Merchant Take-Down Requests

This thread is for disclosing take-down requests from merchants and related discussions. We at OzBargain often receive requests from merchants to remove pages and deals on this website. Sometimes the requests can be reasonable but sometimes not. The moderators will use this thread to post requests from merchants + our actions.

For merchants / store representatives:


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    Free Aluminium Coke Cup with Every Big Mac Meal 8/1 @ McDonald's


    Email from McDonald's:

    Can this post be taken down? This is a staff internal document for a promo that does not go live for a month.
    There was no "report" button. It breaches McDonald's confidentiality policy.
    Please and thanks.

    The OP of the deal also asked us to remove it.


    As there was a threat to OP's employment, we have removed the post. The deal can be re-posted at a later date by the community when publicly available.

    • Hope the OP isn't very well known to management.
      That being said I never really heard of anybody getting in trouble for their social media posts during my tenure.

    • Nice email from Maccas at least!

    • -1 vote

      a bit extreme of them. not like OP threatened to reveal the ingredients of the big mac sauce

    • OPs employment will end as soon as they hit 17 anyway. These removals need to cease.

      • I was kicked out at the tender age of 22 :(

      • These removals need to cease.

        Why? If you were OzBargain admin, would you prefer to deal with a letter from a lawyer, or just cut the deal and re-post it again when it goes live? Which represents the lesser effort and stress?

        It's just a deal post, the world will go without it until the deal actually goes live and gets posted again.

        • Look I understand it can be intimidating, it's why companies do it.

          But if every company said remove the deal untill it goes live the site would basically have no deals. It provides users with a heads up of current and future promotions and more shopping awareness.

          Removing the deal doesn't benefit the members at all. Removing the deal simply let's other companies know that if they write to the site they can get it removed.

          Sites have even written to ozbargain to get deals removed because codes were posted which were targeted to a select group of people, not the public.

          Is this really what ozbargains about or is it about the members and the deals they share with the community?

          • @Combo64: This thread is only 4 pages long, from 5 years of take-down requests.

            It's not like it's a major issue here. They're not getting inundated with stores complaining. Based on those numbers, you'll find that more stores get banned (due to sockpuppeting, performance etc) than send emails asking for deals to be taken down.

            Drop in the ocean issue.

          • @Combo64: What we did not include in the original take down report was — OP of the post (an employee of maccas) also requested the deal to be taken down. Therefore the decision is as much honouring OP's request as keeping McDonald's happy.

            OzBargain is definitely not about leaking promotional material or internal memo that might jeopardise those companies' marketing campaigns. We have seen many of these in the past, and I have seen

            • Promotion got canned
            • Employees got fired
            • OzBargainers can't get the deals
            • We (OzBargain) ended up spending extra time dealing with angry retailers and ozbargainers.
  • Mods have realised that we have (again) neglected to post most takedown requests that were denied, only mostly worrying about those we have taken down. This was addressed in 2016 but over time started to happen again.

    In reality, the majority of takedown requests do not result the thread being unpublished. We will endeavour to try and include all takedown requests, whether the post is removed, modified, no action taken or something in between.


    Free Air Pollution Mask with Any Purchase at Boutique Retailer


    Hi Team

    We would like your help to remove the post we have made on OzBargain.
    We have never sold any kind of mask and never meant to sell them.

    With bushfires in Australia and from the bottom of our family business hearts, we decided to help whoever can be helped by providing a free mask with any purchase.
    We do not force anyone to shop with us to get the mask.
    Obviously, some people got this message incorrectly and as a result have made this unfair noise about our business which we are deeply saddened by which affects our feelings and hearts.

    Given that we do not sell these, we did not realise that our original mask image that we posted was not suitable.
    We have since then sourced compatible ones.

    As an Australian owned and operated business, we are donating 500 free PM 2.5 compatible masks to the Red Cross.

    Please help us urgently to fix this matter.


    No action taken. We have pinned the merchants response in the post, so anyone reading the old thread will also see the merchant's response/explanation.

