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Dinner for One $6.95 @ KFC

expired Dinner for One $6.95 @ KFC

Setting up Testamentary Discretionary Trust

We have 1 house that we live in and a positive gearing investment property. I came across the concept of TDT and it sounds like a good idea. When we pass away, the property will be moved into a …

Things to buy and eat in France, Switzerland and Milan

Will be making our first Europe trip in June. Was hoping to get some pointers from OZBers on what should we buy there. My friend told me clothes in Milan is cheap, what do you guys think? Also, any …

Outgoing Tenant Refusing Inspection for Potential Tenant

Today was the first inspection session for my apartment. I decided to drop by to see the apartment and say hi to the new agents (previous one left the company). When I arrived, agent told me that …

Sunnies for Kids

Bought a pair of sunnies for my daughter (3yo) from Chemist Warehouse because she insisted and I thought why not since she didn't have one. Within a week, the lens are full of scratches. Looked …

What's a Random Stuff You Bought That Turned Out to Be Useful?

Was extra frugal last month and have some spare coins. Any random thing that I should blow my hard earned money on which will turn out useful?

Silly Pricing Error, not exactly a bargain

Let's use this thread to post silly pricing error that doesn't make sense. Category includes ridiculously price items, multiple buy maths fail, and etc. I'll start with 16GB microSDHC …


Debts push loyalty rewards program to brink - shall go and claim our rewards now?

One of Australia's largest loyalty programs is on the brink of collapse potentially leaving more than 700,000 customers and some of the nation's biggest companies, including Myer, iSelect, Hoyts and G