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Amino Z Whey Protein Isolate 4kg $149.99 Del+$55 Credit ($65 CZ/$50 NewCust)/5kg $179.99 (Extra $10 Cred), 30% off AZ @ Amino Z


Quick Intro

My deal video: https://youtu.be/0V3qqgmrz4k

The Deal

Amino Z Whey Protein Isolate 4kg for $149.99 Delivered + $55 back in store credit for repeat customers (New Customers $50/Pre-Existing Paid Club Z* $65)

OPTIONAL EXTRA OFFER: Add 1 more kg for $30 and get an extra $10 back in store credit. Ie. 5kg for $179.99 Delivered with $60/$65/$75 back in store credit. Simply select the 5kg size.

Plus we some featured offers on some other products of ours:

Coupon code: OZB-MAY24 (add in shopping cart)

You will get the store credit just so long as you order 4kg or 5kg of WPI (or more). You can order anything else on top of this and you will still receive the bonus credit amount and free shipping.

*Please note for Pre-Existing and Paid Club Z members, to qualify for this, you must be actively on a paid Club Z membership at the time this deal was made live. Otherwise, if you're on Club Free trial period (or pay after the launch of this deal), you will not earn the Club Z bonus points, but you still get the repeat or new customer Z points back.

WPI Flavours

We now have 24 flavours available to choose from.

Our new release is the Brazilian Chocolate (Brigadeiro) flavour, best described as "A velvety taste of chocolate with hints of caramelised condensed milk.". (Chiara put that one together, I'm not so articulate!)

Our mint choc chip is now back in stock (unlike in the last deal). We have made a slight improvement to the flavour profile of this one, but it's extremely similar to the last iteration.

All flavours are naturally sweetened. We have transitioned over to thaumatin for the fact that it is an all natural plant based sweetener, a superior flavour profile, a neutral insulin impact (as it is a protein) and being very gentle on the gut. A bit of trivia, thaumatin is about 10x the cost of artificial counterparts (eg. sucralose) and more than 5x the cost of stevia based on weight! Our focus remains on product quality.

Also note the Unflavoured option is straight WPI with just sunflower lecithin added at the point of manufacture to assist in mixing and reduce frothing (less than 1% w/w). There is no sweetener added.

Flavour Availability:

Flavour availability will change throughout the deal. I will this area updated as flavours run out.

  • In Stock: All Flavours
  • On Backorder (Can be backordered): None

Flavour Nutritional Info Breakdown

You can view the nutritional information on the product back by clicking on the "NUTRITIONAL INFO" tab. Below is a summary (special thanks for @Chaffix for putting this together in a prior deal):

Flavour Protein (g/100g) Energy (cal/100g) Cal per g Protein
Unflavoured 90.0 386.4 4.29
Melon Milk 86.8 380.4 4.38
Iced Chai Latte 86.7 381.9 4.40
Banana 86.3 382.7 4.43
Indulgent White Chocolate 85.9 380.7 4.43
Vanilla Creamy 86.0 382.9 4.45
Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream 85.0 380.6 4.48
Coconut Ice Cream 84.8 381.9 4.50
Iced Coffee 82.5 374.9 4.54
Crème Caramel 83.6 382.2 4.57
Taro Milk Ice Cream 81.1 376.2 4.64
Pandan & Coconut Gelato 80.8 377.2 4.67
Smooth Milk Chocolate 80.7 379.9 4.71
Chocolate 79.5 378.5 4.76
Brazilian Chocolate (Brigadeiro) 79.4 378.6 4.77
Mint Choc Chip 78.7 375.4 4.77
Strawberry 79.6 382.6 4.81
Choc Cherry Delight 77.3 377.8 4.89
Chocolate Honeycomb 76.5 374.8 4.90
Coffs Harbour Choc Banana 76.8 376.8 4.91
Chocolate Coconut 76.4 377.5 4.94
Chocolate Caramel 75.8 376.3 4.96
Neapolitan Ice Cream 75.5 376.2 4.98
Aussie Choc Malt 64.2 381.8 5.95