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    50% off Selected Items With Code @ Garmin Australia
    Garmin vívoactive 4 GPS Smartwatch $274.50 Delivered @ Garmin AU


    8 January 2020

    Hi Oz Bargin team,

    Please remove the following the following links as they are not supported by Garmin Australia:

    9 January 2020

    Recently Garmin Australasia Pty Ltd has become aware the you have published an unauthorised discount code on your website that is misleading customers to believe they will receive a 50% discount from their Garmin purchase. Despite our notification to your organisation, this link continues to be publicly viewed and impacting our customers.


    The deals were already marked expired and were edited to remove the code.

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    Free Tickets to Various ATP Cup Matches @ Ticketmaster


    From Tennis Australia on 3 Jan 2020 (summarised in point form):

    • Breach of Confidential Information – ATP Cup 2020 tickets
    • Tennis Australia are aware that the free ticket was published on the OzBargain website
    • It was provided on a confidential basis to selected closed databases, and never intended for public.
    • Requested OzBargain to "prevent the ongoing breach of confidential information" by removing the links.


    Original link removed and deal marked as expired.

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    Free 2020 Calendar Delivered at Doctors Without Borders


    From on 6 Jan 2020:

    Please remove this deal from your website asap… This advertisement/feature on your website was not endorsed by us.


    It's actually a public link that's also advertised on other social media platforms (Instagram, etc). We decided no action is needed.

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    Free 100 Official Limited Edition NUTELLA Branded Takeaway Coffee Cups (Only for Independent Cafés Operating)


    From Ferrero on 17 Jan 2020:

    I am writing to you in regards to a deal that's been published today on this website relating to a Ferrero Promotion for Cup Give Aways.

    I work in Ferrero within the Foodservice Division for which this promotion was organised for. This is a hospitality-specific only promotion which is not open to the public and therefore should not be advertised here in a public forum.

    Please remove this ad as soon as possible


    No action taken. We explained that the specific requirement is stated in the deal and title.

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    AU Retailer Not Honouring Warranty


    AusToolSupply emailed us on 14 Feb 2020 requesting the forum post to be removed, because

    • It's false and defamatory
    • Warranty has been honoured with a new replacement


    After a few emails back & forward + following up the OP of the forum post to check whether the outcome is satisfactory, we have updated the post to state the AusToolSupply has indeed provided a resolution.

    To be continued…

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    Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20+ / S20 Ultra and Galaxy Buds+ Pricing @ Samsung Friends & Family


    There are about a dozen reports on this deal post, and then Samsung Ecommerce team emailed us today (3/3/2020) stating that

    Samsung Friends and Family portal is only accessible to those who have been invited to by a current Samsung Australia employee. You need to have received the invitation and there is no way to access it outside of this process.

    Moreover Samsung F&F terms and conditions included

    2.4 You acknowledge and agree that you must not:
    2.4.1 permit any other person to access the Friends and Family Portal using your login information;
    2.4.2 publish in any medium (including, but not limited to, on social media) or otherwise disclose to any person who is not a Family and Friends Invitee, any discount on, or discounted prices of, any Product(s) offered to Friends and Family Invitees through the Family and Friends Portal;
    2.4.3 purchase a Product through the Site to resell it or to otherwise provide it to any other person; or
    2.4.4 otherwise breach these Terms.

    Therefore Samsung requested:

    the original comments and threads containing the confidential pricing information be deleted by OzBargain


    For now, we have

    • Remove all pricing information from the post & the comments
    • Move the deal to Forums as a staff deal is no longer considered a deal
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    Stream Selected HBO Series, Documentaries and Warner Bros Movies For Free (VPN Required) @ HBO


    Email received from Content Protection Investigations Manager Australia/New Zealand of the Motion Pictures Association of America
    stating that the content listed in the is owned and/or exclusively distributed by HBO/Warner Bros in the US and requesting review, attaching this factsheet.


    Updated deal description to add warning that using a VPN to access copyright material may be an infringement of copyright.

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    [VIC] Free 1-2 Sets of Scrubs Delivered for Healthcare Workers @ Rona Scrubs


    Thanks for trying to support our initiative however we do not feel that this is the right forum for a charitable organisation like Rona Scrubs.


    Removed post.

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    50% off 1 Year Zoom Pro Subscription $115 - New Customers Only


    Received emails from TechSoup, which Zoom distributes the coupon code to exclusively. To summarise,

    • Users have to donate to TechSoup / ConnectingUp to access the 50% off code
    • Distribution of those code is forbidden


    Deal unpublished.

