This was posted 10 years 9 months 17 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Nexus 4 Price Drop - $249 8GB, $299 16GB


Google has dropped the price of the Nexus 4 by $100.

"The powerful and affordable smartphone from Google — now at an even lower price. Was $349, get it now for just $249!" (8GB model)

"The powerful and affordable smartphone from Google — now at an even lower price. Was $399, get it now for just $299!" (16GB model)

Yet to see this posted here, please correct me if I'm wrong.

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  • +3

    Just beat me to the post :)

    Fantastic price.

    • Has anyone's order been shipped yet ? :P

    • Just cause you missed out merely by a few minutes, have a +

  • Wow that is a great price. My Bro has one of these, he's super happy with it.

    • +1

      I have an iPhone 5 for personal use but have been using the nexus 4 for work. I have struggled a bit adjusting to the OS differences but the phone is just as fluid/ fast as the iPhone, takes really good photos too. The screen is bright and clear too, I have no issues recommending this phone…. To those that are not applefied like I am becoming anyway!

      Amazing phone for the price definately

  • how does the Nexus 4 compare to other phones that are currently around this price?

    • +14

      Great, it has got no competition in this price range. Only downside is the limited space

      • +3

        thanks dosada - i currently have 2 gb on my phone… i think i can live with 16. lol

      • then get a 16GB model

        • -7

          A bit of a kludge, but it supports USB OTG, so you can get and adaptor and plug in external USB drives.

        • +3

          No it doesn't
          USB is not supported out of the box and requires hacking (of both software and hardware dongle) to get to work at all.

        • will need to pay for a software such as nexus media importer probably (works on my nexus 7)

        • This is just for usb file transfers right? usb charging works doesn't it as I don't won't another Kogan fiasco with a device that doesn't usb charge.

        • +2

          It will change and transfer files. The limitation is that it doesn't support the more common standard for USB file transfers, so don't expect to plug it into your USB car radio and play files off it (it will still charge though).

        • thanks

        • +1

          I run an App called 'ES File Explorer' to move files from network to phone. It's a bit fiddly but I managed to get it working. It has a media player as well so you can stream movies directly to your phone


          The best file explorer. From memory it supports FTP not SAMBA.

        • I like samba because it's basically just creating a windows share rather than setting up an FTP server application.

      • Agreed, by far the best for phone at this price point (and the old price imo). The camera isn't as good as you would get on a iPhone 5 but it is still decent.

        • +26

          Nexus 4 16GB price - $299 + shipping ($20 I think) = $319
          iPhone 5 16GB price - $799

          Difference = $480….

          ie. Not comparable

        • +3

          buy 2 nexus 4's and enough spare change for some accessories

        • +15

          You can get a damn decent camera for $480 anyway.

        • That's what makes them so good to compare, they aren't too far apart performance wise, if it was running IOS the apple fans would be just as happy I reckon

    • I'm considering the below Haipai H868 as an alternative and was just wondering what the ROM size (internal memory storage for apps is) on the Nexus compared to the 16Gb phone storage for apps that can be moved?|3446380967

  • Great find, absolutely love the phone. Thanks for sharing

  • +14

    Nexus 5 incoming? I remember the days I clicked and waited and waited and waited for my Nexus 4 to arrive…:(

    • Likely in development, but not for a while. Google wont want to cannibalise motoX sales.
      ( even though it's N.Americas only :/ )

    • Haha with you there. If I'm going to buy the Nexus 4v2/Nexus 5, this time I'm going to make sure I get it on time.

  • Sorry! Devices on Google Play is not available in your country yet.
    We're working to bring devices to more countries as quickly as possible.
    Please check back again soon.

    Wohoooo playing up again on me

    • +1

      Works fine for me.

    • +5

      Try using a different browser - maybe Chrome ;-)

  • +1

    Pretty good deal. Anyone currently using and want to share pros/cons?

    • +1

      Great phone, super fast on par with high end android phones like the htc one, s4 and xperia z.
      Running stock android so updates fast always running the latest software. I have brought 4 of these for friends and family and had no complaints.

      Cons- 16gb limit can be to little for some people, i'm a heavy phone user but i have never filled it as i use Google music to host most of m music.
      - Phones made of gass and will smash if its dropped repeatedly and because its not a popular phone, it can be hard to find replacement screens( i smashed mine and had to send it to LG to repair for $160. I do recommend a case though.

      at 249 or 299 you cant go wrong, nothing in that price point comes close to comparing with this phone, its a no brainier.

      • -3

        "Phones made of gass and will smash"
        Thought gass phones would explode not smash?

    • +1

      Amazing phone I have found.

      The only con is the lack of 4G and no expansion ports but for the price it is fantastic and nothing comes close.

    • +1

      Bought one for my son. Would trade it in a heartbeat for my S3 if he would swap it. Much smoother interface, feels nicer in the hand. He loves it.

      • Maybe consider installing a custom ROM on it. Its a pretty easy process, and you'll most likely get a smoother experience.

    • +1

      Bought this phone for my wife, if she hadn't bought me an S4 last weekend I would've jumped on this. Definitely the best value for money for any smart phone out right now. $100 price drop is insane… wish I got this instead!

      Very smooth, no lag, super fast
      First android phone to receive updates
      Built feels very solid and sturdy (Case definitely needed)
      4.3 interface is awesome
      Definitely best value for your buck

      Camera isn't great, hard to get good shots on your first go, usually need to do 2-3 shots
      Push notifications problems on certain routers (My wife's phone often doesn't receive push notifications straight away) - 4.3 didn't entirely fix this issue.
      Battery not the greatest

    • +2

      I've had mine for a few months now and I'd have to agree with others.

