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Eneloop Family Pack $25.70, 8 Pack Tropical AA for $14.14 Pickup at Dick Smith eBay


Committed ozbargainer posting this deal while at the beach with the family http://imgur.com/JAuo47B
(posting with my old OZB OPO and waiting for the shiny LG G4)

Three really very good deals.

Eneloops Family pack which consists of
6AA - 2000mAh with up to 2100 charge cycle and 65% capacity retention even after 5 years of storage
4AAA - 800mAh with up to 2100 charge cycle and 65% capacity retention even after 5 years of storage
Overnight charger with Auto Voltage AC100-240V, 2 LED Indicator and auto off timer control.
2 x C and 2 x D adaptors - Simply slot your AA eneloop battery into the adaptor to use as a C or D battery.

Need some more battery only deals? Some of the cheapest I have seen for a while. (courtesy of tendollar)

Eneloop AAA Chocolat - $14.14

Eneloop AA Tropical - $14.14

Use cashrewards for 2.5% cashback

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          Updated & thanks! A really good deal!

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      Cheers for the AAA.

  • Thanks got one. :-)

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    Noob Eneloop enthusiast here, is this good value for a starting off point?
    I did not know that there was such a thing as a D adapter and this intrigued me. Do these work well?

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      C and D adapters work well. However, they will have less capacity than actual D batteries since it is a AA 2000mAh compared to 7500mAh D batteries. Good in a pinch but for actual heavy duty applications where a large capacity D battery is needed, I would go with specifically D batteries.

      8pk AA and AAA eneloops can often be had for $15.98. The charger included is good enough, but if you're a true eneloop enthusiast, you want a Maher Powerex C9000 Wizard One battery charger which will give you the best care and performance for your eneloops.

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        Wow, I didn't realize there was so much to being an eneloop enthusiast. So the D adapter wouldn't be very good for motorized children's swings and bouncers?

        Is this still a decent starting bundle pack?

      • I got two maha c9000 and I still buy this as a backup

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        you want a Maher Powerex C9000 Wizard One battery charger which will give you the best care and performance for your eneloops

        C9000 is a great charger / analyzer, but I think that SkyRC NC2500 is even better. More control over everything when you pair the charger with a Bluetooth phone or tablet and use the app to control and monitor the progress.

        I've actually had the SkyRC resurrect some ancient Ni-CD batteries that nothing else would even touch. Not even the C9000.

        I managed to score the SkyRC NC2500 for only $82 delivered, using the TAKE15 eBay deal.

        • Are we here still talking about battery chargers?

          Wow I was after decent charger with Bluetooth connection with 40" Full HD screen. Bluetooth would allow me to sit back and watch the charging process on my iPad instead of sitting next to the charger waiting for charging to finish.

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          So … you paid 50 bucks extra so you could sit next to the battery charger pointlessly staring at your phone and dreaming about all the control that gives you? Is that no control at all through the app BTW?

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          you paid 50 bucks extra

          Extra over what? NC2500 ended up being cheaper than the cheapest C9000 I could find. The C9000 is one of the very few charges that is even comparable. The bundled chargers that ship with battery packs, including eneloops, are rubbish. Good luck getting 2100 recharge cycles from your eneloops using the bundled charger.

          And yes, the SkyRC app does give you control. You have control over things like charge and discharge current, trickle charge current, charge termination detection, temperature monitoring and protection, discharge cut-off voltage, measuring the internal resistance of the battery and more. These chargers can bring dead batteries back to life. I've had a few batteries that "dumb" and "smart" chargers just won't charge and flash their lights at. Whack it in an NC2500 and a day later you get back a battery that was rated at 1450mAh when made back in 1998, but still performs at 1240mAh today.

          Proper battery care will prolong the life of your batteries, but more importantly give you better performance.

        • @peteru: What's better, the C9000, NC2500 or the Last Crosse BC-1000?

