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Leaving The Country for an 8 Month Trip - How to Save Phone Number?

As per the title, going on an eight month trip/self-discovery/sabbatical/experience-not-diamonds experience. I do have a career to return to and would like to keep my Australian phone number. Have …

"Shortcut" to Frequent Flyer Gold Status

Going through SMH articles is a habit of mine and i came across this [ http://www.smh.com.au/executive-style/business-travel/how-to-get-gold-status-with-a-single-flight-20130502-2iuet.html ] and if it

What to do on Budget Airlines?

Need some new ideas on entertainment on a budget airline. Already prepared with iPod Touch full of tv shows and movies that i have not touched. Music as a backup.

Samsung Galaxy S II Owners Rejoice! ICS Has Arrived!

Im sure that many of us here have been lapping up scotty's posts on the $29 vodafail plan, Kogan's deals, DWI's deals or if you were lucky, allphones...

TV with USB Playback on media files

Hello Ozbargainers,

Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

Hello ozbargainers, I'm just wondering if anyone can help me or guide me to finding a great room rate in KL. needs: - CHEAP, looking at ~$100/night max $130/night


Expectations from AirAsia

Due to the $99 AirAsia Sydney thing, this will be my first time flying on a budget airline. What should i expect on AirAsia? I mean, is there a powerpoint?

Groupon Australia

Groupon FLIGHTS??

has anyone seen a groupon flight yet? yes, i can see the "example of an upcoming deal", but will it actually happen or are they just dragging along?

Nexus Holidays

Nexus Holidays - Thailand Tour $199 6 days (actually 4 of doing stuff)

From what i heard from friends, these are awesome deals packaged by Nexus Holidays. A few other friends have been with them but with other tours.

Previous Use Topbuy and eXpansys

Hey OzBargain community, I recently looked at http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/52724 [Acer Iconia A501] and i was seriously jealous with the price. Knowing that I could never get that price, I did a …

Need to update STATISTICS page...

Just to tell mods... If you can't find any posts to moderate over... how about updating the STATISTICs page! I just went to that page to see where Twinings Samples were on the chart but they weren't …