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    Free 6-Months 25/5 500GB nbn Internet Access to Unconnected, Low-Income Families with School-Aged Children @ Aussie Broadband


    Aussie Broadband sent a takedown request.

    We don't really want information on this program being published on OzBargain as we feel it is not relevant.

    The schools will be in contact with those who can benefit from the program.


    Removed post.

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    User phoxymoron's comment on deal 25,000+ Free Printable Maths, Science, Reading, STEM & Other Resources for Pre-Kindy - Year 6 @ Scholastic Teachables


    Received a DMCA Removal Request from Attributor on behalf of the copyright holder, Scholastic Inc.

    I certify under penalty of perjury that I am an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the intellectual property rights and that the information contained in this notice is accurate.

    I have a good faith belief that the page or material listed below is not authorized by law for use by the individual(s) associated with the identified page listed below or their agents and therefore infringes the copyright owner's rights.



    As phoxymoron's comments contain links to scripts and scrapped copyrighted content from Scholastic's website, they have been removed.

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    $10 off Any Full Size / Party Cakes @ The Cheesecake Shop


    Cheesecake Shop sent a takedown request as follows.

    Please immediately remove the attached post from your website relating to the Mumcen10 discount code.
    You are not authorised to share this code on your website. It is an exclusive offer only valid for the Facebook followers of Mum Central.
    If this offer is not removed from your website within 24 hours along with email confirmation to myself that this has been actioned, you will hear from our legal team.


    Takedown request was denied as the code was published by an Associate / Store rep of Mum Central.

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    Received multiple requests from amaysim & marketing agency to take those 2 posts down, as these are exclusive offers not to be advertised through public domain.


    Updated those deals so they do not link directly to amaysim, but Plus Rewards & ACN instead. Updated the posts to state the requirement (Herald Sun subscription, ACN Referrer's IBO Business ID, etc).

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    From Rep:

    Green Harvest has been listed by a third party without our permission offering a free guide. This was also offered last year and we were so overwhelmed by people supposedly wanting this guide we were unable to provide this printed document. Due covid 19 we are not printing a new guide and the current listing shows for an expired product.
    Again, we have not been asked about this submission and request immediate removal.
    If a points system is in place for the lister of this and the last offer I would -10000


    • Moved to forums
    • Ammended title with [Unobtainable]
    • Removed Link
    • Added message from rep
    • Technically poster "lost" close to 100 votes by moving to forum, not the 10,000 requested. ;)
    • +4 votes

      If a points system is in place for the lister of this and the last offer I would -10000

      not sure if they were joking or being seriously petty

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    4 Ply Face Mask 20 Pack $9.95, KN95 Face Mask 10 Pack $19.95 + $7.50 Shipping @ Clifton Pharmacy


    Received an email from Pharmacy Alliance stating that the website claiming to be Clifton Pharmacy is a scam & the post is a fake ad.

    This post was made by someone involved in scam that is “presenting itself” to be Clifton Pharmacy however is not
    … and we do not have a website let alone one that is .com

    Then requested the post to be removed.


    After discussing with the moderators, we have decided that there's a possibility that it's indeed a fake website and unpublish the deal.

    • That escalated quickly……

    • Any word from willyboy007? They commented saying "I have tried it out and it's much better quality than the 3 ply made in china masks on ebay." - Maybe they're part of phishing for CCs (and who posts a deal and doesn't check back on the comments/upvotes!?)?

      Looks like it used to be a pharmacy in New Jersey in 2013, and then potentially a parked domain until 16 days ago.

      • Spot on it’s a scam and has now been removed.

      • on credit* card payment auth it shows payment to DEALCATCH.COM.AU +
        the 1800 number on dealcatch site says cannot connect

        *I've cancelled card etc…

        • Lost $50
          Used prepaid Visa card.
          Cannot cancel card.
          Anything else to do to protect myself?