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          I'm not familiar with LaCrosse BC-1000, however after some research I came to the conclusion that although a lot of people swear by LaCrosse, their top of the range RS1020 is actually one of the weakest chargers in the "top of the crop" circles. ;-) It overcharges batteries, thus shortening their useful life. :-(

          The MH-C9000 was pretty much the reference charger for a while, but I think that the SkyRC NC2500 edges it out, with features such as -dv/dt termination and all the other extras. The C9000 may not always fully charge the battery, whereas the NC2500 will do that and keep it topped up with trickle charge.

          Another brand worth considering is the Opus BT-C3100, but beware that there are different firmware versions that can not be user upgraded. This is where the SkyRC wins again, you can update the firmware on it.

          If you've got a few hours up your sleeve and are not afraid of loads of technical stuff, look at http://www.lygte-info.dk/info/indexBatteriesAndChargers%20UK... for an excellent resource that really puts the chargers through the works. What you really want is an analysing charger.

          I'm really happy with the SkyRC NC2500. I bought it on eBay from Hobby Warehouse and the delivery was quick. When I did some research on chargers, I came across a lot of complaints about the app. I've got it installed in a Moto-G 4G and it works fine. The biggest problem I have with the app is a spelling mistake - it says "Brake-In" instead of "Break-In", but at least the LCD display on the charger is correct.

          The only other niggle with the NC2500 is that the LCD polarisation is less than perfect and the optimal viewing angle for the LCD is fairly small. But, that's largely mitigated by the more informative display available through the phone / tablet app.

        • @peteru:

          TL;DR I think that SkyRC NC2500 is the best affordable charger available right now.

        • @peteru:

          What about Nitecore d4

        • @neonlight:

          I like the sliders on the Nitecore to give you maximum flexibility with battery sizes, but you won't need that with eneloops. I don't think I'm a fan of the integrated AC power supply, I prefer the external power packs that most analysing chargers use. The d4 has a 12V plug pack option (great for car use), but you still get the weight of the AC power supply that's inside the charger.

          It's a hot charger and it has no cooling fan, so that is no good for battery life or your safety. It also can't handle fast charging of all four batteries at the same time.

          If you already have the Nitecore d4 and are happy with it, there's probably no need to upgrade. If you are looking for a new charger/anlyser, you might want to explore alternatives.

          One thing I should point out that the SkyRC NC2500 only supports NiMH and NiCd batteries in AA and AAA sizes, which is exactly what most of us would use. Some of the other chargers available, including the Nitecore d4, also support other battery sizes and chemistries, like the various Lithium batteries, which charge at 4.2V and 3.6V. If you have a need to support those kind of batteries, then please don't take my advice in this topic, but instead do your own research. For what it's worth, I don't own any equipment that would actually use those other kinds of batteries. Also, all eneloops are NiMH.

        • @peteru: Thanks so much for the detailed response, it's greatly appreciated. I'll do some research based on your feedback before buying as I'm a noob when it comes to all this charger stuff.

        • @peteru:

          Very detailed comments there. You sound like a guru. Bravo

          I might pick up SkyRC NC2500 as another charger next time when eBay goes on sale again.

          I love my C9000 though, I did rejuvenate some old batteries but there are some batteries it would refuse to bring back to life, cell too old I thought rather than the charger…. a bit unbelievable if SkyRC can do it. We are talking about cells from 96

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        I actually found you can get D size adapters from ebay or amazon that allow you to put 2 or even 3 AA's into them. I got some really cheap (crap quality) 2 x AA holders off ebay and they worked well in a portable radio that goes through D batteries pretty quickly normally.
        If you have a high drain device that you want to use all the time you can go for the ultimate of 3 x AA holders combined with eneloop pros which gives you ~7500mAh.

        • Thanks for the info. I'd be interested to try those in some Maglite flashlights I have.

    • It's great value if you need a charger. You are basically paying an extra 5-6 bucks for the charger and adapter.

