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10x Everyday Rewards Points on Vanilla Mastercard Gift Cards ($5.95/$7.95 Purchase Fees) @ Woolworths


For each variable Mastercard you buy loaded with $500, you’re essentially paying $7.95 (the purchase fee) to earn $25 worth of Everyday Rewards Dollars (or 2,500 Qantas points):

Gift Card Purchase Fee EDR Dollars Earned Profit/Loss
$50 $5.95 $2.50 -$3.45
$100 $5.95 $5.00 -$0.95
$25-500 (loaded with $500) $7.95 $25.00 $17.05

See the Gift Card FAQ for more info about these cards.

^Offer available from 5/6/24 to 11/6/24 on all denominations of gift cards listed. Available in-store only at Woolworths Supermarkets and Woolworths Metro, scan your Everyday Rewards Card to collect 10x points. Excludes Woolworths Online and MILKRUN. Standard points will not be earned on amount spent on gift cards, but the relevant number of bonus points that you qualify for under this offer. Bonus points can take up to 14 business days to be loaded onto your Everyday Rewards Card from date of purchase. Refer to individual cards for their terms and conditions. Mastercard Cards are subject to purchase fees $50 = $5.95, $100 = $5.95, variable $25-$500 = $7.95. For cards with a fixed value, limit of 5 cards per day per Rewards Member (can be done across multiple transactions). For the variable card where you choose the amount to load, limit of 2 cards per day per Rewards Member in a single transaction. Rewards Points $50 = 500, $100 = 1000, Variable card $1 = 10x points. Vanilla Mastercard gift cards are issued by Heritage and People's Choice Limited trading as Heritage Bank ABN 11 087 651 125, AFSL/ACL No. 244310 pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. For Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card Terms of Use and Conditions, go to www.mybalancenow.com. While stocks last. Card images shown may vary.

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  • +13

    Good luck finding any

    • +1

      I think some may take Vanilla VISA for it. Vanilla VISA is also on Woolworths' shelf with a different package to the one at Coles.

      • +1

        Made this mistake. I'm certain it's part of their calculations. Found some MCs at a different store later in the day.

    • -2

      Standard points will not be earned on amount spent on gift cards, but the relevant number of bonus points that you qualify for under this offer.

      i have spend $40 for 2000 points for 2 weeks, will spend $500 gift card count?

    • Plenty in Beenleigh but that is a poor city so it's likely that the pricier gift cards stay there.

    • is this a fake website


      to collect numbers?

  • +3

    Vanilla Mastercard gift cards are issued by Heritage and People's Choice Limited trading as Heritage Bank

    Same company that does the Coles Mastercard Gift Cards

  • Damn. I just paid my tax owing last week. Will probably be super hard to get the variable ones anyway.

  • +13

    Max is less then 4% return with points, I will give it pass.

    20x points would be considering

    • +13

      If only more people shared your view!

      Finding these is going to be part of the next Mission Impossible movie.

    • +1

      I'm still keen since I want to fulfil my credit card min spent

  • could I make the payment by Shopback supermarket visa card?

    • +2

      Unfortunately, no.

      • +1

        Is this confirmed?

        • +2

          Someone messaged me a month ago, telling me that they tried to do this and got an Items Not Allowed error.

          That does not surprise me at all, because some gift cards sold at Woolworths (e.g. TCN eftpos gift cards) have more restrictions on the payment cards that you can use to pay for them.

          • @WookieMonster: Separate question, is the use still capped at around $400 per every 30 mins or so?

              • @tonester: Thanks, were you answering if there's still limit on the use of the Supermarket card? Noticing you linked to a comment about a different card.

            • +1

              @tajid: Apparently not anymore.

              I also redeemed over $500 in one tap from a Category Choice Groceries gift card at Coles nearly two weeks ago. Category Choice Groceries gift cards are functionally just Activ Visa gift cards (just like ShopBack Supermarket Visa gift cards).

              • -1

                @WookieMonster: Hi @WookieMonster, a bit off-topic, I tried to pay for car inspection at a service center with the 7-11 visa card but the payment was declined. Any ideas about that?

                • +1

                  @nned2say: It is most likely because the service centre uses an MCC not permitted on 7-Eleven digital gift cards.

                  Does the service centre sell fuel to customers?

                  I had a look at Visa's MCC booklet and if the service centre does not sell fuel, it sounds like the service centre should be classified as:

                  MCC Title Description Examples
                  7538 Automotive Service Shops (Non-Dealer) Merchants classified with this MCC conduct automotive repairs and general or specific services. Automotive Glass Repair/Replacement; Car Service Shops; Lube Stations – Quick Stop; Muffler Shops; Oil Changers – Lube Stations; Repairs – Automotive Service Shops; Tune-Up Shops – Automotive; Wheel Alignment, Balancing, Repair Service – Automotive

                  On the other hand, the 7-Eleven digital gift card is advertised to work at 7-Eleven locations. My belief is that the only MCCs that are supposed to be permitted on this gift card are:

