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$15 Clearance: Black & Decker GYRO Rechargeable Motion Activated Screw Driver @ Bunnings Gordon


I used one of these things at my sister-in-law's to put together an Ikea 3 drawer chest in under 10 minutes! It is the single most coolest gadgets I've used in recent years! Been contemplating buying one for a few weeks now, but orig price of $40 was a bit hefty…

Went into Bunnings today to refund a wrong-sized hose clamp and saw this on the front counter marked clearance at $15! Bought it in a heartbeat! See if your local has it on clearance too, if not, my receipts attached in case they can do a price match.

I'm tempted to just drive out now and get another one… hmmmm….

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        • Just went to the Frankston store and they have about 50. Bought 3 but would not budge on price even with receipt from the sandown store.

          They claimed the $15 price was because it must have been the last one and they don't price match with other bunnings stores

        • Got one at Frankston today. They were $20, but I said to the staff member, "it's funny how different Bunnings stores have different prices. My friend got one of these for $15 from another store." "That's no problem ." and puts it through for $15. Great little tool too!

        • I actually sent Bunnings an email about my situation and received a call from their operations manager. Was offered a refund of the difference which I gladly accepted.

          Great customer service.

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      Thanks cuongizzle!

      I went to the same Bunnings (Sandown / Springvale) and they didn't want to give it to me at the $15 price even after I showed them your receipt. The guy in the tool shop said that they don't price match with other Bunnings stores. So I said in a jovial way, "But this is from YOUR store!" He laughed and said yes it is. So he asked the manager who said that it wasn't a problem as it was a clearance item.

      They still have many many boxes. It really is a great little product! The best I have seen for a long time in this category.

  • In SA WOODVILLE, had a mountain of stock left for $20 but manager would not match an interstate bunnings price.

  • In Maroochydore Qld,price marked $20, wouldn't price match. Reason not only interstate. Shop assistant checked with the manager for me and said Bunnings only price match with other brand. They don't price match with other bunnnings store. I don't really understand it!

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    None at Bunnings Marion SA

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      Plenty in stock at the Mile End (SA) store. They are on a pallet at the front of the tool shop - would have been a dozen or so unpacked and sitting on top of at least another 10 or so sealed boxes.

  • Thanks, I picked one up for $20 at Chatswood.

    Enter in and turn left from the entrance and walk down to the end to the power tools section. They are on the shelf on the left hand side, opposite to the cash register. There's heaps left and many in boxes too.

  • Got 2 at rouse hill, display price is still 49.99, but when they scan it it will be drop to 20. Show them receipt so they price match it.

    • Btw, rouse hill is at nsw and they got heaps.

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    Bunnings Oxley have them for $20, but when I phoned they were happy to match $15, and had already done a few today for other ozbargainers.

    The 'professionals' strike again :)

  • Either 4 (on display) or heaps (in boxes) left in O'Connor, WA.

    Head towards the Toolshop and it should be in front of the Tools counter.

  • went to sandown bunnings, melbourne had no issue with price matching the $15, storeperson just did it without questioning; think it all depends on who you get.

  • Just got mine from the Geelong store. Price matched for $15.

  • Got one from Maribyrnong Bunnings, price matched @ $15, no issues and plenty of stock left :)

  • Got two for $15 each at Mt Gravatt (Brisbane) store. I asked if they price matched a store down south and when she asked for more info, a young guy working the checkout behind her passed her the Gordon receipt someone had printed out :) She still had to check with 'Gary' who I assume might be the manager. I didn't want to push my luck and ask for 10% off :)

    They had maybe 5 boxes of them left too, infront of the tools section.

    Thanks lonertic!

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    Used my $25 voucher they gave me for Xmas. Got it free plus $5 change mwhahahaha

  • got 2 for $15 each from Seven hills bunnings,

    no problem price matching the carlingford receipt :)

    • yeah i got one at sevo bunnings tonight too.. didn't even need the receipt.. the guy just goes "$15?" lol

      parramatta didn't want to price match though -_-

  • Couldn't find any at Bunnings Stafford. Everyone must have wiped them out. :)

    • Bunnings Carseldine has a number left. Bit of an extra drive though.

