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10% off 365-Day Yearly Myki Passes Melb [Save $143 for Zone 1 Full Fare/Save $221 for Zone 1+2]


If you use Melbourne public transport all year round, you can get discounted yearly Miki passes saving you:

  • $143 for Zone 1 Full Fare
  • $94.90 for Zone 2 Full Fare
  • $221 for Zone 1 & 2 Full Fare

  • Zone 1 Full Fare becomes $1,287 ($3.52 per day including weekends)
  • Zone 2 Full Fare becomes $854.10 ($2.34 per day including weekends)
  • Zone 1&2 Full Fare becomes $1,989.00 ($5.45 per day including weekends)

Based on a 48 week working year excluding weekends

  • Zone 1 Full Fare @ $5.36/day
  • Zone 2 Full Fare @ $3.56/day
  • Zone 1&2 Full Fare @ $8.29/day

All you have to do is be part of the MyKi commuter club at your work or university. I know La Trobe, Melbourne Uni, Monash, RMIT, etc. all have this and is open to all staff. I just checked and it's also open to all students at Monash University also.

If your employer doesn't offer this, just order through the PTUA and pay an extra $30 for membership

With $200 in your pocket, the power is in your hands: sweep her off her feet this Friday with fine dining Aussie Battler Burgers and $0.30 Cheeseburgers or take her out for a dessert experience she won't forget with the award winning Ozbargain McFlurry! The choice is yours!

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  • seem they are all EXACTLY 10% saving:
    full fare zone 1 = $1430.00
    full fare zone 2 = $949.00
    full fare zone 1+2 = $2210.00

      • $30 a week for zone 1 (includes 4 weeks annual leave)??? yeah, who would pay that!??!!?!questionmark~??11/?exclamationmark!???

        • +1 vote

          The yearly pass is obviously for those on a Mon-Fri commute. Possibly even students.
          And when you factor in parking costs, petrol etc etc, public transport is far cheaper. I'd spend $30 in petrol and parking easily in 2 days of my city commute.
          In saying that I never use it though. No patience and Melb's public transport is woeful. Would rather drive myself where I need to be.

        • -4 votes

          Already did factor in fuel cost but it depends on what kind of vehicle you have I suppose. A small 4-cyl car, or diesel/hybrid, is going to be more economical on fuel than paying for myki. As for parking, I have off-street parking - feel sorry for those who have to pay for permits.

        • Where I park is $13 a day and that's a decent rate for secure multi story.

        • Yeah what are all these mindless commuters using public transport for??????????? They should be driving. Agree with you mrZ

        • Your registration, insurance, petrol and servicing etc is less than $1430/yr?

        • don't forget parking, fine/infringement, washing, parts etc…

  • i'm sorry but including weekends in your daily cost calculation is a bit of a stretch. you should work it out as around 48 weeks per year that you'll use it and 5 days per week (not even looking at public holidays). When you buy a daily for 5 days in a row you receive the weekends for free anyway

    Realistically this pass saves you around $2/day or $10/week for a 7 day week (when you buy 5 days you receive 7 anyway)

    • Thanks for your suggestion, I'll include that calculation as well cheers

    • -1 vote

      Exactly right. Unless someone is a slave, working 7 days a week, this has not much use. Also take into account that you will take 20 days of annual leave and 10 days of Sickie. Public holidays - don't forget them.

      Better off taking advantage of the early bird fare.

      • Cheers for the suggestion, I've recalculated based on this and have come up with this:

        11 Public holidays
        10 days sickie
        20 days annual leave

        41 working days = ~8 working weeks

        52 weeks - 8 weeks = 44 working weeks

        x44 Zone 1 weeklies @ $35.8/week = $1575.2

        or x11 Zone 1 monthies @ $123.20/week = $1355.2

        Going for the 11 monthlies is $68.2 more expensive (48 $1.40 McFlurries!!)

        • 11 monthly's? You should consider yourself lucky if you can book all your leave in a row every year. Most companies don't like that unless you're going overseas

      • I feel sorry for you that you are sick that often… Personally can't remember the last time I needed a sick day.

        • I was thinking that. I guess there's lots of people who do jobs they don't like or have pride in. Others just think it's an entitlement to be utilised.

        • -1 vote

          Wow… Look at the pretenders.

          Sick days is not about pride. Businesses don't give a hoot about the staff. Why should the staff show any more loyalty. You get made redundant, you don't get any compensation for the sick leaves you haven't taken.

          It is good people don't get sick. this is a perfect scenario for singles or couple who don't have young kids.

          Some people use it cause it is there and some people just get more sick than others. Others may use it for caring for their kids or spouse.

          The calculation need to take that into account.

          If someone does utilize the sick leaves, does not mean they don't take pride in their work.

        • Choose a better word than pride then. Because of employer/employee relationships people feel compelled to utilise sick days as an entitlement rather than for their intended purpose.

          Do your sums as you wish. I don't know what makes me a pretender.


          Do the sums as you use your sick leave (or not).

        • +2 votes

          Sounds like you're in a pretty crappy job.


          On the contrary, my job is pretty good and I like it quite a lot.

          What I mentioned before is applicable to a lot of people.


      When did myki convert your 5 dailies to a weekly? I thought they o ly every did the 2x2hr tfips = a daily. I remwmber complaining to them about it, but was told its not that smart (unlike London qhere it xonverts you to the cheapest fair over a year.

  • I just use Myki money, not the pass. I did the math a few years ago and it worked out cheaper not to buy a pass. If you only use the train, and are at your destination by 7:00 am (I think there's a 10 minute grace period), you don't have to pay a fare at all, so for me, I only pay the zone 1 fare home, which is now $3.58. Based on the 44 working week calculation in trevs post, I only pay $787.60 a year. If I don't use all of the sick leave allowance every year (and and I try not to, but you pick up all sorts of bugs on the train!), it's still about the same though, as I work a 9 day fortnight :)

    • The Myki money only works if you get in before 7am as you do. For the majority of people it's more expensive than using the pass.

  • I don't really think this is a bargain per se since this has always been a part of the myki commuter club, and is obviously not available to the general public.

    Note it also takes about a month for your pass to arrive once ordered.

  • I do think it would be better if this was just part of the normal process. Myki should be available in weekly, monthly and annual flavours, each with increasing discount.

    This is exactly how the rail tickets I used to buy in UK were. If you got an annual 'gold' ticket you also got other benefits, like +1 at weekends the such.

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