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FREE DuraHook Coat Hook


Free coat hook sample from DuraHook.
Choose from:

  • Deep Red
  • Ocean Blue
  • Baby Blue
  • Fresh Orange
  • Fresh Green
  • Bright Yellow
  • Claret
  • Spearmint Green
  • Dove Grey
  • Black

Mod: As 3 months have passed and no user has received an item, we have marked the deal as expired indefinitely.

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  • +4

    Whether you are in the United Kindgom, United States, Canada or Australia we will send you a sample DuraHook coat hook absolutely free of charge.
    Please note: free samples are limited to one coat hook per household/company.

    Thanks OP.

    • No problem

      • +4

        Thanks for hooking me up OP. I recently got a new coat, now i dont have to leave it laying avout the place.

        • -8

          So you stole my line and posted it up the top, clever.

        • +5

          @nismo: actually no, did not care to read beyond first few comments. Just thought id offer thanks and threw in the wittiest thing i could think of in 0.00001 seconds. Unless you were the first in history to place the two words back to back, kindly get off your high horse!

    • +5

      I think they're going to regret accepting Australian customers. Nek Minnit: site gets ozbargained.

      • +7

        I'm sure they won't get hung up about it. Hang on….

        • +2

          I'm hooked on this deal!

      • We will show them how it's done

      • I don't think so, in this case… The corners of this hook are so sharp, they may poke holes into some garments.

  • Thanks OP.

  • +9

    Over 300 clicks in a matter of minutes, sounds like people are hooked onto this already :P

  • +1

    This will make a good hold for my Ninja Warrior course, thanks OP.

    Now for a deal on rope and lumber…

  • its just so hooking, you better start looking

  • Do you guys know how to make a bulleted list?

    • +4
      • Yes
    • +1
      • Me

      • Too

      You must put space after star

      • +1
        • I just learnt something new today!
        • +1
          • Me too!
        • ?
        • let me try

        PS. it works hehe

    • +1

      I have a bulleted list

      • +2
        • No you don't
      • I have a billeted lust

  • +2

    Great freebie OP! BTW, has anyone seen the video on these coat hooks? Apparantly, this product is designed because there are coat hook vandals out there in the world: https://youtu.be/zyGawlaztHw. Learn something new everyday.

    • +6

      They also claim to be "eye level safe":

      The unique design and profile of DuraHook coat hooks makes them much safer than traditional coat hooks. It goes without saying that most coat hooks are installed at or around head height, regardless of whether or not they are for children or adults. It is because of this very reason that so many head and eye injuries occur. Many traditional coat hooks protrude a long way from the wall or baton on which they are mounted, making them an instant obstacle. Combine this with the fact that many coat hooks are angular or pointed in design it is easy to see why there are so many injuries. DuraHook coat hooks are 'eye level safe'. The curved design ensures that point of the hooks curve away from the user. The low profile of the hook ensures they don't protrude too far from the wall.

      Now I can sleep peacefully in the knowledge that my coat hook isn't at risk from a gardening gloved gentlemen scaling a wall, breaking into my bathroom and injuring his eye while trying to vandalise it.

      I dunno about you guys, but I'm pretty sure I could still hurt my eye on that if I tried.

      • +3

        I see this as a challenge. Challenge Accepted Sir!


  • love FREEBIE

    • +4

      Unsaid/Unwritten rule of OZBargain, always take one freebie and leave it for others.

      • +1

        Unless you're Broden.

      • +1

        Unsaid/Unwritten rule of OZBargain, always take one freebie and leave it for others.

        More like: Unwritten/Unpractised rule of OzBargain.

  • -1

    so we can only get a free red one? .. oh found the dropbox lol.

  • Haven't seen a "all free" deal for a while now..thanks OP!

  • +2

    This deal got me hooked!

  • +2

    I've been hanging around waiting for a deal like this

    • +2

      Well, $0 for the item with free delivery is off-the-hook if you ask me

  • Free is always good.

  • Beaut, thanks OP

  • one for me, one for the mrs, one for mum one for dad

  • +1

    Please note: free samples are limited to one coat hook per household/company.

  • Edited as same as above.

  • Thanks, it will make a nice headset hook on my desk ^_^

    • +1

      By hook or by crook, I'll have one for my 'phones too

      • I hope we actually get the item, else we've fallen hook line and sinker for this deal :P

        • as I've been on the phone a lot today, I'd take it my stride as it'd just be one more hang up

  • Watch out Peter, Hook is on the way!

  • +3

    Thanks for hooking me up OP ;)

  • Is it a screw in?

    • I'd say that's what the holes are for…

  • +1

    I don't need one, but since it's free…

  • +2

    This company is gonna be up for a real shock when they see all the hooks they gotta ship to Aus!!

    Don't need, didn't claim myself though…so I guess that's one less, haha

  • Can't believe I only just caught onto this deal now! Thanks OP :)

  • Thanks OP, now I need a coat.

    • You can hang the kid on it if misbehaving.

  • Wow this is great. Thx OP

  • Thanks OP

  • thanks OP! I can do my pull-ups with these..

  • Thanks OP, appreciate the generosity.

  • Cool, a black one for the garage. Cheers OP!

  • Awesome, thanks! Funnily enough the hook on the back of my door broke recently, so this can serve as a nice replacement.

    • +1

      Hey Broden

    • +1

      Sad misuse of an offer :(

  • I'm going to install mine on the cargo bike. Thanks op.

  • +6

    Beware once you install your hook you may find dodgy people doing getting turned on by them ;-)

    • +2

      I have this and an old guy came to my house and started pleasuring my wall. Would not recommend.

    • LOL'd hard

  • +1

    Has anyone received their hook yet?

    • +4

      Nope. Nothig

      • +2

        Their website says 1 to 10 working days, its been 17 now. Where's my hook, I have coats that need to be hung urgently!

        • +1

          Yeah DuraHook, hook a brother up!

          (I made a joke using the word hook just then)

        • Thanks for pointing out that pun, didn't notice at all

    • +1


  • -2

    I've unsubscribed from this one, as I want to be surprised if/when it comes!

  • Hook has been eaten by the croc.

  • Don't think the hooks are arriving…

    • +4

      Looking that way

    • +2

      They probably weren't expecting to send 10,000 hooks to Australia.

  • Peter Pan wins again, hook is defeated. (in other words, nothing has arrived).

  • +2

    Lol looks like no one got their hook

  • +2

    <<stamps feet>> " I want my free hook!!!"

  • Still nothing

  • +1

    Still no hook. I've actually emailed them asking where my hook was and they never replied.

    I'm guessing Peter Pan did finish him off after all.

  • yup, no hooks here as well!! =(

  • +2

    Still nothing.

    • +1

      Still nothing, and I'm starting to think it's dodgy, if you click on the icons for facebook, twitter, pinterest, google plus and youtube, it just takes you to facebook and twitter etc, not to their page. They also don't have any social media accounts, so why the icons?

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