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[READ INSTRUCTIONS] Matilda Bay Mixed Case of 24x 345ml, $25 at Dan Murphy's with FREE DELIVERY!


The summertime bargain of the year has just arrived at Dan Murphy's!

Available for online delivery only, this amazing mixed case of Matilda Bay beers consisting of 3 x 8 bottle gift packs($23 each, total value$23*3=$69 plus delivery) is yours for only $25 including FREE DELIVERY!

That's right, some of Australia's favourite craft brews like Fat Yak and the iconic Redback are available for a very limited time at this fantastic price. Don't. Miss. Out.

it says Be Quick! Best Before date of 26/01/2013, but who cares at this price? Enjoy!


KLoNe 5 min ago new
If you're having problems getting to the page; just search for Matilda (it's down the bottom), DON'T click on the link, select your QTY then add to card. Bob's (probably) your uncle! (seriously, this is still good to go; add 50+ to your cart - it allows it!)


Looks like Courier will be busy for the next few days, it is going to be 40 degrees and make sure offer to share a drink with the courier driver!

Once again, enjoy the beer, cheers!

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    • Not being harsh to ozbargainers who couldn't get it initially, but reading the continual re-release of additional cases is disheartening as it makes it more and more likely they won't have enough stock, and that it was an error

  • working for me

  • Just got two cartons from Wooloongabba QLD 4102

    • Definitely suggest using Page Monitor (extension) for Google Chrome, set it to update every 10 seconds… otherwise I wouldn't have gotten these cartons!

  • woot just got 2 cases…using melbourne qv

  • Just got another two cases. Changed postcode to 3630 (Shepparton) as I wanted to send a couple to my father-in-law who lives there. Worked!

  • Scored 2 :D

  • Looks like it is back up, hope my order will go through.

  • just got 4. thanks OP

  • +2

    Either this goes through and OP is worshipped for time immemorial, or it turns into a giant refund clusterf*ck. Here's hoping for the former.

  • Yep. Back in stock, just bagged 4. Many thanks Dan!! :-)

  • mine was back in stock, then got to the payment part and went out of stock again. weird! haha

  • Gone again

  • +2

    Nearly 10,000 click throughs… I wonder how many orders they've received? :0

  • +3

    Something tells me there's going to be a lot of disappointed people tomorrow when they actually try to fulfil the orders (i.e. with real, physical stock!).

  • Hope DM don't renege on this deal because I worked up a hell of a thirst ordering a couple of cases.

  • +1

    Back on lol… got another couple… something's definitely suspect here. Hopefully with the amount being ordered, they can get another (cheap enough) buy to fulfill all our orders!

    • I spoke with a bloke at DM over the phone who was in charge of orders this afternoon, and he didn't say anything was out of the ordinary about my order. Even confirmed what I was ordering so I imagine if there was a problem with this SKU he would have pointed out. Fingers crossed for the best though!

  • And its on again…

  • Just snagged one, have to say I will be surprised if I actually get it..

  • +1

    I just ordered 1 case so others can get the deal. Aren't I nice ;) Got a tax invoice.

  • thanks! Just got one case and paid with WISH gift card.

  • Just scored one by changing my "fav store" to Sunnybank in Brissie..had to try 4 others before found a store ok. Printed off receipt but I'll beleive it when I knock top off the first bottle. If good…Order of Australia to OP

    • +2

      You would have got it with the first store if you'd waited. It doesn't matter what store you put in. You just have to wait for it become available again. It flashes on and off all the time. Postcode has nothing to do with it.

  • off again… weird

  • Yay finally got one!

  • I indicated in the delivery instructions to leave it at the front door.. Hope it would be ok in the heat for the whole day specially considering they are predicting 45° on Tuesday :o

  • -1

    Probably will take them a few days to ship so many orders, even my last order took 4 days for them to send which is pretty bad

  • Dan's is such a tease for release more stock every hour or so!

  • Almost 10,000 clicks.. Assuming evey click means 1 purchase.. Do they really have 10,000 packs of these (best before 26 January 2013) sitting in their warehouse? If they do, they really have a bad stock management. So, positive thinking, they might give some uf us packs with best before dates after 26 January!!

    • +1

      I have thought about the ratio of clicks to purchases. My close guess would have been 5-10% as people like myself, just looked for curiosity.

      • +1

        Fair enough.. But remember.. Some of us managed to buy more than 1. And this is only from ozbargain ;)

        • I also had the same thought about positive votes… Which I would guess at 40-50% of plus voters actually purchased. But then every deal would be different.

          Some deals Leftdrop posts(1c dlvd) would get more sales than positive votes.

          Pure thoughts of mine only. Anyone else think similarly?

    • +1

      lol every click converting to a purchase…!! lol!!

  • No way, but some people bought 6 cartons, one person that doesnt even drink bought one for some reason

    • I don't drink either, but I bought one for my Dad. The numbers here are pretty massive, but that is only the people that use this site! There would be a ton of others that have heard about this deal by word of mouth now.

  • Great bargain - bought two cases. They definitely seem to be drip feeding stock through their website.

  • Stop playing around guys, every time I'm back and try to purchase there is no add to cart!! Posted 4 hours ago and now still nothing.

  • +4

    I ordered a case using the gift card from this deal http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/88503, making it effectively $20.

    Then in SA we get 10c back for every bottle ($2.40), so all up this deal will cost me $17.60.

  • I got 1 this afternoon via the mobile site but says not available now.