Also @Jamiess very kindly spent the time to put together some visual representations comparing the different flavours at https://ibb.co/ZgBSvjf and https://ibb.co/6WHLgrH

A couple of explanatory notes on this that I will add to avoid any confusion:

  • The sugar component is included within the total carbohydrate (as sugar is a carbohydrate). So for example with Vanilla Creamy, 4.4% total carbohydrate and 1.3% is sugar, meaning 3.1% (ie. 4.4%-1.3%) are non-sugar carbohydrates. I'm adding this note in here because we have had some customers confused by this in the past.
  • The sweetness won't be a function of the sugar content necessarily, as the perceived sweetness will be primarily derived from the thaumatin component (around 2000x sweeter than sugar w/w). Thaumatin is a protein and not a sugar. So it is highly possible that a low-sugar flavour can be notably sweeter than one with higher sugar. I note that we have recently reduced the sweetness in both the matcha and banana flavours (with more revisions to come).

Product Breakdown

  • 100% Australian Blended and Packed in our Sydney Facility
  • Our manufacturing facility is owned by us and is a NSW Licensed Food Facility with an approved Dairy Processing license
  • We only use WPI in this protein - this is not a blend of other cheaper proteins (for example Whey Protein Concentrate/WPC)
  • For the nutritional information for each flavour, please click on the "Nutritional Info" tab or see the table above. The best macros are for Unflavoured (Per serve: 29.7g P / 0.3g F / 0.4g C), and the flavour breakdowns will be variable. The Aussie Choc Malt our main exception with higher carbs of 9.9g carbs/serve (from the malt component) and a lower protein percentage - I highly recommend it for the taste, avoid if you want to keep the carbs down.
  • Protein is added hormone free, ultra and micro filtered and cold pressed
  • Naturally sweetened with thaumatin. We do not use artificial sweeteners.
  • Soy free - we use sunflower lecithin instead of soy lecithin (soy is common in whey proteins)
  • Backed by our 110% Guarantee. Try it and if you don't love it, we'll give you 110% back (in store credit) or a full refund (including delivery). As I mentioned in the video, we offer this so you can try the product risk-free. If you've opened it up to try it we're not going to make you send it back either.

Commonly Asked - Amino Z WPI / ON 100% Whey / Musashi 100% Whey (The 3 most popular proteins here on OzBargain)

In almost all of our prior WPI deals, I have been asked how our WPI compares to two other very popular products on OzBargain that we sell (Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard Whey and Musashi 100% Whey).

One thing I want to emphasise is that we sell all three products and despite us obviously having a vested interest in our own brand, we firmly stand behind the quality of all three products (hence why we stock all of them).

In a previous deal, I asked our team to put together a comprehensive and objective video detailing many key differences between the three products. So if you're interested, the video can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LBeV33fArc

Obviously taste will come down to personal preference so we haven't touched on this, we have instead focussed on key attributes of each product. I hope this presents a fair representation of each.

Whey Protein Prices in 2024

I mentioned this in our earlier deal this year off the back of some discussion about protein pricing for the year, off the back of a competitor announcing a price rise in July. I'll provide an update to remain as transparent as possible.

We have seen increases in prices for whey protein raw material, primarily as a result of rising commodity prices in dairy around the globe. Prices have remained higher since my last update in Feb and it is possible that these raw material prices will begin to affect retail pricing later this year. That is, unless commodity prices drop back down again, which is also possible. If prices remain steady, this will likely impact all forms of whey protein (eg. WPI, WPC etc) at a retail level. We generally see a lag time of 3-6 months from commodity price changes to retail price changes.

Our raw material prices have begun to increase, but we have kept our prices steady for now (including this deal). We will of course do our best to keep prices as low as possible. This is more of a heads up as to what to reasonably expect based on the many conversations I've had with suppliers. No one knows exactly what is around the corner and so this is more to provide context rather than predicting exactly what will happen in the coming months.

