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Used Prices for GPU 1660S - 2080ti?

Could I get some help for suggested prices for the GPU range 1660S - 2080ti? Thanks in advance

Samsung S20 FE charging cable.

Hello. I recently purchased a samsung s20 fe and wanted to know where can I find a bigger charging cable, last phone I had before upgrade was a S5 with a 3m charging cable. Can I get some help on a …

Dell S2721Q 4k Settings for Xbox One X/ Series X

Hello. I've just got this monitor from one of the Dell sales. I wanted to know which settings people have set the monitor up with? It's my first time using a 4k IPS monitor coming from an …

EB Games Australia

EB Games Xbox Series X Trade in Deal Help

Hello there. I have the Gears 5 limited edition console without the Gears 5 controller included and was wondering if I should trade this in for the Xbox series X or buy a used one online and trade …

Samsung Galaxy Note9 Vs S10+ Refurbished like new Condition. Buying help.

Hello. I was looking to upgrade my Samsung galaxy s5. Ive had a look on ebay on a note 9 brand new for $695.99 and found another deal with a S10+ like new refurbished for $709 (ive never purchased a …

Anyone using the gigabit internet plan, if so which router are you using?

Hey guy's. planning to switch to Aussie Broadband for their gigabit internet plan and wanted to know which routers are people using if they have the gigabit internet? Thanks

New router. ASUS AC1900 vs AC2900

Hey guys. I want to upgrade my old huawei router that was provided by the ISP for one of the ASUS ones. I have my xbox one x connected through ethernet and laptop through wifi. Also have 6 other …

Any ozbargainer use the LG 27" 4K UHD IPS Monitor With FreeSync (27UL600-W) or a similar 4k monitor for Xbox One X?

Been looking for a decent 4k monitor for Xbox one X. Cant do a TV because its too big for my bedroom. Any other recommenations for other brands will be appreciated.

EB Games Australia

EB Games - Click and Collect

Has anyone ordered any new and not preowned games with click and collect from Eb games? If so, when you go and get the games are they sealed and brand new??

Is The Crucial MX500 SSD Compatiable with 2011 MacBook Pro 17 Inch?

I have a customer that is interested in buying my 2TB Crucial MX500 and was just wondering if their 2011 MacBook Pro 17 is compatible with it.

Need Help Picking a 4k Monitor between Samsung and Asus. Any Other Recommendations?

Found these two 4k monitors that look pretty decent for the price. Budget is around $400-$500. It is for the Xbox one X. 28" Samsung LU28E590DS/XY 4K UHD LED Monitor 28" ASUS VP28UQG 4K …