  • To you guys who got it at $13.50 thats great, but to everyone else - they dont have to give it to you at $13.50 or even $15 because they told me they dont match clearance prices…so if you can get it at $15 consider yourselves lucky =)

    • Yep, feeling lucky @$15.

  • Finally picked one up at my local. Got it for $20. Same deal, they wouldn't match another Bunnings price. However, they still had heaps of boxes of it. I'm going to hang on to my un-opened one, just in case there are any further price reductions. (I remember my Ryobi weed whacker that they were flogging off for $60 from an original $99. A month after I purchased it, they further reduced the last few that they had for just $30.)

    • so they refunded you the difference?

      • I asked nicely, but no. If I hadn't opened it and used it a couple of times, I would have returned it and purchased another one, but since I'd happily used it already, I didn't have the heart to do it.

        That's why I'm keeping this one un-opened! LOL.

        • hehe they have a no questions ask refund policy right? as long as unopened + receipt?

  • Picked up 2 at Hoppers Crossing. Checked the new Werribee store first but they didn't have any. There would be approx 10 left on the shelf at Hoppers. They did price match but only after they kept me waiting for about 10 mins while they verified the copy of the receipt.

  • Got 6 price matched at Box Hill.
    Great deal!

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      You must certainly have a few screws loose ;)

  • Yep, got one from Cranbourne Bunnings…. They just called the number in the Pic…. That's it $15. They had 10-15 this eve..
    Tested already … enough torque for day-to-day work… Happy buy.. Thanks OP

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    Price matched for $15 at Eltham Melb.

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      Got one as well at Eltham for $15. They had a dozen or so still on display

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        Ha - I'd already planned on dropping into Eltham Bunnings tomorrow morning, so thanks for the update guys. Oh damn, your posts are 2 weeks ago :(

  • Can people who got the price match in other states post their receipts to make the price match easier, hence giving some of the above mentioned tight managers no reason to refuse?

  • Went to Ashfield Bunnings today. They had lots but priced at $20. Showed them OzBargain receipt etc. Fellow was helpful but his boss refused to down price to match Gordon store because they said it was a store to store decision to put on specials or clearance. Poor decision and poor customer service

    • At least it means there'll be some left? LOL

    • I couldn't get a price match here in Melbourne either. I think it's a poor excuse to say it's a store decision. They've all got this product on clearance - is that a coincidence?!

      Given so much of their promotion is based around their lowest price guarantee they should really jump at matching their own no matter where they are in Oz…

      $20 is still a good price but it's the principle!

    • I was at the Ashfield Bunnings at 7pm 04/02/2013 and showed the Gordon receipt from my mobile and got the price matched to $15. No hassle at all. I purchased from the tools section and there were heaps.

  • walked around Bankstown Airport Bunnings last nite, couldn't find any floor stock. asked the guy at the counter, and looked like i got the last one. price matched to $15.

    This is gonna be a great snowboarding tool! Hands get really cold and stiff using the manual ones, can't wait to use this baby.

    Cheers OP!

  • Went to Mascot Bunning last night, there are about 10 of them left, not sure whether they have more. Manager require verification for the price match but one staff said they don't do inter store price match. But I got them for $15.00 each. ( I bought 3 :), 2 are for gifts.

  • Woodville, Adelaide has them $20 (won't price match) in the tools section near the counter. Looks like 9 boxes with 5 loose on top.

    Thanks lonertic.

  • No Stock at Bunnings Joondalup WA, despite computer showing a case of 12.

    • There is stock in Whitfords WA, $20.

      • Cheers might go there tomorrow…!

      • All gone… Anyone know of any stock left NOR?

        • There's around 30 left at the Morley store. Just picked one up for $20. They're not located in the tools section though - go to the Special Orders counter near the entrance and you'll see them in a nearby shelf.

  • would not price match in Preston Vic, bought 3, and sold the other two, to work mates straight away

  • Got 3 At Dandenong, for $15, separate receipts for warranty claims… ;)

  • $15 at chatswood no problem

    • Nice! Pricematch or normal price?