FAQ/Other Notes/Common Questions

  • Choose Multiple Flavours: We pack these into 1kg pouches. Choose the multi-flavour option for 4 (or 5) different flavours.
  • Packaging: As mentioned in the video, many of our new bags now have the new and improved pouches. We still have a few using the old pouches and so if you have any issues whatsoever, please reach out and we'll fix you up.
  • Nutritional Information: To view the full nutritional panel, just click on the "NUTRITIONAL INFO" tab on the page and then select the flavour.
  • Best Before Dates: Best before dates will be 18-24 months away. We turn this product over very quickly so all current stock has been produced recently.
  • Free Delivery: You will get free delivery on your entire order when you order any full sized Amino Z supplements.
  • Applying Store Credit: To apply existing store credit (Z Points), firstly make sure that you are logged in. Then, go into checkout and after entering your delivery and shipping choice, select "Load Payment Methods". Once loaded, you will see an option entitled "Spend Your Points". Click this and then enter how many points you wish to apply as a discount to your order. You can apply points acquired from previous deals to this purchase.
  • Applying the Coupon Code: Please apply the coupon code in your shopping cart before checking out.
  • 30% Discount: The 30% discount will be off the full price before discount, not on the already discounted price.
  • Receiving Store Credit: Store credit is assigned as "Z Points" to your account within 10 days of your order shipping. It can then be applied to any future order that you place.
  • Store Credit Limit: There is a limit of one lot of bonus store credit per person for the month of May across all promotions. You can order more than 5kg of WPI, or place two separate orders, but the store credit will be capped so we can stay in business and keep doing deals like these.
  • Other Store Credit Info: Store credit does NOT expire. Also, you do NOT have to be a Club Z member to retain your store credit.
  • Club Z: Our Club Z membership program is a paid subscription with the most common membership being $9.99/month with $10 back/month for each monthly renewal. This is different to having an account on our website. We frequently run Club Z bonus offers, such as in this deal where anyone who was already an existing active and paid Club Z member (immediately prior to launching this promo) will receive a total of $65 back in Z Points ($75 for 5kg). Full info here.
  • Referral Codes: Please note that this offer won't stack with our referral code offer, nor any other offers.
  • Our 5 most popular flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Aussie Choc Malt, Iced Coffee and Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream.

A word of thanks

We have received an overwhelming amount of support from the OzBargain community and it continues to be a priority for me to put these deals together. I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has supported us, not only as a result of buying from us, but also upvoting, engaging and providing feedback. As a small business, the engagement we have on this site is invaluable and really helps us to continue levelling up.

I will personally be on here so please feel free to ask any questions to me directly here on the public discussion. Vanessa will be taking care of our direct messages so please send through a message for anything specifically related to your order. Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have experienced any issues or simply have a question.

Thanks again everyone!

Amino Z (Owner/Founder/Deals Guy)


13/05/24 12:55PM: Choc Cherry Delight is beginning to run low and we expect this to fall into backorder in the next few hours. If you receive a backorder notification about this flavour, your order will likely ship on Friday this week after more stock is produced. Currently it remains available however. - Jay
13/05/24 8:30PM: Choc Cherry Delight has now fallen into backorder and will be back in stock later this week, we anticipate that backorders for this flavour will ship on Friday. All other flavours are in stock for now. - Jay
16/05/24 1:45PM: Choc Cherry Delight is now back in stock ahead of schedule and any backorders will ship either today or tomorrow. All orders are shipping within 1 business day. - Jay
20/05/24 5:59AM: We have again had an amazing amount of support for this deal for which I am extremely grateful. A few requests have come in for an extension so the deal has been extended to accommodate. Thank you again to everyone! - Jay
—22/05/24 7:06AM:** We're going to extend this deal for one final day off the back of a few requests. We won't be able to extend this deal any further and will 100% be ending midnight tonight. Thank you to everyone for the amazing support and feedback which we will most certainly be taking on board. - Jay

Referral Links

Referral: random (515)

Referees get $10 off their first order. Referrers get $10 worth of Z Points.

