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SanDisk 8GB Extreme PRO MicroSD $8.95 Delivered @ PC Byte (Save $16)


Record Equalling Deal Number 1500!

Totally humbled by the fact I've joined the great one (theearth) as equal leading deal poster. As you all know, I put my heart and soul into this caper, and always try to find the best possible deals for the community. Hopefully tonight's is no exception.

A few weeks ago, I started PM'ing store reps in the hope they would provide me with a great offer to celebrate this milestone. Suffice to say I was inundated, but I promised myself I'd go with whoever wrote back first. Well, it was basically a dead heat between two great stores… PC Byte & one other. It was a tough choice to make, but with both reps' approval, we decided to post both deals. One tonight, and the other on Monday at 9am (the reason for this will become apparent next week).

So tonight's deal is the bees-knees of MicroSD cards… the lightning quick 8GB Sandisk Extreme PRO at a crazy $8.95 delivered straight from PC Byte's Sydney warehouse (not overseas). That's a massive $16 saving over MSY & others. You'll have it at your front door within 5 business days, and has full Australian warranty. There are 800 in stock, but purchase is limited to 1 per customer for fairness.

Store rep Francesca is an absolute pleasure to deal with. We spent over an hour on the phone today putting the logistics of this deal together. I'd recommend this store to anyone without hesitation. She will be around for part of the evening to field any questions you may have, so feel free to ask in the comments.

Have a great night everyone, and thanks again for your support over the past 18 months. I love what I do more than you can possibly imagine. Peace out - TA.

Please follow instructions carefully. No need to register to buy:

  • Click the main link
  • Add quantity of 1 to cart (selecting more will render coupon invalid)
  • Click Checkout
  • Enter Discount Code of tightarse-1500 and apply
  • Enter your postcode to get postage quote
  • Select Free Shipping (last option in list)
  • Update total then Proceed to Checkout
  • Enter your shipping details
  • Select payment
  • Place order
  • Enjoy :)

If ordering from a mobile/tablet, see this comment for checkout workaround.

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  • +75

    Congrats TA

    Well done mate on your 1500 post. Can't wait to see your 2000 post. Keep up the great work.

    • +2

      And you are a super ★★★★★

    • 1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ 👏🏿👏🏼👏

    • Congrats TA! Thank you for all the deals.

  • +9

    Congrats on your 1500th post TA!!! Ozbargain wouldn't be the same without you- please keep up the great work. :-)

  • Ho, Ho, Ho! Congratulations!

  • +1

    Congrats TA on your 1,500th post with 5.3/week. Keep up your wonderful work on Ozb.

  • Congrats TA!

  • +1

    Well done on your post brother!

  • Great work! Unfortunately 8GB is too small for me but great deal nonetheless

  • Damn. I just bought this from PC Byte eBay store about a week ago for $20.

  • Congrats TA!

  • Congrats TA!

  • Congrats TA! Love your work as always mate. Props to the reps for getting around you as well.

  • Congrats to TA!

    I'm sure this card would be great, but the only reason for me to get it would be for my BMPCC and at 8gb its probably enough for 3 minutes of footage :) so I'll pass to give others a chance to snap up a fast card at a low low price.

    PC Byte have very good customer service and great prices which is why I've bought my fair share of cards from them and recommend them as a seller.

    Hip Hip TA, Hip Hip TA, Hip Hip TA!

    • Good to hear about their customer service. I've just emailed them about a 64GB Sandisk extreme SDXC card I bought back in '12 when they were memorycity. Dead and needs a replacement.

      • +29

        Hi highon2str,

        We will arrange to replace the faulty card for you =)
        My colleague will be on it first thing tomorrow morning.


        • +15

          How's that for customer service. A 3yo faulty card replaced free. Thanks Francesca :)

        • +2

          @tightarse: Thank you TA =)

        • +4


          Sandisk do have a 5 yr warranty on their cards.

          But yes, thanks for the reassurance Francesca. :)

  • Congrats TA! Thank you for all the deals can't wait to see more in the near future :)

  • As always, Awesome work! Too small for me though so gonna let others have a go.

  • +5

    Well done tight arse. Keep sticking soot between your cheeks and squeeze it until you get diamonds haha

  • +3

    and +1 for the store (PC Byte) btw

    • +1

      Totally agree. Francesca is one incredible individual.

  • +1

    You surely deserve your name in ozbargain hall of fame,congrats TA!

  • +1

    Congrats TA!

  • +1

    congrats TA, keep it up!

  • +1

    PC Byte = OZB Enterprises Pty Ltd = Ozbargain.com.au?

  • Where is the cart button on mobile site? Also, congrats and thankyou TA!

    • +3

      Hi johnno1987,

      Apologies for the mobile site, as we are still developing it.
      After you add to cart, please scroll to the end of the page and look out for "my order"
      You should be able to check out from there.


      • Had the exact same issue when buying the 64gb extreme yesterday. Props to the rep for pointing this out.

  • +6

    coupon code in your name, that's awesome lol.

    • Or is his name in the coupon code.


  • Record Equalling Deal Number 1500!

    Top effort bud ;)

    • +7

      $12 + $8.98 delivery = $20.98 delivered. This deal from PC Byte is over half that price delivered.