    • Mentioned $15 at Gordon on the phone, salesperson said ok, no questions asked.

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    Got 2 at sandown.
    Clerk said a woman came in a hour before me showing the same receipt and asked if i was her friend lol.
    plenty left there

    • +1

      Of course! We're all mates and buddies here.

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    Crickey…..this page got 7056 clicks so far??!! Is this thing really that GOOD??

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      Must be good. Everyone here is eager to get screwed.

  • Sold out in Prospect SA.

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    Non at Scoresby.

    Got 2x from Sandown 5 mins before closing last night.. Checkout guy said someone purchase 6 of them probably to sell at the Trash & Teasure market. I think there was half a pallet there, I would estimate 20 or below.

  • apparently somebody cleared 30+ from box hill…

    anyone else hear of bulk buying at other stores?

  • Just picked up 2 units from Sandown (no probs getting them for $15). From what I could see there were about 8 boxes - no sure how many in each box

  • Thanks. I just got the last one of Artarmon Burnnings. It was marked as $20, I paid $15 because the package broken.

  • Just picked one up from Woodville, they have about 6 boxes left. My wife likes IKEA crap so this will come in very handy. Thanks lonertic.

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  • Morley (WA) has about two dozen, marked at $20, when I mentioned other Bunnings had them at $15 and they checked with the manager and reduced to $15. They are located in front of their information desk on a clearance trolley.

  • Picked 1 up from Auburn. Had to show them the carlingford receipt to price match $15. They had around 10 left

  • Went to ashfield tonight but the old crotchety guy at the tool counter wouldn't pricematch. Said the price was set by Bunnings and other stores were going against company policy by discounting etc etc

    So I left it (plenty still there at $20)

    I noticed on the back that it mentioned drill bitS. So to anyone that has one, what drill bits are included? And people are mentioning use for Ikea furniture, does this mean Allen key bit/s are included?


  • About a dozen in Darwin. Paid $20.

  • Picked one up at highpoint/marybinong (sp). They where happy to price match.

  • +1

    I'm happy for those of you who managed to get a price match, let alone a 10 per cent reduction, but it beats me why they'd do it based entirely on Bunnings Dockets from other stores.

    Using the same principal, if those who had gotten them for $13.50 now posted their receipts, they could now be gotten from some stores for $12.15, and so on.

  • Thanks to the op I just managed to buy 2 for $27 by asking if the could price match the posted receipt. $30 less the 10% pricematch guarantee. QK

  • -1

    Thanks OP - bought one from Bald Hills (Carseldine) QLD - happily price matched $15
    Have to give it a try with full battery charge

    However cannot find any power button to completely switch off this device…

    • +2

      I think the idea is that it remains off until you push the button, and that turns it on so that the gyro is active. Then when you let go of the button it turns off. One of the beauties of lithium batteries as they have a VERY low self discharge rate, so you can leave it 'dormant' for ages then pick it up and start using it.

  • I noticed some (probably) better models online for decent prices, including this one on Amazon.com, which can be sent to Australia for $19.98 US dollars (less Australian) excluding delivery:
    Pretty good if you're gonna be ordering from Amazon anyway. There are some decent and more advanced Gyro models too, if that's a required feature. A shame most are restricted from being sent.

    Battery replacement.

    It's a shame Bleck & Decker don't make the battery easily replaceable on these screwdrivers as it ages and eventually can't hold much charge. More "throw-it-away-when-the-battery-dies" thinking, unfortunately.

    At $20 it's a decent deal. I would never buy one at $30 or the RRP of $39.95; that's just excessive; far better deals and models online.

    Highpoint store wouldn't match the $15 clearance price, unfortunately. Some have had better luck here.

    • that's not a gyro but yeah a relatively cheap standard cordless screwdriver

      what are the alternative gyros that are shippable? i wouldn't think the liion battery is the reason why it's restricted =\

      • I wasn't thinking the batt replacement was a reason for the restriction; it's probably a manufacturer-enforced restriction to maximise profits.

        I mentioned the battery for longevity reasons.

        Another one without gyro deliverable to oz:
        USD $12.93 as I write this.