      The adapters work fine. All it is, is a plastic housing which holds the AA batteries, to the points where the ends would usually sit for D batteries. You're going to have less capacity than a D battery, but it works fine in my experience.

  • There used to be $15 overnight charger deals. Wonder where they have gone?

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      Those deals used to be on during the daytime as well.

    • tightarse and jv bought 'em all, methinks.

  • Is the charger smart or dumb?

    • For most people it will be dumb, so you need to fully drain your batteries before charging, then set a timer or alarm so you don't overcharge them.

  • Damn I paid 38 on mine last month :/

  • how much is it normally?

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      Click on the link.

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        judging from discksmith's repuation, you never know what the real price is on their ebay site

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          I'm not sure how you'd display one price, but make the actual price something else. Re-issue the invoice later on? That sounds legit.

  • Is there a charger for type other than AA and AAA?

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    Eneloop AA Tropical comes down to $14.14 instead of $15.53

  • $13.64 with cashback!

  • Thank you. I ordered the family pack. I've always used Aldi's rechargeable batteries and I don't know if these are any different but thanks. Now I finally have some eneloops!

  • OK, so one finally question from the noob. I always hear a lot of discussions about the different variations of eneloops i.e. chocolate, Panasonic, made in Japan, made in China, etc. Are these a decent type and what should I be looking for?

    • they'll do fine. It's like arguing sultanas over raisins when it comes down to different eneloop flavours.

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      In this case, the choice of charger and how you pair your batteries will be more important than the flavour of the Eneloop. To get the maximum out of your batteries, you need a battery charger/analyzer that can measure the total discharge battery capacity in mAh. Not the number printed on the label, but the actual performance of an individual cell. Once you know that, you need to label your cells and then match them to +/-5% capacity when you use them together.

      That simply can not be done with the typical chargers that most people use.

      • Woah?! Sounds more complicated than a PC.I just need instructions to get the best performance for everyday use. And these are rechargeable right? So just recharge them when needed?

        • yep yellownight. the habit evolves to match the number of batteried items in your life. plenty of time to look at a fancy chargers down the track.

  • I got the family pack. My first Eneloop EVER.
    Thanks for posting a good deal.

  • Thanks op bought the family pack and a pack of AAA.

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    some people buying 150 or more units??? It really must be a good deal then


    • There's an order for 165 units there too. Looks like some of us will have to wait for back orders or cancellations

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        What do you need 165 eneloops for???

        Power a small village in Africa?

        • Perhaps someone is building themselves a Tesla clone in their garage.

        • Maybe resell at $20 when the price goes back up.

    • +1

      He has nearly 6000 feedback. Probably a store. I'm guessing it's cheaper to buy on sale and resell than buy from the distributor.

  • Thanks OP.
    Got one pk, thinking of getting another for my brother.

    At least they had decent stock levels, in Vic at least.

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    Can anyone comment on the quality of the charger? I'm keen to move 100% rechargeable and people have been saying watch out for crappy chargers.

    • hey mate i am not sure about this charger but depending on how much you can spend you can find great deals on full auto chargers some thing like the Nitecore d4 or a charger by soshine or xtar…

  • I've got a dumb charger so take this with a grain of salt. Anyhow, Turnigy LSD batteries are mch cheaper and whip the pants of Eneloops using a beard groomer for me.

    • They are about the same I say. I hardly see Turnigy deals posted here.besides you can only get them from hobby king. They charge USD. So its not that great value any more since AUD plunged

  • Is the AA in family pack 1.5v or 1.2v? AA Tropical 8 Pack says 1.2v per cell. Always thought they were 1.5v

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      eneloops are nickel metalhydride rechargeable batteries and are 1.2v.

      • will it work for things which normally use 1.5v batteries, like xbox controller and mouse?

        • +1

          Yeah works just fine for Xbox controllers and mice.

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    Just picked mine up and the box says Auto Off Time Control, does this make it a smart charger?