          • @pramki: u can contact the prepaid company (the number should be on back of card) and dispute transaction like you would any bank

            • @jimbobaus: Thanks mate. Tried calling prepaid card phone number and they said they can’t revert the transaction. It is the card holders responsibility. It is in their terms and conditions apparently. So nothing there… but I was surprised to receive a shipment notice today… I am not expecting it to be legit masks… my expectations are very low. Even if they send something, it might be some cheapies with not much filtering.
              Will post the info here as to what I receive.
              Thanks for the info though. It was worth a try.

        • update: my 4 ply face masks arrived yesterday, they seem a smidgen better quality than the dodgy dollar shop ones I got for just in case.

      • Lol yeah

        I saw this at my local pharmacy and thought to post it here.

        Suss much

      • Interestingly, willyboy007 is in the penalty box until 18/08/2020 - 11:08. It'd be nice to see why :)

    • Weird I've received a tracking notice from sendle for my order…

      The senders address is
      Clifton Pharmacy

      Riverwood NSW 2210

      Looks like a residential address

      The website initially stated QLD

      • Film the opening of the parcel, it's likely empty

      • Yes I've received a tracking number too however it's coming from NSW and not QLD like the website stated. Another clue it's not run by Clifton Pharmacy and by an individual claiming to be them.

        • I suspect that they had genuine items to sell
          wanted to use respectability of a "chemist" to sell them
          Probably crap quality

          Or its an empty box maybe

      • I received a shipment notice from Clifton pharmacy with a sendle tracking number. Bizzare.
        Mystery as to what is going to turn up…..

    • Wow, no wonder I can't find this post anymore when I searched "mask" deal. Was beginning to be suspicious when I got no email/anything back. Their initial website is inaccessible now. Raised the dispute to my CC, hopefully it's not too late :(. Thanks for the scamming info though

    • Hi guys - long time lurker, first time poster. Unfortunately I stupidly fell for this "deal" so thought I'd share my experience. Like a couple of other posters on this thread, I too received a Sendle tracking number 2 days after purchasing. The goods actually arrived today to my surprise.

      The masks were wrapped in cellophane packaging with no branding/messaging, so it's impossible to verify what country or factory they were made in (website claimed the masks to be made in Taiwan which I highly doubt given the price).

      The masks were 4 ply as claimed - 2 soft white layers, a similar blue layer on the front of the mask, and a melt blown fabric layer. I did a couple of tests. The first - placing water in the mask, yielded no leaks. The second - lighting the filter layer, resulted in the layer melting and not setting alight.

      Regardless, I'm still contemplating throwing these in the bin since I have zero trust in the sellers. A quick Google of the merchant that showed up on my credit card statement (, I found they were mentioned on the Parlux website (hair dryer brand) claiming the merchant was selling counterfeit hair dryers on the Australian market.

      If you purchased from this deal and haven't already, I'd recommend cancelling your credit card. If these guys are fraudulently using the details of another business, who knows what they'll do with your credit card details. I'm also still proceeding with disputing the transaction with my credit card provider, since their lies duped me into purchasing.

      • I have received the "Made in Taiwan" masks.

        There is no branding on the package or certificate to verify that they are from Taiwan. Indeed, masks from Taiwan usually say "Made in Taiwan" on the bottom right corner of the masks like this (source been to Taiwan plenty of times and the masks there is of high quality better than any masks I bought in Australia).

        Anyway, it is 4 ply as stated before and did all the tests. But, I'm still concerned as the seller used a fraudulent website claiming to be another business, fake location compared to location stated on website, no labelling or certificate on the package that states it's made in Taiwan and transaction detail saying The seller isn't responding to my emails. Who knows this might be a fraudulent masks.

        I have filed a dispute with my credit card provider

        • I have filed a dispute with my credit card provider

          Wouldn't they be thinking… "you bought some 4-ply masks, you received the 4-ply masks… so what is the dispute?"

    • I too made a mistake ordering these masks.
      And now I can't even get the parcel because I used parcel locker address, and Sendle doesn't deliver to lockers.
      I got an auto-reply from their support saying that they don't allow changing delivery details.
      What do I do?

    • I also ordered, got nothing back (no e-mail address was taken for any contact). had to call amex to dispute.. its now gone to the fraud team.

      I received nothing from them

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    St George $2k Cashback for Each Property Refinanced. It was posted by a mortgage broker.