        Or you can go 6v for less than 20 dollars excluding delivery:

        Or 7.2 volt for just over 20 dollars excluding delivery (albeit in a larger size):

        A quick look on Amazon doesn't bring any Gyro stuff that's deliverable here, but the cheap models are and the 20 dollar model has a pivot handle but no gyro and it has the same voltage. Probably roughly equivalent. The gyro is pretty cool though.

        You can still buy US-based gyro stuff through some third-parties or mail forwarders and it helps if you buy other stuff at the same time. Nice that there are more models to choose from overseas too. If you have a step-down transformer already, you're laughing.

        This is a decent deal that you can easily pick up locally, so full credit where it's due. I personally would have issue with paying more than 20 bucks for this model though, that's all.

  • Just saw a stack of 20 of them at Castle Hill store

  • Cannon Hill QLD had 120+ in stock Fri morning listed at $20. Showed them the OP's receipt, and they did it for $15.

    Kudos lonertic.

  • Just bought one today. Will charge it up first before putting it to good use. I did not bother to ask for a price match as I was running late for my work.

    • I like it so much after tested it out that I went back to purchase another 3 for $15 each to give away to family.

  • Got 7 from Bunnings Underwood for $15 each price matched… thats some birthday presents pre-purchased.

  • Did an IKEA bookshelf today and I have to say that the B&D gyro is a joy to use. Such a smart and effective little piece of technology all for $15! It has been a long time since $15 has provided such fun. I will be throwing out my useless clapped out cordless drill which can't hold charge for 5 minutes. I'm trying to come up with a reason to buy more.

  • I got it for $13.50 after Bunnings 10% price match.

  • +1

    Just price matched one at chatswood today no probs. Showed them the Gordon receipt screenshot on my phone. Heaps left.

    • Where are the screwdrivers located in the store?

      • +1

        Right at the front of the tools section, close to the checkout (for me at least).

      • +1

        In the Chatswood store, as you enter the main entrance, turn Right go all the way almost to the end. When you get near the Power Tools cashier, turn left again and it's on the lower shelf. Alternatively, just ask the friendly staff :) Heaps left there, plenty of unopened boxes.

        • Doh, I meant turn LEFT after entering the Chatswood store!

        • Found them. Cheers, guys. Nice toy.

  • +2

    Thanks for sharing OP, great find. I went in and saw plenty marked at $20 and was busy pulling up the receipts on my phone when a salesperson approached me and asked if I needed a hand. Said "I want to buy this but a friend picked one up from another store for .. " and before I could finish he said "$15, right?".

    He said he'd do it no problem so I grabbed another one as well. Went to the checkout and he was giving a colleague direction on how to process the order and explained to me as well that one store had made a pricing error but all stores would honour it, he even pointed to a print-out from head-office there. He told the cashier to put down "Ozbargains" in the comments.. hah. The reach this website is getting is always impressing me!

    I think this is mandatory to have if you're doing any flat pack construction. Great deal and kudos to Bunnings for honouring the $15, even if it did take a few days for it to get there.

    TL;DR - should have no problem getting it for $15 as they're receiving comms to price match if requested.

  • Couldn't resist this bargain so went to Chatswood store and bought one for $15 this afternoon and have been using it on numerous things this arvo. My thought was that this thing is only good for putting screws in/out and its not good if you need to tighten up the screws hard because this thing doesn't have enough torque. Overall, its cheap and it comes with 4 years warranty!!!

  • -2

    BELROSE, NSW refused to pricematch to $15.

    The idiot said 'Computer says to not reduce below $20'.

    I'm taking Bunnings to ACCC and NSW DEPARTMENT OF FAIR TRADING..

  • thanks op!
    had probably 7-8 left at Bayswater bunnings. i picked up 3.
    also with the savings of $5, i picked this up


    • I might need one of those considering I only got a Philips head bit in the kit, no flat.

  • Got 3 at South Oakleigh (Vic) yesterday. Wouldn't price match, but happy to pay the $20.

    VERY IMPRESSED SO FAR! Ripper little unit. Given it a good workout today.

  • $15 at my Bunnings - price match no probs.

  • Bunnings Parafield SA still has heaps. $20.

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