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Seagate 5TB Backup Plus Desktop Hard Drive $149 Delivered @ Officeworks


Great price on this :) don't know how long it will last
Seagate 5TB Backup Plus Desktop HD $149 Delivered

EDIT 3.49PM: Looks like it's back in stock

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          I wonder how many people have experienced problems.

          only the small percentage of the very angry and loud people, the ones like me who have been using seagates for decades dont have time to sit around and make stupid blog posts about how few problems ive ever had with them….

      • Since installing it in my computer, the HDD is fine. Getting write speeds of about 180MB/s.

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    Just called OW and they state that it was a online mistake and that only 1 drive per customer will be allowed. Therefore $149 will only be charged and extra drives will be refunded… they state they are calling back customers :(

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      Looking at my 3 drives right now, arrived about a half hour ago.

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    • Just called OW and they state that it was a online mistake and that only 1 drive per customer will be allowed. Therefore $149 will only be charged and extra drives will be refunded… they state they are calling back customers :(

      Really? I picked up nine (9) drives for $149. Why would you call Officeworks about these types of deals? All you do is ruin them for everyone by alerting them.

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        9 Jesus lol

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  • Got it

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    Just got my READY FOR COLLECTION email at 5.08pm.

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      your in melb (for anyone else like me looking/waiting)

      ive not got mine yet in SA, probably take an extra day to ship here compared to the eastern states

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  • Has anyone from Syd received theirs yet?

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      I have ordered 4x in sydney no emails or refunds yet just a order number paid via cc

      hornsby local store told me a txt Is sent when ready to pickup so guess see what happens

      • In Sydney and still waiting for the 4x I ordered too

  • No issues with 4 drives.. "Your order has been dispatched"
    Got the drives earlier than notification..

  • Still waiting for my click and collect. SA here btw.

    • Just got an email notification that my hdd will be delivered to my nominated officework c&c!

      • Just received an email confirming ready for collection!

        • Collected my hard drive and now doing some testing and burn outs before saving some stuffs. Btw, guy I collect from ow knew about this hard drive when I mentioned click and collect, looks like heaps of folks getting collection today!

        • @cloudie9: lol me included, just got mine a few minutes ago….

  • Still waiting in Sydney, no dispatched email yet.

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    WA - Still waiting.

    • Also WA (East Perth pick up)

      Also waiting

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    I just got mine from click and collect today.

    For the people who would like to take it out of the enclosure. Connect it with USB first and stress test it for a bit. Since most of these drives were shipped individually, there is a high risk of DOA's. So make sure you push it a bit before taking it out and possibly voiding your warranty.

    • best test method?

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        Some people like to DBAN their new HDD, which I think is a bit extreme.

        I usually do a few (around 2-4) full formats of the HDD (just the normal windows tool, right click -> format, then uncheck "quick format") and check the SMART details before and after (and in between) these formats.

        You can use Crystal Disk Info to check the SMART Details, also a good idea to keep it always running, so it can give you some heads up if a drive is starting to fail before it is too late.

        What you want to be looking for is Bad Sector Allocation, but mostly if something is wrong, the status will change from Good to Warning anyway.

    • Since most of these drives were shipped individually, there is a high risk of DOA's.

      Why is there a high risk of DOA's because these may or may not have been shipped individually? Unless the drives are powered on when they are in transit I fail to see any correlation between being shipped individually or as part of a larger consignment and their failure rate.

      • Surely the platters can be damaged from a drop regardless of whether they are spinning?

        • Surely the platters can be damaged from a drop regardless of whether they are spinning?

          I don't see how, they're light and very rigid and there is nothing that can touch them as the heads are parked.

          Sure drives COULD be damaged but it's going to be factors like vibration or chemicals or being physically damaged and these will affect drives if they are shipped in bulk packaging or by themselves.

        • @Maverick-au: I don't see how, they're light and very rigid and there is nothing that can touch them as the heads are parked.

          You are absolutely right about the parked head, but with enough force you can still kill a drive with the head parked.

          With individual shipping you are risking the box moving around in the truck more than bulk. How much risk? hard to say, could be 0.5%, which is like 2-3 drives in this whole batch, you just never know if you are the lucky winner.

        • @Brotality: Mine was swimming around in a large OW box. They could have at least used some padding in there.

        • @eug: Im always nervous buying HDD's online..

        • @eug: mine was the same

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    My order never showed up in my account. I received the paypal confirmation, the Officeworks confirmation (with order number), however my orders list is empty (created the account as I was checking out). This been the case for anyone who has received a drive?

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      yup, don't worry, exact same case with me but it still showed up today (melb)

      • Cheers, mate!

    • Same as me.. Hopefully it'll still come through

  • Got invoice e-mailed to me overnight, so all good :)

    • Delivered yesterday

  • Anyone in Sydney received Click and Collect notification or delivery?

    • No click and collect yet

  • checked-out as a guest. couldnt check my order status. But apparently I've been sent an invoice email of my order. So I think I should be getting it soon.

  • Dispatched, YEAH!!!

  • Anyone in sydney yet? mine still says status "open"

  • I am in Sydney, order status is open

  • +1

    Received mine in SA. Ozbargain win, thanks OP!!

  • I received collection notification for HDD - Melbourne

  • I just received the dispatch notification from OW and account status has also been changed to "Dispatched" - QLD

    • Received the HDD shortly after posting the previous message.

