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Apple iPad 9th Gen 64GB Wi-Fi Space Grey $398 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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Seems like a pretty good price for those that are wanting a cheap iPad.

Same price at JB and Officeworks.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +35

    Great price- this is however, the last model with a lightning port. Gen 10 has usb c

    This is the only reason I’m holding out; so many different cables in my house

    • +15

      It's also the last generation with a physical home button, whatever that is worth to you or anyone else.

      • +12

        Very important for older parents, grandparents in my experience.

      • +2

        Great call

      • +11

        And the last gen having a 3.5mm audio jack.

        Also, the lack of home button in 10th gen doesn't have Face ID, they move the Touch ID to the power button on top.

        • Yes, same as the Ipad air 5-6. I can see that it might be better for older people.

        • So the 10th gen has Touch ID but it is now on the power button?
          And the 10th gen uses usb c?

          • @BargainBenno: That's right.

            I didn't check and made the incorrect assumption that 10th gen has Face ID, based on lack of home button for Touch ID.

            It wasn't a big deal as the user didn't care, but made me look bad by telling him that he can unlock the iPad using Face ID just like his iPhone.

            It only became apparent during setup when one of the steps was to fiddle around the power button to sample finger print.

    • -8

      tbh, the lighting port lasts way longer. For all my USB-C phones, I need to try multiple different cables to get a good connection. sucks

      • +6

        That just means that your USB port is buggered

        • -2

          some cables work perfectly, some just don't click in and are very loose. Samsung phone.

          • +5

            @pformag: Its most likely your usbc port is full of pocket gunk/dust over time, which ends up pushing against you usbc preventing a proper connection and not getting that click feels.

            I had this issue also, probably some cables usb end slight shorter than others hence the different experience.
            I'd end up cleaning out the usbc port thoroughly with toothpicks, tapes, etc anything non metal. Took a while, but worth the effort just to hear that satisfying click again.

          • @pformag: The port needs a clean out. That also has happened to in lightning port on my iPad, not just usbC ports.

          • @pformag: I had same problem with my last Android phone. Eventually I couldn't charge it, and swore I'd never get another USB-C device.
            I can't believe Apple was forced to change to an inferior design. I know USB-C is faster, but the design sucks.

        • You aren’t countering his point, you are proving it.

          Lightning is a very robust interface, USB-C is not as robust but is far far better than Micro-USB which was the alternative to Apple previously and widely used.

          • +5

            @Grok: @grok I've had the same issues with lightning. It's a port you're going to get gunk in it over time… Port designs have gotten better recently and haven't had it with newer devices both usb c or lightning

            He provided a solution to the person's problem? Why are you upset?

            • +1

              @Kobeee: All ports are subject to gunk.

              In regards to physical damage. Lightning is very robust, USB-C is a huge improvement over Micro-USB.

              The original thread poster was correct, if only for the rigid standards on the Apple side. You know a certified Lightning cable will work. Not always the case with USB.

              Finally, yes Lightning is obsolete. It’s only on obsolete devices, doesn’t mean it was bad, just slow for new devices as it wasn’t upgraded due to EU regulations (mostly).

      • +3

        Have you dug out the lint that compacts down there? Split a toothpick longways and get in there and scoop it out.

        • will give it a go. thanks

          • +1

            @pformag: Good advice from @MisterTee, I would also compliment toothpick with compressed air. You can sometimes blow a bit of the particle fragments out that you couldn't with a toothpick.

            • @batkav: Complements intensifies: switch the phone off and flush the port with isopropyl alcohol, along with any of the above toothpicks/cotton buds etc. It'll dissolve all the oil and grease (e.g. from skin or food) that might be in there. Dries fast and without residue.

      • +4

        I think Lightning is a superior design physically. The tongue is on the cable, and it is a lot easier and cheaper to get a new cable.

        USB-C has a thin tongue inside the port on the device, it is physically weaker and costs more to repair. Although there's no report of weakness.

        • +2

          Well, that sucks because I’ve had iPhones die because of lightning charging port failure.

