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SCA 3000KG Car Stands $19.99 Pickup @ Supercheap Auto, Save $40, Shipping Available


Had to do the timing belt on the Astra and came across these at Supercheap Auto, at $19.99 can't really go past it.

$19.99 Save $40
3000kg maximum capacity.
Pin type adjuster.
Height range 318mm to 476mm.

Price is great in my opinion saved me a minimum of $30 and seems to be an abundance of Supercheap Auto Stores.
Postage is available but pickup is the way to go, to me shipping is $18.39 TNT regional NSW, can also order online and pickup instore.
Used them today and I have no complaints :)

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  • Got a set of these quite a while back when they had this promo last time. Great set that has saved me a couple of times. Definitely recommend if you spend time under your car.

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      Forgive my ignorance, but is this how it works?

      Jack car up, place stand, jack again in another spot, place stand?

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        Yes that is how you do it.
        Make sure you find the correct lifting points for your vehicle as they have extra reinforcement to take the load.

      • Yep! What ZRXS12 says about lifting points is VERY important. Check your manual or search on the net!

        • Also be careful on what floor you place these jacks up on, in newer slabs they use foam blocks to form the bulk of the concrete slab and these types of jacks can puncture or crack through the 3-4 inches of cement in a garage.

          I havent had it happen, but the next door neighbour did. Put a nice hole in his slab and damaged the 68 Mustang that happened to be ontop of the stands.

        • Is that common practice?
          Sounds really dodgy, never seen a slab poured like that in the past.

        • Standard way to pour house slabs, has been for the last 10 years. Nothing dodgy about it, means using 1/4 of the concrete, better insulation and less chance of movement cracking. Downside is large heavy loads in a focused area (ie a car on stands without any kind of load distribution) means it can fall through.

        • Aka waffle slab however the driveway and car park shouldn't be made this way

        • Yep, driveways usually arent, but depending on the builder they will do the garage section with waffle. Mine definitely was

        • What kind of jack was he using?

          Generally jack stands have a base that is roughly the same size as the contact area of the tyre on the ground anyway, so the car probably would have broken through without the jack assisting.

        • He was using stands similar to what supercheap sell (4 prongs on the base of angle steel) different brand though same design.

          To be fair i use the same stands, i just put a couple pieces of sleeper underneath the stands to distribute the load over a greater area.

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    now to learn how to fix my own car…

  • Got these at some point last year too, for the same price. Paid for themselves after my first oil + oil filter change I'd say.

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    Lying under a 1500kg car jacked up with 'super cheap' car stands doesn't inspire me with confidence.

    Good deal still.

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      chuck a tyre underneath in case they fail.. you should do that anyway with any brand of jacks

    • each one is rated to 3,000kg, and its manufactured to Australian Standards. Whats to worry about? Mine have been perfect.

      • What happens when a product has a defect? you are royally fked

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          I'd say an item with very few moving/mech parts should be fine. Be more worried about the complex braking system on your car, or the steering system.

      • Exactly what are the Australian Standards? Zero defect rate?

        • These have been holding up my car for 5 months straight. I always put tire underneath car and if Im underneath I also use my 2 tonne tolley jack firmly underneath the car but not transferring weight to it.. These stands are solid.

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        Its rated at 3000kg but by law they have to hold 9000kg to pass. I dont see a problem with them, bought another set so i have 4 now and have 4 1500kg screw type ones with not the most confidence inspiring welds. So these will be my go to stands.

        Also if your working on your car remember most weight is at the front, at the rear it would only be around 500kg of weight so 3000kg rating will be plenty. Just learn to jack from the correct spots and if in doubt throw some rims underneath to provide additional safety. If your a total newb and not confident get a set of ramps which are safer in some regards. Alas my car is too low for ramps so stands it is :P

        • sweet so will these hold up my 10.4gvm truck?

        • t_c I'm not sure if you're being serious, but I would never take a risk like that or suggest that anyone else did.