    Westpac emailed us yesterday (20 July) regarding to the post

    • Content is not approved by Westpac / St. George
    • Requested immediate removal
    • Broker has been contacted to have post removed


    We have contacted the OP of the post (broker) but no clarification / amendment has been provided. As Westpac has already contacted the broker, we have also complied with the request and unpublish the post.

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    Various Samsung deals containing EPP pricing on this Samsung Education deal.


    Samsung Electronics Australia has emailed in relation to one user who has repeatedly posting pricing and screenshots of pricing on products behind Samsung EPP. According to EPP Terms of Sales

    2.4 You acknowledge and agree that you must not:
    2.4.1 permit any other person to access your Company's section of the Site using your login information;
    2.4.2 publish in any medium (including, but not limited to, on social media) or otherwise disclose to any person who is not an Employee, any discount on, or discounted prices of, any Product(s) offered to Employee
    2.4.3 purchase a Product through the Site to resell it or to otherwise provide it to any other person; or
    2.4.4 otherwise breach these Terms.”

    The same clause on Edu store can also be found on Terms and Conditions of Sale - Samsung Education Store section 2.3.2.

    Samsung has requested taking down the post & related comments.


    We are taking down the linked post for now & the moderators will evaluate the rules on deal / forum posts relating to Samsung EPP.

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    Pentair Rebel 2 Pool Cleaner @ Allstar PoolParts


    Email from Allstar PoolParts:

    While we appreciate the free advertising and are glad our client is happy with their recent purchase we cannot legally have this listed. The Pentair Rebel pool cleaners are internet regulated and no pricings should be seen. We are now being warned by Pentair this needs to be removed.


    Deal removed.

    • Somebody once told me.

    • we cannot legally have this listed. The Pentair Rebel pool cleaners are internet regulated

      Is this an actual thing?

      • More a case of Pentair won't allow Allstar Poolparts to sell their products anymore if their terms are violated. It's not uncommon for brands to control pricing to ensure there is consistency among different stores, but to actually prevent the price from being shown is far less common. I suspect the prices likely fluctuate due to supply and demand.

        • Interestingly, I found this just by typing the item in Google, but this

          While we appreciate the free advertising and are glad our client is happy with their recent purchase

          seems like a fairly relaxed attitude vs threatening legal action.

          • @tomsco: Please note that

            1. The original deal was posted by a customer of theirs, so it is not the case of rep retracting the deal
            2. There wasn't any legal threat against OzBargain, but legally Allstar PoolParts, a distributor of Pentair products, is not legally allowed to disclose the price of the product.

            It wasn't anyone's fault (not the OP nor Allstar) except maybe Pentair's weird pricing policy (which might be common place decades ago). Therefore we granted Allstar's request to take down the post that shows the price.

            • @scotty: Oh of course, just commenting that Allstar seem to have a very good approach to it as opposed to other merchants that threatened you/OzB with legal action. It's refreshing.

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    NECTR Energy referral


    Email from NECTR:

    It has recently come to our attention that Nectr’s Refer a Friend program is being linked on your website. It is against the terms and conditions of our program for the link to be used in the manner it is currently being used (at the following location: .

    We would appreciate your assistance in removing the referrals from the website to prevent any future misuse of this program.


    As they have already previously marked some referral code as compromised, they really don't want people to share the code publicly. We have now disabled the NECTR referral.

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    $100 off Selected Full Priced Adults Shoes @ Active Feet


    Email from Active Feet:

    It has come to our attention that a gift voucher code given to a select group of individuals has been posted on your site.

    Above is the link to the post. If you could please take this down, these individuals are not entitled to the offer.


    We have also received reports that this code is available for selected customers only. Request from Active Feet honoured and deal removed.

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    $50/Case of Stockade Flight Path 4.5% or Splicer 4.4% @ David's Cellars


    Email from David's Cellars

    I need to take down this post immediately, and don't know how to do this as it violates an agreement we had with the supplier of the product


    Deal unpublished.

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    6% off IKEA, 5% off WISH, 3% off eBay, 8% off Harvey Norman + More eGift Cards @ Flare HR


    Email from Flare HR:

    Reaching out as we would like to request nothing from our site to be posted on OzBargain.