      - Upper end fast responsive phone
      - Always loaded with the latest Android (mine just updated itself to 4.3 a few days ago)
      - Simplicity of not having bloatware from the manufacturer

      - Max 16Gb storage may not be enough for some (I keep my no. of apps to a minimum, so no issues)
      - Have to be careful with the glass backing to the phone
      - Camera is no where near as good as SG4
      - No 4G

      I've previously had 2 iPhones, an HTC and a Samsung. Bang for buck, I would definitely go for the Nexus again hands down. For me personally the only item that might sway me is the camera quality as I use my phone to post photos on Google+. It will be interesting to see if there is an improvement in the Nexus 5.

    • +1


      • Camera software could be better. Hard to get macro focus working for you.
      • Treat it as a piece of glass because that's what it's housed in.


      • No lag. None.
      • Will receive updates before any other phone.

      Now I need to find an excuse to buy another one :(

    • +1

      Only Con I've ever had with this phone is that the speaker quality is not as great as other high end phones, also you can't have music playing facing down the desk because speakers are behind the phone. The audio jack is positioned in an awkward position too, top right corner of the phone, not big issues. Biggest deal breaker for some people is that there is no external storage and no 4g network.

      However this phone is hands down the best phone in the market for the price they are asking and i have not once regret purchasing it at the old price. Any sane person on a tight budget should buy this phone, however if you have money to blow just buy an S4/HTC1 nexus brands as the new generation phones run much higher specs. Also i can't believe no one has mentioned that this is one of the most beautiful looking phones on the market aesthetic wise, the unique pattern behind the phone is something to be noted of.

  • +1

    Nexus 4 has issues on wifi channel 13 and whatssap on data connection.

    • +66

      really, maybe whatssap data connection is fine but nobody sends you any msg?

      • LOL, this one is funny!

    • +2

      I've never had an issue with Whatsapp on a data connection.

    • +7

      Maybe you are on vodafail ;-)

    • +4

      you shouldn't be using channel 13, use 1 6 or 11 like the rest of the country does :)

  • +3

    I'm your resident Apple fanboy, but at this price even I'm tempted! Could I go from 32gig to 8 but? Hmmmm.

    • +15

      I'm your resident Apple fanboy

      We know :D

    • +3

      16GB - $299 - Middle grounds! :)

  • Are there any negatives about this phone?

      • +34


      • most unfortunate for IOS

        • +1


          Not really, people in this thread aren't likely to be Apple fans now are they?

        • They be lurking.

        • Wisest comment from you in this post !

      • +1

        I think that's a record.

    • +30

      no micro sd card support :(
      Other than that, its a damn good phone for the price

    • +14

      Glass back. Make sure you buy a case for it.

    • +3

      I bought it about a month ago.

      Only negative is no 4g. And no sd card, I mainly use cloud storage anyway for everything.

      Part from that great phone.

      I got it from Harvey Normans for $397.

      • +2

        Low storage, no removable battery, no sd support, no additional manufacturer features?

        Hmm… I wonder why it's priced at $349.

      • +3

        My wife has an Xperia and I have a Nexus, she has far more software issues than I do and her previous LG was even worse. From experience I will never buy a non Nexus Android.

      • …No USB on the go, low storage, no removable battery and absolutely no added features that an manufacturer can give.

        Wow, now those are some really awesome features! Wait, I've never found any of that to be a problem or even something I would want, let alone pay a lot more just to have them.

    • +3

      The camera isn't as good compared to the high end Androids or iPhone 5 but it is still decent.

  • I have a Nexus 4 White, love it!
    Downloade heaps of Apps, no problem at all.
    Maybe should buy one as a back-up :-)

    • Maybe should buy one as a back-up :-)

      That's what I'm thinking.

      • +1

        You guys are putting a good phone to waste.

      • This doesn't work on me.
        I have too many back-up phones already, thx to ozbargain
        any other reason?

        • Me 2….
          I'm thinking a reason to buy as well.

    • Hows battery life for normal use life few calls, whtspapp messaging and few pic clicking in a day..

      • I get more than one day use.
        It's a few months old now.
        Bought it from Harvey Norman, and the shopping centre gave a $50 voucher.
        Wonder if HN will price-match? Maybe not…

    • Can't find the white one on the Australian google play store..

  • +1

    How much does shipping cost?

  • I have had a 8gb model since late last year, only complaint is that it sometimes doesn't recognise the charger. Either unplugging and re-plugging or a phone reboot generally fixes this for me. Other than that a very solid phone!

  • Is this a permanent price drop or a sale?

    • +3

      Likely a sale to clear inventory for a new Nexus.

      • sauce?

        • +8


        • +1


          In the sauce bottle.

  • +9

    I bought the Nexus 4 when it was $400, and I still think it's worth $400 compared to all the other phones. At $399 it is seriously cheap.
    I think they're selling off leftover stock because they're bringing in a 5th nexus phone.

    • It IS still worth $400, it's a brilliant phone. REALLY concidering buying one just as a backup phone.

      • +3

        Can't be worth more than $388 which is the price of it's LG Optimus G 32Gb brother.

    • +1

      ummm guys….it's $299 now

      • Oh yeah I meant to type $299, typo sorry about that.

  • -2

    Is price drop considered a bargain?

    • +3

      28 +ve votes say yes
      edit: 30 +ve

      • you are wrong..its 37 +..

        • 63 now

        • 242!

        • +6

          ITS OVER 9000!

        • Naw <= 9000!

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