                  MCC Title Description Examples
                  5499 Miscellaneous Food Stores - Convenience Stores and Specialty Markets Merchants classified with this MCC sell specialty foods not classified with a more specific MCC. Convenience Stores; Delicatessens; Food Stores - Convenience; Fruit Markets; Gourmet Food Stores; Health Food Stores; Mini Markets; Poultry Shops; Produce Markets; Specialty Food Markets; Vegetable Markets; Vitamin Stores; Meal Preparation Kits
                  5541 Service Stations (With or without Ancillary Services) Merchants classified with this MCC are retail sellers of engine fuel. These Merchants may or may not also have a convenience store, car wash, or automotive repair shop on the premises, but must sell fuel for consumer use. Excluded from this category code are Automated Fuel Dispensers, MCC 5542 Filling Stations – Automotive Gasoline; Gas Stations (With or Without Ancillary Services); Gasoline – Service Stations; Marina Service Stations; Petrol – Service Stations; Truck Stops – Gasoline Service

                  The reasons I believe these are the only two officially permitted MCCs on the 7-Eleven digital gift card are:

                  • When many OzBargainers were using Hiver debit cards to get 5% cashback at selected merchants, 7-Eleven service stations were reportedly using MCC 5541, whereas 7-Eleven convenience stores at locations not selling fuel (e.g. inner-city convenience stores) were reportedly using MCC 5499.

                  • If you go to the Giftz listing for 7-Eleven digital gift cards, the Redemption Instructions on the left-hand side lists the two types of merchants that accept 7-Eleven digital gift cards. Those descriptions align to MCC 5541 and MCC 5499, respectively. I point out Giftz, because it is a gift card portal owned and operated by Blackhawk Network, the same company that operates the 7-Eleven digital gift card scheme.

                  • +1

                    @WookieMonster: Thank you, WookieMonster. It is very impressive. I believe the reason is that the service center doesn't sell fuel.

              • @WookieMonster: Hi WM, does this mean that the Category Choice Groceries gift card can be used at Coles, but not Woolies, to purchase gift cards?

                My heath insurer, Aus Unity, has them for sale (which I think is a new offering by them) @ 4% off.


                • +3

                  @New Chump: At Woolworths, the same restrictions apply to Category Choice Groceries gift cards and ShopBack Supermarket Visa gift cards.

                  From memory, the only gift cards that cannot be purchased using a Category Choice gift card at Woolworths are:

                  • Gift cards issued by Woolworths Group
                  • eBay
                  • TCN eftpos (the open-loop gift cards, not the TCN experience / multi-retailer gift cards)
                  • Westfield eftpos
                  • Vanilla Visa
                  • Vanilla Mastercard

                  Other gift cards sold at Woolworths (e.g. Apple, TCN experience, TCN multi-retailer, Ultimate) should still be able to be purchased using Category Choice Groceries gift cards.

      • Are these Vanilla GC treated any different that any other GCs? FWIW, I was able to purchase $500 Apple GCs using Shopback Supermarket Visa cards via Google Pay with the ongoing 20x EDR promo at Woolies this week

  • I am not able to add Shopback Supermarket visa card in apple pay, does anyone else have similar issue?

    • same here, waiting reply after lodged a ticket to Shopback

    • Me n my parner’s Apple pay did not support for a months as we used a lot at that time. Finally restrictions from Apple pay for active Visa card was lifted last week. Now we r able to use bot very limited number of activ vusa cards.

      • Just buy a Samsung if you need to use a large number of these.

  • Can this card be used to make payment to tax office?

    • Seems like a yes

  • can I use it to buy gift cards in woolies?

    • Depends on what gift card you're buying, check this FAQ for more details

      • Buy TCN cards

  • Does this taste any good?

  • You can use the Mastercard gift card to buy 4% discounted Woolies gift cards via RACQ.

  • this can be added to Paypal?

    • Likely yes

    • Sorry I'm not familiar with this approach, is this referring to essentially paying the amount into paypal balance?

      • +1

        You can't add to PayPal balance, but you can use this card in PayPal to pay for anything that accepts PayPal payment.

        • Why would you do that, wouldn't it be the same as if you just paid via the card?

          Additionally, lets say I got a bill for $900. Would paypal allow me to break the payment into 2, by paying $500 from vanilla card1 and $400 from vanilla card2?

          • +2


            Why would you do that, wouldn't it be the same as if you just paid via the card?

            Not necessarily. Paying via PayPal instead of directly could get around any restrictions a merchant has placed on cards with no 3-D Secure support (or prepaid cards more generally).

            For example, Prezzee would most likely reject a Vanilla Mastercard gift card if you inputted the card details directly into the online checkout, because it has no 3-D Secure support. For a business that is at a higher risk to fraudulent transactions, it would make sense to mandate 3-D Secure to try and ensure the verified cardholder is the person who is actually initiating the purchase. However, if you checkout via PayPal, Prezzee no longer cares about whether the card you are using via PayPal supports 3-D Secure.

            Additionally, lets say I got a bill for $900. Would paypal allow me to break the payment into 2, by paying $500 from vanilla card1 and $400 from vanilla card2?

            This depends on whether the merchant in question would allow PayPal to do split payments across two cards.

            • +1

              @WookieMonster: Thank you!