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  • +2

    This is perfect timing. I was just on the website 20 minutes ago wondering when the next deal would happen!

    • +7

      Hi @freshness872, thanks for the support of the deal!

      We started receiving a bunch of requests for the next WPI deal in the last couple of weeks and figured it was about time to do a new one.

      Thanks again!


      • Thank you! Time to do another order I guess!

        • Thank you so much @MasonDelta, I am extremely grateful for the ongoing support of our brand!


      • Thank you, Jay. Always look forward to these deals :)

        • Thank you for the ongoing support @Nelumbo!


          • @aminozcomau: Hey Jay

            How can a non-club z member use the accumulated Z points? I have $18.99 that I would like to use when buying with this deal.

            • @dabs: Thanks for asking @dabs

              To clarify, you don't need to be a Club Z member to use your Z Points.

              Just ensure that you log in before going into the checkout area. After entering your delivery and shipping choice, select "Load Payment Methods". Once loaded, you will see an option entitled "Spend Your Points". Click this and then enter how many points you wish to apply as a discount to your order. You can apply points acquired from previous deals to this purchase.

              Any issues, please feel free to reach out.


              • @aminozcomau: Hi Jay

                Thank you. Order made! Does this mean that I get the $55 store credit ?????

                • @dabs: Thanks for the order @dabs!

                  If you've shopped with us before then yes, you'll get $55 back in Z Points which is store credit. This will be added into your account within 10 days after your order ships.


  • +1

    Hey Jay,

    I made an order during the last sale and I requested to have it delivered in June. Am I able to add Amino Z Micronised Creatine Monohydrate 1kg to that order?


    • Thanks for asking @chewkl and yes absolutely.

      Would you mind sending through a direct message with your order number and the changes you'd like to make? Vanessa will make it happen.

      Thanks for the ongoing support!


      • What is the country of origin?

        • Our WPI is sourced from USA presently @chyawala


          • @aminozcomau: Is this a recent change? Are you sourcing USDA organic or some other guarantee of grass/pasture fed dairy?

            • +3

              @jasswolf: @jasswolf no this is not a recent change, we've been sourcing from USA for at least the last 12-18 months (roughly). We did have a period prior to this where we were getting protein from wherever we could find because the supply chain was horrible. During this period we were sourcing from Europe and New Zealand too.

              The cows are partially grass fed (it is seasonal, so not during the winter months). But no, we do not have any USDA organic certifications around this.


      • I've replied to the old message, thanks Jay/Vanessa :)

        • No worries, I'll let Vanessa know @chewkl


  • +37

    Just a note to anyone who has recently purchased in the last few days (and only just missed out on this offer). If you wanted to take advantage of this deal, please feel free to send us through a direct message and Vanessa can look after you.

    We get asked this every deal and we will be more than happy to accommodate. The fact that you are supporting our brand outside these deals means the world to us and we do not want you to feel like we've done you a disservice when you could have waited a few more days.

    Thank you as always!


  • How can I use my previously earned Z points while using the code?

    • +2

      Thanks for asking @Beanpaste

      Make sure you log in. Apply the code in your cart and then proceed to checkout.

      After entering your delivery and shipping choice, select "Load Payment Methods". Once loaded, you will see an option entitled "Spend Your Points". Click this and then enter how many points you wish to apply as a discount to your order.

      You can apply points acquired from previous deals to this purchase.

      I hope this helps and thanks for the support!


  • +1

    Up voted for great deal, local business with excellent customer services

    • I really appreciate the kind words @DraggyX

      It means a lot, thanks for the support!


  • Silly question but is this just a protein shake you just drink after doing a gym workout?

    Also on website it’s 4kg but there’s 4 selections of 1kg so does that mean you can have 4 different flavours at 1kg?

    • +1

      Thanks for asking @prankster

      Most people will generally take WPI post-workout. You can consume it throughout the day if you're looking for a convenience option or generally have a low protein diet. For example, I will generally have a shake with breakfast after having gone all night without eating as it's quick and easy. But obviously this will vary with your individual requirements.

