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CJG54 Curved Gaming Monitor 27” (144hz) Recently Bought but Can Only Use 60hz

Good evening all, Recently bought a CJG54 Curved Gaming Monitor 27” through Samsung EPP and I've been using it for the past week. I've noticed that upon further digging, the monitor is …

Solar Panel System Help

Before I get roasted for not using Whirlpool for Solar research, please note that I've already tried, and it is a complete chaos when I try to navigate through Whirlpool. Not really use to it. I …

Cruise Sale Finder

Experience with Cruise Sale Finder?

Has anyone here used and be able to provide their experiences? Are these guys legit? Thanks!

My Honda Accord Is Broken, Need Help and Advice!

Hi all, Just wanted to seek some help and advice regarding my car (Honda Accord Euro CL9). Today after work, went to go to turn on the car and I couldn't put it into drive. The also noticed the …

What Is Wrong with My Laptop Screen?

Hi, link below is a picture of my laptop and I was just wondering if anyone could help find out what is wrong with my laptop screen. I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon Generation 4. When I hook up the laptop …


Recommended MicroSD Card for MacBook Air?

Just bought a MacBook Air in the recent deal and was planning to increase storage space. What is the recommended microsd card. Looking for performance/value. Nothing too over the top. Thanks.

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