    • No it simply means that the charger will switch off after 13 hours(specified on seperate charger listing) to prevent it baking your batteries.But its is not smart as it will still bake your batteries if you put in batteries which are half full.

      The charger in the pic is BQ-cc51 and here is the seperate page for it.


      Its a dumb charger.

  • But I just bought some eneloops from this deal and this deal yesterday.

  • Stupid question. I currently use GP batteries but I have lost more than half due to attrition over the years. I am thinking of getting eneloops. Will it be compatible with GPs chargers?

    • Replace the charger with something better.

      • GP ones that shit?

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          GP ones that shit?

          Most chargers are. Especially bundled ones. That's why you ended up throwing away batteries.

          The battery manufacturers have no incentive to ship decent chargers. If they sell you a decent battery and a decent charger, you are not going to spend any more money for the next 5-10 years. If you were going to charge a typical eneloop rated at 2100 recharge cycles every other day, it should last 10.5 years. I'd bet you the cost of the bundled charger, that the charger supplied in the family pack will never get that kind of life out of the batteries.

          If the battery manufacturer sells you a cheap and nasty charger that won't ruin your batteries for the first 6 months, but will make them unusable after a couple of years, you'll go back and spend more money on more batteries. If you have a branded charger (say brand X), you are also more likely to buy more batteries from brand X, because you naively expect that the combination will give you the best results.

          Win for manufacturer, lose for customer.

          Another good thing about a decent battery analyser is that you can immediately find out if any of the batteries you bought are duds. If I buy a pack of batteries that are rated at a minimum of 2000mAh and I end up with 2060mAh, 2035mAh, 1998mAh and 1720mAh cells, I'd probably let the 1998mAh slide, but would be complaining about the 1720mAh.

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    What happen to all the dick smith hate a few days ago ?

    • +1

      Dick came through on price.

  • Perfect timing…my son today ' Dad we dont have any chocolate AAA left!'

  • Thanks OP, excellent deal on the limited edition pack of 8 Tropical Eneloops :)

  • Thanks! grabbed one for my father. Been waiting for a while now.

  • Got the family pack. Thanks OP

  • Just bought 2 packs of 8x AA Chocolate on Friday for $16.80 each :(
    Haven't even got chance to pick it up yet.

    Should I refund and buy these tropical pack?
    How easy is DS with refund process?

    • If not picked up then it shouldn't be a problem. Sort out in store and if trouble with sales guy just leave them there and contact the online team and they will cancel your old order and provide a refund. This worked for me last year.

      • Thanks

        • Did just that this afternoon and wasn't a problem.

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    Placed an order this morning and gotten a call from dick smith saying that they are out of stock. The guy mentioned that dick smith around victoria also out of stock. New stock will be arriving in around 3 weeks time. I asked if i could wait but they guy said no. They cancelled my order and provided a refund. Very dissapointed.

    • Blame the dude that bought 165.

  • 'This item isn't available at this store location', seems no stock of family pack near Sydney CBD?

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    Can anyone tell what is the different from this Eneloop AA Tropical 8PL and the other AA Chocolat 8pk?



    • +1

      As far as I know, there's no difference in terms of capacity.
      But I like chocolate colour better though

    • Only by looking at the pictures:
      Tropical got up to 1900mAh, Capacaty Retention up to 70%
      Chocolat got up to 2000mAh, Capacaty Retention up to 65%

  • +1

    No longer available for C&C, delivery only

    Edit: The AAA seems to be available for collection again. I'd suggest getting them while you can, per OzB rules of engagement.

  • Annoying how you get right to the end before it tells you not available for C&C

  • +1

    thanks OP. bought the family pack… my first Eneloop purchase. I feel like a real ozbargainer now

    • And so your collection begins. Next you'll be snapping up a decent battery charger, then more Eneloops to feed it :)

      • I tried to get an 8 pack of AA, but none of the shops in townsville had them. only the pro's at 8 for $55. I laughed at them

  • Just got my family pack today. Do they need charging out of the box?

    • The box says "NO".

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