            • @WookieMonster: So, if my maths is right. I buy $500 card and total benefit in $$ terms would be $17.05. So in percentage terms it is 3.41% (17.05/500). On top off that, I have access to WW gift cards via senior card, so in total abt 8.41% off value.

              • +1

                @s0805: Your maths is right but you cannot use WW gift cards to buy these. It will get declined.

                • @capslock: i am doing the other way around actually. So buy these vanilla gift cards using my credit card (original offer 3.41%). Add these vanilla gift cards to my pay account and use that paypal to out discounted WW gift cards (5% off using concession card).

            • @WookieMonster: I think the Coles/Vanilla Mastercard will always return a pass result for the 3DS challenge. As for Prezzee, it is probably a BIN-based restriction/fraud prevention.

  • PLENTY of the Variable load ones at Prestons 2170 just now 😉

  • -2

    Macquarie Bank offers 3.5% off Woolies gift cards, so a $500 gift card is only $482.50.

    • Can you use a woolies giftcard to buy a vanilla visa card?

      • -8

        yes you can! But I just went into the store for some tp and there's no cards left only the $100 ones . I even checked the dog food section lol

        • are you sure…i thought using WW gift cards to buy any gift cards will not work

        • Troll !

    • If you know somebody with a senior card you can get 5% off in Vic and nsw at least

      • Damn. I thought that was only with the Woolworth gift cards. Did not know it was for the credit cards as well!?!
        Going to have a chat with my dad about this on the weekend.

        • Well if you can buy a vanilla prepay credit card with a Woolworths giftcard, then it would work.

  • hard to find variable one

  • Can someone confirm that the max we can get per day is 5 fixed value plus 2 variable cards?

    • Yes, just remember that the variable cards must be purchased in the same transaction. The fixed value cards can be purchased across however many transactions you like.

      I'm not sure why you would want to buy the fixed value cards, though.

      • True, forgot what I was thinking about. Read the post again and realised it's not worth to get the fixed value one. Thanks for reminding

  • Can anyone confirm if you can use this to buy Woolworths gift card with 4% discount via Woolworths Mobile app?

  • Does anyone know if you get extra bonus points with Everyday Extra as well?

    • +1

      You don't.

  • +2

    I’ll be holding off for the 10% off Coles Mastercard gift cards.

  • Can I use these cards to pay rent at Deft.com.au?

    • Depends on whether you believe this post or not.

      • Looks like we can’t use these gift cards on DEFT anymore. Was thinking of buying some for my CC spending requirements.

        • +1

          I have been using for months. Trick is to not use too many cards in a day. My account was blocked a few months ago and had to call them.

      • I just used this card to pay at DEFT. No problems.

        • Nice. Thanks. Will try to find some to pay for my upcoming rent payment then. :)

    • I have used the 10% off prepaid mastercards to pay rent via DEFT (and a few other bills via that platform)

      However I got a call from the property manager asking me not to do it again as they get charged per transaction on their end - so were annoyed that I had paid $2k in rent in $100-$250 transactions. They were quite confused why I even did it given its not like I'm behind on rent.

      • They are lucky you didn't use the weird amounts like $7.68, or $0.59, or $0.33 to clear out any left over gift card balances.

      • +2

        Didn't know the receiving end pays for transaction fee too via DEFT. Definitely doing it again then for my owners corp fee.

      • +1

        he's just asking, doing it until he's beggin'

      • Haha nice

  • "For the variable card where you choose the amount to load, limit of 2 cards per day per Rewards Member in a single transaction" - Can I buy 2X$500 variable card each day ( 7days) .Total of $500 X 14 cards

    • +3

      hahahah i wish you can find it in 7 consecutive days

      • hope to make it for at least 2 days

        • +1

          I found it too much hassle to do 2x $500 during last EFTPOS rewards deal since with $7.95 fee came to a total of $1015.90 which is over the daily limit of $1000.00 The shopkeep was somewhat hesitant to allow me to buy them so I am planning to just do one $500 card per day if I can find them.

          Also you have to think that what funds you do have locked on gift cards are missing out on ~5% interest or more either from an offset account or high interest saving account. So each day you have stored cash is costing you in missed interest earnings. Might only be cents a day but it all adds up.

          • @BargainTim: Great Points… I need to pay ato :( worth having a discount

            • @prax21: Have you tried this with ATO? Was planning to do it as well. Thanks

              • @Bargain-er: not yet

              • +1

                @Bargain-er: I just paid ATO. $499 payment plus $1 fee.

                • @Hendot: Oh nice, thanks. Did you do it through bpay or in ato website direct? Thanks

                  • @Bargain-er: ATO website. Credit card option. I input “vanilla” as the name on the card.

                    • @Hendot: Thanks for your info. Appreciate it

                      • @Bargain-er: And the $1 fee is tax deductible 😉

                        • @Hendot: Ah haha, nice! And we can put any amount yea? Somehow my balance is zero and seems that I can't try out by paying credit to my Acc. Thanks

  • Does this stack with the Everyday Extra membership 2x points?

  • I just paid ATO using BPAY. Not sure if its processed. Is there anyway to cancel BPAY payment if anyone knows?

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