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NGK Spark Plug Gap for 2012 Toyota Corolla

Hi, I want to change my car spark plug and bought NGK ILKAR7B11 Iridium spark plugs that was suggested for my Toyota Corolla 2012. As everyone suggests to check for the gap, I checked with feeler …

Toyota Corolla Tyre Speed Rating H & V

I have to replace all my four tyres on my Toyota 2012 Corolla ZRE152R and this is the first time experience in to replace tyres after I got it as a used vehicle. When I look at the user manual, it …


Storing a Jump Starter inside CAR

Just got a new Gooloo 800A from Amazon and tried to search whether its safe to keep jump starter inside a car but unable get anything out of the thread which I found, so thought of asking from our …

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