      You are correct with the 4kg option, you can choose different 1kg options. Each unit is packed into a 1kg bag.

      I hope this helps!


      • Great thanks for the quick reply, will place an order soon to try this out as it’ll be my first time but glowing reviews is great it appears :)

        How long is delivery take to Sydney?

        • +1

          My pleasure! Sydney delivery should take 1-2 business days. We're based in Sydney also.

          Thanks in advance for giving us a go, I really appreciate it!


  • Thanks Jay, is it possible to pay for this deal now and have it delivered in month or two or would that be bulk hassle for you guys? No problem if it's not doable.

    (I've still got some left over from the last deal.)

    • +1

      Hi again @EightImmortals and thanks for asking! Yes we can certainly accommodate for this.

      Please just place your order and then send over a direct message here on OzBargain. Vanessa will be able to manage your order so it doesn't ship out until when you're ready for it. The stock will be reserved for you in the meantime though.

      Thanks for the ongoing support!


      • Awesome, thanks. :)

        • Pleasure!


  • +1

    My 7th order with Aminoz! Keep up the good work!

    • +1

      7 orders, that's awesome! Thank you so much for the ongoing support @Vavoomm, I am extremely grateful!


  • I'm looking at your smooth milk choc which has 80% purity while Myprotein choc smooth claim to have 91% purity. In my books that's about 10% more value

    • +9

      Thanks for the post @easternculture

      So I took at look at the MP website and they state in the ingredients that their Chocolate Smooth WPI is 91% WPI. I am assuming their WPI is a WPI90, given that their unflavoured version is 90% protein in the nutritional panel on the website (ie. 90% protein w/w on a dry basis). Therefore their Choc Smooth WPI per 100g would be 0.91 * 0.9 = 81.9% protein.

      Worth noting, I could not find the nutritional panel specifically for the Choc Smooth flavour though.

      Ours in comparison is comparable at 80.7% protein. It is slightly lower, but not by 10%.

      That said, the flavour profiles will be different. I have not tried the MP Choc Smooth, so I cannot comment on how similar/different they are.

      I hope this clarifies and thanks for sharing this!


      • Makes sense. Cheers J

        • No worries and thanks again for pointing this out @easternculture as I'm sure others would have had similar queries around this.


  • Hi Jay and team
    Thanks again for doing these exclusive deals.
    I am still very well stocked but I recommend you guys to all my friends looking for affordable decent protein.

    Currently having choc cherry delight, banger flavour I will add.

    • +1

      Thanks @Jimothy Wongingtons!

      I greatly appreciate the ongoing support and sharing the kind words.

      I'll pass on that feedback on the choc cherry delight to our team, Chiara did a great job in formulating that one :)


      • Ps Do you know if the complete pre and the no stim pre has had the new bags yet? 2nd bag of pre ruined too quick 😭

        This time I put it into a further zip lock with 3 medium size bag of desiccant…

        • +1

          Let me check on this and I'll get back to you as soon as I get a definite answer on this @Jimothy Wongingtons


        • +1

          @Jimothy Wongingtons I managed to get a reply quicker than I expected.

          Some are and some are not.

          In the Complete Pre, the Yuzu and Sour Cola are in the new pouches. In the Non-Stim, only the Yuzu is in the new pouch.

          We're in the process of transitioning these over and more flavours will be moved over in the coming weeks.

          I hope this helps and thanks for asking. Also if you have issues on an order order please shoot over a message, Vanessa can always work something out for you.


          • @aminozcomau: Cheers will give those flavours a go.
            The mango nectar one in the no stim was by far the best flavour pre I’ve ever had.

            • +1

              @Jimothy Wongingtons: No worries and thanks in advance!

              We are working on a new mango. We've had numerous requests about this one, but we did remove this since it was a stevia based flavour and we're trying to move it over to thaumatin. Little did we realise how hard it is to nail that sweet/ripe mango flavour. We are making progress on this one though.


