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10% off PS4 at DSE Online Only $493.20 Ends Today 11/2/2014


10% off PS4 at Dick Smith online only it looks like.
Plus 10-20% off all games and accessories online.


It is pre order for 01/03 Release

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Dick Smith / Kogan
Dick Smith / Kogan

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    Free delivery?

  • Also in catalogue effective Feb 13 to Feb 26, there's a pre-order deal for some games - "$10 deposit + $10 off". Games are:

    • Thief on PS4 and XBox One (Feb 27 release)
    • Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls on PS4 and XBox One (Mar 25 release)
    • The Elder Scrolls PCgame (Apr 4 release)
    • Infamous Second Skin on PS4 (Mar 21 release)
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    DS webpage (no. 2 offer) says the console will be dispatched this Thursday.
    This is good deal. It's even better if you pay with the discounted gift cards from the Dec 29 sale.

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    Just used $550 gift voucher (purchased for $495 during Boxing Day sale) to buy this - essentially making the PS4 $443.88.

    Now lets hope they ship it.


    • you my friend now get an ozbargain badge for being smart. :D

    • Did you redeemed remaining $50+ gift card for cash to reduce ps4 to $443.88?

      • He means he bought a $550 card for $495 on a prev deal - thats where the bonus $55 came from.

        • Yep.

          Also used the remaining $56.80 ($550-$493.20) to buy COD:Ghosts

          $71.98 - $56.80[Actual cost $51.12] = $15.18

          Worked out to be $66.30

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          Please…do not….buy…..COD Ghosts….and I am not a BF fanboy…I play my COD games as well as BF series…but COD Ghosts….is a waste of money. :|
          Buy Lego Marvel Universe instead.

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      I used these gift card I got from DSE on Woolworths gift cards and used those Woolworths cards to purchase some David Jones gift cards which finally contributed to the purchase of my wife's Dior bag…

      • Hi Ahan, how did you use DSE gift card to buy Woolworths gift card?

        • Woolworths gift cards are available at DSE stores. Sadly, DSE no longer sells Wish gift cards…

  • Sweet going to jump on this one, thanks.

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    i just ozbargained myself… one second im saying naaa i wont be getting a new console i barely have time for the old ones… the next im staring at a confirmation email from DSE stating i have purchased a PS4… i have no recollection of the time when i clicked on this deal until to the confirmation letter… anyone else experienced ozbargain black out?

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      Yes and it will get worse…. thinking of it, I thought I was doing my work rather than looking at Ozbargain.

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      exact thing same thing happened to me, and then I remembered this article and I had to buy.


      • In fairness to Sony and Microsoft, compare these console prices to the previous gens and were getting a bargain. My memory has ps3 prices around $850 and xbox360 at around $700 at launch, although at launch the ps3 was a bargain given the Blu ray player.

        • yeh which is why i think that article is probably correct in assuming not much will happen in regards to price until 2015. Definite bargain.

        • Also, people tend to forget about inflation.

      • I'm more thinking along the lines of, "I got 3 red-rings last gen and I will wait till they fix this first lot". Although there might not be a price drop, there may/or may not be a rebuild as both the last gens experienced.
        Of course, the redesign of the PS3 last time was a reduction in features…lucky for me I was able to offload my original PS3 for a handy profit when they stopped making them :)

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      Best thing is when you get a parcel in the mail and think, "wait, when did I buy this?"

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      lol.. It sucks when you've memorized your credit card number, expiry and CCV code and don't even look at the damn card anymore :)

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    Nice now to get others to price match.

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    One thing hold me off buying it now is the game selection not still very limited, might just wait until decent games start being released and there might be price drop during that time.

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      Same here. I'm still happy playing some of the new PS3 games

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      I'll probably not even play it for a while with my backlog of PS3 titles… but I still bought one xD

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    PS4 Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller - $63.98 + Delivery - http://www.dicksmith.com.au/playstation-4/sony-ps4-dualshock...

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    Damn website.

    Just moved from the UK, where I used to use hotukdeals.com and it used to cost me a fortune.

    Randomly came across this one the other day, logged on and now see the PS4 deal!!!!

    Only just got my AUS bank cards, so no excuse not to buy this!

    Damn it.


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      Welcome to Straya =D

      • thanks very much, I have a lot to learn :)

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      Love hotukdeals. I think it's because there are more (and better) deals in the UK.

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    Finally decided to purchase, for those with Woolies/Big W connections you can get a further 5% off. Got mine for $456.20! Thanks OP.

    • What do you mean by Woolies/Big W connections? Apologies, new to here and Aus. If you could let me know, that would be superb. Thank you in advanced.

      • Apologies, Woolworths/Big W employees get a staff discount which applies to purchases at Dick Smith.

        • No need to apologise. Thanks for replying. Shame that I don't have that. Other half works for target but I think it's only 10% and doubt that is on electronics too. Thanks a million :)

        • Quick question! Might sound stupid, but where do you put your staff discount number? Haha

        • +1

          It comes up near the end I believe, just before selecting purchase choice (CC,paypal etc.)

        • That's good that they still give you the discount, even though DSE is no longer owned by Woolworths group.

        • Hopefully you actually receive the PS4! There customer service isn't too good. :)

        • Did it work for you? I attempted to apply my staff discount last night, it minused 5% from the total at first, but once i went to check out it went back up :/ ended up buying anyway, hopefully they'll refund the 5%.

        • Hey did the 5% off work for you? It applied for me, but then removed itself at checkout. I then contacted dse but now they're saying the 5% doesnt apply for online purchases.