    We would like to remove posts such as the below, as well as ensure no posts are made going forward (as outlined in your merchant FAQs)…

    Flare is a platform for employees only, no access can be gained by anyone not associated with Flare or an employer using our platform and we would like any reference to this removed.


    Related deals removed & permanently banned on OzBargain.

  • Date 4/11/20


    [VIC] Free BBQ Safety Pack from Energysafe Victoria


    Email from Energy Safe:

    On Friday last week and continuing since then, our website has been bombarded by people from your website requesting our BBQ safety packs.

    While we are happy to provide these freely to the people of Victoria to test the connections of their BBQ to their gas bottle, it is not our intent to provide them interstate or merely to people who want something for free. I am concerned about wasting Victorian taxpayer funds on mailing out products for frivolous requests. It is our discretion whether we send out these products, and many of these will not be sent.

    I am asking you to please remove any reference to our website and our safety merchandise from your website immediately.


    Deal edited.

    Takedown request denied, as it's a public offer, however a mod disclaimer was added to the deal to ensure all users are using the offer responsibly:

    Mod: Do not request the pack if you are outside VIC, as they will not be sent. From vendor: "While we are happy to provide these freely to the people of Victoria to test the connections of their BBQ to their gas bottle, it is not our intent to provide them interstate or merely to people who want something for free"

  • Date 22/12/20


    JB Hi-Fi Boxing Day Sale: Hisense 75” TV $1446, Samsung Galaxy Note20 $1099 (Was $1499) + More


    Emails from IVE Distribution:

    Subject "IP breach by user on site lodging information without authority - user Cam83"

    User Cam83 is in breach of releasing JB HiFi Information to your site without proper authority ahead of the scheduled marketing schedule, which the implications are significant for our client.

    We will be pursuing the matter through our legal team and require someone from your support team to make contact in order ascertain best investigation method with your corporation.


    Thank you for for your prompt reply, is it possible to get name and email address of Cam83 so we can deal with them directly about this issue?


    In the interim while our legal council decides best course of action I would assume that Cam83’s account will be terminated from your site as they have breached your T’s & C’s?

    Could you please confirm this so I can advise our legal team accordingly.


    No action taken.

    • Advised IVE to contact imgur where the content is hosted should they believe it is copyrighted material.
    • Advised that someone can contact us from a JB Hi-Fi email address to request that the alleged copyrighted material from OzBargain be removed.
    • Request for personal details of cam83 denied. Request to terminate cam83's account ignored.
  • Date 21/12/20


    Winenutt Deals


    By email from Winenutt:

    Under GDRP laws I would like all our details removed from your system and confirmation via email to XXXXXXXXXXX this has been completed.


    Request denied.

    After confirming they were wanting the content that they posted on OzBargain removed, we ascertained that the deal posts (all 27) were posted by the user/store rep, not the community. Furthermore no reasonable reason for removing the deal posts was given.

    • This is a good one. The rep's history of low scoring posts caused them to want to scrub them from the internet?

      • Perhaps related to the fact that they received a 1 year performance based posting ban a couple weeks prior to the request.

      • strange use of legal threats to accomplish it, which makes it extra hilarious.

        their posts are bad and they should feel bad!

        • Even more so when it's an Australian business quoting EU law.

          • @Clear: The GDPR applies to anyone (company or individuals) that supplies services to EU residents.



            Who does GDRP apply to?
            The GDPR applies to any organisation, regardless of their location, if they offer goods or services to, or monitor the behaviour of, EU citizens. It applies to organisations who process and/or hold the personal data of citizens residing in the European Union, regardless of the company’s location.

            • @whooah1979: Sure but Winenutt do not ship to EU so it really is pointless.

              • @Clear: No. The GDPR applies as long as an EU resident can make an account and provide their personal data to the website.

                • @whooah1979: You misunderstood. Nevermind.

                • @whooah1979: good luck enforcing an eu law outside of the eu

                  • @Jenny Death: It's not about luck. Australia and the EU have treaties to respect each other's laws.


                    Australian businesses of any size may need to comply if they have an establishment in the EU, if they offer goods and services in the EU, or if they monitor the behaviour of individuals in the EU.