  • Just hopping on to say I’ve had a excellent customer service experience with these guys :)

    • Thank you so much for sharing this and for supporting our business @Lastora!


  • Last time I got BCAA I had the Blue Raspberry which is not on anymore which is disappointing. What is the closest flavour to this?.

    • +1

      Sorry about this @Colombian we had to discontinue this one due to a supplier related issue. Red Frogs isn't too far off, it's also a raspberry flavour which we replaced it with more recently.

      If you don't like the Red Frogs, feel free to hit us up and we can always send out another flavour for you.

      Thanks for asking!


  • Hey Mate, Cheers. Ordered!!
    Just a feedback from last time.. Protein is great, superb mix-ability, great price and excellent service at a reasonable cost.

    Only one issue was that one of the packets had completely dud Ziplock.. Else All good :)

    • Thanks for the support @ThePeterGriffin! I really appreciate the kind words too.

      Yeah those pouches have been poor and we have recently released updated versions of them. If you do receive any more duds please feel free to reach out and Vanessa can always sort out a fix for you.


  • Perfect timing! Down to the final scoops from my last order! You guys are great

    • Awesome, thank you so much for the support of the deal @edumacation!


  • Perfect timing for me! Loved the Taro Milk and Matcha Green Tea last time. This time planning to try some new flavors. Looking at some of the higher protein ones. Anybody tried Melon Milk, Banana, Vanilla, or Iced Chai Latte? Would like to hear some feedback if anybody is kind enough. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the ongoing support @MahbubK!

      I can share the flavour descriptions we have. It's no substitute for others unbiased opinions, but just in case it helps. Full disclosure, Chiara who develops the flavours put these together, I am not so articulate!

      Melon Milk: Inspired by a popular Korean drink, our Melon Milk flavour melds the taste of fresh honeydew melon with milky, vanilla notes. It's a refreshing, vibrant, and perfectly balanced flavour that's considered to be anything but dull.

      Banana: A moderately sweet and creamy shake, with the prominent taste of ripe bananas.

      Vanilla Creamy: This flavour is inspired by vanilla ice cream and is celebrated for its well-rounded, pleasantly sweet taste, as well as the smooth texture it brings when made into a shake.

      Iced Chai Latte: A delightful blend of sweet and spicy flavours, reminiscent of the authentic taste of chai with a touch of creamy vanilla. If you're a fan of the classic chai latte, you won’t be disappointed by this flavour.


      • Thanks Jay. These are some poetic descriptions :D. I've decided to order one of each.

        • +1

          😂 If you don't like any of the flavours please don't hesitate to reach out to our team, we'll be more than happy to send you something else (at our cost).

          Thanks for the order!


      • Hi Jay,

        Seeing as you also do ON - I've had ON's banana cream and love it, is your house brand one similar in taste?

        • +1

          This one is a tough one @montorola because flavour is so subjective. I did ask the team for their opinion on this and the general consensus is that ours is more of a natural banana flavour. But honestly, each to their own.

          We do have samples available where we will give you the full amount paid back as Z Points/store credit (please just email us after you receive the order if you do this). But otherwise you can try the full size and if you don't like it we can always replace it at our expense.

          I hope this helps and thanks for your interest.


    • +1

      Ordered Melon last time and loves it. Was gutted I only bought 1 bag, this time will make it 2 or 3.

      • Thanks @Fredfloresjr. Much appreciate your response

      • If I don't like honeydew melon to begin with is there any hope of me liking it?

        • If you don't like honeydew @knobbs I'd stay away from the melon milk. It's a milky honeydew flavour.


    • +2

      I've tried Melon milk out of those.
      Personally I like it refreshingly cold like bubble tea melonmilk

      • Thanks @capslock janitor. I have ordered one for me this time

    • i use Banana in my greek yoghurt, wipes out the tangy greek taste and literally tastes like im eating banana yoghurt, its delicious.

  • Presuming not, but for example, after buying 5kg with this deal, is the deal reusable for another purchase of 5kg? ie. would you get both the additional discount of 5kg for $180 and the store credits? or just the discounted price, or neither?
    Thanks in advance!

