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Is This Connection Possible?

Hi all, I'm planning a flight from Iceland to Kuala Lumpur on 2 different airlines, chronological itinerary as below: Icelandair Airline Iceland -> Heathrow (layover 2 hrs 25 mins) Qatar … Restocking a Particular Item!

So, I bought a bunch of Catch gift cards at 10% off wanting to purchase the Nintendo Switch. But I waited because I wanted to claim TRS too (60 days limit). But now they've gone out of stock! …

Xbox Live Gold 6 Months for $29.95 @ JB Hi-Fi

expired Xbox Live Gold 6 Months for $29.95 @ JB Hi-Fi

Should I Ask for a Pay Bump?

Hi all, I'm seeking some advice from the OzB community because some of you really do give good advice. I'm a tenured employee working in role A that pays less than role B. Recently …

Company Not Fulfilling Promotion Deal

Hi all, A rather large electronics company was having a deal towards the end of last year, where the deal was 'If you buy X product, we will send you a gift card for $X amount'. So I went …