                    The GDPR and the Australian Privacy Act 1988 share many common requirements, including to:

                    implement a privacy by design approach to compliance
                    be able to demonstrate compliance with privacy principles and obligations
                    adopt transparent information handling practices
                    There are also some notable differences, including certain rights of individuals (such as the ‘right to be forgotten’) which do not have an equivalent right under the Privacy Act.

                    Australian businesses should determine whether they need to comply with the GDPR and if so, take steps now to ensure their personal data handling practices comply with the GDPR before commencement.

                    Both Norway and Turkey aren't members of the EU, but that did stop the EU from issuing fines.

                    2019-05-08 The Municipality of Bergen €170,000 Norway (Datatilsynet)
                    File with login credentials for 35,000 students and employees found in a public storage area.[10]
                    2019-07-03 Marriott International €235,000 Turkey (KVKK) Failure to implement necessary technical and administrative and measures to ensure data security and breaching notification obligations[26]
                    2019-07-03 Cathay Pacific €88,000 Turkey (KVKK) Failure to implement necessary technical and administrative and measures to ensure data security and breaching notification obligations[27]


                    Google has been fined 50 million euros (£44m) by the French data regulator CNIL, for a breach of the EU's data protection rules.

                    In a statement, Google said: "People expect high standards of transparency and control from us. We're deeply committed to meeting those expectations and the consent requirements of the GDPR."

                    • @whooah1979: Sorry, what i mean is specifically for entities without any presence or service in the eu. For instance my website could be used by someone in the eu, but i dont sell stuff to the eu so I can't a reason I would need to comply with the gdpr at all.

          • @Clear: LOL the guy can't even spell check GDPR when sending a 'serious' email

      • Pretty much sour grapes.

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    Disposable Medical Face Mask (Bx 50) $39.95 + $8.95 Delivery @ GhamaHealth


    it would be much appreciate if you could stop analysing we are not cheap so we have nothing at a bargain prices . thank you ghamahealth

    After clarification was asked:

    We don't like being on bargain based platforms. So i don't know why our website is on your platform. So please remove it from your site.
    Best regards,


    Deal unpublished and store banned.

    At time of writing, deal had 6 negative votes and 9 reports for spam or sockpuppeting. As the deal is of no value to the community, we will comply with the merchants request.

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    Sharp HEPA Air Purifier (21sqm Capacity) $50 @ Bunnings (Selected Stores)


    The deal poster has requested for removal of their deal post

    I've been contacted by IT that it's against their social media for employees to post deals and they'll contact HR if bit (sic) removed


    Request for deal removal was granted as it concerns the employee's job security. Deal unpublished and associated deal posts have been blocked.

    Starting from 08-Jan-2021, Bunnings Warehouse associates (employees) can no longer submit deal posts for the store as it is a breach of their internal social media policy

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    [NSW] Free Pizza @ Made In Italy (Five Dock Only)


    Email from Made In Italy:

    Due to COVID restrictions and to keep the community safe we have to stop promoting this offer to the general public. Please remove the post ASAP

    When inquiring whether the free pizza offer is no longer available or just available to selected individuals, we are getting reply stating that it is "no longer available" — assuming Made In Italy Five Dock has pulled the offer.


    Deal moved to forum as Unobtainable.

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    [SA] Fringe Membership $0 (Was $25), Fringe Fanatic Membership $15 (Was $40) @ Adelaide Fringe


    We have received multiple reports, TWAM, and emails since yesterday from Adelaide Fringe to ask this to be taken down. Here's an example email:

    I work for Adelaide Fringe and someone has posted a promo code on your site that is in direct violation of our Terms and Conditions.

    This promo code can only be redeemed by those who meet the eligibile criteria (by shopping in-store & spending buying specially marked packs).

    We are requesting that you please remove this from your website.

    When asking them to disable that coupon code, we have received a reply:

    If you are refusing to have the content taken down we will need escalate the matter.
    I am hoping you will be able to see the issue and damage this is causing and assist us.


    Initially we have argued that it's a generic coupon code obtained legally through Drake. However, as the distribution of the coupon code is against the terms and conditions of the promotion, despite it being generic, after much discussions amongst the moderators, we decided to remove the code, and change it to be a promotion from Drake.