  • +1

    Well I'll be damned. Mine turned up today.

    +1 OP.

    • location?

      • QLD. I actually got the dispatch email after I received it. I also didn't receive any email from officeworks prior to this, and my status was stuck on Open the whole time.

  • Got mine late evening yesterday. Question . Is it better to leave the HDD running all time or power off and on when needed. Will it spoilt faster if I shut down and on all the tiome when I turn on with the computer ? Please advise. Thanks.

    • Leave it on.. ; you might see some reduced life from frequent power up/power downs but no different than any other PC HDD.

      • Thanks for your reply. The fan of the HDD is quite lound :-). Will see if I want to leave it running all the time.

        • -1

          The drive has a warranty so just backup and then do what you want with the drive.

        • +1

          @CLoSeR: What should he backup his 5TB drive to?

          A Seagate 5TB Backup Plus drive? :)

        • +1


          My comment was more along the lines of if there is critical data it should be backed up; you can never have enough! ;)

  • Mine was delivered just then (Adelaide). Thanks again op :-)

  • Just got my email from Officeworks. x2 drives ready to be picked up!

    • WHere?

      • Keysborough/VIC

  • Got my hard drive delivered in Brisbane earlier today. Also got the dispatch and delivered emails after it got delivered.

    • Good to hear, hopefully this happens to me :)

  • Got mine click and collect in Bris

  • Received my tax invoice for 2 drives late last night and this afternoon received an email saying my order was ready to collect from the Croydon SA store. Sweet. Gonna collect them shortly.
    Thanks to the OP. Amazing price.

  • +1

    Got invoice email yesterday. Early in the morning today my order arrived without any shipping notification. Thanks OP! I'm in SA

  • Sydney - still waiting on dispatch.

  • Sydney CBD - 2 drives still waiting click and collect

  • Sydney - still waiting Click and Collect - Order Status still OPEN

  • Got mine today in Brisbane! Cheers OP!

  • +2

    still no updates here for NSW, and checked out as guest so cant even check the status :)

    • Ditto

      • +1

        I checked out accepting the offer to create an account but the order didn't go against my account. I still can't see it against my account but I can see on my credit card that they took my money.

        No HDD yet :-(

        Newcastle here

        • +2

          Nobody in NSW has received the drives going by comments here.

        • +1


          Got mine today. (NSW)
          Click & Collect @ Lismore

        • @Crusader: You give us hope!

        • My account still blank, so mustve been ordered under a guest account.
          Sent OW an email yesterday, no reply, however first thing this morning wake up to find the dispatch email from yesterday, so hope it arrives today in Newie.

  • Think mine was faulty, plugged it in and windows didn't recognise it… will plug it into the laptop to confirm tonight…

    did everyone just plug there's in and it worked OK?

    • See my post above but yeah it works fine in short. Just did the scan disk overnight and looking good on mine. Now transferring stuffs into it…

  • Got mine today. I missed delivery yesterday and I asked for it to be delivered to local store. Fantastic price! Thanks op!

    • Wow, I had been meaning to upgrade the Mrs plan on Onedrive. I'm glad I hadn't done it yet.

      With the OneDrive 200GB bonus, this drive ended up costing me $56.00


      My only regret is not grabbing more!

      Tip - to get the bonus register the drive and follow the instructions, you have to upload a file and create a new document using office online…

      • How did you get it for $56?

        • Sorry I wasn't clear I didn't pay that. I did pay $149 but it includes 24 months of 200gb at OneDrive, valued at 24x$4.00 = $96.00 I was going to subscribe to onedrive for the mrs anyway so in my case this drive was cheap…

  • Sounds like Sydney is missing out.. . Anyone in NSW with a drive ?

  • They are probably delivering all the drives to delivery orders, then doing click and collect orders in Sydney/NSW…

  • Still waiting in Wollongong (click & collect). :(

    • Same here.

  • 2 DOA's awesome!! That's Seagates last straw with me.

    • +2

      try them in another computer, I thought mine was broken.. it wasn't… the likely hood of you getting 2 DOA is astronomical, and I highly doubt that they where booth defective from the factory.

      • pebkac errors get more and more common…

      • the likely hood of you getting 2 DOA is astronomical

        I sure hope not! :)

        • I put them both in my NAS and created a storage pool in Server 2012 R2. The controller cooked out on one and the other has bad sectors OTB.

          I've got replacements which are ok but yes there were 2 DOA's!!

          No more seagate for me.

        • @Nazz61:

          you took them out of the case… anything that happens after they come out of the case is on you I rekon…

        • +1

          @wisc: Well I put them back in the case and got warranty on them. I've received two replacements and removed those from the cases and they run fine in my NAS. Go figure!

        • @Nazz61:

          odd, go figure…

          did you try them before you took them out of the case?

          I rekon they where damaged in shipping…

  • Picked up mine today from OW they let me walk out without scanning it until all the alarms went off and they called me back to put it through the register. Must been a newbe.
    Noticed that when plugging in to power point it didn't turn on only when usb was plugged into pc it then spun up. Currently backing up pc will be done in a few hours then may check the smart tools. what's the warranty on this beast 2 years?

    • what's the warranty on this beast 2 years?

      Does it not say on the box or in any enclosed literature?

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