    • +3

      Thanks for asking @PTsanctified

      If you place a second 5kg order on this deal, you will receive the store credit from the first order only. But you won't receive a second lot of store credit as it is capped to one per person.

      Worth noting, the store credit from this offer won't be issued to your account in time to re-use this again on this same deal. That said, you can absolutely re-use it on any future deal we have (and I can confirm that we will be continuing to post deals here on OzBargain).

      I hope this clarifies.


      • The clarification is much appreciated. Cheers

        • My pleasure!


  • +1

    Hey Jay,
    Just wondering how long this deal will be going for?

    Side note, I caved and decided to try the Aussie Choc Malt on my last order. Definitely one of the best protein flavours I've tried

    • +1

      Thanks for asking @TheIngster!

      We're running this until Sunday presently. Depending upon stock levels, we may extend by a couple of days, but I cannot confirm that we definitely will at this stage.

      Thanks so much for the feedback on the Aussie Choc Malt, I'll be passing this along to the team!


  • Thanks Jay .. Excellent product and great CS team

    • Thank you for the kind words and ongoing support @vickiolesen!


  • I have always been a big fan of AminoZ and always recommend it to friends and as a fellow Brazilian - Who had the brilliant idea to come up with a Brigadeiro flavour?
    if I didn’t have 6kg of whey protein I’d definitely be buying that one. really want to try that 🥺🥺🥺

    • Thanks for the support of the deal @diguinBR!

      Full credit must go to our flavour developer Chiara who decided on the Brigadeiro flavour which has been quite popular since launch a couple of weeks ago.


  • Hi, when does the deal expire?

    • We're running this until Sunday presently. Depending upon stock levels, we may extend by a couple of days, but I cannot confirm that we definitely will at this stage.

      Thanks for asking @blahblahs15!


      • Yeah all good thanks for answering.
        I'm just waiting for my new card to come in for bonus Qantas points.
        Should be making my order within the next few days.

        • No worries, thanks in advance @blahblahs15


          • @aminozcomau: Hey I just made an account before I ordered but when submitting payment I think the account somehow logged out?
            I don't have any submitted orders or credits on my account.
            Can you check it out for me? My order number is

            Edit: never mind the order just showed up on my account now

            • @blahblahs15: Glad it got sorted, thanks for the order @blahblahs15!


  • Hi Jay,

    Great timing for me! Had a handful of scoops left from my last order.

    Really impressed with the product and your company. I think this is my 5th order, really happy to support a great local business with the best prices and customer service!

    • Hi @Dunkeekong, thank you so much for the support of the deal!

      I am also extremely grateful for the ongoing support, being your 5th order with us. It means a lot to me and the team!


  • Great timing. I was just looking at the last bag in my pantry last night, thinking I need to stock up soon.

    Coupled with store credits from prior purchase, easily the best value wpi on the market.

    • Thanks for the support and for the new order @ddhar, most appreciated!


  • Cutting will be in 3-4 weeks time, perfect time to hoard. Thanks Jay

    • Nice one :) Thanks as always for the support of the deal @Fredfloresjr!


  • AminoZ has been my go to supps store for a while - I just checked my history - LOL I am on about 20 orders :O - Topped up again today

    The Auto price match has definitely prevented me from looking around locally. Even waiting a few days instead of visiting the local Nutrition Warehouse or Derrimut 247 Stores.

    Always a pleasure to deal with.

    • 20!? Wow, amazing…thank you so much for the ongoing support of our business @kikxz! Thanks also for the upvote for this deal :)


  • So if we’re new customers there’s no deal?

    Just getting into working out properly so taking protein powder but wanted to try your product.

    • +1

      @bunnybash as a new customer you still get $50 back in store credit. The difference between this and repeat customers is that repeat customers receive $55 back instead of $50 back.

      That's the only difference. So you can still take advantage of this deal.

      Sorry for any confusion around this. I have listed repeat customers first just because the majority of buyers are repeat customers.