          If it worked for you, i could use that as leverage to make them apply it. Thanks in advance.

    • Interesting to see it still works, I was under the impression the discount was finishing at the end of 2013 (according to the staff member from Twitter). Glad it's wrong!

      It came in useful when I got my PS4 end of last year with that gift card special. ~9% special on gift cards, then 7.5% off when buying the gift cards, and another 7.5% when buying the PS4. Ended up getting it for around $430 :)

  • Thanks! Just bought one to put away for my March birthday… Like that'll happen

  • Just bought haha, I was waiting to pull the trigger for ages! Got an extra controller too (good price)

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    Surprise PS4 for the boyfriend! How the f am I supposed to keep this a secret until it arrives??

    • +22

      Best. Girlfriend. Ever.

      • +2

        Nah, he bought me a $600 tablet for Christmas, and I bought him a $300 gift. It was bugging me that I spent so much less!

        • That power struggle for making sure you give the same amount/better back. Watch out, he's going to get you an $800 gift next.

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      can u be my gf? lel

      • +1


  • I am temped. Is this the cheapest atm?
    If so, how much is the next cheapest price for PS4?

    Just wondering how common is the 10% off on PS4?

    • +1

      As common as DSE doesn't ship your order.
      JK, I have never had bad experience with buying from DSE online but in store some staff are real DICK smith.

      • hehe i've had one bad online experience with DSE .. when i got a $5 headphone and they just refunded me the money with no explanation as to why ( i assume they got ozbargained) … the other times i've gotten what i ordered… even got a Wii U at 50% off (in store)… when they cleared those out :)

        Yes when i was in store the guy was not the most interested or nicest of ppl to deal with…

    • ok ps4 itself usually cost 550. So I reckon you should get this deal + extra controller (which im sure u will get one later) which will cost u 558 in total.

    • -2

      In addition, look at ps3 ..the price never actually went down until pre ps4 release. I guess you could wait because once Ps4 is common in Aus, JB will have some bundle deals but seriously I think 10% is a good deal.

      • +2

        Uh … what?

      • +2

        "In addition, look at ps3 ..the price never actually went down until pre ps4 release"

        Are you seriously suggesting that the PS3 remained at $999.95 AUD RRP up until late last year?

  • So tempted. But there's no actual games I really really want, and after being stung by first year of new consoles twice (dead PS2, RROD X360) I think I'll hold off. That being said, great deal for those who really want one.

  • Damn you Ozbargin was going to get a new pc but now looks like I will be getting a PS4 and not allowed to play it until the renovations are done :(.

  • +8

    Oh god….i just bought both :(

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    Great deal, thanks. Used the staff discount also.

    What is the cheapest way to get Playstation+?

  • Thanks OP. Console + extra controller $515.39 with discount.

    • Amazing… Would anyone be so kind as to enable us to gain access to this coveted discount…

      • Not without giving away their discount card number, which would likely be cancelled if a bunch of high price orders began coming through using the same card.

        • I see.. :( Would anyone in the spirit of OzBargaining be willing to share their discount card number over a pm? I would be forever grateful.

        • +1

          I'd also very much appreciate this!

        • +1

          I wish people would hush up about the staff discount code if they aren't sharing it.
          It pains me to know I could be paying more than I need to.
          (My PM box is also open btw)

        • I am also interested in a once off staff discount code for anyone willing to share via. PM.

        • Nevermind :/ Suppose a bit risky to give member discount codes here. I just picked up a PS4 now and controller, thanks op!

          Thing to take note of (suppose only for WA now if the time depends on where you're ordering from)

          *Pre-orders placed before 3pm on 11/2 will be dispatched on Thursday 13/2/2014. Any pre-orders placed after 3pm on the 11/2 will be dispatched mid-March 2014.

        • +2

          As Good Samaritan as I want to be, using the staff discount for other people is breaching policy and can result in losing my job. I think they monitor all usage of the card

        • Yeah fair enough. I just imagined it may have been like the coles myer staff discount cards, which we just share throughout the family and friends. This seems like it might be more scrutinised. Understandable.

  • Is it possible to order online and pay in store?

  • should I get an extra PS4???hmm

  • I would wait in buying a PS4 because there isnt any good exclusive AAA games on the system atm. I would wait for a price drop and bundled with a good game.

    • bundles will come out… but i doubt price will drop, not for at least another year. The Starting price for the current consoles are nowhere near what they were for xbox 360 or PS3 .. so it could be a while before the manufacturing cost is low enough to drop prices.. :)

      • I bought a 60gb PS3 with a game for around $1000 when it first came out. CRAZY.

        • i got mine with the 80gig drive when domayne started to get rid of its electronics section (move it to harvey normal) for around the $400 price point but that was years after it came out which is why i don't see how these would drop too far in the next year… maybe in 2 years …

    • Infamous is coming out in March.

  • Damn, I should of waited a little longer :(
    also if anyone is looking to buy PS4 games, I suggest Blockbuster. Cheap and PAL compatible. One downside is that the shipping is quite slow.

  • Can you layby online?

  • should I say thank you or not? you made me spent $493.2 to my surprise today. THANKS!

  • I'm in! Bought one. Thanks! Any recommendation on games?

    • This is OzBargain after all so I recommend Resogun and War Thunder*, both are free from the store with a playstation+ subscription.

      May or may not be your type of game.

      *War Thunder is free regardless of ps+ status

      • You also get Outlast for free with PSN+ ;)

    • +1

      Battlefield 4

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