    • The comments here on safety are good advice.
      Every manufactured product has a failure rate depending on effectiveness of their quality control and hopefully it is way less the 1 percent, whether it meets australian standards or not.
      Something may look sturdy, but to properly determine if its safe factors like material selection, the design, geometry, loading analysis etc and probably most important is weld integrity. The consumer can not test these.
      So if for example its monday morning the the robotic welder was not set up properly or if manually welded the guy has a hangover do you want to under a car if a weld fails? cause you were unlucky and picked up one of these sets.
      Certainly take extra precautions as suggested, throw the spare under the car, leave the trolley jack on with a slight preload, brick any tyres on the ground, use a level area etc

    • not really many ways car stands can fail, apart from the material crumpling/breaking under stress - unlike something such as a hydraulic jack

      a few stands rated at 3 tonnes each, holding 1.5tonnes im sure theyll be fine. can't be that much of a difference between more expensive brands

      • A smart man wears both a belt and suspenders.

        End of the day do you want to be under a car if one of them fails? throwing the tyre under there or leaving the jack inplace is cheap insurance for just in case.

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    • Wow. thanks mate. Im, 18, and a complete car newb, but ive been eager to learn recently since I got my P's. This would be perfect start.

      • I recommend Haynes workshop manuals and become member of your cars make online forum.. Definitely the best to learn how to DIY.

    • Will this trolley jack ok for a 2 ton car considering your only lifting one end at a time?

    • Even though the maximum height of the Trolley Jack is 335mm, you still can't put the Stand underneath because it's still too low. Yep, been there done that, they're sitting in my garage. You better spend on something bigger.

      • Not trying to doubt you, but it seems unbelievable that the SCA products wouldn't work together like that, the website even recommends buying the two together. Is it possible it was a slightly different model you had, or it was something to do with your car? Does anyone else have any experience?

        The reason I ask is I was just about to purchase when I read your post and now I'm not sure I want either item =/

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        Put some flat paving stones under the trolley jack to get the extra height required. Becareful when jacking since the jack may tend to walk as its jacking.. Works for me.

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          I do the opposite - a block of wood on top of the jack surface before lifting. Generally works pretty well.

        • Late comment but I did end up picking up the stands and jack.

          1) Stands are solid - no issues there.

          2) The jack is small (even for my coupe). Had to use some wood on top of the jack to get the car up. No major issue, but still an annoyance.

          3) They've paid for themselves already (oil & oil filter change, air filter change, coolant flush,

          Overall pretty happy!

  • These are really solid stands.. and awesome for the price.

  • I use these stands on my Patrol - GVM would be over 2.5t. of course you'd only use them under half the car at once, so even the front end might only be just over half that. Spread across 2 stands that are good for 3t each - even with some pretty serious defects in the stands I can't see them failing. Just eyeball the welds and the pin before you buy them. No cracks - you are good! As per the relevant Australian standard these would also have a significant safety factor to even arrive at the 3000kg mark. I'd be more worried about the ground you are using to support the stand than the stand itself :)

  • I have a set from last year. Paid same price. Might get a second set to jack up the whole car. I use the normal wheel jack provided with my car to jack one side up at a time, then fit these underneath. Bricks etc. used to ensure the car doesn't move forward/back.

    Paid for themselves after first brake pad change. Subaru were asking $610 to change front and rear brake pads and machine the discs. Brake pads cost me $120 on special, and machining disks was easy, just take them off and take to brakesplus etc. and they do a paid for $20-$30 a pair.

    Total cost is about $200 including the tools…..

    In case you are wondering how to do car maintenance, youtube has a heap of videos on the things you can do easily (Oil and filter change, coolant flush, brake pads and disks)

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      +1 look Eric the car guy on youtube! very informative.

  • Nice find, just bought 2 sets. Be handy when working on the car for sure.

  • not only are there no SCA near me (hornsby) the ones closest (auburn) don't have stock. wtf!?

    • Give them a call just to double check, who knows how accurate the inventory system is.

  • I have two sets of these, and the 2000kg hydraulic jack…. work wonders on the old commodore!

  • Just bought 4 boxes from SCA Marion (SA). Two for work and two for an employee at work. They have 8 boxes left.

  • Does anyone have an opinion on the cheapo jack ..SCA Trolley Jack - Hydraulic, 1400kg.. for $20

    • Check at your local Aldi if they have any more of their 2500kg jacks left at $25.

  • great deal, at $10 each you can't even make em for that cheap.

  • These look like they would make a great holder for your barbell when in use. I don't have a weight bench and using that thing without one is a pain! plus this is only $20! :)

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      yip :) works a treat!

      • I've been looking for a weight bench but for what they are they are way overpriced.