          • +2

            @WhyAmICommenting: Used to fix many phones and the amount of places replacing charging ports that just needed cleaning is astonishing. I reckon 5% or less actually needed replacing due to bent pin or otherwise

            Whereas usb C was a lot more commonly damaged

      • +3

        Never, ever had a USB-C cable break, and I had a phone for 3 years, I sheathed that USB-C cable into that thing more times than I…

        • I've never had a problem with the cable, it's the USB port that sucks.

        • Not having breaking issues, just different new cables, some fit perfectly, others are loose. Example. Bought 2m usb-c from Amazon. One fit perfectly, so I bought another for a different area to charge. This time it didn't fit securely and would need to be wiggled around and would often charge on slow. Both were brand new. My kids also have ipads, with lightning. Never had a bad cable connection, only breakage from them pulling it sideways while charging.

      • +2

        The issue with USB-C cables is that there are way too many variations. Some are for fast charging (and there are lots of variations in charge speed), some are for fast data transfer…

        What happens is that most USB-C devices comes with free USB-C cables and you never know the cable's specs. You end up buying multiple cables separately that you know the charging and data transfer speed.

        Lightnight cables are generally more "standardized".

      • Dunno why all the downvotes, had the same experience with my S9 and S20+, very picky about cables.

        Am on a 13 Pro now, primarily use a knockoff magsafe charger. When I plug in to my car for Carplay zero problems though. Same can't be said for the two Samsungs. Look at em the wrong way and they disconnect.

    • +7

      It’s also the last model to lie flat without needing a case. Really wish Apple would stop with the camera bump on everything. I’m with Pauline - I don’t like it.

    • USB-C (10th gen) is extra $200 though. Not sure if it's worth that much.

      • +1

        Agreed - that's why I'm holding out. I figure once the 9th Gens are cleared out (now that they're out of production), there should be some sales on the 10th. Not down to this price, but even half way would work for me.

      • Then just wait til next year when USB-C ones are the same price point Hopefully….all the lightning port ones are of no good when Universal USB-C should really be the standard. It will take away all those cable purchase and power supply etc, more green

    • +1

      Thanks for the reminder. I will also hold. It is cheap for a reason. Will wait another year until Gen 10 USB C at this price then I will replace my iPad Air 2.

      Not worth getting lighting cables or charger for this

  • Didn’t think Officeworks price match Amazon

    • +7

      They do if its sold by Amazon AU

    • +1

      If it’s Australian stock with the same model they should

    • First call to officeworks they didn’t due to not having a product number listed. Second call to different staff and they price beat.

      • +2

        you can price match JB or Harvey Norman it is much easier

        • +1

          True but OW beat by another 5% so comes down to $378

          • +1

            @Bargearse: I mean since the Jb and Harvey Norman price is also $398 you can ask OW to price beat Jb and Harvey Norman instead of Amazon

            • @RichardF89: Oh right, i didn't see they were $398 too, was $429 when i checked. Good pick up!

              • +1

                @Bargearse: I think google price shows $429 but when you click the link it shows $398

      • +2

        I am just glad to see someone with the name of Bargearse. What a great early 2000s comedic moment.

    • Whether they do or not, the same $398 can be found at JBHIF and Harvey Norman :)

    • +2
  • +7

    $398 at JB if you have gift cards

    • +3

      Get JB to price match first, then pay with gift cards for the win.

      • +2

        jb is the same price. I was asking jb to price match then found jb price is cheaper

    • +2

      Edit: what he said ^

      Ask for a jb deal over chat?

    • +2

      Great call, bought JB Gift card through Shine (work program) and paid $374. Will be a bday present for my son. Cheers all.

  • ATL other than the JB mobile plan deal?

    • $382.90 is the ATL

      • So the OW price beat tops it… just!

  • +1

    Is there a way to get 10% discount cards right now?

    • +1

      Some reward programs have 5% off JB gift cards year round.


    • +1

      Some TCN gift cards have 20x points at Woolworths.

