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(Supposedly AMEX) - OzSale $10 Voucher - No Minimum Spend


This is supposedly an AMEX deal but if you sign up using the above link and buy something of equal or less than $10, you won't have to enter any credit card details. I couldn't put that link to the URL/Link section for some reason.

You will need to sign up with a new account.

The voucher will be available at checkout.

The only things I could find with free shipping are from the superhero merchandise sale: http://www.ozsale.com.au/ItemsList.aspx?cid=10&saleID=6TPq-S...

I bought the Dark knight Mug.

Hope someone finds this useful!

Details from amexconnect: https://www.amexconnect.com.au/Offers/689/Join-OZSALE-and-re...

Mod: Fixed link

Note: "Shipping will take up to 21 days after the end of the sale."
So match expectations accordingly - it may take a while.

EDIT: Looks like the deal has expired after 8000 clicks! Hope Ozsale.com.au follows through with the orders.

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The referrer will receive a $20 voucher (min spend $40), once the invited friend has made their first purchase of $20 or more.
No benefit to the referee.

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  • lol finally expired

  • +3

    Time for unsubscribe, people.. Haha.


  • -2

    Isn’t it funny (not) that because of you people stealing they had to shut down their offer to their genuine clients 9 days early.

    • +4

      I think someone is jelly they missed out

    • +2

      So is it funny or not, make up your mind?

  • The offer is still up on AMEX website https://www.amexconnect.com.au/Offers/689/Join-OZSALE-and-re...


  • Just tried to log into the account I created for this deal and it's been deleted from their system :(

    No superman mug for me!

    • Mine is still there. Maybe by the end of the day it will be gone. I haven't unsubscribed from emails from them yet, maybe that's it?

      • -1

        My accounts are GONE!

        • +2


  • My account seems to be there still, here's hoping.

  • +1

    My account is still there but of course i only ordered one item using one email address.

    None of this ordering multiple items using multiple email addresses from the same name and address. Perhaps that's the reason why your accounts have been deleted. You tried to cheat the business you lose.

  • those who still have the $10 voucher, you can use it in today's free shipping campaign and buy posters


  • Anyone got their mugs yet or had notification it's been posted?

    • have a look at your order within the website - should have a tracking number if it has been posted.

      • Yeah nothing there yet, just saying order approved.

        • +1

          they take forever - should be an estimated shipping date on the order…

        • +1

          I just checked my account and my order seems to have completely vanished.

        • Very strange, mines still there.

          From memory on every page there was text along the lines of.

          *Product is shipped from the UK delivery is expected between 15th and 19th of July.

  • Mine is still there.

    No tracking number though looks like the mug hasn't been posted. Just order approved status.

  • I have a status update on my order: delivery requested. Anybody else?

    • Same here, it should still be another week at least from dealing with ozsale in the past.

      • I have that too

  • Apparently mine's been dispatched but when I try to track it, Auspost tells me the ID is invalid.

    • That's always happened when ozsale first marks them as dispatched. It happened because as soon as your order has been picked, packed and is ready to be sent but hasn't been scanned in by Auspost.

      Don't worry about it, check again on Monday (Tuesday at the latest) and it should give you the info.

      • I'm not worrying about anything, it was free!
        Just letting others know what's going on.

        Thanks for the info though. :)

  • has anyone received this yet?

    • Mine changed status to dispatched with a tracking number overnight.

  • +1

    Mine has been dispatched for a few days now. The tracking number provided is invalid, which is something I've noticed before with ozsale/buyinvite. Not sure if it's them or the type of service they use with Aus post though. It usually shows up sooner or later

    • +1

      It says International Delivery in my order details. So the item is obviously being shipped from the UK and won't show up on the Australia Post tracker until the item arrives in Australia and gets transferred to the Australia Post network.

      That's probably why it's been nearly a week and hasn't show up yet nor shows up on the Australia Post tracker. You can tell by the tracking number that it isn't a standard Australia Post tracking number.

      • +1

        Received my mug today. Was posted locally via eParcel.

  • Just got my mug. :)

    • Me too :)

  • -3

    they deleted my multiple accounts but were kind enough to leave 1. lol.


  • I knew there would be someone who would post that they receive it today

  • +1

    no mug but got a notebook instead :(

  • I got a mug and a poster

  • Got a mug as well yesterday

  • I received my mug today !

  • My Superman Mug just arrived - Thanks OZB

  • -1

    i received my mugs today. awesome. thanks!!

  • +3

    My mug arrived today and it arrived all shattered in 4 pieces. Oh well, was free anyway.

  • Mine arrived today, my daughter will love it when she gets home.

  • Received my Superman mug today - thanks OP !!!

  • Just got mine. Handles broken :(

    • Have you considered requesting a return?

      • They will happily offer a full refund, you can pick if you want your $0.00 in a refund or store credit.

        Oz sale don't keep any stock, they order in the amount that they sell and send them out.

        • hahaha good point but it could potentially result in a $10 store credit in your account

        • Ha. Im not too fussed about it, after all it was free. Though I am a little disappointed that they thought a ceramic mug in a non-padded cardboard box would be sufficient enough to keep it in one piece! Pretty lucky of those who did get it in one piece!

  • +1

    Man of steel mug is definitely awesome!! Thanks

  • Mug arrived in one piece…thanks OP!

  • Mine and my partners superman mugs both arrived today, neither broken. Thanks OP

  • +3

    Got my dark knight mug today. Glad Ozsale came through with the deal. Hope everyone enjoys their mug!

    • Yeah, I got this mug. Looks crap to be honest. Should have got the Superman one.

  • Mine is showing product not trackable at aus post tracking site.

  • Got my mug today, arrived in one piece, doesn't look like to be worth $10 but I am happy that they came through.
    +1 to Ozsale.

  • For those who received a broken mug, you may want to consider lodging a returns request with ozsale. This is the email my friend received after lodging a returns request. I have removed the name of the person who responded to the request.


    Thank you for lodging a Returns Request with us recently - I'm sorry to hear that your order arrived damaged.

    If an item is damaged or even broken in transit we generally won't bother you with returning the item, so could you please send me through an email with pictures of the fault.

    Can you email me at [email protected], and could you please include the order number, and specify which item is broken.

    From here, I can see if a replacement is available, or if we will need to reimburse you.

    Happy shopping & enjoy the style,

  • My order has disappeared!
    not happy

  • lol this deal was so close to reaching 300+

    • +1

      Done. 300

  • Anyone receive this yet?

    • Yup got them on Wednesday. Check your account is still there, ozsale deleted a bunch of accounts after everyone here grabbed heaps of free mugs, stationary and posters.

  • Received my poster! :)

  • I received my framed 3D print last week. Great quality and coolest freebie ever. My account is still active on ozsale which is good cause there are a few good deals there that are worth spending money on.

  • I received my superman mug yesterday. I'm in WA.

    Really good quality. I forgot I had ordered it and bought myself a nice girly pink mug last weekend! Now to see who in the office wants it…