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Swapping from Natural Gas to Bottled Gas on Weber

We have just moved and at our old residence we had natural gas from an attachment on the outside wall. Our new place doesn't have natural gas and so we need to convert to bottled gas. I rang …

Best Value 65" OLED TV Recommendation

I haven't needed to think about TVs for the past 8 years but now we have moved into a new house I am looking to upgrade from my 50" Panasonic (P50ST60A) to a 65" OLED TV. Is there a …

No AMD Graphics Drivers Installed Boot Error

I have an AMD 3500X CPU paired with an NVidia GTX 2080 Super GPU on Windows 10 Home edition. I just updated Windows to version 1909 and now I get the following error message each time I boot …


Best cashback site for joining Coles Online?

I will soon be taking receipt of a Coles Mastercard after being alerted to the $100 off a purchase of at least $100 online deal on OzBargain recently. I was wondering whether this can be stacked …

Looking for a whiskey for around $80

Need to buy whiskey for my father in law and was looking at spending around $80. I have no idea what type of whiskey he enjoys so any suggestions would be appreciated. Are there any bargains on at …

Where to buy cheap HDMI cords from?

I normally just wait for a bargain to buy my HDMI cords but if I couldn't wait where is the best place to buy good value cords from ? Thanks.

A good quality and well priced water-proof camera

I'm looking for a well-priced yet reasonable quality water-proof camera and I was after some recommendations of brands and also good spots to buy them. Thanks very much.

Best online and bricks and mortar source for Converse All Stars Low Chuck Taylor Men's shoes?

Looking at snagging some Converse All Stars Low Chuck Taylor men's shoes and I was wondering where the best places to look online and in bricks and mortar stores is? Thanks.

Best price on a 32GB USB 3 stick?

Just wandering where the cheapest 32GB USB 3 stick would be at the moment? Flingshot had them cheap a couple of weeks ago but failed to deliver due to some error or other. Thanks.

Deal on a laminator?

Just wondering whether there are any deals on mid-quality laminators in the SE Melbourne area? Thanks.

Best price on iPad 2 atm?

Just wondering who has the best price on the iPad 2 16gb wifi at the moment? I see Kogan have them for $389 plus delivery. Can it be found for cheaper? Thanks.

Sales on Electric Toothbrushes atm?

Looking to spend $20-$30 on a low end electric toothbrush. Anything on special atm? I'm in Melbourne. Thanks.

Cheapest place to get an 8GB 4th Generation iPod Touch..?

Just wondering where the best place to score an 8GB 4th generation iPod Touch is at the moment? Thanks.

Best price on an iPad 2..?

Looking at getting mum a wifi only 16GB iPad 2 for Christmas and I was wondering where the cheapest source is?

Lacoste polo shirts..?

For the longest time I have wanted to own a couple of authentic (or at least well-made facsimilie) Lacoste polo shirts but have found their prices to be quite steep.

Looking for a 7-8 metre long HDMI cord

I was wondering where the cheapest price to buy a 7-8 metre HDMI cord would be. Thanks.

WD Elements 2.5" External HDD please..?

I'm looking for a 320GB (or slightly less, or slightly more depending on price) WD Elements 2.5" external HDD.

A well priced wireless printer..?

Just bought a Mac Book Air and was a little dismayed to discover that the free wireless printer is no longer being offered.

Paying cards & counters..?

I am a grade 3 teacher and I was looking to purchase around 10 packs of playing cards and around 20 or so of various coloured plastic counters for maths games.

Looking to spend around $50 on a cordless phone...

So my cordless home phone has died and I am looking to get a new one.

60th birthday cake..

So it's the mother-in-law's 60th and I need to source a birthday cake to feed about 100 people. I live in SE Melbourne so any suggestions for where I could go to get a good deal? Thanks.

Cheapest price for a Wii Fit Board..?

My friend just bought a Nintendo Wii and I was wondering what the cheapest price is for a Wii Fit Board at the moment? Thanks.

Any sales at Southland (Cheltenham) at the moment?

Hitting Southland (Cheltenham) today in search of some new jeans and tee-shirts. Anyone know of any noteworthy sales there at the moment? Oh, also Bonds singlets. Thanks.

Where to Buy ASICS GT 2160 Runners?

I am in the market for some men's Asics GT 2160 2E runners. I know of some great online sources to attain them from but I need them ASAP so I was wondering if anyone knew of a good bricks and mortar …

Where can I buy Optus MyTab or iPad 1..?

I have gift vouchers for Westfield Shopping Centres and I was after either an Optus Mytab or an iPad 1 (16gb wifi). Dick Smith have the MyTab for $149 but they don't accept Westfield Vouchers. Does …

Black Wii with Two Games and Remote Plus for 99 Pounds. but Not to Australia: -(

I see and both have the black WII with Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort and a Wii Remote Plus for 99 pounds ($150 …

Well-Priced UGG Boots?

Does anyone know of a good online destination to purchase Ugg Boots? My understanding is that the authentic (made in Australia) Aussie brands are: Jumbo UGG (Local) and Koalabi (Imported). Apparently …

Any sale on Bonds undies??

I was wondering if anyone knew of any place having a sale on men's Bonds undies? Or, where they are generally sold the cheapest? I am specifically thinking of the packs of 3-5 that you can get rather …

Notebook/Netbook for $500

I am a primary school teacher and I am in the market for a new notebook/netbook. I am prepared to spend up to $500.  I find the 10.1" netbooks to be just that tad too small (screen wise) and the 14" …

Cheap brand name 42" HD plasma?

The mother-in-law (read: doesn't have to be FULL HD) is after a 42" HD TV and I was wondering whether there were any good prices post Xmas? I see HN have the Samsung ps42c451b2d 42" HD plasma for …

Advice on buying a good value hair dryer..

I guess I am after two pieces of information. The first is I am looking to spend around $100 on a hair dryer for my girl friend and I would like to know if anyone has seen any bargains in this …

Industrie shorts?

Looking to buy some Industry shorts. Anyone having any sales? Thanks.

Cheapest Kingston DDR2 RAM for laptop..?

To buy (and have installed) a 2 gig stick of Kingston DDR2 RAM (laptop) from BCC Computers at Southland is going to cost me $95. Pre-supposing I am unable to install the RAM myself, is there a …

Cheap(ish) things to do in Daylesford?

I am after some ideas for a trip to Daylesford. My girlfriend and I will be there next week for 2 days and 1 night. I am after some activities which are not too pricey. If we could only fit in 3 or 4 …

Any clothing sales at Southland??

Going to Southland (Cheltenham) today to pick up various pieces of clothing (menswear). Just wondering if anyone knew of any sales or specials operating at the moment? Thanks. P.s. I am particularly …

13 sets of cheap plastic dice.

I am a primary school teacher and need to buy 13 sets of cheap, plastic dice for a mathematics exercise. Any ideas? Thanks. P.s. I live in Cheltenham, Melbourne.

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