
        I'm not against ev I just have a preference for combustion based cars.. when the infrastructure of recharging and replaceability for batteries becomes more accessible I might seriously consider an EV at that point. We just aren't there yet.

        It still won't sound as fun as ICE cars but at least the infrastructure and convenience of owning one will offset the thrill and joy of driving ICE cars.

        • -4

          Nice bro

        • +3

          Your preference is only because you’re used to it. People are slow to change.

          • @smartazz104: This may very well be true. Thank you for being good about it.

          • @smartazz104:

            People are slow to change.

            And, lets face it, tempting/irresistible new alternatives are rather limited.

        • It's already there. I've never had issues with charging while travelling and found it much easier than ICE cars in day to day life bc I don't even have to go a gas station. I can just plug my car into any 240v plug at home or AirBnb etc.

          As for batteries, new cars have shown batteries potential for lasting > 10 years (ofc real data will take 10 years to see but the ones you see getting replaced now are from battery tech from 7 years ago).

          I don't understand how battery replacement is hard now but you'll face it 10 years from now when it will be even easier, which is when you will face that issue

    • +13

      My drug-riddled cousin would probably also prefer ice over this car.

    • +2

      Just another perspective: I love driving, I race, I spent 15 years daily driving my track day car with racing bucket seat & 6 point harness, and I hope to always have a manual, ICE, drivers car for my enjoyment.

      BUT I also have to commute to work, do school runs, grocery shopping, weekend day trips with family, and for all of that EV makes a lot of sense to me and regardless what I’m driving I’m not really going to enjoy most of that driving anyway. In fact I’m not really interested in buying an SUV type of vehicle in anything other than EV.

      • -1

        That shares what my thoughts are as well.. and then I thought about it.. and the Land cruiser esque SUV/4wd would be what I buy and ev still wouldn't work as I still go offroading and sometimes through water.
        So then I went away from ev again

        • +1

          I'm not sure how you came to that conclusion…
          EVs handle water much better generally as there is no exhaust to get clogged up. You can see Teslas getting through really bad flash floods on YouTube where water levels come up half way up doors but ICE cars get stuck.

          CyberTruck may be worth looking into for the offroading UC. (Note: I've heard some cases of CyberTruck issues with Rust so may be worth waiting till they fix that but then again if you get on the waiting list now I think the wait is like 7 years)

          It's also super nice that you have a huge battery with you for offroading if you camp etc with it as it can power devices for charging/cooking etc. You can also chuck on camp mode in the car and have AC on all night without having to have the "engine" on and breathing the emissions from having it on

      • Have an EV, and keep a few toys (might lead to a new wife_husband). Ha

  • +7
    • Prices exclude on-road costs

    I guess that rules me out ;-p

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