      One of the $100 ones has JB and GG, but no OW.

      If you already shop at Woolworths, it's effectively $110 value for $100, or about 9% discount.

  • +2

    Perfect for kids. My both daughter has one each its overkill

  • +1

    I use these to replace physical sheet music, saves so much paper!

    • +7

      Imagining someone stacking 20 ipads up on a music stand, and flipping them over like sheet music

  • +1

    Really want the 256GB, but ~$250 more is impossible to justify.

    • curious, what do you store on an ipad?

      • +2

        For the kids. Apps, games, songs and movies for offline consumption when travelling (no internet), endless stupid videos that they create, plus any other media.

        64GB minus the OS space doesn't leave much room. 128Gb would be fine, but I don't think they made that size.

        Apple are clever. 64GB and an ongoing iCloud subscription, or pay unproportionally more upfront for more onboard storage.

  • If buying for my Mum to use, but she doesn't have internet, what's the best portable internet to use in her room for this?

    • Best or cheapest? Best would telstra 5g or just buying the cellular version if the internet is going to be exclusively for the ipad.
      Cheapest would be a Felix sim card in a 4g modem.

  • Paid 449 weeks ago for my kids. The HDR is buggy.

  • +1

    Just checked Officeworks and they've updated the price to $398

  • +1

    wanted to get the iPad Air 13-inch (M2) but I missed the recent JB deal

  • Same price $398 at Harvey Norman as well in case someone cash giftcards/cashback etc for them https://www.harveynorman.com.au/apple-ipad-10-2-inch-wi-fi-6…

    • +7

      yea but fk gerry

      • Gry cn sk ck
        Up urs Gry

  • My local officeworks is selling cases for this iPad model for $1 each. Might be worth dropping back to have a look at where ever the runout sale bin is at your local officeworks.

    They were also selling stationery holders and 2024 planners for 10¢ each (of course, because it is almost July 2024).

    • +2

      2024 planners will be reusable in 2052, 2080, and 2120.

  • +1

    Thanks just bought one from JB with gift card

  • so finally back down to release day price?? 🤣

    actually I swear I got mine for less before covid. it was either $369 or $379 RRP.

    to be fair not only apple but this happened everywhere. jack price during or after covid. then BIG sale HUGE DISCOUNT which is just back to regular price. 😂

    • +5

      Wow.. you got the 2021 ipad before covid?

      • -1

        yeah pretty sure I did. main point is I got it before the price jack.

        all I remember was it was before they jacked the price.

        I keep thinking covid was 2021 to 2023 I dunno maybe my sense of time is wrong but I always feel like covid was only 1.5 years.

        actually I keep thinking covid was only 2 years ago from now, even in 2024. I’ve always known I have terrible memory but now I’m really worried do you think there’s something wrong with me?
        everyone else doesn’t really point it out when I always refer to covid as “2 years ago” maybe they are just being nice. 😕

  • Have an unopened 9th gen bought earlier this month for $429. Will JB refund the price difference?

    • +2

      just try to return it. Make up and sob story and since it is still sealed, I think you'll be successful.
      But I wouldn't do this myself unless the difference is at least $100 or something.

  • +1

    I would pay few $ more to buy from Amazon as I have good experience with their support.. I had an issue with few items which were two years old and they refunded the full amount due to fault

  • -1

    What the… I reported this as expired and they didn't fix it. Follow the link to the deal. You can't get this any more.

    • +1

      Still shows $398 and in stock for me. Maybe clear your cache?

    • +1

      Space Grey is still available at to me.

    • Nope, still available!

  • Thanks. Great deal. Was looking for one from last week. Got one for the kid.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, snapped one for an older family member who loves the home button, headphone jack and lightning port. Replacing a 2nd gen Pro which won't get iPadOS 18. Should be supported until end of 2027 then 2 years of security updates after that.

    Unfortunately OOS now, I assume Amazon won't be getting any more stock.

  • +1

    Got Officeworks to price beat jb hi fi this morning so $378.10.

  • Back in stock. One left if you’re quick.

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