      Should you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you for your interest!


      • Hi Jay,

        I am a new customer and I have just bought the 4kg WPI. I was just wondering how do we access the $50 in store credit? I was just looking at my account but it doesnt say anywhere that I have received $50 credit.

        • +1

          Thanks for giving us a go @nahalyon!

          The store credit is added into your account within 10 days of your order being shipped. So dont stress, but should there be any issues please dont hesitate to reach out.

          Thank you for the order and I hope you enjoy our protein!


          • @aminozcomau: Hi Jay,

            I am a new customer and I have just bought the 5kg WPI. And I already received it today. Do I have to activate the ClubZ to get the credit?

            And also, if I am a paid ClubZ membership, the $10 credit can only be used like once per order am I right? And on those order which used those credit, I woun't get points/credit again.

            • +1

              @ezhang6767: Thanks for your first order with us @ezhang6767!

              No, you don't need to do anything to activate the credit. The Z Points (store credit) will be added into your account within 10 days of your order being shipped. This should occur automatically, but should there be any problems please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

              In relation to your other query, if you are a Club Z member (on the $9.99/month plan), you will receive an automatic $10 in store credit every time your monthly plan renews. There is no limit to how many Z Points you can apply to any order. So if, for example, you have $60 in your account, you can apply the entire $60 to your next order.

              I hope this explains everything but please let me know if you have any further questions.


  • +1

    Customer service - 10/10 best in the business
    Value - 10/10 with these specials
    Taste - 5/10 (tried the creme caramel and banana)
    Texture - 5/10 mixes well but just watery mouth-feel, not creamy luxurious
    Bags - 0/10 I've never considered packaging until I got these bags with sliders, none work

    This protein is up there if value is your priority but doesn't stand out if flavour and texture is more important to you. Unflavoured is perfect for shakes and cooking, but otherwise I don't get that 'this I delicious, I want more' feeling I look for so my protein is something I look forward to rather than something that's just part of my diet. A bit of a chore to get through what I have, might gift it to the workplace.

    Sorry Jay, you're the best, and take this with a grain of salt because the majority seem to like this. I'd be interested if you formulated something that prioritised taste/texture even if it had increased cost slightly lower protein %.

    • Sounds like Rule 1 Source 7 might be something that might interest you into trying - https://www.ruleoneproteins.com/products/source7-protein

    • +2

      Thanks for sharing this @bxpressiv and please do not apologise, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the candid feedback as it really helps us to improve (if I am to be completely selfish). But importantly, it's important that these deals are transparent as part of the culture here on OzBargain.

      First off, I will be sharing this feedback with the team. The flavours are our top priority and while we have made progress on these in the last few years, we do believe that there is always plenty of room for improvement.

      If you're open to us replacing the creme caramel and banana for you please let me know. Or please shoot over a direct message to us, we'll be happy to send out alternative flavours of your choice.

      I am unsure how recently you last purchased, but both flavours have undergone a few iterations in terms of flavour profile and texture. But if you purchased this year, they likely will be the same.

      Our bags were horrible last year and we do now have new pouches in stock. You (and many others) would have received those sub-standard pouches and I am terribly sorry about this. That's on us and again we will be happy to fix that up for you if you're able to shoot over a message with your last order details.

      Thanks again @bxpressiv and I do hope we can sort something out for you!


    • I do love AminoZ and have several bags going ATM. I didn't really notice it before but now you mention it I would agree that it is slightly less creamy and more watery than other proteins I have had. I think that is possibly related to mixability, more mixable = less creamy texture.

    • +4

      I have to agree 100% that you won't find better value protein around. Yes the bags were absolutely hopeless but the newer bags with the red zippers are much more reliable.

      I have mentioned this before but Aminoz protein tends to also create significantly more froth when shaking - almost ends up being 50% liquid and 50% froth.

      I used to always purchase Rule 1 protein WPI that creates almost no froth and texture is smoother and creamier but you do end up paying twice as much (2.2kg bag is ~$190)

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