    Thanks OP

  • Can not add to cart any more, so this is officially expired :D

    • +13

      Beer doesn't automatically taste bad the second the minute hand hits midnight of the 'best before' date.

      • -5

        it tastes best, when its fresh from the brewery not when its approaching best before…

    • +7

      So?? Will likely drink in under two weeks, and beer still tastes good for a few months past BB. It is a great price for craft beers.

  • In my excitement yesterday, placed the same order of 1 case, twice. Rang up to cancel one this morning. I can't be the only one who did this, right…? :P

    • +1

      If by twice you mean 7 or 8 times? :)

    • +3

      Rang up to cancel one this morning

      Why would you do something silly like that? :)

    • +1

      How many people went to see if they could get that one case?

  • Back on

  • back on for delivery, just ordered.

  • yep back up…. gogogo

  • snagged one… but it's gone again

  • It now says "SOLD OUT" on the dan murphy page, that might be all!

  • Either this goes through and OP is worshipped for time immemorial, or it turns into a giant refund clusterf*ck. Here's hoping for the former.

    or the latter as per the coles online beer fiasco which ended up with them giving away free $15 vouchers

  • So any news on whether we'll be getting beer or refunds yet?

    • +3

      Just got an sms from Dan Murphy's saying my order is on its way

      • what day did u order

      • +1

        Just got the SMS as well. Said its on the way, and will be here in 1-3 business days, and that a tracking email will be sent in a moment. Must be coming from Sydney or Melbourne. I'm in Brisbane. Ordered 1 case.

        • I also received a SMS five minutes ago.

          'Your order is on its way…expected within 1-3 business days'. From the first time this deal was posted/offered.

          Delivery to northern Sydney.

    • Just got a text also - order due in 1-3 days (3 cases). In Melbourne

  • Got an SMS also. Ordered one case on Saturday night.

  • Yep. Wife and I both got SMSes for our orders.

  • Same for me, SMS to say it's on the way.

  • I just got an SMS confirmation too :)

  • +2

    Still waiting for SMS here, ordered yesterday.

    • +1

      Not sure why someone downvoted that, but I'm in the same boat.. no SMS ordered yesterday. I'm sure it'll come :-).

  • +1

    Got my SMSes a today as well. Yeeha!

  • +1

    Just received a sms my order is on the way and it would arrive in 1 to 3 business days!

  • I also got my sms i ordered on the first day, has anyone missed out

  • Just got an email advising: Your order number ######## has been dispatched and is on its way to you.

    Woo hooo.

    • Nexday: Expected completion 08/01/2013

      Mmmmm, getting SO thirsty.

  • Me too.

    I have my auspost tracking number for the 4 cases.

    It seems each case has its own tracking number at the auspost website.

    Checking each one they seem to be all at the same place.

    That's a good thing, I think.

  • +1

    Just got my email confirmation also. I'm in south brissy but my carton is coming from WA…dafuq?

    • +1

      I'm in Melbourne and my orders coming all the way from WA too

      • I'm in WA and mine are coming from Wetherill Park in NSW.
        Great logistics!

    • Just checked my email and got the confirmation as well. I'm in Brisbane and it's currently at Wetherill Park in NSW…..wherever that is.

      • That's near me! Though I bet my cases (if they actually send them) will come from somewhere else.

        I guess that could be the reason why the website was intermittently re-issuing additional stock- they might've been sequentially adding in stock numbers according to how much each separate store had.

        • +1 not far from me either!

          Tracking indicates it is onboard driver today. Will likey be getting it today!

    • +1

      Well, Matilda Bay is in Perth.
      You don't think it could be actually made where they say it is?
      Nah, 20 years ago maybe, before it got bought out by the Big Breweries.

  • One of my orders (1 case) has been posted. Still waiting for my other orders to be posted though.

    • Still waiting for mine too :( my order was on 6th Jan

  • +3

    My 2 cases arrived this morning. Received the sms yesterday arvo.

  • +3

    My beer has arrived! You'll get 3 x 8 packs per case, each pack consisting of 2 of each beer. The sampler packs have their own packaging so could be used as gifts if you wanted.

    Expiry dates on the different types of beer vary (it's in small print on each beer label), and only the Redback one has an expiry of 26 Jan 13. The others have dates in Mar 13.


    • Gav is exactly right. Gift packs for mates.
      Labels have expiry printed in white 3 or 4 point. Easily seen on the Redback as Jan13.
      Others in one of my packs had Feb and Mar 13 dates.

  • Delivered and loaded up the fridge!

  • Dan Murphys page now says "Free Delivery" again instead of "Sold Out"… I wonder if they're about to do another batch?

  • Still nothing yet, ordered Sunday afternoon.

    • Same here, ordered Sunday arvo.

    • I ordered Saturday, so they're doing them first in, first out.

  • For those of you that get delivery in the afternoon and want to cool the beer fast do this. Wrap individual bottles in wet paper toweling and place in freezer for about 20 mins - works very well.

    • Just don't forget them… or they might crack and shatter

      • +1

        Just pull up a chair and sit facing freezer

  • Delivered - My best before was March though?

  • Same here, best before date are March and April. another good surprise from Dan Murphy's . Thanks OP.

  • Mine just arrived.

    The Redoak is the only one with the 26 Jan BB date, the rest are between late Feb and the middle of April.

    Nice little pack.

    • +1

      Redback. Not Red Oak.:)