      • -5

        True. It's not a bad price at all, since Officeworks sells the much slower Ultra version for about $1 less.

  • Great effort! Congratulations on posting 1500 deals!

  • Congrats! and as always, love deals from PCByte!

  • Congrats TA…amazing effort you put in…thank you!!!

  • +2

    Congrats and TAnx for the memory deal.

  • i dont often post. but i have to say thanks TA for your contribution to the community. +1!

  • CONGRATS TA!!! This place wouldn't be the same without your awesomeness! :) miss

  • Congrats!, just what I was after!!

  • Congrats mate, thanks for all the bargains!

  • SPAM

    Congrats TA!

    • do you also complain when 500gb ssds are 10x more expensive than 500gb hard drives?

    • there's been an 8GB for $4.95 previously

      • +6

        Yeah.. but this Sandisk blows the Samsung EVO out the water.
        Sandisk vs Samsung
        Reads (mb/s): 95.10 vs 46.40
        Writes (mb/s): 87.30 vs 20.20

        Again, that's like complaining an SSD is more expensive than a HD. It's more expensive for a reason.

        • +1

          I think the difference is a lot less noticeable compared to a HDD vs SSD. I've never reached those speeds any way

        • @zelda707: good one. this only 8gb anyway, speed is not important

    • hmmm…that's not the point.
      TA's input is way far important than that few dollars to keep ozb running!

  • TA….I'll just come out and say what we are all thinking…WE LOVE YOU!

  • Great work TA.

  • Congrats TA!

  • Can I use it for my new purchased GoPro Silver ?

    • +2

      You can, but don't expect to record for very long.

    • +1

      Absolutely. Sandisk Extreme Pro is among the fastest card available at the moment, unfortunately only 8Gb space is not going to offer you much.

    • +1

      Hi mazsupilami,

      Yes you can use it for your GoPro!
      But you wont be able to get much recording time out of it. Im guessing you will get about 150 minutes of HD video recording out of it at most.


      • francesca: I was thinking yesterday where has francesca and the regular Memorycity deal been lately, haven't seen them for some times on OzBargain? Then I stumbled upon your name on PCByte and deduced the name change :D

        • +3

          Hey edfoo,

          Yes we merge into PC Byte, I think about a year ago?
          Please do continue to follow us =)


        • @francesca2148: Shall do.

      • I bought one anyway while waiting for larger ones on sale.

      • Hi Francesca, I too also bought a gopro the other night and am in need of a fast SD card. Could you do a deal on maybe a 64gb+ please? :-)

        • +1

          Hi kimba88,

          Sure. Can you PM me?
          I will get back to you tomorrow =)


        • +2

          @francesca2148: I've been waiting for a 64GB card to come on sale too… will you be posting this as a deal available to all? Or has to be by special arrangement/PM?

        • +1

          @shake: Seems like quite a few are looking for a 64GB card. You can drop me a PM, I'll see if i can work out a deal for all :)

        • @francesca2148:

          Oh noooo, I just bought a 64GB card from Amazon… I wish i saw this earlier!
          Though depending on the price, I'll probably grab another one from you.

  • +1

    Congratulations buddy. I still remember your first deal as it was yesterday.

  • Just bought one in the honor of His Excellency Tiiiiight Aaaaars.

  • TA, you are the man!

  • 1500 and smashing it!!

  • <high five>

  • TA keep up the great work,compliments to you for the effort and time

  • +1

    Tempted just to buy one to increase TA's ability to get reps to post great deals!

  • +2

    Good work tightarse.

    @francesca2148 Any chance of a deal on the Sandisk Extreme Pro 32GB. Or even the Sandisk Extreme / Sandisk Extreme Plus models? Any size would be great.

    • Hi YellowKnight,

      Can you please PM me?
      I will see what I can work out for you tomorrow =)


      • Deal on Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB please?

        • Hi Navgsc,

          Please PM me =)


        • @francesca2148: Hi Francesca, could I get a deal on the Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB or Lexar 633x 64GB as well? Just created the account so I can't start a PM! Long time lurker!

        • @matttlee: Can you drop me an email at [email protected]?

  • -3

    Um, Is it ok if I order twice if I want two?

  • Well done TA, keep up the good work.

  • Awesome work by TA and Francesca!

  • Congrats TA! :)

  • Excellent Achievement.

  • Brilliant work TA.

  • Great post & a great asset to OZBargain. Well done.

    • -1

      No, I didn't buy this 8Gb card as it is too small for my purpose. But I upvote this deal because TIghtArse has been an invaluable honoured member in OB.

      • -5

        Yes I think we all realised this when he said so himself in the most cringeworthy demonstration of self congratulation in OzB history.

        • -2

          Probably, but he has provided good OB deals for me over the years, I can put up with his cringeworthiness :P

        • -3


          Could be two records being broken in 1 post…. poor dannyhc is going to get negged into oblivion!

          Two user profiles, one contributes a lot and has saved a lot of people money… and one doesn't contribute at all.
          *Recipe for disaster- grabs popcorn :). *

        • @UFO: I plus voted DannyHC, seems like an honest guy

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